A Corpse In A Teacup

Cassie Page

A Corpse In A Teacup

A Corpse In A Teacup

  • Title: A Corpse In A Teacup
  • Author: Cassie Page
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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If it s Tuesday, it must be murder Fans of OMG Olivia M Granville and The Darling Valley Mystery Series, pick up your Bonus Gift with this brand new cozy mystery series featuring female sleuth, tea leaf reader, Tuesday Tuesday made her debut in Darling Valley Now welcome her as she embarks on her own collection of cozy mysteries set among the celebrities, film startsIf it s Tuesday, it must be murder Fans of OMG Olivia M Granville and The Darling Valley Mystery Series, pick up your Bonus Gift with this brand new cozy mystery series featuring female sleuth, tea leaf reader, Tuesday Tuesday made her debut in Darling Valley Now welcome her as she embarks on her own collection of cozy mysteries set among the celebrities, film starts, film grunts, talents, scoundrels and saints in La La land Tuesday, tea leaf reader and female sleuth extraordinaire, believed she was leaving behind murder and mayhem when she said goodbye to Darling Valley and her beloved BFF, Olivia But none of her readings prepared her for the murder and mayhem awaiting at home in LA, starting with her favorite client, actress Holley Wood, texting that someone has threatened to kill her if she doesn t withdraw from a film project Suspense, danger and romance heat up for Tuesday when the teacups of the Mulberry Mafia, her clients at the upscale Mulberry Cat Caf , keep showing a corpse and an ominous M As the body count piles up, there is no mystery about the identity of the corpses But does the M stand for murder, movie, money A new man Or is the Mulberry Cat Caf itself in jeopardy As Tuesday crosses swords with leggy, savvy Detective Kanesha Jameson who looks like Beyonc with a badge thorny Natasha, owner of the Caf the brilliant but caustic Chef Marco and the various men stalking beautiful, innocent Holley, Tuesday also has to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a dubious treasure decide whether to accept a gift from the romance gods and welcome an unwanted surprise visit from her past Lighthearted Tuesday of the extravagantly eccentric wardrobe and blithe, ever positive lover of life Holley find their lives taking a dark turn as they navigate troubled waters, the dark streets of LA in a shoot out, attempt to maintain their strong belief in the innate goodness of humanity, while always remaining ready for their close ups.

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Tea leaves! Murder! Not your average murder mystery by a long shot. Take one pink-haired tea leaf reader, a really ugly glass cat, a popular cafe and 3 murders. Throw in a bunch of suspicious characters and a crazy acting chef. Try to figure out who the murderer is along the way and read to see if you were right.

Good, fun read, with interesting and quirky characters, and great plot. For that, I give 4 stars. If I were to rate the editing on the Kindle ebook, I would give 1 star. I am going to overlook that because I enjoyed the story so much. I hope there are more to come. :)

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Very fun read- well written.

A Corpse in a Teacup had the makings of a really good story, but it fell completely short for me. Firstly, the free Kindle edition that I picked up was in DESPERATE need of a good editor--it was rife with errors with a few awkward sentencing structures thrown in to boot.Also, as this is a spin-off series, I couldn't help but be annoyed at the constant references to the other series that detracted from THIS novel. I felt like I was missing key pieces of information.And finallyWTF? I'll admit that [...]

This was an unusual story for me. I am not into reading tea leaves, think it is bogus, but hey, it may have something to it. Tuesday reads tea leaves at her usual table in a Cafe' named after a cat sculpture. It was pretty ugly, and played a big part in a few murders. You heard me, cat-murder-cafe'. One of Tuesdays clients and friends is named Holly Wood. Oh yes, she is an actress in California. Wouldn't you know. Holly is a bit odd, but then so is Tuesday. The first murder was one of the cast m [...]

Tuesday is a reader of tea leaves and does this in the Mulberry Cat Cafe in Hollywood.One of her customers aptly named Holley Wood a sort of actress has auditioned for a new film and reckons they up for the major part.One of the other contenders of the part is found dead an apparent heart attack but she is a young fit healthy woman. Tuesday sees an M in the leaves and thinks it was a murder, this makes her client Holley a person of interest to the police.The Directors right hand woman is next to [...]

Don't lie to meThe plot of the book is interesting, characters are appealing, but the writing fell short of expectations. A comprehensive edit to remove repetition, continuity errors, and other irregularities would help, but my biggest complaint is that sections of the book that I know where deliberately misleading were written such that they provided inaccurate instead of just obfuscating information.

I know it got a lot of mixed reviews. So I guess I'm just a mystery lover I thoroughly enjoyed the book it really kept me guessing I kept going back and fourth on who I thought the murderer was. I am about to start Armoires and Arsenic another Cassie Page book

An easy read that left me with a couple of obvious questions that were never answered. Also a couple of serious (supposed) miss-leadings [is that even a word?] throughout the book that did not jive with the ending AT ALL.

prepare yourself for a few wild goose chases, in good la-la-land. Hilarious, and always keeps you guessing

A good cozy mystery. I liked the characters

good cozy mystery

Nice read. Good storyline, fully developed characters, and great visual descriptions for my imagination. Clean, wholesome story, just the kind I enjoy reading on my Kindle.

2.5 stars - it was ok, some chapters were fun to read, but all in all it didn't leave me happy or satisfied. I guess it wasn't my kind of book.

Would have gotten a four except for grammatical and spelling errors

Free E-BookThis book didn't really wow me. I wouldn't recommend it. I wish it were a bit more suspenseful. Didn't keep me wanting more.

Another book that would improve with some good editing.

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