Still Life

Jacqueline West Poly Bernatene

Still Life

Still Life

  • Title: Still Life
  • Author: Jacqueline West Poly Bernatene
  • ISBN: 9780803736917
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover

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The fifth and final book in The Books of Elsewhere, the award winning, New York Times bestselling, fan favorite series absolutely not to be missed Annabelle McMartin is gone for good, but something worse lurks just out of sight watching, waiting, preparing to strike Then a field trip to the local art museum reveals a shock What Olive discovers will create a chain of eThe fifth and final book in The Books of Elsewhere, the award winning, New York Times bestselling, fan favorite series absolutely not to be missed Annabelle McMartin is gone for good, but something worse lurks just out of sight watching, waiting, preparing to strike Then a field trip to the local art museum reveals a shock What Olive discovers will create a chain of events that propel her to discoveries she may not wish to uncover, involving Morton s vanished parents and the very deepest, darkest roots of Aldous McMartin s creepy painted world In this fifth and final book, Olive must seek the full, complex story of Elsewhere, its magical origins, and its creator, and in so doing, face her own fears and limitations and possibly the destruction of Elsewhere itself How far will Olive go to save the people and home she loves And what will be the final cost A must read fantasy series for fans of Pseudonymous Bosch, Coraline, and Septimus Heap.

Recent Comments "Still Life"

I was sorry to see Olive's Elsewhere adventures come to an end, but West handles this beautifully. Still Life (the fifth and final in the series) contains the same sort of wry humor, surprising twists, and good, spooky fun that readers of these books have come to appreciate.

The main character is Olive and she is very kind because she is nice to everyone.Another character is Rutherford and he is very smart because whenever another character is wondering something, he always knows the answer. Another character is Leopold and he is very mature and loyal, because he gives himself up to protect Olive.First, Olive finds someone spying on her, and realizes that they in fact have been purposely sent to spy on her by a special organization. New neighbors arrive, in her neig [...]

this book is awesome, I love the series!

What a delightful and exciting conclusion to this lovely series. I had not known what to expect when we started, but I certainly had not anticipated how much I would enjoy these Books of Elsewhere. An engaging, interesting, story line, with compelling and endearing characters, all five books held our attention, from the beginning to the end. I'll want to keep an eye out for more books by this author.

3.5 starsThis is a solid conclusion to a solid middle grade series about living paintings and an evil man who seeks to make himself immortal.As with all these books I'm a fan of Olive and her mistakes, self doubt and eventual bravery. Admittedly, some of her mistakes come from the lack of trust placed in her by others. Each book has some blunder she commits due to info being withheld from her "for her own good" and had she just been told, disaster could be avoided. I understand this happening in [...]

Olive is still uneasy about Aldous McMartin, and even though the cats are guarding the house, she never feels safe. With the help of Rutherford and his grandmother, as well as Walter (who is living in Morton's house and studying with Mrs. Dewey), she manages to locate Morton's father and brings him back, and also uncovers some additional clues to the mystery of the paintings. She finds out that Morton's mother also was an artist who studied with Aldous, and had the power to make people tell her [...]

Maybe my favourite of the series ? A pretty cool ending note

3.5 stars.

A perfect ending to a fun and quirky little series! Now I want three cats of my own. :)

Still Life is a book about finding Morton's parents and finding out who is Mrs. Teedlebaum and finding similar pictures like Elsewhere. Then they found lots of great new clues. Then Olives meets a new McMartin named Aurelia, Aurelia had lied to Olive that she was Aldous McMartin's sister but she is not his sister then who is she (You will find out in the book.) Something creepy waits outside the old stone house. . . . I wish there was book 6 and book 7.

Wow, just wow! The series is done. It's really a good one. I'm definitely going to miss Olive and her talking cats. I love how the story arch was built from the very first book until the last one. Highly recommended for those who need to escape into a magical world with the young, curious, and brave Olive Dunwoody.

An absolutely perfect ending to a series. I cried. It was that good. The writing, the characters, the illustrations. Everything was perfect. My very favorite series. The ending (and the rest of the series) just makes me so happy. :) perfect for fans of the movie "coraline"

Delightful ending A nice decent read.

I am so very sad that this is the last book ☹️ I've enjoyed Olive's adventures and so have my daughters. What a fantastic series though!

The ending, the suspense, the drama of this book are all so amazing! Great ending to 'The Books of Elsewhere'.

MG, Fantasy (Book #5, final, Elsewhere series)Olive Dunwoody has made a promise to her friend Morton to find his vanished parents in the painted world(s) of Elsewhere. She is accompanied by 3 "familiars", cats who came with the mysterious, old house that she and her oblivious parents live in and a pair of magic glasses that allow her to enter the paintings of Elsewhere. But by doing so (to find Morton's parents) will she open a can of worms that can't be undone, thus unleashing the wrath of Old [...]

Still Life was probably one of the best books that I have ever read. I loved all of the plot twists and the new characters added. The ending to the series was so beautiful and satisfying, but also unique in many ways. Usually, when I finish a series with a satisfying ending, I never think about the books or the characters again. But Jacqueline West, on the other hand, has done such an amazing job with every aspect of this series, that I keep thinking about the characters and the plot. I would re [...]

This book is also part of a series, the last one to be exact. But it is also self explanatory somewhat. But this book could have used more details and explanation on some things. Good story though.

Pleased to see the series come to a close, though I might have found Olive the most frustrating in this volume. I just adore the cats!

Pros:The most striking thing about Still Life is the beautiful writing: poetic, atmospheric and fluid. It works in perfect tandem with the lovely black and white illustrations by Poly Bernatene. Our main protagonist, Olive, who is exceptionally normal, is a brave and likeable heroine. She goes through a lot here and comes out the better for it. There is a large and funny cast and West handles them well, from fun-loving Harvey to mysterious and bossy Horatio. There are also quite a few intriguing [...]

I'd held off from reading Still Life for sometime. I hated to see one of my favorite series ending. So, I decided to wait for colder weather, curl up on the couch with my furry companion and a warm cup of coffee and then read Olive's final story. I've always loved how West portrays Olive as a normal girl living with these two mathematical geniuses. This somewhat shy girl who is brave, trustworthy and a steadfast loyal friend. Olive has come a long way across the five books. This girl who is also [...]

I started reading the Books of Elsewhere sometime last year. I wasn't able to get my hands on this until September this year. I personally think that it was worth the wait to be able to read the last book of this series and see everything come together. The cliffhangers of the previous books were always slightly aggravating, since I don't like to be left in suspense like that, but it wasn't too bad. Olive, the protagonist of these books, had only just been reunited with her parents from the prev [...]

This is my favorite book in one of my favorite series. :) the "books of elsewhere" is children's literature at its finest. A great story, great characters, lots of humor, just the right amount of spookiness, & a fun adventure that get better and better with each reread.Here we finally learn what happened to Mortons family, a bit about art, & a lot about the "terrible" Aldous McMartain & elsewhere. I say "terrible" because we actually get some characterization for him after 5 books. & [...]

This series was very disappointing. It had a promising start, but failed to really develop much beyond the first two novels.(view spoiler)[ In the very last pages of the series, Olive seems to grow into herself, gains the courage to make friends, and a possible parallel is drawn between Elsewhere and the experiences and lessons readers can gain through the fantasy world of novels. As the story doesn't really build up to these conclusions, however, these things felt like they were simply tacked o [...]

3.5 stars? Maybe??This is the last book of the series, which is a little sad. I really enjoy these books; they have talking cats.Like always, the writing was clever and surprising, the talking cats made me feel really sad that I don't have a kitty of my own, and all of the secondary characters made me really happy. The problem, though, is in the phrase "like always."Five books into the series, I can barely feel any real changes in the way these characters relate to each other. The cats still bar [...]

When I imagine a series ending I will now and forever think of this book. What a great way to end one of my favorite book series. The author never lacked throughout the five books and each book continuously got better and better. Still Life was the final book of the Books of Elsewhere series and definitely cleared everything up. Many of my unanswered questions were fulfilled as the book progressed. Many characters are introduced and readers get an inside look into the McMartin family. In this bo [...]

West, Jacqueline, and Poly Bernatene. Still Life. Dial. 2014. Print. This review is also posted on Get Kids to Read. mrtierneyslibraryBook 5 of 5 Series: The Books of ElsewhereStill Life is the final volume in the 5 book series, The Books of Elsewhere. Olive is a clever girl who lives in a house with magic cats and can enter the world of the paintings. The former owner of her house Aldous McMartin is an evil sorcerer and he is trying to take back the house. Olive has foiled his plans several tim [...]

I took a look back through my reviews of the previous books - and realized for two volumes I've been complaining about how nothing of importance seemed to be happening. That is not the case here! Things get wrapped up, plots advance, Aldous McMartin makes his move and everything is wrapped up in a very satisfying way. A very exciting book, and overall, a great ending to the series!Looking at the series as a whole - I think it would have worked better three books, maybe even two. It certainly did [...]

It's sad that the series has finally come to an end, but it was a remarkable series. It begins with Olive still on a quest to find Morton's parents while still having to avoid the awful Aldous McMartian. I really enjoyed the fact that the book was slightly predictable because that was Olive's character. Although, the ending was a bit unpredictable yet suitable for the end of her adventures. I was definitely happy about the fact that Morton was reunited with his parents. I was surprised that Hora [...]

I read this book to our 10-year-old son and we cannot believe the Books of Elsewhere are over. We have read all five of them this year, and what an adventure. The idea behind the stories is definitely captivating and enchanting, and the animals and main characters and Elsewhere characters are so funny and dramatic. We loved Olive and her family and friends and it has a perfect little ending. Now we can't wait to find another set of books to read aloud together while he plays with LEGOs or in the [...]

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