A Chronicle of Amends

Tariq Saleim

A Chronicle of Amends

A Chronicle of Amends

  • Title: A Chronicle of Amends
  • Author: Tariq Saleim
  • ISBN: 9781491253
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

A fast paced novella based on real life incidents This book explains author s life altering experiences about love, wealth, happiness, spirituality and much A fast, but compelling read.

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Absolute genius; A Chronicle of Amends offers a solution to the continuous question: what’s the point? In this debut, Tariq Saleim has created a collection in four parts: poetry, reflections, a novella, and finally notes and probes. The poetry beautifully illustrates how complex and unreliable human thoughts and emotions can be. Likewise, his reflections, notes, and probes are thought provoking and lack nothing short of depth. The questions brought forth are likely those that will stick with y [...]

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.Upon reading A Chronicle of Amends by Tariq Saleim, I was slightly apprehensive of the division of the book into four parts. While each section differs in the structure of writing, each section contributes to the overall journey of self realization, of a spiritual exploration. This book covered an extremely deep and interesting topic, and was unlike anything I've read thus far. I really enjoyed it.

Everyone has a purpose in life, and some can spend a lifetime trying to discover their true purpose. Never an easy endeavor, the journey can often be chock full of fears, challenges, uncertainty, and confusion; therefore it often helps to have a guidepost. Author Tariq Saleim wants to be the guidepost for people seeking their true spiritual purpose, having found his true sense of purpose he shares the details of his complex journey in his debut novel, A Chronicle of Amends: A spiritual journey f [...]

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.A Chronicle of Amends is basically four different books in one. As such, I will review each section independently.Book one is Poetry. While I may occasionally find meaning in poetry, it is not really my preferred literary method. I read the first three poems, but couldn’t get into them, so I just skipped this section.Book two is Reflections. This section is comprised of simple one liners and short notes, or reflections, on lif [...]

This book is both brilliant and incorrectly formatted. It needed to start with the novella and be followed by the notes. The first half is superfluous, however gifted the verses may be.The novella deals with a guy named AA who was hurt in a bomb blast in an unnamed Middle Eastern country. The narrator explains how AA changed his complete modus operandi in life, how AA decided to lose his wealth and become a person.If that is not intriguing enough, then after the novella the reader may dive into [...]

Nowadays quite a large number of novels and books are based on characters that are faced with special circumstances as in fantasy,science fiction etc,but it is rare to see a book like A Chronicle Of Amends by Tareiq Salem,that deals with the basic questions of like like Why are we here?How should we spend our lives?What is Happiness and success? Etc.The book is composed of four books/sections i.e poetry,novella,reflections and notes+probes.Throughout the four sections the main theme and message [...]

I have won this book through first reads giveaway. The book is written in four parts. Poems - some interesting concepts there however I found them a little repetitive. Reflections - random one-liner thoughts on life. Novella - not a bad plot though the story wasn't developed well enough for my liking. Notes & Probes - I found the most interesting and varied.Before I started to read the book and having read the description, I was expecting an exploration of spirituality in broader terms, awa [...]

I won this book in a Giveaway and it has taken me forever to get to it, but now that I have had the chance to read it I wonder why it took me so long to read it! This is a fast paced read that will keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next with the Author's adventures in real life. I thought that this was a good read and flows very quickly and smoothly! Thanks for a great read that we can all relate to in everyday life.

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