Sigmund Freud (Pisolo Books)

Marco Bonafede Basileo Ortolano

Sigmund Freud (Pisolo Books)

Sigmund Freud (Pisolo Books)

  • Title: Sigmund Freud (Pisolo Books)
  • Author: Marco Bonafede Basileo Ortolano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A funny introduction of Psychoanalysis, written illustrated by a psychiatrist Also available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese By the same author, in English on Physics of Mind Wordless Comics Priests BOOMS books and movies Ants inside the truth about computers

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I liked Marco Bonafede's Priests very much, so when I came across this book on for free I grabbed it as well. It builds upon a little bit different concept. This one explains, in comic terms, the theories Sigmund Freud is famous for. I haven't read old Freud well enough to say if Bonafede does these theories justice, or not, but I think it is pretty funny anyway. How can you dislike seeing Sigmund, and Sherlock in the same frame? I have to admit I liked Priests better. To me Priests had more la [...]

Wonderful exposition of the seminal ideas and work of a most brilliant investigator of the human condition. The theories of Herr Doktor have received quite a bit of opprobrium over the ages, but all that cannot detract from their relevance. He was an explorer of the human pysche, not a surveyor after all

Highly entertaining Now I remember everything that my psychology text book has told me in a hundred pages, through a few cartoons!This was such a refreshing point of view on psychoanalysis and the life of Sigmund Freud! Will definitely go through this all over again very soon.

I didn't study psychology but still I liked it. It was a fun quick read and I really enjoyed it. It also features Batman and Sherlock Holmes (very briefly) - what do you want more?

Una breve, simple y entretenida forma de entender un poco de Freud.It's a short, simple and funny way to understand a little bit more about Freud.

pointierte und humorvolle -allerdings kurze - Voratellung von Freud und seine Grund-"Ideen"

Libro animadoEs un libro que explica la teoría de Freud de manera animada y fácil de poder entender. Es un buen resumen.

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