The Secret Life of Violet Grant

Beatriz Williams

The Secret Life of Violet Grant

The Secret Life of Violet Grant

  • Title: The Secret Life of Violet Grant
  • Author: Beatriz Williams
  • ISBN: 9780399162176
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

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Passion, redemption, and a battered suitcase full of secrets the New York Times bestselling author of A Hundred Summers returns with another engrossing tale.Manhattan, 1964 Vivian Schuyler, newly graduated from Bryn Mawr College, has recently defied the privilege of her storied old Fifth Avenue family to do the unthinkable for a budding Kennedy era socialite break intoPassion, redemption, and a battered suitcase full of secrets the New York Times bestselling author of A Hundred Summers returns with another engrossing tale.Manhattan, 1964 Vivian Schuyler, newly graduated from Bryn Mawr College, has recently defied the privilege of her storied old Fifth Avenue family to do the unthinkable for a budding Kennedy era socialite break into the Mad Men world of razor stylish Metropolitan magazine But when she receives a bulky overseas parcel in the mail, the unexpected contents draw her inexorably back into her family s past, and the hushed over crime passionnel of an aunt she never knew, whose existence has been wiped from the record of history.Berlin, 1914 Violet Schuyler Grant endures her marriage to the philandering and decades older scientist Dr Walter Grant for one reason for all his faults, he provides the necessary support to her liminal position as a young American female physicist in prewar Germany The arrival of Dr Grant s magnetic former student at the beginning of Europe s fateful summer interrupts this delicate d tente Lionel Richardson, a captain in the British Army, challenges Violet to escape her husband s perverse hold, and as the world edges into war and Lionel s shocking true motives become evident, Violet is tempted to take the ultimate step to set herself free and seek a life of her own conviction with a man whose cause is as audacious as her own.As the iridescent and fractured Vivian digs deeper into her aunt s past and the mystery of her ultimate fate, Violet s story of determination and desire unfolds, shedding light on the darkness of her years abroad and teaching Vivian to reach forward with grace for the ambitious future and the love she wants most.

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I don’t normally read New York Times Bestsellers in the pulp fiction category. I’m normally a “literary fiction” type who occasionally dabbles in poetry and short stories. That is to say, I’m normally a book snob. During my year reading a 100 books I read some bestsellers and non-fiction, but even then I remained committed to my choice-genre. So when I discovered Beatriz Williams was a NYT bestseller of the pulp fiction variety, I began reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant with an a [...]

The Secret Life Of Violet GrantByBeatriz WilliamsWhat it's all aboutWell's about a mysterious battered suitcase and what happens because of it.My thoughts after reading this bookOh my goodness I had much love for this book. It had two awesome superstar heroines, lots of mystery, lots of banter, lots of cocktails, espionage, broken hearts and international travel! Plus did I say amazing lunches of tomato soup and grilled cheese and yummy breakfasts of Yuban coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast [...]

4 Stars!The year is 1964. Vivian Schuyler, fresh from Bryn Mawr college, has defied her family's wishes for her future by finding work at Metropolitan magazine. She hopes to be a writer, but her editor dismisses her, making her good for nothing more than grabbing his coffe and checking the occasional fact. When an unexpected parcel arrives for her, it starts a journey into the life of an aunt that she never knew and a scandalous story to go with ithopefully If she can uncover the full story, it' [...]

I toyed with the idea of giving this book a one star rating but thought I'd be kind. I really disliked this book and don't think I'll read this title again. The premise was a good one. A young woman who yearns to be a journalist receives a valise from a name she doesn't recognize. From here the book takes on two different stories which are from the present and back to 1914.I found the modern day dialogue ridiculous as well as one of the main character's interest in a man she meets at the post of [...]

A suitcase full of secrets? A suitcase that opens up the proverbial can of worms which leads Vivian Schuyler to find out about her aunt who supposedly murdered her husband.Once Vivian found out some juicy details about her aunt, she couldn't stop researching her life. This could be her big break at the magazine with this storyE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT goes back and forth between Vivian's life and Aunt Violet's life. Are there parallels between their lives? Vivian wants to know about her aunt [...]

Actually, I would rate it a 3 and 1/2 stars.It is two stories, told in alternating chapters, taking place in different times in history. Violet is a young and innocent American scientist studying in England in 1912ish. Her storyline is about illicit love affairs and the beginning of WWI. Vivian's storyline takes place in the 60s I believe (I can't remember now), and is also about a love affair, but it is also about her learning the existence of her Aunt Violet and trying to put together the piec [...]

I read an excerpt of this in a magazine and was hooked on the plot so I ordered the book from the library. Once I started reading, I was sadly disappointed. While the plot is interesting and the characters are great, the book is overcome with worldliness. There is so much bad language, drinking, smoking and descriptions of sex that I could not continue reading.

DNF -- July 2014Unfortunately this is the second Beatriz Williams book that has not gone over well with me. I wanted to like this story, and I was very intrigued by the synopsis and the beautiful cover. But my impressions of the characters evolved to such a point that I decided to abandon this book almost exactly at the halfway mark.Vivian, no matter how much I love her name, got on my nerves. I felt as if the attempt to make her this damaged woman who uses wit to protect herself was completely [...]

This was a great story, alternating between two storylines ~ Violet (1914) and her great-niece, Vivian (1964). Part mystery/part romance, this is the first book in the Schuyler Sisters series and my first Beatriz Williams novel. I look forward to the other two and more of Williams' work.

Nothing says summer reading like a big, thick pager turning novel that is enjoyable but not to provocative or complex. The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams fits those criteria and then some. Opening in 1964 when young Vivian Schuyler, recent Bryn Mawr graduate, has defied the wished of her privileged Fifth Avenue parents and taken a job and an apartment. Vivian is the very definition of a modern woman, not content to marry her way to her future she intends to live her life to the [...]

This novel has been referred to as a beach read. A beach read is not great literature and perhaps you wouldn’t want to put it on your bookshelf between, lets say, War and Peace and Oliver Twist. I know for sure when I pick up a book in this genre it’s going to be light, fluffy, and a lot of fun but not to be taken seriously and that is exactly the genre The Secret life of Violet Grant falls in. It served me very well being a lighter break, in between deeply serious novels and the absolutely [...]

I so wanted to like this book, the description sounded like something I would really like but this one fell short for me. I won this book from librarything early reviewers but had a hard time getting into it so got the audio hoping it would be better but for over half of the book all I wanted was for it to be over.I love dual storylines in historical fiction and that was what I was expecting but this book is Romance, lots of sex (very descriptive) and once you get through that there is a little [...]

Love. Intrigue. Deceit. Mystery. Honor -- Beatriz Williams has done it again with this tale of two strong convention-bucking women from the Schuyler family. The story is told from the point of view of two narrators -- Violet, who heads to Europe in the 1910s to pursue her passion for science while her peers head off to "finishing schools"; and Vivian, her great-niece, who doesn't want to settle for the "Mrs. degree" and stands ready to give up a chance a love for a chance at the journalism caree [...]

I will not keep you in suspense, according to the usual practice of elegant females. I adored this novel. Even thought the combination of story lines, both historical (1910's) and contemporary (1960's) was brilliant, I has truly taken with the contemporary plot line much more. Heroine Vivian Schuyler receives a vintage suitcase from the past from her great aunt Violet Grant, the rich New York Schuyler family black sheep - sending her on a mission of discovery into her aunt's scandalous life as a [...]

Historical fiction, romance, war, murder, adultery unexpected twists and turns the perfect ingredients for a fantastic read!! I truly enjoy how this author makes the characters relevant and relatable, you either love or hate them. I equally enjoy how characters from previous books make subtle but meaningful appearances. Beatriz Williams never disappoints!

What a story! The brown leather suitcase is the center of attention. It belonged to Vivians Aunt Violet, before WWI 1914 while she was in Germany. The story weaves it mystery back and forth from 1914 to 1964. There are twists and turns, then the great escape. Loved the book. I've read another book by Beatriz Williams, it was very good so I knew this one would be too.

What a disappointment! The premises sounded wonderful set in the 1960's a young woman discovers her aunt Violet's secret suitcase of documents during World War II but the writing is horrible and the heroine just makes you want to put a spike in your head!!!!

As soon as I started reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant I knew I was going to love it. I immediately fell in love with Vivian Schuyler, she is a spunky independent women trying to make her own way in New York City in 1964 despite coming from a family of great wealth. One Saturday morning she is delivered a long lost suit case that once belonged to a great Aunt of hers, an Aunt she never knew about.Violet Schuyler is also a women of great independence, living in Europe in 1914 as a young sci [...]

Vivian is the niece of a brilliant scientist named Violet who has quite an interesting past. She has never even heard of her Aunt Violet until a package shows up for her at a Manhattan post office. The package is Violet's old and once missing suitcase. When she asked her well-to-do family about Violet, they seemed to horrified by her scandal. She has been missing for about fifty years and has a dark past, which intrigues Vivian to no end as she is an aspriing journalist working for a New York Ci [...]

This was an enjoyable summer read. I debated between 3 and 4 stars but decided on four stars because it definitely held my interest. I preferred Vivian over Violet though. Loved Vivian's tenacity, her sarcastic behavior, and wit. Violet was little boring and, maybe, a little too naïve. She let her sex-addict husband rule her world that's for sure. And speaking of sexere was a lot of it. Nothing too graphic but it was there. Except there were some crude mentions of sex in one part of the book, j [...]

One hears so much about “voice” in fiction, and rarely is the power of voice more clear as it is in the work of Beatriz Williams. Yes, the plot is engrossing, the story fascinating, and the setting luminous, but the real draw of Williams’ novel is that feisty, zingy, pop-an-olive-into-your-mouth-from-your-martini-while-giving-the-gossip voice of the narrator, Vivian Schuyler. The reader will know after approximately 1.6 pages with Vivian that they will devour the next 400+ pages just to le [...]

This was an absolutely fabulous read - very similar to a Kate Morton (past/present) historical novel, but with an entirely different writing style and voice. I was absolutely captivated from page one, and looked forward every day to reading this. Vivian Schuyler, a modern day woman in 1964, receives a mysterious suitcase one day at her New York City apartment. It's been forwarded from her mother, but the original sender is anonymous. Through a bit of digging, Vivian discovers that this suitcase [...]

Finally my reading mojo is back! Two great ones in a row. I love, love, loved this quippy, fast-paced historical novel covering two time periods - the 1960s and just prior WWI. It starts with a suitcase that shows up at the 1960s apartment of fun, sassy, hilarious protagonist Vivian. Vivian Schuyler is definitely one of my favorite protagonists ever. Anyway, the suitcase was left somewhere in 1914 and the German government was finally returning it. I actually saw the author speak at my local boo [...]

Vivian Schuyler is living in New York when she receives a mysterious package in the mail, a suitcase belonging to her Aunt Violet. Hopefully this suitcase holds the key to her Aunts disappearance many years ago. While at the post office she meets Dr. Paul, a tall, blue eyed blond, an interesting relationship develops between them. The story is told in two voices, Vivian and Violet and switches between the 1960's and 1800's. Vivian is a sassy, witty young woman! The plot is great with well develo [...]

The plot had great potential, but the dialogue destroyed my reading pleasure. The 'present' in the book was set in the 1960's, but most of the characters spoke like hackneyed refugees from the 1920's. This was the author's attempt to mimic the way upper class New Yorkers spoke, but was sadly off and incredibly distracting. Katherine Hepburn's storied delivery is classic but dated. Not 1964.

4.5 Stars - This story gripped me from the first page to the last and I loved the characters and their very unique voices.

I am thoroughly impressed with this novel. Never having read this author before, I didn't really know what to expect. I began completely engrossed in this story and absolutely enamored with the 60s' heroine. She's so very witty, sarcastic, funny, honest. What's not to love about her? I can't remember the last time I was so taken by a narrator.The story goes back and forth between her, Vivian, and the past--pre WWI--to a scientist spurned by her own well-to-do American family. The 60' story mostl [...]

Four and a half starsI was so glad to have this on hand while I was sick in bed this week. I've been on a roll, and not a good one, where I haven't been able to find anything I can sink my teeth in to, to read. So, I went to the library with a list and came home with a new pile to work through. Thankfully this was borrowed from the "New" shelf and had to returned before the others so I started with it.At first I wasn't sure about the style of narration, the part of the story that unfolds in the [...]

The book started out great. Vivian is a wealthy young New Yorker who decides to stricknout on her own and work at a magazine rather than following the usual path of society women. She is smart, sassy, and the tone of the writing reminded me of "Bridget Jones Diary." When Vivian receives a suitcase belonging to an Aunt she didn't know he had, she becomes involved in a search to find out if her Aunt Violet killed her husband. Vivian also becomes involved with a handsome doctor, Paul. Their romance [...]

I enjoy historical fiction written with a dual time line, meaning two stories at once; one in the present and one in the past. This book has that and it's done very well. The modern day Vivian is hilarious to me. She's a sassy, saucy girl and made me laugh more than once. The past story with Violet was intriguing. Especially once the spies entered the scene, but I'll leave it at that so no spoilers. In the end I was disappointed, but then the final chapter explained quite a twist that I hadn't s [...]

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