Ultimate Comics Wolverine vs Hulk

Damon Lindelof

Ultimate Comics Wolverine vs Hulk

Ultimate Comics Wolverine vs Hulk

  • Title: Ultimate Comics Wolverine vs Hulk
  • Author: Damon Lindelof
  • ISBN: 9780785171140
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Collects Ultimate Comics Wolverine Vs Hulk 2005 1 6 Nick Fury thought he d killed Bruce Banner, but he was wrong Now he must get the job done right Fury has a list of operatives at his disposal But there s only one man to consider Wolverine

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PC REVIEW TITLE: Another MARVELous Miss.HONEST REVIEW TITLE: A SUCKtacular SUCKtacle of SUCKy SUCKness that well and SUCKly SUCKed!!Reviewed By: Rage with Dignity (hopefully)Tsk, Tsk, WTFing Tsk, Marvel, you are killing me here. How on Earth-1610 can you FUBAR a Wolverine vs Hulk story and make it so FUGLY that I, a lifetime Wolverine and Hulk fanboy, have to slap a 1 star rating on you? HOW? How does this happen? ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!!!!Okay, let’s review a few of the HUH? moments garnishing thi [...]

I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be more plot driven than brawl driven. I mean, when I opened this one up, I assumed it was gonna be nonstop fighting, but the creative team delivered a great plot with some damn good characterization of Hulk, Wolverine, and a new superhero addition to the universe. Everything was near perfect except for this continued trend toward making Fury be an omnipotent, omnipresent god-like entity who is more clever than any being alive. It isn’t cool a [...]

So this was a little bit of a surprise. I expected this just to be a big old brawl. I mean it was that. But we also had some decent amount of dialog that gave reasoning to this fight. Oh we also got Wolverine's spirit animalahyou read that right. I don't have much to say but that it was a entertainer fun read and that's about There's not much beyond that. So a good time, but nothing special. Yeswolverine has a spirit animal. No's not a wolverine.

A little background for newcomers or fanboys/girls who have been away for a while: Marvel comic’s ULTIMATE story arcs are a rebirth of the Marvel Universe for a new generation of readers and have storylines that fit better with the recent movie adaptations.Bruce Banner is sentenced to death and executed by nuclear bomb. Soon after, three random disasters occur in remote places around the world that were not due to nature or terrorists. It doesn’t take S.H.I.E.L.D. long to determine the most [...]

3.5 stars.

I bought this because it was too hard to say no to a $1.99 download featuring two of my all-time favorite comic characters. That being said, the characters depicted here, while looking remarkably similar to my favorite characters, are not them. I am old enough that I predate the "Ultimate Marvel" version of the Marvel universe, which I have to assume is non-canonical as it is so absurd, but the closest parallel I can draw from my comic reading experience is that this seemed like a What If comic, [...]

Don't be fooled. This is not Wolverine Vs. the Hulk. This is much, much more.But I cannot offer you more than that. Even the spoilers would have spoilers, if you know what I mean.But I can offer a few gems, examples of the treasures you might find:Logan: "I don't believe in spirit animals 'cause I ain't a fruitcake. But if I did? &%*% yeah, mine's a wolverine."Logan's Spirit Animal: "Well, you're wrong. Wolverines aren't even interested in being spirit animals. They're too busy gnashing thei [...]

My first prejudiced know-it-all thought was this:'Oh look, some big shot from television thinks he can write for comics. What he doesn't know is that the comics format is a special language, it is it's own medium, and just cause you co-wrote "Lost" or something, does not mean you know whats what in this graphic medium!'Damn! Was I ever wrong! This is fantastic!Even my assumptions about this being a simple Hulk Vs. Wolverine throw-down were wrong.With exceptional art to top it off,I am glad these [...]

The title and cover art are at odds with each other - "Wolverine vs Hulk" and then a picture of Hulk ripping Wolverine in half. Not much of a matchup, eh? While the fight between the two is brief and one sided, the title says nothing about the third party that gives Hulk a run for his money, and the real story behind the fight. I've never read anything by Damon Lindelof before but I think he got the characters down really well and enjoyed his globe-trotting bounty hunter storyline that suited Wo [...]

Not really much of a VS so much as a bro-mance story between the Hulk and Wolverine.So I suppose this story could be said that Hulk and Wolverine are best frenemies? Sure, why not.The art and colors are also very nice in this.Not what I was expecting, it was a nice surprise of a book.

Hmmm, well the list I have of the Ultimate reading order was way off in putting this so early. Forge's presence was the big tip-off for that.From watching Lost I already knew that Lindelof had no talent for character. I mean, come on, how many people watched that show for the characterization and their interpersonal involvements? We watched that show for the mysteries and the setting. I've come to terms with just how mediocre that show ended, but the mystery was great while it lasted.Here in Wol [...]

Leído de la edición española en revistas: Ultimate Lobezno vs. Hulk #1-3. Lindo festival de barrabasadas, mal gusto y diálogos bastante ingeniosos. El dibujo de Yu aporta basante y la narrativa no lineal le da un toque extra de diversión a un guion bueno pero que no deslumbra en casi ningún momento.

Every word and every image: sublime. Loved all of it.

Pretty near perfect, say 4 1/2 stars. Awesome artwork from Leinil Yu and a pretty good story by Lindelof to boot.

Other Useful Reviews: Sam Quixote's reviewBook Info: This collection contains Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk issues #1-6.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>Five months after S.H.I.E.L.D. supposedly put Bruce Banner to death for his murderous rampage in NYC, several destructive incidents have taken place all over the world. And once a sample of Hulk's excrement is found in Tibet, Fury realizes that his suspicions were correct: Banner somehow survived the atomic explos [...]

I think I just wanted Hulk to do more smashing. I mean, I love Damon Lindelof and his ability to make things weird and interesting. And there was some weird, here. There was also some unanswered questions (just like on LOST), such as where is the Hulk finding ladies in the remove Himalayas who happened to be drawn to a giant green guy, and how are they copulating? Also: how does Logan's head survive a missile? I know the guy can regenerate, but I don't think his skull would be intact. Anyway, it [...]

I waited a long time to finish this one—mostly because there was something like a two year gap between issues. Well, nearly ten years later, I came across it at the local comic shop and decided to give it a go. There's definitely a noticeable drop in quality art-wise (and to a lesser extent, writing-wise), probably due to the interrupted momentum and lack of enthusiasm I'm sure to get this thing finally finished. I know that I personally had given up hope that it would ever come out. Still, it [...]

I bought this book about 6 years ago when I was starting to get into actually reading comics. I didn't remember being very fond of it when I read back then so I thought I would give it another shot. All I can say is that the 6 years ago me was right.The first half half of this book is really a mess story telling wise. The only parts of the story that I enjoyed was the panda dream sequence and the final couple scenes. I would say that the art was really good but there was so much unnecessary clea [...]

Better than I expected. I’m not super into the characters as they are portrayed in the Ultimate universe, they’re more violent and rash and less fun. But there was some humor in here (albeit poop and sex jokes) that stood out from other Ultimate titles.

What can I say? Every word in the title of this story is a selling point. I think it speaks for itself.

HAHAHA, panda!

После кучи просто средних, слабых и отвратительных комиксов в линейке “Ultimate Marvel”, я уже и не рассчитывал, что найду в ней что-нибудь просто хорошее, но как же иногда приятно ошибаться. Да и сам факт, что я нашел не просто что-то хорошее, а отличное, невероятно удивляет и конеч [...]

so I bought the first issue of this book about 10 years ago and then b/c of a ton of delays and my varying interests in reading single issue comics I never finished it. until now, ten years later which alone is kinda cool. the opening image of Hulk tearing Wolverine in half has always stuck w/ me and I'm super happy I finally got to see how it all concluded. and it did not disappoint. this is just a ton of fun w/ something super righteous happening every single issue. this is a book written by a [...]

HULK vs WOLVERINE: Una historia de nunca ultimar…Ultimate Lobezno Vs. Hulk es una miniserie editada por Panini en 3 números que recopila la miniserie USA de 6 números que tardó casi cuatro años en completarse (del 12/2005 al 5/2009), debido a la apretada agenda de Damon Lindelof, reconocida figura de la tv estadounidense.En esta historia Wolverine (o Lobezno para los amigos españoles) es reclutado por S.H.I.E.L.D. para cazar a Hulk, que sobrevivió a una explosión nuclear. Una vez que el [...]

I should have known before reading this that I wouldn't like it. For some reason I have had the worst time reading any of the Ultimate stories and this one did not upset that trend. I wanted to give this a try more for Wolverine than Hulk but Hulk took the lead in making me want to put this trade down. I actually hesitated after the first issue and took a minute (or five) to consider returning this to the library. If you're interested in reading in the Ultimate universe then please do not utiliz [...]

I've wanted to read this comic since I saw wolverine split in half by the Hulk. This story really doesn't mean much since the ultimate universe is being dissolved soon, but I still like a good Wolverine story. I feel like there's not even close to enough of them. There are so many bad ones that this was kind if a fresh feel. You had a pissy Wolverine fighting a Hulk with other stuff going on. Does he win? That's debatable. He losses in a fair fight anyway of the week. The Hulk is just bigger and [...]

Bought this on Comixology some time ago, and just got around to reading it.It's a really fun book, with some nice little touches. (Nick Fury's Bosch painting, for instance.) I was afraid this would just be a big six-issue slugfest, but it was a lot more interesting than that. (Though if you just want a slugfest, there's plenty of that too.)The art, by Leinil Francis Yu, is pretty good. His style is probably not for everyone, but I like it here. It fits well for the kind of story this is.

Fun, quick, readPretty much boils down to Hulk doing a lot of bad things, Bruce feeling guilty about it and Nick Fury sending out Wolverine to put down the Hulk. Which makes for one heck of an action story. Of course its not as simplistic as stated above, there are actually some interesting twists and turns as the story progresses, but its still your good ole' beat em' down comic story. Lovely artwork, witty banter and some great fight scenes. This a pop corn movie condensed into comics form.

marvel and their "god characters"wolverine is immortal, hulk is immortal, and betty ross is now less than lady-like (which is what upset me most). I was cool with the being ripped in half (spoiler alert) part but just being a head and all? that was too much. I enjoyed the puns & banter between banner and logan, and I was pleasantly surprised at the sarcastic wit logan displayed. What I liked most was the delivery of the story, which would make it 4 or 5 stars if NOT for the things I found fa [...]

I'm beginning to think Damon Lindelof needs to be restrained when he writes his intricate plots. He needs a foil. This is a classic example of overusing non-linear story-telling (the out of order scenes and flashbacks ended up bugging me severely - and this from a man who endured three seasons of LOST); trying to be too "smart" about twists and surprises; and pissing off fans by (view spoiler)[ripping an adamantium skeleton in two (hide spoiler)]It gets two stars only because some of the artwork [...]

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