This is Ridiculous


This is Ridiculous

This is Ridiculous

  • Title: This is Ridiculous
  • Author: Zosofi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook

Teen Wolf fanfic Derek StilesThere s a unicorn in Beacon Hills A fricken unicorn In fricken Beacon Hills, California And it turns out that unicorns aren t drawn towards virgins in a happy go lucky let me lay my not at all metaphorical horn in your lap way No They kill them And guess who s the only virgin idiotic enough to get sucked into the Beacon Hills supernatuTeen Wolf fanfic Derek StilesThere s a unicorn in Beacon Hills A fricken unicorn In fricken Beacon Hills, California And it turns out that unicorns aren t drawn towards virgins in a happy go lucky let me lay my not at all metaphorical horn in your lap way No They kill them And guess who s the only virgin idiotic enough to get sucked into the Beacon Hills supernatural scene Stiles, that s who.Words 35,818 completeArt by Rahciach

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This isn't ridiculous. THIS IS AWESOME.A fuckin' unicorn, that's who!Apparently there was a mistranslation somewhere and as it turns out, unicorns don't like virgins, nope, they enjoy murdering them.Guess who's the only virgin left in the pack? That right, my friends, Stiles.MmmI wonder who could rectify the situation? Who can devirginize Stiles? *think think think*If you don't know then there's no hope for you.By the way, Derek pines and Stiles is oblivious in this one. I LOVE THAT.

SLANDER.This is rife with unicorn lies. LIES. Awesome BH adventure with a rogue unicorn, the pack and Derek and Stiles being oblivious--until they're not.

Ridiculously awesome is what this is!A virgin killing unicorn. (Poor Stiles can't catch a break.)+ Oblivious!Stiles and pining!Derek.=

4.5 stars This is on par with Balloon Animals Are Awesome as far as mixing the right proportions of bravado vs vulnerability, humor vs depth, feels vs smexy time and action driven plot vs relationship growth to be an entertaining Sterek. It is a fun ride as the POV traps you in the head of Stiles' comical genius. The external plot is well paced and kept light and fun and magical and even silly at times. While the internal arc is tense and reflective while never forgetting that these boys have fa [...]

Honestly I thought this was going to be some crazy over the top "ridiculous" fic. I mean, Unicorns? A Unicorn who wants to kill virgins with its horn? Over the top right?It wasn't. It was so awesome! Seriously awesome.Action packed. Oblivious StilesMF Stiles.Pining Derek. Yes, pining Derek to the fullest.Well written, funny, scary and l-o-v-e.I'm stealing Rosa's pics because yeah, perfect and it is Saturday morning and I am lazy.

Typical awkward, talks and thinks non stop virgin Stiles.Typical dark and broody and non communicative Derek.Virgin killing evil Unicorn.All leads to eventual Derek and Stiles smexy time. Really the unicorn should be enough!! Yes it's ridiculous. Ridiculously fun!!

Love this Sterek fic, the voice of the narration sucks you immediately in it's so thoroughly Stiles. He's brave, clumsy and a virgin with a wandering mind ;)There's adventure with hurts and protectiveness a little sadness and both adorably sweet and some hot sexy Derek-Stiles time.

OK, this has been on my TBR for ages, and I have NO excuses on why it took me so long to finally read this. Awesome, funny, snarky, hot, just really, almost everything I look for in a Sterek fic. I mean, a unicorn, killing virgins, Derek PINING for Stiles, and everyone being aware of said pining but Stiles, who is doing a tiny bit of pining of his own.Yeah, just awesome. And totally awesome that in the end (view spoiler)[ STILES is the one to kill the unicorn (hide spoiler)].I only had one littl [...]

There's a clear element of slight absurdity to this that's not entirely my thing, a bit of emotional constipation from Derek that's not what I've come to expect and look for with Zosofi, and a couple of points that are glossed over a little too quickly for my liking.So, all in all, not totally sold.However, it is a delightfully entertaining story, and this author's insight into Stiles's mind never fails to impress me.

Stiles is being chased by an evil unicorn. Oh yeah!This unicorn is killing virgins. Of course he wants Stiles. The rest of the gang knows someone who is willing to help Stiles with that. But Stiles is adorably oblivious."Last night?" Lydia suddenly looks interested. "You were together last night? I thought you—""I went over for the research," Derek grunts. "Oh, right," Isaac says. "The research." He brings out the air quotes, and Stiles is suddenly confused. "Am I missing something?" he asks. [...]

Cute story. I loved the humor, and the different take on unicorns. I also love an author that doesn't equate virginity with simpering innocence, or complete sexual ignorance.

Boys being oblivious while a murderous unicorn chases Stiles for BCWV (being cute while virgin). Eventual #Sterek smexing is hot hot hot!

Ooooh.I liked this a lot! Thanks Rosa for the rec. :)

Fun and tense. An adventure and a love story. With Derek and Stiles. I'm happy! Loved it.

Virgin killing Unicorns. Enough said.

This is ridiculously good.

So funny!

I kind of liked it. It lagged a bit for such a short story, and I felt like there was a ridiculous amount of action for a human to do while being so hurt, especially as repeatedly hurt as Stiles became during each encounter with the murderous unicorn.I mean, I know it's totally fictional, especially as there's a unicorn and all, but it just took me out of the story that he was running around with a sprained ankle, bruised ribs, a broken nose, etc. I kept thinking, "Bullshit, he's running around [...]

I knew I shouldn't have started to read any fanfic again, I always get hooked! This was definitely a fun read - and a bit strange, but in a good way! I just love the hyper rambling of Stiles' thoughts and the crazy story. Yeah this was a fun one.

Smexy #Sterek is smexy. And ridiculous in their obliviousness. And I couldn't stop chuckling every time the murderous unicorn was mentioned, particularly when Stiles mentioned it with such incredulity. ^__^

This was great. Reading the blurb, and title, I thought it was going to be ridiculousbut it was a really fun read. Lots of action. Derek pining away. Stiles kicking butt.Loved it.

Oblivious!Stiles, pining!Derek, and a monster unicorn.

Both Stiles and Derek felt off.Review to come.

Some Favorite Quotes:"--we always work together." Stiles snorts. "We're like the goddamned A-team. Except younger. And slightly less militant. And we don't really get hire-""Your brain is fascinating, Stiles.""Spike was a vampire.""Not that Spike, but," stiles pauses, turns to Derek. "I can't believe you know Buffy."" fuck you."Stiles is pretty sure they're at a standstill. Because of course they would be. It's not like Stiles could ever, you know, not be awkward.Stiles catalogs that so he can m [...]

2,5 Stars

This is Ridiculously good. I love this portrayal of Stiles and I always adore pining Derek.

SterekThis is a well written, fun and hot Sterek story. With a rogue unicorn.It's a delicious treat for Stiles / Derek fans, not too much gore and enough awkwardness 😜❤️😜

I'm reading this because I miss the Stiles from Just Act Normal (also written by zosofi here). He was uberly cool. I'm pining for him. And managing my sadness with alternate forms of him with the author's other works.This story had it's moments, but nothing superb. Nothing I'd squeal over in later days. So, just a normal designation three-stars here.Quotes:(view spoiler)["Isaac," Derek growls, and he makes a face. Stiles has gotten really, amazingly, scarily, good at reading Derek's many faces. [...]

This story was great, a 3.5 fic in my opinion! The unicorn is crazy scary but the true focus was the relationship between Derek and Stiles. Lots of great chemistry and some sexy moments between the two punctuate a well told tale. However I kind of wasn’t as much of a fan of Derek in this fic, he was almost useless in both seduction and heroic moments. Stiles often had to make the first move, and also often had to save himself! Plus a lot of conversations were aborted with an ‘-‘(if you rea [...]

After reading Gravity's got nothing on you i stared looking for other FF by you and i found this one, Oh my god it was compleaty hilarious, because unicorns really? at first i though this fic would have no sense, but i decide to give it an oportunity and i compleaty loved it, it has a story even though it doesn't seem one, and all the concequences that, that unicorn couses was more than what i expected. I promise i'll never doubt of any of your stories again.

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