Love Untouched

Anne Leigh

Love Untouched

Love Untouched

  • Title: Love Untouched
  • Author: Anne Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook

An athlete on the verge of greatness.A woman who hit the lowest point in her life and fought her way back to the top.Twenty four year old Kieran Stone, the country s number 1 swimmer, has loved one woman all his life only to have that love unreturned He has resigned himself to the reality that when it comes to love, he will never be someone s first choice.Twenty three yAn athlete on the verge of greatness.A woman who hit the lowest point in her life and fought her way back to the top.Twenty four year old Kieran Stone, the country s number 1 swimmer, has loved one woman all his life only to have that love unreturned He has resigned himself to the reality that when it comes to love, he will never be someone s first choice.Twenty three year old Brynn Tanner, sister to the country s number 2 swimmer Milo Tanner, has emerged from her own battle and won the fight But to Milo, she remains his little sister.Here s the thing about fate it can be a cruel master.When Kieran and Brynn are brought together by an unlikely circumstance, it sparks an attraction that neither of them are prepared for, but neither of them can control.Three fragile hearts Two fierce rivals One woman forced to make a choice.How do you choose between the one you would fight for and the one you once lived for

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As usual, I have to rate it like this coz I wrote it lol!!!! Love u all :)!

4.5 casi 5 estrellas y un beso al aire. "Hay muchos tipos de amor en este mundo. Algunos en el que nacimos, algunos en el que crecemos, algunos contra los que luchamos y algunos por los que luchamos. Luego, están los del tipo que tocaban cada fibra de nuestro ser; del que nos haría marchitar si lo perdiéramos. Porúltimo, había un tipo de amor que podíamos dejar intacto "antes de la lectura la primera vez que leí fue hace 4 o 3 años cuando estaba iniciando la universidad , no esperaba muc [...]

"—Este soy yo, Brynn. Este es mi mundo. Mi alma se encuentra en lo profundo de las paredes de cada centro, cada gimnasio y cada piscina en la que nado. Esta noche, estoy entregándote todo a ti. Quiero que sepas que a partir de ahora, cada medalla que gano, cada paso que doy en ese podio, estoy ofreciéndotelo todo a ti. Tú me das tanto de ti a mí. No estoy tratando que me concedas un favor o intercambiar esto por cualquier cosa que me das. Te ofrezco mi mundo porque te amo. Kieran♥Nadador [...]

Love UntouchedAnne Leigh5 StarsI love you Anne Leigh! You are a rock star! First you made me fall in love with a football player and now you've got me all crazy for a swimmer! What can I say about this book? It has everything that I look for in a 5 star read.The plot is perfect and grabs you right away.The characters suck you into their lives and makes you feel a connection with them. The content is a perfect blend of sweet, dramatic, and sexy. I also love the fact that Anne makes learning about [...]

OMG!!! Kieran Stone! Wow! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Anne Leigh anymore she drops this creaking amazing book on us!Now if you haven’t read the first two books in the Unexpected series, what are you waiting for?! This book is not focused on Zander and Sedona but Kieran and Brynn, you ,may remember Brynn from Love Unmatched (book 2).The chemistry between these two is hot! And you hope and pray they are get together and stay that way. We got to see a different side of Kieran than we’ [...]

This is my first book of Anne Leigh's and it was great, loved the originality of the story! I'm sure I missed a little of the back story of the previous characters that we get a glimpse of in this book, but it didn't affect Kieran and Bryann's story in Love Untouched. 4 stars Love Untouched is Brynn and Kieran's story. Brynn Tanner is the former roommate of Sedona (Kieran's best-friend) and she is a traveling Nurse with a feisty attitude, she is beautiful inside and out. Kieran is the #1 swimmer [...]

OMG what can I say, I liked Kieran in Love Unexpected and Love Unmatched but I fell in Love with him in Love Untouched. Kieran didn't do releationships really didnt have time. Swimming was his Life the only things that matter besides swimming was his family and his BFF Ace (Sedona) Zander and their little one Sofia.When he is visiting Ace in N.Y. he meets her friend and fellow nurse Brynn he liked her, had interest in her till he finds out who her brother is Milo a fellow competitive swimmer lik [...]

Oh Kieran, Kieran, Kieran! We met Kieran back in book one. He is Sedona's BFF from childhood. Kieran goes to visit Sedona in NYC and meets Brynn, Ace's (Kieran's nickname for Sedona) roommate, and instantly has a connection with her. She is beautiful and there is just something there that they both feel. That is until Kieran finds out that Brynn is his #1 enemy and competitor's Milo Tanner's little sister. Now all bets are off. There is no way that they can get together.So months later, Kieran a [...]

In Love with Mr. Kieran Stone my new book boyfriend ;)I really loved this book. I didn't read the first 2 books in this series, but when I read this story synopsis, I was in. This book is really well written, and it had everything I wanted and more from a book. The author does a great job with all the swimming world, but for me she did an AMAZING job with the way she developed Kieran and Brynns story. Thank you for not using the "love at first sight" Crap!!! I'm definitely looking forward to rea [...]

Not often comes a story that captivates me from the very first page but Love Untouched was one of those.A story of love,jealousy,sportsmanship and one sexy arse swimmer who captured my heart.Kieran a champion swimmer, And Brynn the girl that is untouchable, the fight their attraction but it is so strong they can not ignore it.Anne made me connect with these characters, not only Kieran and Brynn but the other characters in the book as we see the return of Sedona and Zander whom I loved in the fir [...]

I was so excited when I saw that Kieran was getting his own story and I was not disappointed. The characters and story line came together for another great book from Anne Leigh.I immediately liked Brynn. She’s a fighter and has a great personality. Kieran is just hotness incarnate and it doesn’t hurt that he’s funny and caring. I enjoyed both of them immensely and really liked their chemistry with each other. I was totally engrossed in their story and felt totally invested in the outcome o [...]

Unexpected series is one of the my favorite series. Kieran's story is definitely UNTOUCHED! I love how the story goes while reading i keep thinking what will happen next. I thought the upcoming scenes will be like the cliché on books but when i reach that point, i'm definitely shock! Cause its one of those book that has its own story and originality. I SUPER DUPER LOVE THE EPILOGUE especially Sedona's POV!

Oh my gosh!!! How much do I love this series?? Absolutly positively one of my favorites. Anne's writing is so inspiration and knowing that she writes simply because she loves to share the stories her genius mind creates makes reading that much more enjoyable. Highly recommend. This is book 3 in the series but really, you can read this as a stand alone as well.

I was so happy to finally be reading Kieran's story and the forbidden relationship with Brynn made it a good read. Unfortunately I think there was a lot of areas that needed better explanation and others that did not need as much. Brynn's brother should definitely having a starting role in his own story along with Ava's.

Another great story! Was hoping Kieran got his HEA! A great story which mentions previous characters from the other books. I'm hoping Milo & Ava get a story? Fingers crossed!

I loved this book! I have to say this is my fav from the unexpected series! Kieran is hotness. Love him!!! Great story! Nothing left unfinished!!! Love love love this book!!!

milo and ava on the next book??

Gracias a Dios fue mejor que los otros dos

Mi rating for this book is 4.0 stars.Esta historia tiene lo mejor de lo mejor. Cuando leía Love Unexpected el primer y segundo libro, siempre pensaba en que tiene en la cabeza Kieran, era tan evidente que el sentía algo por Sedona, pero nunca hizo ningún movimiento, nada, nunca hizoNADA.La curiosidad nació cuando hubo el primer encuentro entre Bree (me gusta como la llama Milo) y Kieran, el obvio desprecio que sintió él cuando ella le dijo que su apellido era Tanner y que efectivamente su [...]

Love Untouched is Romeo and Juliet meets the Summer Olympics. You can find love in the most unusual places; by the pool, in the ER. So singletons always keep your eyes peeledI am a sucker for love at first sight stories and the attraction between Brynn and Kieran was instantaneous. But Brynn is the little sister of Kieran’s biggest rival and this is a big problem. I also love the swim-centric focus of the book. It is a sport that I haven’t seen much in the romance genre and I really liked th [...]

Fabulous book!! Lovedloved!!!!! READ ITThis is Brynn Tanner and Kieran Stones story!! It is a series, but can be read as a stand a lone as well Bryn and her brother Milo lost their parents at an early age, and went to live with their aunt Another tragedy happens in these two 'Milo and Bryn's world once again' Milo goes on to become one of the top swimmers and dreams to go to olympics His biggest rival is, Kieran Stone (There is a more than a competitive rival between these two men, it goes deepe [...]

What a great way to end a series, I really enjoyed this book. I sure wish I knew about these last year when I read the first one. I'm so glad I go research the books I have read every so often, if not, I would have never known about #2 and #3. I think I liked Kieran and Brynn just as much as Zander and Sedona. The whole story was great, it all tied in together perfect. And we still got to hear about Zander and Sedona.Only thing I suggest is a spin-off, and give us the rest of the story, about Ki [...]

Kieren: protective, loyal, swimmer extraordinare, Sedona's BFF since childhoodBrynn: loyal, fighter, caring, nurse, Sedona's roommate and friendWhen the two are introduced by Sedona, there is an immediate attractionuntil Kieren finds out Brynn is the little sister of Milo Tanner, Kieren's biggest rival. The two spend time together and find out there is more than just attraction. It might just be love. But Milo cannot find out; he would never approve. --------------------4 stars. I thought the dy [...]

En los 2 libros anteriores me encanto Kieran, sólo esperaba que su libro fuera muy bueno como el, pero,la historia se me hizo muy aguada y aunque era predecible lo que iba a pasar, me gusto.Habrá libro de Milo? Y será con Ava?ojalá qué sea con más pasión e intriga.Mejor frase:“Antes de ella, veía mi vida como ocho carriles. Ahora, sólo había un carril que importara. El que llevaba a su corazón.”Pasaje de: leigh, anne. “3 love untouched.” iBooks. Es posible que este material es [...]

Me esperaba otra cosa con un nadador, Kieran, y la hermana de su archi-enemigo Brynn. Ese enemistad aunque tiene su origen, Mile es un idiota total con las cosas que hizo, aunque se nota el shipe con Eva. La relación super rápida e in-creíble. No tienen química solo calentura. No me sentí cómoda leyendo, principalmente porque están escritas las escenas sexuales con ¿sonido? o algo así que realmente no me pega ._.

Como amé a Kieran!!!!Él es el sexy nadador más hermoso de este mundo, además de que tiene un excelente talento con sus palabras! Quedé cautivada por él y pasé casi lo último del libro a través de lágrimas. Todo ocurrió como debió ser y Kieran merecía su oportunidad con Brynn, dejando a parte; la traición y la mentira.Las vidas de ellos dos, crecieron en gran medida y creo que aprendieron a crecer emocionalmente, a veces; uno tiene que luchar por lo que quiere y jamás dejarlo de la [...]

This is book 3 in the series I didn't read the other two books as this one is from spin off characters. You don't need to read the first two in my opinion Brynn and Kieran I loved their story it was cute, sad and straight to the point! They got their HEA but NOT WITHOUT some drama and turmoil! I am very excited to start Fight or Fall it's Milo's story and BOUND to be fantastic!! Swimmer Boy and Prissy Princess hmmm I smell CHEMISTRY!!!!

Me gusto el libro. Creo que le faltó EL momento, pero casi lo logra. así que estuvo bien. Al principio parecía que no tenía mucho sentido y Brynn me parecía poco espabilada, pero después las cosas mejoraron y desarrolló bien la historia. Lo que me faltó fue algo de Ava y Milo, se que hay algo ahí! Otro libro dicen? ^^

Lo de Kieran con Sedona fue OMG!!! Tuve sospechas con el primero pero aca es como WOW, la historia completa Brynn es muy dulce, me gusto, sin embargo me dolió mucho lo de Milo Se que hizo mal pero bueh Voy por el proximo libro, que gracias a los dioses de los libros le hicieron el Spin Off a Milo y Ava, mucha tensión sexual Se merecen su libro

This book was the best of the 3!!! Thank you, Anne Leigh for sharing Kieran's story to us readers. Aaaaahhh I've had so much butterflies in my stomach and I'm completely head-over-heels for Kieran right now! Both Zander and Kieran. <3333There's so much to feel: happiness, sadness, annoyance, depression, excitement but curiosity got the better out of me because of all the plot twists. I love it!

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