A Deal with Benefits

Susanna Carr

A Deal with Benefits

A Deal with Benefits

  • Title: A Deal with Benefits
  • Author: Susanna Carr
  • ISBN: 9780373132140
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

Thirty days and thirty nights Ashley Jones has been sitting in Sebastian Cruz s office For hours Behind the imposing wooden doors sits the man who stole her family s island home And she wants it back But the fight is knocked from her when Ashley recognizes him as the man she knows intimately the man who betrayed her after their blissful night together Sebastian has noThirty days and thirty nights Ashley Jones has been sitting in Sebastian Cruz s office For hours Behind the imposing wooden doors sits the man who stole her family s island home And she wants it back But the fight is knocked from her when Ashley recognizes him as the man she knows intimately the man who betrayed her after their blissful night together Sebastian has no intention of giving the island back, but he does want Ashley He agrees to her deal, but has a few sub clauses of his own Specifically, a month at his beck and call and in his bed

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A Deal with Benefits by Susanna Carr is the 2nd book in the One Night With Consequences series and overall a really enjoyable read.Sebastian Cruz is handsome, determined, and arrogant, who rose from his poor background to self-made millionaire…d nothing will stand in his way to obtaining the small island of Inez Key and its owner. means!!!! Ashley Jones has inherited Inez Key after the death of her parents. She’s barely managing to hold on to her home and finds herself defaulting on her loan [...]

A revenge story that involves the hero taking the heroine's childhood home and making her his mistress for a month. That the heroine was the daughter of her father's mistress makes this arrangement all the more sordid in the virgin heroine's view. So far, so good. The angst is great.Her back story is tragic.( Her mother killed her father in a fit of jealousy and then killed herself.)But I eventually became annoyed with the heroine because she had absolutely no plans on how to improve herself or [...]

Full Blog Post @Book-Marks the Spot A Deal with Benefits was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a sappy romance but it wasn’t. It was a very emotional and heartbreaking read. I felt connected to both characters and felt their pain. In one moment I liked Sebastian and in the next I despised him for what he was doing. I wish he went about it another way without putting Ashley in the middle of it, but if he did that then they wouldn’t have met. Everything that happened was believ [...]

Wow, it's all coming back. I really did not like the hero in this book. He was a real emotionally unavailable ass hat to the heroine. This looks like it's an older book, so that might explain all the man angst, but stillI hate how romance writers write emotional conflict into their stories, then make the solution so unsatisfying and unequal. No spoilers, but if you're going to fuck with your heroine like that, and by extensions, your readers, you need to have the hero crawl over motherfucking gl [...]

A Deal with Benefits is reminiscent of older HP's. The hero bent on revenge toward the heroine's dad and used her as the means. He is devious, dangerous. Heroine is not an annoying shrew. She has an inner strength. I was hooked immediately. I wondered how the hero would redeem himself once the heroine discovered his revenge scheme.For once the heroine didn't try to defend her dysfunctional parents.The writing reminded me so much of Robyn Donald's older HP's. One could see the island, feel the em [...]

This book is part of a series, but reads as a standalone. The story has a revenge plot, with high emotions. Both Sebastian Cruz, and Ashley Jones spent part of their childhood on the small island of Inez Key. It had once belonged to Sebastian's family, until Ashley's father had won it in a card game and took it from them, or so the legend was told. Ashley Jones inherited Inez Key after her parents died. It is all she has left. The island is the only place she has felt safe. she is trying to hold [...]

It's been a while since I read Harlequin.I have a big crush on Harlequin. Back then I read 4 Harlequin book in one day. But the ones I read was '80s harlequin. I'm familiar with them but I never read a harlequin book wrote in present.So this one was my explain for my harlequin love.She had hidden away for years, purposely disconnected from the world and was quiet and contained. None of the guests who came to her house interested her, but this man…this man reminded her of what she was missing.I [...]

I'm really tired of romance novels that feature the male love interest heartlessly blackmailing the female heroine into any sort of deal, especially sexual ones. I'm also tired of female heroines that are lied to and abused but yet can't bring themselves to say no to their "love" interest once they engage in even the most remotely sexual way. This books features those two things and many other tired romance novel cliches. I'm just craving something different form the abusive alpha male that is o [...]

It started out alright but the book is way too short and shows very little development etc. She is with him for a month and of that month you see about 2 days and somewhere along there they go completely mad for each other and I think it had a lot of potential but wasnt delivered

Nice book to read it's my first time to read to susanna carr & think not the last :)

The eye for an eye shit was really shady but the novel was okay if you like that type of thing.

¿Qué puedo decir?Son de esas historias para leer en un rato, sin una gran trama

Want to know what I love in a book? Angst and drama. Why you ask? for the simple fact that without these two things what can really hold my attention? Good looking man, great sex scenes? yeah that does too, but drama adds the extra flare to the fire. How did this book hold up? lets start with the basics.Ashley Jones is the daughter of a famous tennis pro who was a womanizer. One scandalous affair after another. Ashley's own mother was a mistress. She lives on Inez Key. Her island, the only thing [...]

Ashley Jones grew up on Inez Key, her personal haven and has struggled to hold on to it since. Enter Sebastian Cruz, to whom Ashley gave her virginity thinking he was some one night stand and a guest on the island. She finds out that he's just bought the island out from under her and is evicting her. He hasn't been able to forget her, so he offers her a deal - she can stay on as a caretaker if she'll be his mistress for a month. Only he has no intention of keeping the deal, because he's out for [...]


This book made me really angry. I can not believe that this is what is being published. This is pre-historic ideas and stereotypes being published as acceptable for 2014. Well I am one person who is standing up and saying this is not acceptable. Let me break it down for youFemale lead: Weak. She grew up in an emotionally abusive household (or island) where her Dad is a tennis-playing, sleaze bag who slept his way through a large number of women and kept her mother on the side as a mistress but n [...]

Ashley Jones is doing what needs to be done to save her family home. Five years earlier her parents died in a scandalous murder suicide. Leaving her to mourn and in a mountain of debt. She rents Inez Key (her home and island) to those who can afford it and enjoy their privacy.Ashley happens to rent her home to Sebastian Esteban, a rather rich and handsome playboy. They share some magical time between the sheets if you know what im saying :D Its over just as quickly as it started. The next day sh [...]

Oh! There is nothing like a quick romance between two people so alike and so different from one another.What would you do if a man bought your home from under your nose, and then proceeded to tell you that you COULD earn it back… if you were willing to spend a month in his bed?When Sebastian purchases Ashley’s island home after she fails to make her mortgage payments, that’s exactly what happens to her. If Ashley wants her home back, she’ll have to become everything her mother was, every [...]

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Itching for Books and Susanna Carr for the opportunity of reading A Deal with Benefits. I wanted to read Susanna’s Carr books ever since I've read about them. They are interesting, but I thought the story line was a little rushed. I wanted to know more, I felt like reading about those 30 days, but actually they were just a few days about both characters. It didn't feel complete. Despite that, the plot was interesting. I got to re [...]

Read more reviews atThe Anonymous Book Life.Actual Rating: 3.5 starsThis was a surprisingly good read. I have not read many Harlequin romance novels before, but when thinking of them I always pictured cheesy romance, not something that I would actually enjoy. Susanna Carr delivers a light, sweet read in A Deal with Benefits. I actually enjoyed both main characters. There were some times where I got a bit annoyed with each of them, overall they were likable characters. Sebastian seemed a bit hear [...]

A Deal with Benefits by Susanna Carr is a page-turning angst fest of attraction, passion and past mistakes. Holy cow! The last few chapters had me in a vice grip while I waited to see the outcome of this romance!Ashley has been essentialy hiding for the past five years after her parents tragic deaths. Her island home is a vacation getaway for the wealthy and privacy seeking, but business is not good. She's behind on her loan payment and is out of ideas of what to do to save her island. The lates [...]

Ashley made a deal with the devil to keep her island home. She's not making the monthly payments and was hoping that one more celebrity guest at her remote resort home would give her enough cash to make the payments. But when her mortgage is purchased and she receives an eviction notice, she goes to the office of the new owner to plead for her home. She is in for the surprise of her life when she sees the man behind the desk.I really hate writing these types of reviews. I was pretty sure I'd rea [...]

Signed WinAshley Jones find herself sitting in Sebastian Cruz's office for hours The man who stole her family island home . Little did she know that he was the man who she had an one night stand and left them wanting more.Sebastian Cruz has no plans to give her back the island but he still desires her. So he sets up an agreement for her to be his mistress for a month and she can live as caretaker in a small cottage near the house. Having no choice since she cannot afford the upkeep of the island [...]

I am a big fan of Harlequin. I love their historicals and I have a whole bookcase just for Harlequin books. I was happy to read this book because I had also heard the author's name before and had read some other books by her. This was a really good book. I liked the subplot of Inez Key. I was guessing until the end about how it traded hands. Ashley was a great character. She was strong and stubborn, but her heart is also at stake. Will she give in to her heart before it is too late? Will She be [...]

An enjoyable book which I received through .Inez Key had been Ashley Jones’ island refuge and now she was being forced off. She went to meet with Sebastian Cruz and found him to be not only the new owner but also the man she had spent time with when he came to stay on the island. She feels like she was betrayed but Sebastian has a hidden reason for wanting the island and he is not about to tell Ashley. He fell for Ashley and wants her and she wants her island. Sebastian has a deal for her. Sta [...]

While many short romances contain a female lead who truly believes that she can change a man and that she needs to surrender all of the things that make her a unique individual to get the guy, Susanna Carr does not write that way. The female protagonist of this book refused to let a guy come in and change her entire life. After witnessing the failed relationship of her parents, Ashley is determined to be nothing like her mother and strives for a quiet life outside of the lime light in which she [...]

Ashley Jones was desperate to keep her home, Inez Key, off the coast of Florida. However, she discovered that the price she had to pay Sebastian Cruz who had bought the island's note was very high indeed! Sebastian was the one man she had had one-night stand with and now he was demanding a month in his bed as payment for the return of her beloved home! Furthermore, what Ashley didn't know was that Sebastian has no intention of ever returning Inez Key to her as he has his own agenda for it. When [...]

This book is part of a series,Both Sebastian Cruz, and Ashley Jones spent part of their childhood on the small island of Inez Key. It had once belonged to Sebastian's family, until Ashley's father had won it in a card game a"What do you want from me? "Two weeks in my bed." Her skin went hot and her mouth dropped open. "I wouldn't stay in your bed for two more minutes, let alone - " "Make it three," he said coldly. Her eyes widened. "You bastard." She bit out the words. "And now it's four,: he sa [...]

The plot had potential but overall the story felt rushed. There was little character development so as a reader it was difficult to become attached to the hero and heroine. With the major focus on the all-consuming lust between the two, the chemistry came across loud and clear, but when it came down to the storyline, the emotional connection was lacking. And the ending was such a quick resolution, it was unsatisfying. Note: I received the book for free through First Reads.

I loved A Deal With Benefits, but it seemed so different than Susanna's other books. At the same time, the heroine is sassy but with a vulnerability. Definitely recommended to other Susanna fans and more!

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