The Sound of Letting Go

Stasia Ward Kehoe

The Sound of Letting Go

The Sound of Letting Go

  • Title: The Sound of Letting Go
  • Author: Stasia Ward Kehoe
  • ISBN: 9780670015535
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover

For sixteen years, Daisy has been good A good daughter, helping out with her autistic younger brother uncomplainingly A good friend, even when her best friend makes her feel like a third wheel When her parents announce they re sending her brother to an institution without consulting her Daisy s furious, and decides the best way to be a good sister is to start being bad.For sixteen years, Daisy has been good A good daughter, helping out with her autistic younger brother uncomplainingly A good friend, even when her best friend makes her feel like a third wheel When her parents announce they re sending her brother to an institution without consulting her Daisy s furious, and decides the best way to be a good sister is to start being bad She quits jazz band and orchestra, slacks in school, and falls for bad boy Dave But one person won t let Daisy forget who she used to be Irish exchange student and brilliant musician Cal Does she want the bad boy or the prodigy Should she side with her parents or protect her brother How can she know when to hold on and when and how to let go

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Tell me how is the sound of letting go? Tell Taylor Swift. She might write about it for her next album.

There's a quiet beauty that slowly emerges through the storytelling of Stasia Ward Kehoe. It's the kind that will grab your heart, without you even knowing it, tugging it deep and then deeper inside. For someone who is not experienced with novels in verse, I was a bit hesitant if I'd really connect with this writing style. Oh what a pleasant and brilliant surprise this reading experience quickly became for me. Not once did I feel a disconnect, or felt that the story was skimming just across the [...]

Verse novels are my favourite things to read, but they're difficult to review. I never know what to say, because I feel like I can never give the sparsely written, yet more often powerful novels, their due justice. The Sound of Letting Go, though beautiful in its own right, had me conflicted. On the one hand, I think Ward was very successful in conveying what it's like for a family to make a difficult choice of relieving themselves of caring for a violent autistic child. And on the other, she di [...]

The writing and the story was lovely- heartbreaking and hopeful towards the end. The depiction of an autism family was well-done, insightful for those who are in the dark about the dynamics of such a family, but I didn't really get the MC's actions. I empathized with her feelings of confusion whether to feel guilty or relieved that her growing violent special child younger brother was being sent away but didn't understand why she felt inclined to 'rebel' against her parents. I liked the incorpor [...]

This book wasn't great. Really, it wasn't good. While one is brought to think that the MC's struggles with her brother Steven are the focus, the whole thing honestly feels like an afterthought. Daisy has little to no personality and seems to completely change herself whenever a boy looks at her. This is the same for her friend Justine. What does she do? She blames the boys, saying they forced her to change, even all the boys in this novel seem to do is fawn over Daisy for what was really no reas [...]

An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change.I loved the family aspect of this book. The relationships between her parents were so incredibly written. Especially between Daisy and her mom. It's always hard to be a teenage girl dealing with everything else and having your family be behind you. How Daisy balances her family, friends, love and school life were all molded together and I found that the autho [...]

It’s immensely satisfying when an author can dazzle you just as much with her sophomore novel as she did with her debut novel. There is no sophomore slump to be found in Stasia Ward Kehoe’s The Sound Of Letting Go, a read that feels as though it’s from the heart. Kehoe captures human emotions so perfectly in her latest book, that her growth as a writing actually is palpable. Friends, I am about to go on and on about The Sound Of Letting Go and how much I loved it. I loved it so much so, th [...]

This is definitely a controversial and difficult topic. I don't think a verse novel is the appropriate means for going about it. I think I would have taken more from it if it was a developed novel. There were too many characters we were meant to connect with but couldn't because they didn't have the space to develop.What was written though was very beautiful and insightful.

This is hands down one of the best books I have read in a great while.

What do you say after you've read a book that has so much truth and meaning in it that it feels like a tide just washed you over? When i got this book I didn't have much hope in it in fact, all i was was intrigued by the plot. I mean being good all the time comes easy to others because you are so used to it but, what if one day you let go and be who you truly want to be with no one pushing, pressuring, or ordering you to do or be some thing. What if you can just let go and not worry about what y [...]

I just finished this book about 45 minutes ago and it is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Daisy is living with her autistic brother and parents; while she is trying to pursue her dreams of being a "normal" teenager, instead she is acting as a third parent to her brother. Daisy is a musically gifted teen and is trying to find the right music summer academy for her. Daisy's character is very open minded in the music world but when it comes to the real world she's the complete opposit [...]

What do you do when perfect no longer works? That's the dilemma Daisy faces. From the outside, her life looks good, but at home, it's gradually becoming a war zone. Her younger brother, Stephen is severely autistic and now that he's hit puberty, the ritualistic behavior is becoming violent. The tension has driven a wedge between her parents and has forced Daisy to alter her life so she can be there when Mom needs a break. Nobody seems to realize that She needs a life too. When her parents make t [...]

I'm.licted about this book. It was written in verses, which I feels leaves a lot out of a story. I might have felt differently for this main character had I had more to go on, but in my read, she seemed like a brat. Yelling at her best friend's boyfriend for something he did to her in second grade (they're juniors in high school at this point); multiple mentions of how fat the hired caregiver is of her brother's (who literally only shows up for one scene); the way she seemingly despises being tr [...]

"Explaining autism is like to put the way you hold your lips, your cheeks,the way you breathe to buzz into the trumpet, into words.The only true understanding is inside,once you've made the sound yourself." I liked it. Even though the characters were not my favorite, I really liked the writing. This perspective of a teenage girl and her family with a special needs brother and son. It was eye-opening and heartbreaking, but beautiful and real! Watching Daisy come to terms with this major decision [...]

This was a really good book--however I did not like the form it was written in. Almost like verse as opposed to paragraphs. That was the only part I didnt like that much. As the mother of one, I felt that the story was pretty close to real life as far as a family dealing with a severely autistic non-verbal teenage boy (my son is now 18 and still lives at home). I read it in one day because it was so very interesting and pertained to not only my life but that of my own teenaged children. I highly [...]

"Is there a way to tear down the fence, mend the dividebetweendaughter and parentsautistic and "normal",silence and music,home and life?"This was very moving and very interesting to read. I really do enjoy books in verse.But this one didn't captivate me like I thought it would. I did think her struggle was very interesting and very real. Her want to please everyone and keep status quo. also, her stumbling and shock to try to keep the family life a secret, even from her best friend. The life soun [...]

The Sound of Letting GoBy:Stasia Ward KehoeDaisy Meehan's brother Steven is autistic. As a result, Daisy classifies herself as argued parents, whose relationship is slowly deteriorating. She aims to be the perfect daughter as not to stress her parents out even more. She is a decorated trumpet player and a great student. When Daisy starts to live her life and stop helping with Steven. To stop ignoring her longtime crush on Dave. When a new boy piques her interest, Daisy is questioning her feeling [...]

I didn't make it through the whole of this book but judging from what I did read this book is terrible.It was cringey and annoying, I would never wish for my worst enemy to read it. The narrator sounded as though she were 10 and didn't know anything but the love she felt for her Irish crush with the "gorgeous accent." This book made me want to throw up, I'm pretty sure it's aimed at 9-11 year olds or something like that. It was predictable and such a cliche. I praise myself for getting as far as [...]

I thought this piece was very well-written, but I got my pleasure from it mostly by taking my time to read it a bit slower, as a poem. That is how I was able to appreciate the quality of this book. The plot itself was not the driving force for me, nor were the characters. Recommendation: I think it's beautifully written and I love the figurative language the author uses. It's worth your time in my opinion.

Overall the sound of letting go by Stasia Ward Kehoe is pretty good. This book is about 17 year old Daisy who feels imprisoned by her brother Steven 's autism and it's effects and her only escape is through her trumpet and the world of jazz, but when her parents decide to send Steven to an institutions she is not ready to let go. This book incorporates music, love, loss, and above all hope. In my opinion this book is pretty good but I personally didn't like how at some parts it was confusing.

This was my first book in verse although it was slow, it was beautifully written! This book became a book close to my heart because about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder although mild I could relate to Steven's character but also Daisy's character very much in that she was put in a box becoming very lonely and confused about her life. As she began to let go her life started to unfold before her and I believe that is what I have to do. I give this book a 2/5 stars.

I haven’t been reading much YA of late, but I really enjoyed this. The verse style was a beautiful fit for the story being told, both to convey the creative nature of a musician and the staccato struggles of dealing with autism. Plus, it got me listening to my Miles Davis albums, which, if you know me at all, is some kind of bibliomiracle.


LOVED IT:) review to come

3.5/5 starsSynopsis is a bit misleading but still enjoyed this overall. Review to come.

This book was really confusing in the beginning, but I do have to say that this book, has such a beautiful ending ♡ I loved it

Me gusto la forma en que esta escrito, en versos, le da un sentimiento diferente.

I let out a big painful sigh reading the last passage.

Rachel MartinJohn Herman Issues in Non Fiction ( Good Reads- “ The Sound of Letting Go”) November 2, 2016 The Sound of Letting Go is Different for Everyone Was it time for Daisy to start being bad? “ The Sound of Letting Go” was written beautifully. The way the author, Stasia Ward Kehoe was able to capture and hold the reader’s attention was very good. I enjoyed the book a lot. Although I have never read any books by Stasia Ward Kehoe, I loved her writing style and would read a boo [...]

The Sound of Letting Go was recommended to me by a friend. This book is amazing. It is about a girl named Daisy, who has an autistic brother named Steven. In this novel, Daisy learns that her parents are making a controversial decision regarding Steven. In an attempt to rebel she starts talking to Dave, a childhood friend that she had grown apart from. Through music she finds a way to cope with the dramatic changes in her life.I really enjoyed this story. The author, S. Ward, wrote it in the for [...]

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