Violet Lagoon

John Everson

Violet Lagoon

Violet Lagoon

  • Title: Violet Lagoon
  • Author: John Everson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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When a quartet of co eds decide to reenact The Blue Lagoon on an abandoned Florida Key, they find than just sex and sand is on the agenda Stings turn out to play a part in their weekend as well Lots and lots of stings But those were just the beginning of the pain Violet Lagoon was originally planned as the prologue to John Everson s seventh novel Violet Eyes IWhen a quartet of co eds decide to reenact The Blue Lagoon on an abandoned Florida Key, they find than just sex and sand is on the agenda Stings turn out to play a part in their weekend as well Lots and lots of stings But those were just the beginning of the pain Violet Lagoon was originally planned as the prologue to John Everson s seventh novel Violet Eyes It was first published as a standalone novelette in the collection Creeptych in 2010 When the novel was completed, the version that appears there was shortened and separated into both a prologue and flashback chapters This is the full, original version of the novelette.

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Two things, the first a Blue Lagoon love nest for two couples seeking romance in an exotic location and two, fucking spiders, millions of them. Time to fucking run. 'She shook it off her hand and began to stand. But at that moment, all of the spiders began to jump.' Perfect read for people suffering from Arachnofuckingphobia, not.Also posted at paulnelsonoklikes/post/

Read this as a short introduction to the full-length novel Violet Eyes, and it wasn't bad. I would go with 3.5/5.0 stars. I liked the interesting take on where these spiders come from and how they spread. I'm looking forward to going on to the novel to see where this story goes.

Great little story about four friends who decide to play Blue Lagoon on a small island. Their weekend of sex and sunbathing is ruined as they come across some of the islands inhabitants.This was a short, nasty little read with lots of gore and a plot line that would be an arachnophobes worst nightmare. You don't particularly care about any of the characters but as this story is a prequel to Violet Eyes it's all about showcasing the bugs.

Full credit to John Everson for writing the first story that made me, an absolute arachnophobe, shiver with horrified disgust as his spiders made themselves known in this novella that acts as an extended prologue to his novel, Violet Eyes. (I even shivered involuntarily as I wrote that sentence.)Violet Lagoon could have been truly brilliant on that basis. However, I had numerous issues with the sheer stupidity of most of the four characters within this story, and really had to work hard to suspe [...]

This quick piece by Everson is freaky! I hate spiders and mosquito's and the ones in this book are the things of nightmares! Although a short piece, Violet Lagoon had me squirming in my seat me glued to the pages. This is the precursor to Everson's novel, Violet Eyes. I will be reading that one ASAP!

A pair of friends set out to a remote island for a little getaway. Shortly after they arrive they realize they are not alone.I can't say anymore without giving anything away.I really enjoyed this story and will be buying Violet Eyes in just a minute.Not to be read before bedtime :)

Fun and scary teaser about two college aged couples visiting a tiny island in the Keys, to party and have sex, but instead find a mysterious Quonset hut and clouds of buzzing and ravenous purple flies. But that isn't the worst of it. Written as a companion piece to his horror novel, Violet Eyes. If you haven't read Everson, you should.

I bought this out of curiosity before reading “Violet Eyes.” I desperately hope that book is better since I already bought it.The characters in this story are mind numbingly stupid (My girlfriend was just killed by the spiders that attacked us yesterday so, rather than getting on the boat and leaving, we’re going to stop and collect the tents and all our gear even though that’s where the spiders attacked us yesterday, and then after nothing happens there, we’re going to go back and col [...]

VIOLET LAGOON is a great little "novelette", to use author John Everson's description of it. Everything I've read from Everson has been smart, satisfying and entertaining, and that holds true here. It's a pretty traditional horror story, characters visit a deserted island on which they have planned teenage debauchery, but hings go wrong quick and drastically. What unfolds is part creature horror, part body horror and is genuinely creepy, especially if the reader isn't fond of spiders. Yes, there [...]

A nice prequelJohn Everson does it again! I have already read Violet Eyes and loved it, so it was nice to return to that world again. Very short but equally nasty, Violet Lagoon was a nice back story to what really happened on that deserted island. Scary and gory, with a touch of sex, Everson is still the new master of the horror genre! This is a must for any fan

I thought this book was a nice scary treat. For someone who is not much into creature features, I really enjoyed this. I was just dissapointed when it ended, but who isn't? Great first read from this author.

prelude to Violet Eyes, with more detail

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