Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect

Jessica Hart

Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect

Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect

  • Title: Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect
  • Author: Jessica Hart
  • ISBN: 9780373207466
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

What do women really want Journalist Allegra Fielding has a problem She s pitched a story to her boss how to transform a not so perfect man into Prince Charming and now she has to deliver But where is she going to find a man willing to take part in a makeover Time to blackmail her roommate, Max.But Allegra s cunning plan backfires spectacularly when Max refuses to bWhat do women really want Journalist Allegra Fielding has a problem She s pitched a story to her boss how to transform a not so perfect man into Prince Charming and now she has to deliver But where is she going to find a man willing to take part in a makeover Time to blackmail her roommate, Max.But Allegra s cunning plan backfires spectacularly when Max refuses to be perfected He s a guy who knows what he likes, and he s going to enjoy proving to Allegra that there s nothing hotter than a man who s a little rough around the edges.

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So many times I have seen friends of mine in relationships were one or both wishes they could change something about the other. It ranges from as small as "I wish he would learn to remember to pick up the towels", or as big as " I wish she could learn to open up to me". At the end of the day it comes down to time and patience. We need to focus on the good in the person and learn to overlook the imperfections. Yes in some cases the smaller imperfections are easier to push out of the way, but ther [...]

ok. average

Yes. I read a contemporary. I’m just as shocked as you are! :PActually, this is where the “challenge” part of a reading challenge comes into play, because it made me pick up a book in a genre I don’t read much any more. I admit, I have probably welched on it to some extent though, because the book I picked up was a) something a couple of my AAR colleagues rated very highly, so I was pretty sure I’d like it, and b) a category romance, which meant it was something I could whip through in [...]

I think I just found a contender for 2014's Best Category Romance. Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect mixes lighthearted romantic comedy and emotional angst almost perfectly to create a story that held my attention from beginning to end. Not many books will manage to both make me laugh out loud and get teary, but this one manages it.Living in the shadow of her reknowned journalist mother doesn't come easy for Allegra Fielding. She struggles to win her mother's approval but heavyhitting political writing ju [...]

The perfect boyfriend, it turns out, can fix our cars and dance without looking like a total dork. He looks good and he’ll get rid of that spider in the shower. He’ll sit through a romcom without complaining and be strong enough to literally sweep us off our feet when required.-She leant beseechingly towards him and Max found himself snared in the big eyes. Funny how he had never noticed before how beautiful they were, or how green, the lovely dark mossy green of a secret woodSecret wood? Ma [...]

So is this. It's the course, not me.

Oh how I love Modern Tempted books – they’re always so exciting and I’m always surprised by them in such a great way. The BEST thing about them is that you never know what to expect and so it is always a fun ride!Allegra Fielding is a journalist who has just pitched a story to her boss – How to turn a not-so-perfect man into Prince Charming! It’s a fantastic idea…but then she has to deliver on it! With no idea on where to locate and convince a man into a huge makeover, Allegra decide [...]

Allegra adalah seorang jurnalis yang mendapatkan kesempatan menulis sebuah kolom mengenai cara-cara mengubah seorang pria yang tidak sempurna menjadi sempurna. Sayangnya dia tidak menemukan korban dan tiba-tiba tercetus ide untuk menggunakan Max sebagai objek penulisannya.Awalnya Max menolak, tapi Allegra mengancam pria satu ini serta memberikan rayuan "Siapa tahu mantanmu tertarik lagi padamu." Dan dimulailah aksi mengubah Max yang berpakaian ala kadarnya menjadi Max yang sempurna.Seiring perub [...]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could change all the imperfections on your not quite so perfect man? Allegra decides to take that challenge for an article she is writing. Her unfortunate victim is plain old fuddy dudddy Max, her best friends brother.Allegra hasn't really thought her plan through properly and when Max starts looking rather yummy she gets second thoughts, especially when other women start looking at him as if he is a chocolate eclair on two legs.Max is being a [...]

I love this idea of a not-so-perfect hero. Of course we know, even if it does take Allegra forever to realise it, that Max is utterly perfect for her. The concept of creating the perfect man though, does raise some interesting issues.In some ways this works as an inverted My Fair Lady, with Allegra as a zany Professor Higgins, just as densely attempting to reinvent someone who is perfect just as they are. We forget sometimes that there is pressure on men to be the idealised version of manhood th [...]

Ni sé qué decir. En un momento super dramático, donde la protagonista se entera quién es su padre, me empecé a reír de forma histérica porque justo ahí, justo ese momento, completó todo el cliché en una novela romántica. Hermano de la mejor amiga sin departamento que se va a vivir con ella. Sexy, aclaremos. Relaciones amorosas malas. Una madre que no la comprende. Un padre que la abandona. Una protagonista que no cree que sea perfecta para el hombre que quiere. Un protagonista que de [...]

This is one of those books where one party starts off to remake the other party and winds up making themselves over. I didn't much care for the heroine, who was determined to makeover her roommate's engineer brother, in the beginning. The brother --the hero-- is one of those logical types who got engaged out of practicality and is surprised when she breaks up wanting more. The heroine wants to remake him in order to write a magazine article in order to impress her journalist mother, who has appa [...]

Lynn gave this a DIK review at All About Romance (A-) and called it a contender for Best Category Romance of 2014 in AAR's Annual Reader Poll. likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRevI was intrigued enough by her review to read it and think, if possible, I like it even more than she did. I adore Allegra and Max (and he's such a different hero) and found their story thoroughly engaging). The only bad part? I wanted to read more about them. Jessica Hart is definitely on my radar now.

Review Posted on HarlequinJunkieMax is still a little stunned by the abrupt way his ex dumped him. They were perfect for each other, but apparently she needed to be swept off her feet. She didn’t cheat on him, but definitely got ‘swept away’ from their relationship. So he retreats to his sisters place to recoup. She’s away on business, so he’ll be bunking in with their long-time friend, Allegra. Read More

Enjoyable story about the girl wanting the perfect man while her own life is anything but. Loved the characters and how they pushed and nudged each other into trying new and different things to find out who they really were. And what a perfect ending. The perfect man (or woman) is the one who wants their mate to be happy!

I really enjoyed this story of friends to lovers! Jessica Hart once again delivers a lovely romance with a heroine and hero you're rooting for. Highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a sweet category romance read.

Tres estrellas porque no se desarrolló lo suficiente, pero en realidad si me gustó. Como digo, hubiera sido mucho mejor si se hubiera desarrollado de forma adecuada pero los personajes son lindos y la relación también. Así que sweet =)

I like it because its believable. Though making Max dress in buttoned up shirts seemed like a stretch with him having a sister, that's friends with Allegra for the longest time. I myself will not let my brothers dress themselves like a dork if I could help it.

Not my normal fare, but I saw Caz's rave review and thought I'd give it a go. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will look out for more by Jessica Hart. She has that Crusie touch and I can't give higher praise than that.

very cute story!! I very much loved Allegra's fun and fashionable personality!! very very good read!!!

que buen libro! como me mata cuando las protas son tan taradas xD

4.5 I loved this book. Friends to lovers are my favorite. Also, when a couple are opposites as is the case with Max and Allegra. I highly recommend this one. Very fun read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It felt so real and was beautifully written.

3.5I liked the characters and the writing. The story was good, I just wanted a bit more -- more detail and more time with the characters.

I had to deduct a star because the daddy-discovery subplot felt tacked on, but I enjoyed the writing and this couple.

Un libro entretenido, nada que fuera extremadamente bueno, pero si para pasar el rato.

Unique characters. Riveting romance. A keeper!

Quick and easy read!

Salah satu 'oleh-oleh' dari acara ultah BBI kemarin. Terjemahan lumayan enak :)

Nice characters and emotional depth.

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