Sophia Amoruso



  • Title: #GIRLBOSS
  • Author: Sophia Amoruso
  • ISBN: 9780399169274
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover

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In GIRLBOSS vertelt Sophia Amoruso het verhaal van haar ongelooflijke succes Ze laat zien hoe iedereen succesvol kan worden, als je op jezelf vertrouwt en je instinct volgt.Sophia Amoruso is de oprichter en CEO van kledingbedrijf Nasty Gal, een organisatie met een omzet van meer dan 100 miljoen dollar en meer dan 350 mensen in dienst Maar het eerste wat ze ooit online vIn GIRLBOSS vertelt Sophia Amoruso het verhaal van haar ongelooflijke succes Ze laat zien hoe iedereen succesvol kan worden, als je op jezelf vertrouwt en je instinct volgt.Sophia Amoruso is de oprichter en CEO van kledingbedrijf Nasty Gal, een organisatie met een omzet van meer dan 100 miljoen dollar en meer dan 350 mensen in dienst Maar het eerste wat ze ooit online verkocht was geen kledingstuk het was een boek dat ze ergens gestolen had Tot haar twee ntwintigste had ze allerlei verschillende baantjes en geen enkel idee wat ze wilde doen met haar leven Toen besloot ze eens te proberen wat vintage kleding te verkopen op eBay De rest is geschiedenis

Recent Comments "#GIRLBOSS"

I had such high hopes for this book, but it turns out that now I’ll be writing one of my only truly negative reviews onSophia Amoruso has surely accomplished a lot with Nasty Gal, and I respect her work ethic and ability to achieve success with rough beginnings and little formal education. However, I expected this book to relate more to those in her generation – instead, she turns out to be yet another naysayer of the Millennial generation, writing them off as lazy and spoiled. For someone i [...]

I put off reading this book for a long time because #GIRLBOSS is the most vomit-inducing book title I can think of and now I have read it I wish I hadn't bothered. #GIRLBOSS is peculiar mix; it's a book that doesn't know whether it wants to be a memoir or if it wants to give business advice. Most of Sophia Amoruso's memories are irrelevant and self-absorbed, with humble brags littering the pages. Sophia constantly reminds readers of the "meteoric rise of Nasty Girl" and how her "own profile has [...]

Having been Nasty Gal's first intern during the early days in Berkeley when it was just Sophia and Christina (the first full-time employee who is now Buying Director), my rating may be a little biased so feel free to take everything from this point forward with a grain of salt.I won't bother with a short summary as this book has gotten enough press and reviews from readers alike that that just seems redundant. What I will say is that having worked with Sophia firsthand and having accompanied her [...]

I had never even heard of Nasty Gal when I picked this e-book from the library. But the title seemed fun and I always enjoy reading business books - especially ones that tackle the unique issues that face women.But this? This is not that book.I'll say this - Sophia has done a great job of getting where she is now. She's obviously creative and obviously hard working. But I don't know who this book is written for. It is mainly biographical which is fine - but then has these #girlboss lessons that [...]

I so wanted this to be good, but after reading the introduction, I knew that I was probably not going to enjoy it. After she addressed the issue of whether or not her book was a feminist manifesto by saying that she believes in "showing up and owning it" not "whining" for equality, I was pretty much soured on everything else she had to say. But I persevered. And while there were some good parts of the book - she does have some interesting things to say about venture capitalism and hiring and fir [...]

In #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso recounts her life from stumbling upon her passion of selling vintage clothes online and becoming an unlikely businesswoman to building her retail fashion empire. Along the way, she realizes the value and the difficulty of being the #GIRLBOSS of her own life.“The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”This book started out interesting enough, but it gradually lost its steam in the second [...]

It's overwhelmingly clear from the book that Sophia Amoruso is a hard worker. She's dedicated to her business, she's extremely talented at what she does, and I suspect she'd be pretty fun to attend a party with even thought she would probably make you wear silver leather pants. That being said, this book just didn't do it for me. Amoruso neglects the more fascinating elements of her story, like the fact that she went from being the "youngest person at a San Francisco Marxist book club" and eatin [...]

#GIRLBOSS is Sophia Amoruso's story about her wild childhood, unlikely and extraordinarily successful business venture and her treatise on how to be yourself and bring what is unique to you to your professional life.I googled Sophia after I finished this book and was dismayed to discover she has declared bankruptcy.It seems she still has a successful motivational speaker program going on, but, for whatever reason, her business hasn't worked out.I suspect, she will land on her feet and start agai [...]

Funny, entertaining, sassy, sarcastic, and incredibly smart. Amoruso manages to bring her funny/sarcastic personality onto these pages while seriously teaching about what it means/takes to be a girlboss. I took so much from this book and I have a strong feeling I'll be rereading it once I'm done with university. The balance between the casual narration style and spot on intelligent business/life advice is fantastic. It makes reading it so easy and 100% struck a nerve with me. Pick this up if you [...]

I thought that perhaps I was a freak of nature until I read this book and realized that there is someone out there so much like me! Therefore, I found this read quite inspirational. Sophia Amoruso started her own business, now worth $100M, from scratch and pocket change. She never knew what she really wanted to do until she found herself caught in the middle of a prospering company, while feeding a hobby that she hoped would keep her from having a job where she had to talk with people. She never [...]

From the first page I knew I wasn't going to like this book. ("don't let the man get you! #girlboss!" gag) Beyond it being poorly written (sounds like a teenager's rambling life story), it doesn't have any true focus or offer any innovative or interesting advice. Most of the advice (work hard, don't have typos in your resume, attention to detail) are well known, common, and repeated in countless books, television shows, etc (and honestly something you'd learn in high school or college, had she c [...]

So I mistakenly thought this was going to be about being a boss. It's really about the author, her life, her mistakes, what she's learned from them, and the meteoric success of her online company, Nasty Gal, which sells clothes. Certainly it's impressive that Amoruso became such a successful entrepreneur, at so young an age (I think she's now 30), and by utilizing social media to not just shape a distinct brand but also to identify, target, and respond to her customers. But the book is mainly AL [...]

I have tremendous respect for her, for what she stands for, and for what she has built. But this book fell short on delivering something substantial. I realize that this was geared towards teens and adolescence so for them, I highly recommend it. But if you are close to Sophia's age, you might find it a little too preachy times, like she refuses to take off her public persona to show a real glimpse of herself. I almost stopped reading the book immediately after the first chapter because of its e [...]

4.5/5#GIRLBOSS was just as fantastic as i expected it'd be. (and in a really teeny-tiny way, that disappointed me but, for the most part, i loved this novel.)this is a book that i would recommend to every human. never read non-fiction novels? great, go read this. don't care for fashion? mmmm, still go read this. not a girl? who cares, go read this. it's a book that i found very honest, quick, and empowering. sophia amoruso shares her journey on how she went from dead broke to $100 million in eig [...]

4.5 stars 1. #GIRLBOSS is written by someone who didn't go to college. Before you back away from this book, hear me out with my nine other reasons. 2. #GIRLBOSS is bad-ass, and inspires me to be a bad-ass myself. One who can conquer ANYTHING. 3. Sophia Amoruso is so hilarious. I ACTUALLY laughed out loud on pretty much every page. In public. 4. #GIRLBOSS gives really great advice on, sure, business and getting jobs, but STREET SMARTS too. 5. #GIRLBOSS really resonated with me in that it makes m [...]

For me, this book was perfect. It had so much to do with confidence, which is what I need right now, so it spoke to me. I know I'll read passages from it many times in the future and I'm so grateful it was given to me. I'd encourage all women to read it!

This was a mostly amazing book, I would recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a female entrepreneur.The author has a great outlook on life and the book inspires you to have more confidence in yourself, even if you feel like you are failing at what you think you should be doing.

Patronizing.Summary:"Look how awesome I am! GIRLBOSS. GIRLBOSS. I reached everything by myself! You can do it too! I am so amazing! I learn everything! I hate capitalism! GIRLBOSS. Ohhh, I am so like you! You can do it! I am so original and creative! There is no bad job! I even believe in magic and sigils! I had nothing and now I have so much! And I did it! You can do it! Go for it! We are an awesome company! GIRLBOSS."Uhhhh I know Sofia is awesome, she did so much (I never heard about Nasty Gal [...]

Sigh. This is written like a really long blog post. I completely disagree with her attitude about money and hard work and reward. I think putting something out to the universe and making it so is bullshit. I think different people have different ideas of success. I think people who choose to be poor because it's cool and "screw the man, man!" are naive and belong in a Pulp song. I think if you grow out of that phase and just shift to the other end of the spectrum, you aren't any less naive just [...]

Perfect book!Funny and sharp!Bad girl attitude at it's best!This seems my kinda book!Just got it on kindle 5 mins ago and couldn't put it down!!Will update my review as I read :)25% update!Wow!I was able to read 25% within 2 hours!The book is superb easy to read!Very fun,inspiring too:)Another woman who did even shiitier things in her days of struggle is none other than Madonna:) (I highly recommend J.Randi Taraborelli's biography of Madonna!One of my favorite books ever!)I am very impressed wit [...]

NO! NO NO NO! This book does not deserve any sort of award! Unless you are in 6th grade and have never spoken to anyone about your future, do not waste your time, money, brain power. This book is one of the most mindless, judgmental, condescending, self-inflating, poorly written book on business. Sophia Amoruso may have a successful business but the way she talks about her achievements makes her seem like the first ever CEO. The advice is trite and she doesn't actually indicate what you can do t [...]

Full disclosure: I kind of view audiobooks as cheating, and this was my first audio book. When emailed me saying I could have a free audible version of #Girlboss because I had marked it as "to read" I jumped on it. I read Tina Fey's "Bossypants," and still regret not having gotten the audible version so that I could HEAR Tina Fey reading me her book.This book was not read by Sophia Amoruso, and I cannot imagine what it would take to flawlessly read a book, chapter by chapter, and intone what th [...]

This was the most self involved piece of writing I have ever read. EVER. I only skim read it because, for the most part, I didn't care about this random woman's anecdotes about her life. Why was this written? Why?Let me discuss my main problem. Multiple times throughout the book, Amoruso says the thing she's good at is free marketing. Free PR. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS BOOK IS. THERE IS NO #GIRLBOSS, AMORUSO DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US, SHE IS JUST GETTING FREE PRESS FOR NASTY G [...]

More realistic and inspiring than Lean In.

Actual rate 2.5 I liked it overall, I'll even apply some of the advices in my professional life. Also, the "Portrait of a #GIRLBOSS" sections, very empowering; thumbs up.But there were too many paragraphs and chapters that felt kinda out of place, repetitive and that contributed nothing.

This won the Choice Awards for Best Business Book? Wow. There must have not been any other business books released this year. Pink cover, hashtag title, cutesy, sophomoric, unprofessional writing that, if personified, would resemble the inside of a Bath & Body Works (for the record, I love Bath & Body Works. I go there every Christmas to get candles and delicious-smelling gifts for loved ones). But when it comes to passing on professional wisdom with the goal of being taken seriously, t [...]

While it was truly interesting to read about the creation of Nasty Gal and Sophia's atypical rise to success, and while I respect and admire anyone who makes something from nothing, gosh I wish she would have been a little bit more humble. And not so in your face with the WORK WORK WORK YOUR ASS OF GIRLBOSS TAKING NO SHIT EAT SLEEP BREATHE WORK HARD WORK. It turns me off and I doubt it's as fun to work with her as she says it is. I found her "bad girl" years a little too celebrated. She was a pr [...]

Very inspiring!!! I'm a #GIRLBOSS

A listened to this on audio while, appropriately, cleaning and organizing my closet (yes, it was so bad it took this whole audiobook to finish). This was part memoir, part business advice, and it was all just okay. The memoir portions felt a bit irrelevant and, I don't know, boastful? Sophia just didn't come off as a likable or humble person at all. She goes into too much detail about the illegal things she did when she was younger, almost bragging or trying to show us how clever she was when al [...]

I'm keen on knowing how successful businesses have come to be (usually tending to reading/explore businesses created by women) and still thrive to this day. I wanted to know how Sophia created the idea of Nasty Gal and the growth and evolution of the business in her eyes, not in business terminology. I definitely gained information on her business and about herself. This isn't a self-help book, it's a memoir with some advice to GIRLBOSSes. So if you're going into this thinking you'll learn how t [...]

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