The Knowers (The Exiled Trilogy, #1)

Merry Brown

The Knowers (The Exiled Trilogy, #1)

The Knowers (The Exiled Trilogy, #1)

  • Title: The Knowers (The Exiled Trilogy, #1)
  • Author: Merry Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

Will s sole ambition is to get out of high school alive and away from his vicious father His brilliant plan to fly below the radar blows up in his face when he gets involved with the mysterious Lizzy Will worries for Lizzy s safety, exposing her to his dangerous world, only to discover what Lizzy really is and what she fights How can Will, a Knower, and Lizzy, a daughteWill s sole ambition is to get out of high school alive and away from his vicious father His brilliant plan to fly below the radar blows up in his face when he gets involved with the mysterious Lizzy Will worries for Lizzy s safety, exposing her to his dangerous world, only to discover what Lizzy really is and what she fights How can Will, a Knower, and Lizzy, a daughter from The Garden, possibly find a way to be together

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I am a librarian at a juvenile detention facility. I received this book for free through First Reads. The following review is from a student:"Kept me on edge, great heart throb and I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy!"

I received a free copy of The Knowers from the author.From the very first chapter of The Knowers, I was completely lost, not with the mysterious occurrences, but with the progression of the story. I'm not sure if months passed in this book or if it was mere weeks, but everything seemed so rushed that it really threw me off and left my mind wandering around in a fog. It was as if one minute Will was at school, the next it was the weekend, quickly followed by the next school week all in one chapte [...]

Actual rating of 3.5 The idea behind this book was very new and exciting. I love reading super original books and I have yet to read anything like this novel. However, I thought the characters were really underdeveloped and that it was very slow moving. I was all the way into chapter 18 before anything really happened. I am used to reading a book and gaining the sense that I instantly understand the main character and it feels like I have known them forever, but in this novel I didn't get that f [...]

I won this book as a First Read through . I have to admit that I'm getting tired of the teen supernatural genre, but the premise of this particular novel was new and exciting. No sparkly vampires or sullen werewolves. The story was interesting and original. I found the dialogue a little stilted at times, particularly for teenagers; however, overall it was a good read. I would recommend it to friends.

This book has to be one of my least favorites the story was dull and plain the characters had no depth the conversations had no wit or charm this book was just words with barley coherent sentences. Unfortunately its just another attempt that could have been brilliant but went horribly wrong.

I loved this book beyond words. I identified so much with Lizzy and Will. The camping chapter was incredibly moving. I hope more than anything there is a second book. My heart was fully involved with this book and its loveliness

I won this book from FIRST READS and loved it! This book was interesting and gave you a new perspective on some things I hadn't really thought about! I look forward to reading other things by this author!

* FIRST READS REVIEW*I did like this book. It's not without its faults, and I would probably lean more toward 3.5 stars, but I'd prefer to give it more credit rather than less credit, so I went with 4. This is a very original story. Authors tackle mythology in modern times all the time, as in Greek or Roman mythology, but rarely bring in Christian mythologies (I know some of you will argue with the mythology statement, but whatever). I thought it was well-done if not completely believable in con [...]

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was an amazing read! I loved it from start to finish and once I was finished I knew that I needed to read book 2 right away! I fell in love with the characters (most of them) and felt like I was a part of their group right from the start. I loved how the "humans" were the ones with the "strange" nameThe Knowers and that we are the ones that needed saving and were able to accept this. I enjoyed the banter between the cha [...]

I'm not much into fantasy and probably would not have read this book if I hadn't been asked to by a dear friend. It started out pretty rough and turned me right off from the start. I understand someone in the story had to be evil since it is about good vs evil (and the Dad character was definitely evil). As there is so much evil in the world, I prefer to read something that is uplifting.I would recommend this book on the grounds that Will and Lizzy are strong and know what is important to them. [...]

4.5 stars!!! First of all, i want to give a HUGE thank you to the author Merry Brown for sending me a copy of her beautiful book! (i really loved the cover AND the back); The story is about William who only has one goal, get out of high school and away from he's horrible father. who wasn't always like that, but since the tragic accident who took the life of his mother and sister, changed completely and doesn't look like the same man; so when meets and get to know Lizzie, he question himself if g [...]

I loved this book!!!!Lizzy and Will are two amazing characters and is really easy to fall in love with them and their story.Honestly before she explained him what the Knowers were i was thinking that be something like the movie that just came out, Divergent, with the different kink of people divided by Factions where you could not love someone outside of your own, but istead it was something totally different from the average teen book i have read and it was a surprise well welcomed.Refreshing a [...]

Just when you think you've read every type of supernatural book there is & know everything there is to know about the topic, an author like Merry Brown surprises you with something new. I don't know what to say without ruining the surprise of what some of the people in this book are, but what I will say is that it surprised me & for as much stuff as I've read in this genre it takes a lot to surprise me. The book was a little slow at first, but that was only because the author is great at [...]

I loved this book. I liked hearing the whole dangerous love story from the guy's perspective. I found the invention of Lizzy's supernatural being a refreshing change from the onslaught of vampires and werewolves and witches. I also like the purity of Lizzy and Will's relationship and also found Lizzy's explanation of "safe" sex very on point with what teenagers need to know. I liked that the ending didn't leave you hanging. I actually find it very annoying to read thousands of words to come to t [...]

Thank you Merry Brown for sending me a free autographed copy of your book. I read one of the Merry Brown's other books called Ghost Manor Ghost House and I loved it so I was so excited to read this book. This book did not disappoint. I loved this book too. I liked the storyline and the characters. It was a quick read, hard to put down. I cried several times while reading this book. I just feel so sad for Will, losing his Mother, Sister and then his Brother. Then having to live with his father. I [...]

I have to say the ending was the best part of this book. Not that it was a terrible book but it wasn't as good as I thought it'd be. I still give it three stars though. Despite it being a slow read, and being way too drug out I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen to Will and Lizzy. Even though this wasn't the best book I've read I am going to read the next one because, not only do I want to know what happens with Will and Lizzy, I need to know now that I've spent time get [...]

i received The Knowers(The Exiled Trilogy, #1) by Merry Brown yesterday. after opening the package i sat down to read the book. i was captured by the book almost from the first line. the books grabbed hold me and refused to let go til i had finished the book. there haven't been many books that keep me sitting til i've read the whole book. i loved the characters, the author really seems to like them so, she develops them very well. easy to read. page turner. interesting teens. the teens spoke lik [...]

A YA love story with a definite supernatural twist. Protagonist Will pretty much despises his father. No one can be as bad as the man seems -- or can they? Then Will meets Lizzy. No one can be as good as she seems -- or can they? Although I'm not normally a fan of love stories, The Knowers shows that love can exceed the boundaries of teen angst, and that real love knows no bounds. And when the supernatural elements come to the fore, the book starts to shine. A bit slow in places, but still -- 4 [...]

In terms of YA philosophical romance, I think The Knowers is one of the most original and interesting pieces I've picked up in years. While the plot progress is slow and the dialogue feels unnatural for teenagers for the most part, the concept itself is so full of potential that it's a page turner. Will is a relatable character and the Wraith Lord is an Umbridge-level villain. Seeing Christian myths used as inspiration for fictional that teaches morality and free will is an exciting new experien [...]

This book is really 3.5 stars. When I first started the book I had high hopes for it. Merry Brown set a solid setting mood and theme in the beginning. Toward the middle of the book the story was bogged down with the same thought for an entire chapter. That made me kind of frustrated. After things started being explained I understood, but the explanations were often long and hard to understand. The plot was still good, but as I said earlier this book was lacking a little something.

This is a First Reads Giveaway.I enjoyed the story so much that I couldn't put the book down! It had a very interesting twist on a popular story that I did not see coming. While I feel it is a clean read, the themes and some content are geared for a more mature audience, so it is rightly labeled as YA fiction. My only criticism is that, realistically, most young men simply do not have that much dialog. But then again, maybe that's its appeal!

Wonderful book! Amazing story line, and I just cannot wait to be able to read the next book in the series. You come to love the characters in this book and want to read more. This is one of those books that are worth staying up late at night and reading.

This book was just amazing!!! I love Lizzy and Will! Together they are love and beauty. This book is I just could not put down I mean what and wonderful tale about the Garden and those evil wraiths let say I never want met one!!! This is a must read!!!

3.5 starsThe 1st half was really good and kept me guessing. The 2nd half got a bit boring. It was ok. I think it could be categorized as Christian got a little religious for me. Overall, it was okper quick read.

Good read. It was not my favorite but not the worst I have read by far. I just did not fall in love with the characters or story the way I like to. So if you are between books and want a good read give it a try.

Lots of fun! Can't wait to see what'll happen next!

It's not often that my teenage son and I like the same book. "The Knowers" is that book. Good story telling. Enough action to keep the reader interested. Looking forward to the sequel!

I absolutely loved this book! I wasn't sure what to expect but after I started it, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the second book!

Young adult book. Exciting, different, interesting and yet clean while still feeling real and modern in a teens world.

What can I say? This is my book and I love it! I hope you enjoy reading The Knowers too!

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