Battle Angel

Scott Speer

Battle Angel

Battle Angel

  • Title: Battle Angel
  • Author: Scott Speer
  • ISBN: 9781595145987
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback

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It s going to take a lot than fame to save the Immortal City in its darkest hour With Maddy torn between two loves, Guardian Jackson and heroic pilot Tom, and Angels and humans on the brink of an epic war, the Immortal City is vulnerable than ever And when demons descend upon Angel City with the intent to destroy, the humans don t stand a fighting chance witIt s going to take a lot than fame to save the Immortal City in its darkest hour With Maddy torn between two loves, Guardian Jackson and heroic pilot Tom, and Angels and humans on the brink of an epic war, the Immortal City is vulnerable than ever And when demons descend upon Angel City with the intent to destroy, the humans don t stand a fighting chance without the Angels on their side Will Jacks find the strength and forgiveness to enter the fray and fight the demons as a stronger than ever Battle Angel Or has the damage been so great that the Guardians will set off for the next place, abandoning Angel City in its darkest hour It all comes down to love wrecked half Angel Maddy and the strength of her bond with Jackson in this game changing, thrice as sultry series finale that blends beautiful themes of redemption and renewal with heart pounding action scenes and jaw dropping twists.

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Battle Angel: Abridged Lisa's Edition WHAT SHE THINKS WILL HAPPEN[WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?] Maddie (M): I can't decide. Jacks (J): Choose me. You know that we can't perish the angels. They're needed here. Tom (T): REMEMBER WHAT YOUR FATHER FOUGHT FOR! M: Sorry, Jacks. J: Butbut I love you. M: I do too. But I can't be blinded by love [Why the cheesiness? Speer is a cheesy author] [Meanwhile, the demons are coming up] J: Screw it. I'm saving the mortals! Maddie, please forgive me. Wings are what defin [...]

August 28th, 2014?

Okay I know this is inappropriate because I just finished the first book literally 30 minutes ago, I didn't read the 2nd book yet, and it's like 4:30am, but my literal reaction to reading this summary:"Tom?? What the heck, who is that? WHO IS THIS TOM YOU SPEAK OF?"IS JACKSON'S LOVE NOT ENOUGH? -SAD-*follow for more reviews*

Sigh yet another love triangle 0.0 Sorry people I am totally gunning for Jackson :) I hope they end up together plus I wonder if they have kids will it be three quarters angel :)

Nose Graze — Book reviews & blogging tipsThe Immortal City series didn't quite go the way I hoped it would. I'm not sure if it was necessarily a bad, ending—it just wasn't the ending that I wanted. Because of that, I'm not left with particularly fond thoughts of the book.The #1 problem for me was the love triangle. This was introduced in Natural Born Angel and it continues in Battle Angel. I thought this whole triangle was a joke. It felt like a completely unnecessary element of the stor [...]

Ahhh i need this!!! like right now!

Not a big fan of the paperback covers.

For full review and more reviews go to anjibooks.weeblySPOILERS TO BATTLE ANGEL BELOWUgh when I read that she chose Tom. I slammed the book. Which was a shame because since it's a wimpy paperback it didn't take it as well as a hardcover would. How could she choose Tom after all she'd been through with Jackson? The thing between Maddy and Tom was definitely instalove. Remember when I said it was okay that Jackson and Maddy had a kind of instalove because it was believable and they went through a [...]

This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more!DNF @ 100 pagesHell no. I just can’t read this book. It’s most likely because my taste in books have changed and I’m so against paranormal-romances. There are only the few books that feature angels which I’m able to read, but I won’t take anything that doesn’t look very appeasing to me. Battle Angel was horrible. I just can’t take books that deal with those cheesy stories of the apocalypse and our “kic [...]

Once again, I am reviewing the final book in a series that I have loved since the minute I read the first chapter 3 years ago. Like I have said before, 2014 is the year for finales on too many of the most incredible book series I have ever read.Battle Angel is book 3 in Scott Speer's Immortal City series and like the previous 2 books, it does not hold out on action packed fight scenes, suspenseful story-telling, & a love triangle that is worth dying for. The Dark Angels are coming, but the I [...]

What is the need to shove in an unwanted , utterly dumb love triangle in the story?Why are all the Y.A writers so obsessed with lame love triangles?Beats meMaddy was never my favorite female protagonist ,She always seemed a little too harsh to me .Jackson,on the other hand had been one of my favorite characters since the beginning of the trilogy.He is battling with depression over loosing his ability to fly and trying to cope up with the way Maddy's fame raising steadily and the lime light had s [...]

This was a action packed conclusion to a great trilogy. The narrative was less from Maddy's POV but I think this worked well as the main element of the book - the war - is very complicated so multiple views are needed to understand its complexity. I absolutely loved the first book and loved Maddy and Jacks together so was disappointed when she chose (view spoiler)[Tom as I thought it was the wrong choice and she spent the rest of the book defending her decision (hide spoiler)] The story finishes [...]

I really enjoyed the previous books, and was expecting a fun, happy ending. Basically, the end was stupid.


Well. Okay. Um.Alright. This book is the conclusion to a trilogy. The premise is imaginative and interesting and the first book was quite good, despite the slightly iffy quality of the writing itself. The author is a movie director who had never written a book before. I'm willing to forgive.The second book went downhill a little. Angel training, interesting, the setup for the final book and the war for the fate of the world. Sure. Fascinating. Great. Though the introduction of a completely unnec [...]

Speer uses every trick that makes books sell.d not in a good wayWhat the hell was that? I can honestly say epic fail. Sorry Speer, but you pulled a Veronica Roth, on top of a Stephanie Meyerwhat was a decent story and interesting take on what would happen if Angels lived among us became a complete, tragic, frustrating boring mess. I hated Tom. He was random, and didn't act like a military officer at all. I was shocked he didn't get kicked out of his unit with his behaviour around Maddy. Professi [...]

This book didn't do it for me. The love triangle between Jacks, Tom and Maddy just didn't seem natural and well done. It was rushed and Maddy's reasoning for the break up and everything else seemed too selfish for her character.Tom's death seemed convenient as well, getting rid of him so that Jacks and Maddy could be together. Tom as a character seemed too twee and dependent on Maddy. A trained pilot wouldn't be that dependent emotionally on anyone but someone that they had a deep connection to. [...]

Immortal City, AMAZING!! Natural Born Angel, very good! But this book I don't know what to say. I thought Maddy's decision in the 2nd book was wrong (I would have gone for the angel) but I did start to like Tom. Then he was bumped off making the whole choice between him and Jackson a waste of time because you could see she was going to go back to him (who wouldn't)The book started off quite slow taking a while to get into the story and I could sort of tell were it was leading. But then the end, [...]

On the final battle between Demons and Angels Maddy will have to decide who she wants more and who she will have to leave behind. In the escalating battle between good and evil, mistakes are made, sacrifices will force beloved ones apart and the new order will be born.Although I loved the previous books, I was way out of my 'reading waters' ith the third one. I didn't expect some scenes to happen and at some point Maddy's actions seemed to be a little planned. Jackson's actions were odd in contr [...]

Didn't finish it.I really have to hate a character to not finish a book. Maddy it's not just stubborn but she thinks too highly of herself but my biggest issue with her is her damn choices. The books were supposed to be about angel human not she choosing a human over Jacks. I get that she is trying to help humanity and try to do the right thing but I don't think it was necessary to make a love triangle out of this, I don't see the point of she falling for Tom and I don't like Tom, that's all. I' [...]

For a final book, one I have waited an entire year to read, that was sadly disappointing.

Release date Anyone?!

The battle of Angel City is about to startd this book picks up right where it's prior one, "Natural Born Angel" left off.I really enjoyed the first book, and the second one was cool, but I'm just not really into battle books all that much. It was a little gore, but not too descriptive where I was squinting.I did enjoy the twists and turns of this book. I am not going to say what they were, but there were times I was shocked and surprised. It's a good wrap up to the trilogy.

First of all, I have to say that I have never-ever reviewed a book, nor have I even thought about it, but after the last book I just felt the need to do this, I felt the need to get the feelings out of my system.I'm not that good in English so I apologizeI have read a LOT of books in my 17-years, so many that I can't unfortunally even name them all, but this book gave me a feeling that any book has ever given me. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I have always been a kind of girl, who has a nose in a book a [...]

Battle Angel fortsætter direkte hvor Natural Born Angel slap. Man kastes direkte ind i begyndelsen på dæmonkrigen, men også det valg Maddy blev stillet over for i den forrige bog: At opfylde hendes pligt som engel og hjælpe menneskene, eller tage med de andre engle i sikkerhed for krigen.Jeg var virkelig meget i tvivl om hvor mange stjerner denne bog skulle have. Sandheden er at størstedelen af den tredje stjerne udelukkende skyldes slutningen på bogen. Størstedelen af den generelle hand [...]

i'm writing a combines review for the whole trilogy cuz all the three books are almost the same in all aspects other than the continuation of the story-line. To be honest, the female lead, maddy completely ruined the whole series for me even the writing seems repetitive, the first book is good, quite intriguing but the second book fails miserably on each level mainly due to maddy, i read the 3rd book just to complete the series which also failed to impress much, it was not a complete waste of ti [...]

Okay so I actually don't know where to start. The ending was intense, super intense. I didn't expect that to happen like at all! It had a bittersweet ending, and although it all made sense and I totally get what the author did there, I couldn't put myself to rate this book 5 stars because things didn't go out exactly the way I wanted. I guess I'm just one of those hopeless romantics, as much as I try not to embrace it lol. Maddy and Jackson changed a lot throughout the three books, in fact I hav [...]

The book was okay.That's all I could say with regards to this book. At first I had really high hopes and expectations of Battle Angel, thinking that it would be so awesome that it was worth wasting my time. But while reading, I didn't really love it as much as I have read Immortal City. Immortal City was awesome, Natural Born Angel wasn't as awesome as Immortal City but it was a good read, but this, Battle Angel, I had really really high expectations toward the book, I thought that it would keep [...]

Battle Angel by Scott Speer – written AUG 10,2014This completes a complex plot that is totally engaging. Having just read it, the ending comes to mind. It’s not the way I would have ended it but I see the appeal in it. It also leaves an opening so the story could be continued, but if it only lives on in the readers imagination, it is a story to remember. The final battle is fully expressed in detail and speeches. Logically a kinky story about angels in hollywood saving the rich for big bucks [...]

Okay, first of all, the love triangle was terrible. The first book was all about Maddy and Jacks, and then in the second book, Tom was introduced and Maddy falls in love. And then (view spoiler)[ he dies. I feel like Tom was introduced to teach Maddy how to fly, and once he did that, there was no purpose for him, so he died. And also, after Maddy 'chose' Tom at the beginning of the book, it was obvious she liked Jacks more. She kept thinking about him and when he brought Angels to help the navy [...]

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