Monsters A to Z

A.J. Cosmo

Monsters A to Z

Monsters A to Z

  • Title: Monsters A to Z
  • Author: A.J. Cosmo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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A.J Cosmo describes the monsters that lurk in your neighborhood Discover 26 fantastic and whimsical creations in this fully illustrated trip through the alphabet.

Recent Comments "Monsters A to Z"

Truly, amazingly, delightful. Both the whimsical illustrations and the intriguingly unexpected text accompaniment make for a precious and very readable picture book. Rock on, Mr. Cosmo, rock on.

I downloaded this book for my Kindle to read with my daughter. 👻All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Monsters A to Z by AJ Cosmo. A very entertaining read for my 3 year old. The monsters while very detailed are not gruesome enough to be scary to her. Recommended for ages 3 to 5. 👻👻👻👻👻Review also posted on Library Thing, Go Read, , and my blog at readsbystacie

Cute and funKids will adore the illustrations and goofy monster names. Worth taking a look at - I think even the adults reading it to younger kids would smile.

Oh my gosh this was SO CUTE! The pictures are fun. The descriptions are fun. Some of the monsters reminded me of Pokemon, but most were more original. Kids will probably love this.

A is for AdorkableEver wonder where your house keys and cell phone disappeared to? A Jingrel might just be to blame! Or how about that elusive television remote control? If it's always vanishing on you, your house might be home to a Me-Me.Beautifully illustrated, with imaginative and entertaining entries, Monsters A to Z is a guide to the lesser-known monsters, from Aargmonths to Zoots and everyone in between. These monsters range from the gentle and pure of heart (Dock Divers, who abhor litter) [...]

This book is not exactly what I expected, but I did enjoy reading it. Cosmo creates a monster with an unusual name for each letter of the alphabet. Each monster is accompanied by a full paragraph of description. These monsters have unusual names and attributes. They are quirky and fun as opposed to scary. Text is rather complicated; it is not meant to be read independently by a young child. This book provides a good opportunity for an older sibling to read and interact with a younger brother or [...]

While this was not intended to be a learn your ABC's book, I will say that putting emphasis on the letters both before and after each monster entry helped keep my 3 year old engaged. It is a fun way of introducing the alphabet to young children. My 3 year old was also able to wait for me to read the fairly long description of each monster before seeing the actual drawing of the monster. None of the monsters are scary enough to frighten children and they are not cute cartoony looking creatures ei [...]

This was cute. says the age range intended is 4-9, and I can definitely see that. Anyone older or younger probably isn't going to appreciate this book as much as it deserves to be. Monsters A to Z is a fun, utterly non-scary, 'introduction' to the different kinds of monsters that live in our world.The only thing I wish was different was some of the wording. There's nothing wrong with it, per say, its just that sometimes the wording is a little bland to go along with those wonderful illustration [...]

Monsters A to Z by A.J. Cosmo is a older picturebook that describes an alphabet full of monsters that just might lurk around any readers neighborhood. The illustrations throughout the book are colorful and frankly much more artistically done than the cover. There is a paragraph or so with a detailed description of each monster, with stylized and detailed text. I think newly independent readers and monster fans of all ages will enjoy the humor and artwork within the book.I would recommend Monster [...]

Monsters A-Z for the brave little souls!What a very very unusual ABC's ebook? yes, some kids may enjoy this type of ebook but this could cause some kids to have some bad bad nightmares, yes? And lot of fears? So, I Would only recommend that their guardian make the decision of buying and or reading this particular ebook for those not so easy to be upset and so on But this ebooks status does cry out for kids ages 4-9 and those in grades1-3. These are my ereasons for giving it four stars. I receive [...]

Downloaded this as a free book to my computer. The idea behind it was cute, but after reading it I could see a child using these 'monsters' as excuses for everything bad they would get in trouble for. OR a child be scared to go outside or look under the bed or closet etc. So if a child is older and not as 'gullible' as a young one then they might would like this book but I would not recommend it to younger children OR a child that seems to believe things easily.

I downloaded this book for free to my kindle. I have read it several times to my five year-old who loves it. It is clever and whimsical and the illustrations are great. My daughter walks around reciting facts about the different monsters. I think we might have an Inkbat, a Kittyklat and a Quiggle in our house. Lots of fun and highly recommended!

If you've got a great imagination this book is for you ( mostly for kids). But who isn't a kid at heart, and if you've always wondered what happened to your keys. There's a monster using them for who knows what. Probably on a joy ride. Jingrel steal change and keys so keep your hands in your pocket.

Monsters A to Z Illustrated children's book about the alphabet. Each letter has a picture of a monster starting with the letter with a page about what the monster does and sometimes why this monster reminded the writer of them.Jingrel I liked the best because of the shiny trinkets connection.Quite unique shapes for the monsters. Author's other works are highlighted at the end of the book.

An ABC book that would be hard for young readers to read by themselves. Since it is about monsters there are made up nonsense words. None of the monsters are scary. The illustrations are very good.

Fun read for kidsMy granddaughter and I loved this book. Beautiful pictures and funny descriptions of the monsters! She wants to read other stories!!!

AmazingThe clever words and fun and quirky illustrations make this book great!!! The readers in my audience wanted to create their own monsters.

Creative, but the text could be more cleverly written. The illustrations were fun. Each monster is different and quirky. The descriptions read much like a dictionary.

My son loved it!

A cute book for your kids or for you to read to them. The pictures are cute and doesn't make monsters such a scary thing. Monsters A to Z is more fun than your typical ABC book.

This is a fun A to Z book with a monster and illustration per alphabet letter. This clever collection of monsters will delight many young readers.

Now I know it's monsters that cause all my problems in life!

One of my son's favorite books! We read at least part of it every night. The drawings are incredible and the descriptions give me giggles.

The best part of this book is the artwork. I want to use some of them as my computer backgrounds. It’s a cute book.

My 7 year old loves this bookI have read this book many times to my kids and they love it every time! It is a fun book to read.

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