A Hero Lies Within

Patrice Wilton Pam Ahearn

A Hero Lies Within

A Hero Lies Within

  • Title: A Hero Lies Within
  • Author: Patrice Wilton Pam Ahearn
  • ISBN: 9781477805763
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback

A returning war hero and the woman who once loved him are brought together again but will they be able to heal the wounds of their past Kari Winslow is a Palm Beach news reporter fighting not only to keep her job but also to take over the nightly anchor spot Her boss has axed her special runaway series and wants feel good stories instead She has only two weeks to comA returning war hero and the woman who once loved him are brought together again but will they be able to heal the wounds of their past Kari Winslow is a Palm Beach news reporter fighting not only to keep her job but also to take over the nightly anchor spot Her boss has axed her special runaway series and wants feel good stories instead She has only two weeks to come up with something big, or the series will be taken over by the new anchorman who seems determined to ruin her career.Jake Harrington has returned from two tours in Iraq, and this wounded warrior is searching for peace and a family friend who s gone missing He turns to his former love, Kari, for help Though Jake hurt Kari badly once before, she agrees to help him under one condition he must give her feel good stories about the everyday heroes he served with But his memory is sketchy at best, and the only stories he remembers are the ones she doesn t want to hear.Fate, it seems, has brought them back together but can Kari ever forget Jake s bitter betrayal, and will he forgive hers when to save her career she must betray his trust

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A Hero Lies Within by Patrice Wilton is another serial on amazon. This is the first installment. I am so looking forward to reading more and more.The author writes a very smooth flowing story. The reader is drawn in immediatly and is into the book before the end of chapter one. Her characters are very convincing, easy to relate to, and full of personality. She writes great dialogue with a lot of good snarky conversation. The reader can easily relate.I highly recommend this serial is a good one!

Exhale, where to begin.SPOILERS Jake is a hero at least in war, not so much in his civilian life. Jake left his gf 15 years ago as her sister just went missing, he gave the platitudes of love and then headed off to be a player in every sense. He is somewhat aggravated with the ex gf as she never called him back.what he didn't know is she came to tell him she was pregnant and he was scoring with cheerleader. several by the sounds of it he is an ass as a young man and even now seems to justify his [...]

Kari is a reporter for a television show and has been notified thru her boss that she needs to come up with a new idea other than her current show on trying to find missing children/people. Her boss doesn’t seem to care how important the show is to her. He isn’t very encouraging/supportive of her despite the number of years that she has worked for the network. Jake is well, wounded. (Wounded due to the fact that he has scars over his body due to his time in the war and also has some internal [...]

Received this as an ARC from . I liked the storyline about the unsung Hero's in our military. This hits close to home as my daughter was in the Army and sent to fight the war in Iraq, leaving her 6 month old daughter home with us. It was one of the hardest things for us and her to do. She was just one of many who were sent over to fight, leaving their families behind. Luckily, she was one of the few that came home alive, but with the emotional scars of having been through a war. She was never de [...]

Wilton has written this story to the point it flows and transition with ease.Kari Winslow is a Palm Beach news reporter with a job to do and she chooses Jake Harrington as a returning soldier of two tours in Iraq and someone from here past. Kari finds more to Jake than she was looking for, which are feel good stories, and this makes for her an excellent story. There are ups and downs for this couple as they both battle whether they should forgive the other for betrayal on both ends.There journey [...]

I received this book through Giveaway.I really enjoyed this book. This is a story of losing love and than finding it again. It is an amazing story about what love can do and all of the things you can do for love. The characters in a book felt so real and you couldn't help but feel and hurt with them. The plot itself was great, I really liked that the main characters had a past together and it was interesting to unfold their future. I would definitely recommend this book!

A Hero Lies WithinOh, this is a wonderful story of love, courage, and doing what's right. It's about honoring our members of the military and trying to understand a fraction of what they endure. It's also a beautiful love story about setting priorities and forgiveness and acceptance. It's a very heart warming and touching novel. I loved it.

Being the wife of a Vet I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went in to this book. These are issues that are mostly ignored, especially in fiction geared towards women, so this was a very brave subject to weave in to the story. Good Job Patrice!!

This is the first time I've read a Kindle Serial and wasn't sure how I'd like reading a few chapters then having to wait a couple weeks for more. So far I've read episodes one and two and now I'm anxiously waiting for episode 3. I'm enjoying the story and it's keeping my interest.

Good romance with characters I liked. The story of Shane who is the hero in Handle With Care starts in this book. It was good to read about people trying to help returning veterans

Great story

Loved this book!

Good bookreally enjoying the book. it as a good storyline, great characters. and of course a hea. I'd definitely recommend it.

3I actually read this series in the wrong order not realizing 1- it was written by the same person, and 2- it was a series at all. That turned out to be a good thing because had I known this was written by the same person who wrote At First Sight, I would've returned it to the kindle unlimited library immediately because I couldn't stand the heroine in that one.It was a good thing too, because I did enjoy this book. The heroine is an emotional mess in this one too, but this time, her actions wer [...]

This book was just okay. The two main characters did not have that much chemistry in my opinion and that is always a killer for this type of books. Although the heroine could seem a bit self-centered at times, she was still more likable than the hero, who was definitely very self-centered. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The author also never explained why Jake had cheated on the heroine. He believed to the core that it was just okay because as along as it did not mean anything and he loved her who cared if [...]

Kari is a woman who has suffered some serious loss in her life. Her coping mechanism is to convince herself that she doesn't want marriage or children and to engross herself completely in her career as the local news anchor. She convinces herself that she is happy with her life as it is, until Jake comes back to town- more specifically, moves back into her apartment building. Jake has just returned from his tours of duty in the war and is suffering from PTSD but is enamored by his former girlfri [...]

Disjointed fluffI liked the premise of this book but when it came down to it it was so disjointed. The ups and downs of the main characters took too many turns without fully ever developing them, then suddenly the book ends. It took too long to get to the meat of the story and lacked any proper climax or well developed conflict then it totally rushed to the end. There were some conflicts in the plotlines which caused me to go back questioning what I had read but I didn't miss anything it just wa [...]

I got this as a Kindle Deal of the Day, which sometimes works out well and sometimes doesn't. I'm sorry to say this one didn't - it's in my DNF pile because the first few chapters just didn't work for me. The heroine's moods seemed to swing wildly and she seemed immature for her years. Not my cuppa tea but might be yours.

2.5 stars. I need cheese to go with all the whining in this book. It grated on my nerves. The underlying story had potential

War heroWar heroThis book was okay. It was predictable without a lot of depth. The main character thought mostly of herself until the end.

I am having trouble getting into the story. I feel like the story is moving too slow for me. I am going try and finish it.

Couldn't put it down!Excellent read! I was drawn in from page 1. I highly recommend this book. Twists and turns in the plot held my attention all the way through.

Awful. Just awful.

Probably a little cliche' for me. Some parts were too predictable and almost silly.

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