Time Will Tell

Fiona McCallum

Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

  • Title: Time Will Tell
  • Author: Fiona McCallum
  • ISBN: 9781743565308
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

Emily Oliphant has made some major changes in her life After leaving an abusive husband, moving house and starting her own jam making business, things are looking up But the last thing on Emily s mind is a new relationship matter who s vying for her attention.After receiving an offer from the elderly owners of the property she s renting to purchase the land and housEmily Oliphant has made some major changes in her life After leaving an abusive husband, moving house and starting her own jam making business, things are looking up But the last thing on Emily s mind is a new relationship matter who s vying for her attention.After receiving an offer from the elderly owners of the property she s renting to purchase the land and house, a hopeful yet nervous Emily feels herself taking another step in the right direction She s unsure where the money will come from, but the offer is too good to refuse, and the property too perfectly suited for the BB she dreams of opening Unbeknown to her, the button jar Emily holds dear a gift from her recently deceased Granny Mayfair could contain the solution to all her problemsJust when things are finally beginning to go Emily s way, everything takes a turn Soon she s involved in a romance she s not sure she s ready for, dealing with the shock of three unexpected deaths, and being forced to make some difficult decisions With her finances, property, friendships and budding relationship now in limbo, Emily is once again drawing on her inner strength to overcome this new set of challenges.

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Finally things are really starting to look up for Emily Oliphant. After leaving her husband she is now settled into a lovely old home in Wattle Creek which she rents from two brothers. After some consideration the elderly owners have offered to sell it to Emily. Emily couldn't be happier as this is what she has wanted, but now she is worried about how she is going to come up with the money. And with the house being so old there are quite a lot of repairs which will add to the cost. Emily has alw [...]

4.5★sEmily Oliphant had settled into the lovely old house in Wattle Creek after being offered it to rent by the elderly owners. She loved the house, even though it was very dilapidated – now that they had offered to sell it to her, she had plans to renovate, maybe turn it into a B&B, but just couldn’t work out how she would afford it. She had recently left her abusive husband John Stratten and though she felt totally relieved to have done so, she didn’t have a lot of confidence – c [...]

Time Will Tell is book #2 in Fiona McCallum's Button Jar Series. After a reasonable story in book #1 I wanted to know what was going to happen to Emily Ultimately, this book was too repetitive (how many times did we have to be reminded about John, about Nathan, about Enid?). The plot twists were glaringly obvious, the subtle hints were as subtle as a sledge hammer.I really started hating Emily in this one, her moodiness and stupidity were so bad I wanted to throttle her. Add to that, the 'countr [...]

TIME WILL TELL is the second book in the Button Jar series and follows on from ‘Saving Grace’ which I reviewed last year here. With the help of friends Emily has settled into single life. Her soon to be ex-husband John had made her sign paperwork for a few paltry thousand dollars in exchange for a quickie non-contested divorce. So glad to escape from his abuse so easily Emily is happy to sign much to the horror of her friends, but as TIME WILL TELL opens she has found out that he has actuall [...]

Emily's such a passive character. I wish she'd show some initiative!

Emily Oliphant is finally on a fulfilling path. She's left her abusive husband, John; she's living in a lovely old house and just been given an amazing offer to buy it from the owners, two old farming brothers, Trevor and Donald Baker; she's enjoying the supportive and honest company of her friend Barbara; and she's taking small but increasingly certain steps in standing up to her overly-critical, judgemental, guilt-tripping mother. So she has hardly any money because she signed-off so quickly o [...]

Reminder to self, do not spend money on the last book in this series! I got so frustrated with the main character and the waffle going on in her head. Although predictable it was not as bad as the last book. Too many things happen one after the other in such a short space of time which I found completely unrealistic. I cannot for the life of me figure out why these three books couldn’t be condensed into one.

I liked that this book started where saving grace finished because there was no trying to fill in the gaps. But I don't like the fact Emily is such a weak character - she's had enough time and change to begin to show her true self yet she's still relying on other characters like jake and Barbara to reassure her.

I loved reading this book poor emily and all her struggles, I think it really reflects real life and isnt sugar coated like so many books are. We all have our bad and good days, and struggle with feelings can't wait for the next installment.

Emily the main character is selfish and shallow. I really can't take to her. The writing is so stilted and false. Didn't really enjoy this book very much but I am reading the 3rd in the series as I may as well finish it off and see what happens.

I am 70% through the book having devoured the first I straight away checked out this second one. So much repetition I had to come and read some of the reviews to see if other people felt the same way - Emily is driving me crazy! Her thoughts are up and down she can’t make a decision to save herself and she’s so self centred! Throw in the fact that the story so far has unravelled over about 5 days so much drama in such a short period of time!! Disappointed with how this book has progressed.

Book two wow gorgeous sweet loving but heartbreaking to it's a stunning read of friends family and love you need to read book 1 first. Then follow Emily through her love heartache and life so loved it.

Amazing What a book so well written. I am now going to start The Button Jar Book 3. Thank you Fiona for writing the books you do for giving me the escape in to Emily's world. I can't wait to read what happens next!!

Hhmmm not as good as the first book in the series, a little reparative & at times frustrating but as with my chick lit it keeps you reading & looking for the happily ever after. Book 3 here I come.

The book was a good one,character so really I wanted to throttle Emily.She is stubborn ,hasn't learnt from her mistakes.Cant help but like her.

Excellent read.

Emily Oliphant has made big changes in her life. She’s left her abusive husband after several years of an unhappy marriage and is forging a new life for herself in a gorgeous old property that she’s renting from two elderly brothers. Recently the brothers made Emily an offer – she could purchase her beloved house from them for an excellent price. There were a few conditions and Emily was taking the time to think it over. It’s a wonderful offer and she knows it – she just wants to make [...]

Thank you to Harlequin Australia for my copy of this book.Last year (almost to the day), I read Saving Grace by Fiona McCallum and was impressed with the story of Emily, an everyday girl who has lost all confidence after a marriage breakdown and an overly critical mother. Emily’s not your typical heroine (she’s not feisty or quick to make decisions) but the gentle story finished on an uplifting note as it seemed her fortunes were about the change. Time Will Tell brings more challenges for Em [...]

TIME WILL TELL is the second book of the Button Jar trilogy by Australia’s own Fiona McCallum and it quite literally follows on from the story that ended somewhat controversially from book one. No time has lapsed with Emily still finding herself in a state of delighted shock after being offered the chance to realise her dream of home ownership at very affordable rates. Grace the Australian Border Collie pup is still her adorable self, and Emily is still dealing with the problems and issues tha [...]

I've been waiting a year for this new instalment to the Button Jar series to see where life takes Emily Oliphant and Fiona McCallum did not disappoint. It was quite a rollercoaster of emotions and bumps for Emily but I loved riding with her through her mistakes and triumphs and vulnerability to seeing her come out the other side a little stronger, a little wiser, a little more confident. I love that Emily is so strong and independent in the way she carries herself, even though she doesn't feel i [...]

"Time Will Tell" is a saying we say automatically to ourselves n others about circumstances that are happening. This story mentioned this saying a number of times throughout. I wouldn't say I enjoyed the story but was interested throughout as similarities to my life brought me to thinking n reflecting which I guess Emily does herself. As this is a series I await the next book as I got this at the local library. I did wonder what happened to John's working dog after his death but that could be ju [...]

Time Will Tell is the perfect continuation of Fiona McCallum's 'The Button Jar' series. Emily is a strong willed character and despite being unsure of some of her choices she has the strength and courage to stand up for herself and fight to overcome the challenges that life throws her way.Time Will Tell captured my heart with it's lovely country setting and heart warming relationships between the characters. It was hard to put down and I can't wait for the next book!Thanks to Harlequin Australia [...]

I was extremely impressed that this book picked up at exactly the place that Saving Grace finished, meaning that I didn’t feel that I had missed out on any of the journey, and I was quickly drawn back into the story. Again, Emily is our leading lady and her story is filled with tragedy, tough decisions, and a further journey of self discovery. Read the full review: blogatbookyoulike/oh

I love the way Emily found her feet in this book, having set up her new house, stood up to her mum, then to have one thing after another to deal with, John's tragic death, then to lose her dream house through circumstances she would never have dreamed of, she came out on top to discover that she is allowed to fall in love, have good friends and to not feel guilty about any of it. A well written book about self discovery.

I enjoyed this second book in the series more than the first. I didn't feel that this instalment was as slow going as the first and Emily's character is evolving. She can still make your head shake at times but overall a lot stronger than the first book.I'm interested to see where the next instalment takes Emily and the reader.

The second book in the button jar series, Time will tell is an absolute page turner from beginning to end. Fiona McCallum has truly cemented herself as a wonderful Australian rural literature storyteller. I cannot wait until the release of the third and final installment of the button jar series in November this year.

A great book by Fiona McCallum. I sometimes got a little confused when reading this book, wondering if I'd missed something. It wasn't until half way through I realised I HAD missed something - the first book in the series! My advice: read "Saving Grace" first - which I will now have to do!

An enjoyable read. However, I know small towns can be isolating, but Wattle Creek is apparently the extreme!Really looking forward to the next instalment !

This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it (embarrasingly that was in 3 hours straight!)Well done Fiona, I cannot wait for #3!

Cannot wait for the 3rd instalment of Emily. Fantastic bedtime reading about the struggles everybody face be they female or male, young or old.

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