o mistério da solteirona curiosa

Dorothy Simpson

o mistério da solteirona curiosa

o mistério da solteirona curiosa

  • Title: o mistério da solteirona curiosa
  • Author: Dorothy Simpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

Em O Mist rio da Solteirona Curiosa, Luke vai juntar se ao seu assessor, que partira na v spera para uma pequena aldeia do Kent, onde uma mulher de meia idade fora dada como desaparecida Sucede que essa mulher encontrada morta, e Luke decide dar in cio a uma investiga o de assass nio.O que que poder ter conduzido morte violenta, uma pessoa aparentemente t o desintEm O Mist rio da Solteirona Curiosa, Luke vai juntar se ao seu assessor, que partira na v spera para uma pequena aldeia do Kent, onde uma mulher de meia idade fora dada como desaparecida Sucede que essa mulher encontrada morta, e Luke decide dar in cio a uma investiga o de assass nio.O que que poder ter conduzido morte violenta, uma pessoa aparentemente t o desinteressante como Carrie Birch pouco a pouco, Luke come a a convencer se de que o verdadeiro motivo do assass nio talvez tenha sido um problema de chantagem Que aquela mulher de meia idade, talvez vivesse obcecada com os segredos dos outros e com os segredos dos outros e com o partido que deles podia tirar O inspector descobrir , por m, que o crime tem uma explica o bem mais bizarra e tr gica

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I am really enjoying these mysteries from Dorothy Simpson. I've read three now and I can only describe this as something I could see Agatha Christie writing if she was still alive. And I love Agatha Christie!! So it goes without saying the reason why I enjoy these books so much. This is the second mystery featuring Luke Thanet and I believe a year or so has passed since the first book, or maybe even longer than that. He's still balancing work and home life. These are not gory or outrageous killi [...]

4.5 Stars I really liked this book. Although having only read the first two books of the series I get a sense of a well grounded man in Inspector Luke Thanet. I like him immensely; he seems so real and in touch with his feelings as well as his wife's; but no slouch when it comes to solving murder. This mystery was plotted very well and was not easy to see who had "dunnit"!

An elderly woman is found dead one morning. Luke Thanet and Mike Lineham get the impression that her neighbours were not that keen on Carrie even though she was necessary to them as she cleaned for some and looked after elderly relatives for others as well as looking after her own tyrant of a mother. No one is willing to talk to the police about what the victim was really like.Gradually everything unravels and secrets are revealed that some would have preferred to keep hidden. Thanet finds his h [...]

A surprisingly smooth read. Harks back to a time which is not too far away but still appears alien -when there were no mobile phones and mysteries were straight forward in their rendering. Simpson slips in these wonderful insights into the lives of individual characters drawing on her professional skills as a marriage counsellor. This and the simple narrative are what makes this book a pleasant experience. No bells and whistles, an unpretentious work by a solid craftsperson.

4 starsCarrie Birch was found dead in an old unused outhouse in the back of a property. DI Luke Thanet and DS Mike Lineham respond to the call. When examining her room, they find nothing too remarkable except for the nearly 10,000 pounds stuffed under her mattress. Where did it come from? A house cleaner and part-time carer does not make that much. After interviewing neighbors and Carrie’s mother, they are exactly nowhere. He does get the impression that the people he talks to are evading his [...]

The message of this novel appeared to be that the more one tries to hold onto something, the more tenuous one's hold becomes, eventually leading to loss, the exact opposite of what one wanted. That issue even enters the marriage of Inspector Luke Thanet in Book 2 of the series when he prefers his wife not get a job. I confess it was a bit of a relief from the first book where his marriage seemed a little too picture-perfect, but it also slowed down the pace somewhat. It could provide more intere [...]

I liked the inspector, he had a way of getting information from the suspects and good intuition about whether they were telling the truth. Nice location with interesting characters.

A great series of British mystery with interesting characters and a well-paced plot. The best part of this book was the psychological aspect of and personal analysis engaged in by Inspector Thanet -- a truly enlightened man -- who is willing to see himself honestly.

I just binge read 5 of Dorothy Simpsons Detective Thanet series. The first being "Six Feet Under". This the 2nd of the series. My review will be the same for all 5 that I read. I don't like to recap what happened in the book. We can all read the blurb on the jacket, or online versions. I find it much more important to tell you, the potential reader, what I liked and why or what I disliked and why.What i liked:Detective Thanet is a fully realized character. We find out that he hates the first con [...]

I'm so glad to see this series being re-issued. For me, this is a re-reading of a favorite series and I had forgotten what a nice pace they had. The crimes, the puzzle, the interaction with the community, the family ties - it soothes the mind. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie. No cell phones, laptops, video games, none of those distractions in these excellent mysteries. In this, the second of the series, Luke Thanet must find the killer of a rather drab middle aged woman who takes care of her [...]

In the second of the Inspector Luke Thanet mysteries, Thanet and his family are being dragged, albeit with some stress, into the 1960s and 1970s. An important plot theme involves World War II, and its memories, making this a particularly interesting story bridging the last half of the past century.

I'm enjoying the characters in Dorothy Simpson's books. Some of the language is a bit dated but the plots are strong and the little twist at the very end always catches me off guard. Just when I think I've got it figured out she throws in something totally unexpected.

Very good mysteryI really enjoyed this mystery. A woman is found dead in a outhouse. I liked inspector Thanet, but did not care much for the parts about his personal life. However the mystery itself was very interesting and I found the solution was surprising and very sad.

Carrie Birch is found dead in an old outhouse. The question is why? She doesn't seem to much of a person who is out of the home. Inspector Thanet and his team have to figure it out.Okay classic mystery.

Not my favorite in this series. I didn't like the end. A tag end left I wanted fixed. I wanted a different murderer. Three more words.

Interesting puzzle and characters. Kept me interested even though I figured out the mystery well before the end.

An entertaining British mystery. Good read on a bad weather day.

enjoyed a "period" mystery and the development of the detective's. Nice man.

Not a bad English country village/cozy mystery. The dialog between Inspector Thanet and his wife seem stilted but that's a minor part. There are better ones of the same genre.

Blurb - [Book 2, 1982:]Curiosity killed the cat. Did it also kill Carrie? Inspector Thanet is called in to investigate the murder of a singularly unprepossessing middle-aged spinster in a peaceful Kentish garden.(The author is a winner of the Silver Dagger Award.) Narrated by Terrence Hardiman. When Thanet takes us through his mental machinations re his wife towards the end of chapter 17, it becomes preachy and moralistic for long enough to drop a star.

Thanks to a wonderful blog (lesasbookcritiques/) I just recently discovered Luke Thanet and his author Dorothy Simpson. Seemingly only available on cassettes at this point Six Feet Under was a good listen. Simpson does a good job tying together a murder case and her detective's personal life. Well worth listening to or reading.

As always I find Titles In Dorothy Simpson's Inspector Luke Thanet's British police procedural series to be first-rate. So sad that illness forced her to stop writing altogether. A mystery reader's loss but of course wish her continued improved health.

OK, but pretty much written on a formula.

Good story, I like the detective. Thanet actually has a function private life, which I enjoy. Good story and didn't cheat on the ending. Good shocker.

A nice gentle read, no intense excitement but neither was it boring. I enjoyed it.

This author has a wonderful style and her characters really come to life. Didn't much care for the red herring that was dropped and I guess I sort of had things figured out early on.

This book is a great English cozy mystery. The cover above makes it look ominous, but I don't think it matches the tone of the book. It is a light and quick read.

Great little detective novel with solid characters and crisp engaging writing. Will be definitely reading more.


Very excited to read more of Dorothy Simpson. Great writer.

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