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  • Title: ჯუჯა
  • Author: Pär Lagerkvist
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

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Ανώνυμε Πρίγκιπα- νάνε λυπάμαι ειλικρινά που ανήκεις σε αυτή τη διακεκαυμένη ζώνη της λογοτεχνίας η οποία δεν καταφέρνει να μου εγείρει κανένα συναίσθημα,κανένα προβληματισμό,κανένα ενδιαφέρον. Μου νέκρωσες και την τελευταία ικμάδα ελπίδας για μια υπαρξιακή αναζήτηση στ [...]

"Look on my works ye mighty and despair!" Anno Diaboli 1944, Pär Lagerkvist wrote a tale of destruction and pain, a study in hatred and hubris.Set at a splendid, powerful court in Renaissance Italy, it shows human culture and civilisation in its most exquisite form. Led by a charismatic and strong prince, the courtiers live a life filled with festivities, art, science, fashion and sexual adventures. The court artist is a thinly veiled portrait of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci.Underneath [...]

Το βιβλίο είναι μικρό λογοτεχνικό διαμάντι, απο αυτά που τόσο απολαμβάνω το διάβασμά τους!!Ο νάνος είναι μισάνθρωπος, μισογύνης (ή μήπως όχι) και κακός! Κακός και μοχθηρός Φθονεί τους πάντες και "χύνει" συνεχώς το δηλητήριο του.Μέσα απο τον μονόλογο του νάνου ο συγγραφέας μιλ [...]

The Dwarf is a strange little book written by a Swedish Nobel Prize winner some time during WWII. It’s a rather allegoric story narrated by a dwarf living on the court in an unnamed Italian city probably in the 15th century, but actually all the hints point us in the same direction as Machiavelli’s Prince who was modelled on Cesare Borgia. In The Dwarf we also find Master Bernardo who is obviously Leonardo da Vinci (and who coincidentally also resided in Cesare Borgia’s court often.)The pl [...]

Pär Lagerkvist (1891 – 1974)Contém Alguns SpoilersO sueco Pär Lagerkvist (1891 – 1974), poeta, dramaturgo, ensaísta e romancista, publicou “O Anão” em 1944 e foi galardoado com o Premio Nobel da Literatura em 1951.Piccolino, o narrador, é um “Anão” de vinte e seis polegadas (cerca de sessenta e seis centímetros) de altura, na corte de um príncipe italiano, no período da Renascença, que mantém um diário onde anota e descreve em retrospectiva as suas vivências e as suas e [...]

Οι προσωπικές σημειώσεις ενός Νανου σε κάποιο ιταλικό βασίλειο. Ένα καλογραμμένο εγκώμιο για την κακία που μπορεί να χωρέσει σε ένα μυαλό. Μικρές προτάσεις, εύστοχες περιγραφές. Σε πολλά σημεία κατάφερε να με εκνευρίσει ο ήρωας,αλλα αυτή νομίζω ειναι η γοητεία του βιβλίου: [...]

Αυτό το βιβλίο το λάτρεψα. Μέσα από τα μάτια ενός περιθωριακού ατόμου, βλέπουμε βαθιά μέσα στις ψυχές των ανθρώπων (γιατί μπροστά σε κάποιον που δεν υπάρχει, όλοι γδύνονται εύκολα).

"Os homens gostam de se ver reflectidos em espelhos turvos."Que livro tão estranhoNem sei se gostei, ou não. Devo ter gostado, porque o li sem qualquer tentação de o abandonar ou ler em diagonal.Picolino é um anão que se alimenta do ódio que sente por tudo e por todos. Apenas gosta de duas coisas: de guerra e de si próprio. Acha a morte natural e o amor uma aberração. "Ouvi em seguida os dois criminosos beijarem-se muitas vezes, afirmando o seu mútuo amor duma maneira infantil e um po [...]

This sure feels like the type of book I would love: incredibly dark, misanthropic, (pseudo)philosophical. The dwarf Piccoline is one of the most miserably hateful characters I have encountered. Yet rather than luxuriating in his own hate, and allowing the reader to do the same, his evil is more a lack of humanity, his motivation as utilitarian as the author’s prose. Far from the anti-hero Underground Man, or the delicious villain Iago, Piccoline is somehow evil and completely indifferent. And [...]

Ένα αλληγορικό κείμενο πάνω στα όρια της κακίας, του νάνου, που ενυπάρχει σε όλους μας, μια βουτιά στο άδυτο της μισανθρωπίας και του μηδενισμού.An allegorical text on the borders of malice, on the dwarf, which is inherent in all of us, a dip in the sanctuary of human misanthropy and nihilism.

May be 4 and half stars.I can speak much about this novel. That itself is a warning I give to myself. For I will be tending to blabber and bore the hell out of the reader. So instead, let me try to be precise with my observations and impressions by ordering them in neat points.1. This is my fifth book by Lagerkvist. And unlike the other books, the theme of religion is not extensively treated in this one. I love Lagerkvist for his thoughts on religion. This novel bears some jottings on religion. [...]

Διάβασα τον "Νάνο" και είναι, πράγματι, ένα πολύ καλό βιβλίο.Πρόκειται για τον μονόλογο ενός νάνου, αυλικού κάποιου Ιταλού πρίγκιπα σε κάποια παρελθούσα εποχή. Ένας νάνος κακός και κυνικός που μας εξιστορεί για τον πρίγκιπα του και για έναν πόλεμο με ξεκινά με κάποιον γείτον [...]

An evil little man talks about life. A glimpse into the rancor of angst and despair and hate which supposedly exists within us all.

Bleakly narrated by one of the more memorably nihilistic characters in modern literature, The Dwarf is a tale of struggles of an Italian medieval city-state as it withers from within. The plot points, war and intrigue, could come from any number of other works set in this period, and move the story briskly along, but the desolate philosophy underlying the action holds a singular fascination and weight. Filled with memorable epigrams for a doomed humanity. I'm not sure when this was written, but [...]

This is quite a dark book. It's set in Italy in some vague renisance period. It is told from the point of view of a dwarf who is a servant in the king's castle. The dwarf believes he is of another race, not human. As such, he views humanity as beneath him and struggles to make sense of our morality. Is the dwarf evil? Are we all evil? Perhaps the dwarf is that disconnected part of us that views our neighbors dispassionately, that steps outside of emotion. I liked this. It read incredibly fast. A [...]

بيكولين قزم يعيش في بلاط أمير زمن القرون الوسطى حيث كانت العادة المتبعة اتخاذ أقزام للتسلية لكن قزمنا لم يكن بهلولا مهرجا و لم يكن يملك روحا مرحة أصلا بل هو قزم بوجه متغضن لا يعرف الابتسام، وحيد بارد عميق التفكير الرواية عبارة عن مذكراته حيث نسمع أحاديث نفسه و مشاعره و روايته [...]

I've never read anything by Lagerkvist, but knew he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the early 1950s. I was browsing the shelves at my public library and decided to check him out. I ddn't know what his other writing is like, but this was a really amazing book. It's only about 200 pages and his style allows you to breeze through the narrative quickly. I would describe the story as something like a fable, told from the perspective of a 26 inch dwarf who is something like a "fool"-type cha [...]

Ο Νάνος είναι το προσωπικό ημερολόγιο ενός νάνου στην Αυλή ενός Πρίγκιπα της Αναγέννησης, σε ένα πριγκιπάτο κάπου στην Ιταλία. Ο νάνος παρακολουθεί όλα όσα γίνονται γύρω του. Πόλεμος, πολιορκία, δολοφονίες, εξαθλίωση, πανούκλα, έρωτες, θάνατοι. Καταγράφει τα πάθη του ανθρώπ [...]

Pär Lagerkvist criou o anão mais hediondo do universo literário. Inserido numa corte italiana, este anão mal humorado despreza visceralmente todos os seres humanos, com exceção, talvez, do seu amo («De todos os seres que tenho encontrado, é o único que não desprezo.»), ainda que, volta e meia, nem mesmo o príncipe escape à misantropia desta criatura («() contentar-me-ei em repetir o que já disse antes: que o meu desprezo por ele não conhece limites.»). Esta indecisão é a únic [...]

En väldigt fin och välskriven, mörk, dyster och känslosam berättelse. Orden kommer från titelns dvärgs egen mun och består av dennes cyniska, bittra betraktelser av händelserna, intrigerna, lögnerna och prestigen inom det hov där denne tjänar samt mellan detta hov och det närliggande, rivaliserande furstedöme detta av och till ligger i krig med.Historien lyckas på ganska få sidor få in alla möjliga aspekter: krig, heder, dödslängtan, förbjuden kärlek, pest och oärlighet, u [...]

Reminder to self: don't be heinous.

3.5 ☆

O Anão, Piccolino, é um indivíduo de moral distorcida, sem escrúpulos e, na verdade, sem qualquer problema com isso. Rancoroso, venenoso e vil, Piccolino crê pertencer a uma espécie diferente, mais antiga e mais distinta que a vulgar espécie humana, a qual ele observa crua e objectivamente, sem o cínico sentimentalismo social. E é aos seus diários, escritos num ambiente deliciosamente sombrio recriado na Itália renascentista, que Pär Lagerkvist nos permite aceder em O Anão. Adorei e [...]

The Dwarf is indeed an intriguing masterpiece which can nicely depict the human dilemma of virtue and evil. Set in an unnamed Italian city-state in the Renaissance, the story is narrated in the Piccoline's diary. Piccoline is a dwarf who serves the Prince at the court, and knows no emotions but hatred, violence, and malice. He impersonates a true misanthrope who can respect only the dark side of the humanity; yet, is in no rash to befriend every evil-hearted he meets in the court. Don Ricardo, d [...]

I very much enjoyed this novel for, among other things, its relentlessly bleak and darkly comic (by way of the grotesque) tone. This is a story that just. doesn't. give. a. damn. about your feelings concerning the events described or the characters partaking in said events simply presents them (adroitly if also matched by concomitant bitterness) as they are and leaves you to judge them, in a sense, purely. No consideration is given to modulation or amelioration of darkness, it's a dark little tr [...]

A clever, brilliantly executed look into the malice and selfishness of humans. Peculiar, but brilliant.

Vrlo mračna alegorično-metaforična ispovest. Dnevnik izopačenosti jednog anti-heroja mizantropa. Iako period o kome se pripoveda nije precizno naglašen, da se naslutiti da je srednji vek, i da je verovatno dvor Bordžija u pitanju. Anti-junak-narator je kongenitalno malformisani patuljak, vrčonoša na dvoru, vladaričin potrčko. Osim što, kako stranice odmiču, oslikava način života na tom dvoru u to doba, odmah u prvi plan, decidno, ističe svoju mizantropiju. Mizantropiju prouzrokova [...]

Quella raccontata in questo libro è una storia quasi scontata, un intreccio molto classico per quanto riguarda il genere del romanzo storico (ad essere narrate sono le vicende di una corte rinascimentale italiana, le relazioni amorose dei cortigiani, lo scontro militare con una città vicina), ma è la prospettiva ad essere particolarissima, poiché a raccontare è un personaggio così odioso, misogino, caustico, giudicante e moralista da rendere il tutto avvolto da un'aura completamente divers [...]

my kind of book.

این کتاب یه دوره کامل معرفت نفسه برای خودش، چقدر نویسنده هنرمندانه حالات درونی انسان رو روایت میکنه!

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