If You Could Be Mine

Sara Farizan Negin Farsad

If You Could Be Mine

If You Could Be Mine

  • Title: If You Could Be Mine
  • Author: Sara Farizan Negin Farsad
  • ISBN: 9781622312252
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Audio CD

Seventeen year old Sahar has been in love with her best friend, Nasrin, since they were six They ve shared stolen kisses and romantic promises But Iran is a dangerous place for two girls in love Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten, imprisoned, even executed if their relationship came to light.So they carry on in secret until Nasrin s parents announce that they ve arranged fSeventeen year old Sahar has been in love with her best friend, Nasrin, since they were six They ve shared stolen kisses and romantic promises But Iran is a dangerous place for two girls in love Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten, imprisoned, even executed if their relationship came to light.So they carry on in secret until Nasrin s parents announce that they ve arranged for her marriage Nasrin tries to persuade Sahar that they can go on as they have been, only now with new comforts provided by the decent, well to do doctor Nasrin will marry But Sahar dreams of loving Nasrin exclusively and openly.Then Sahar discovers what seems like the perfect solution In Iran, homosexuality may be a crime, but to be a man trapped in a woman s body is seen as nature s mistake, and sex reassignment is legal and accessible As a man, Sahar could be the one to marry Nasrin Sahar will never be able to love the one she wants, in the body she wants to be loved in, without risking her life Is saving her love worth sacrificing her true self

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This was very different from anything I've read before. A very short book at only a little over 200 pages, If You Could Be Mine examines not only life in Iran, but life in Iran for a young girl in love with her best friend, Nasrin. From a very young age, Sahar knew she wanted to many Nasrin and spend her whole life with her, they've been in a secret relationship for years now, and being found out could mean imprisonment - at the very least - for these two. This was my first book set in Iran and [...]

WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKSIf You Could Be Mine tells the story of Sahar, an intelligent ambitious teenager living in Iran who is in love with her best friend Nasrin. Iran is a dangerous place to be out of the closet, although there is hidden gay community, which Sahar is introduced to by her cousin Ali. It is at a party at Ali’s house that Sahar meets Parveen, a beautiful trans woman. Ali explains to her that the Iranian government sees trans people as a mistake made by God, a soul born into a wron [...]

I wanted this book to be better than it was. The subject matter--two teenaged girls in love in Tehran--is interesting, and there are some wonderful details. I was tempted to add my "horror" tag to this one, because sweet molasses, it's no joke living under a repressive religious regime. If The Handmaid's Tale gave you the willies (and it should have) then dwelling for a bit on the realities of a culture that insists on covering women from head to toe, and likes to stone gay people to death, will [...]

Find this and other Reviews at In Tori Lex Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThe subject matter of this book gave great insight into how homosexuality is treated in Iran. Being hung, imprisoned or beaten by the police are horrible consequences for expressing your love of the same sex. Sahar and Nasrin were opposite in many ways, but somehow found a way to fit together.  Their lesbian relationship is compromised and further complicated when Nasrin gets engaged. Sahar seriously considers sex reassignment su [...]

This review can also be found at fortheloveofbooksreviewssSahar is in love with her friend, Nasrin. But there's a problem: they're both girls, and they live in Iran, where being gay can get you killed. Sahar has trouble imagining a life without Nasrin, so when Nasrin gets engaged she comes up with a drastic solution; become a man. As Sahar struggles with the uncertainty of the future and the prejudice present in her society, she meets some new friends and spends time with her gay cousin, Ali. Sh [...]

I'm sorry, but no.I appreciate that the author is obviously trying to write important social commentary, but it's too bad that the characters are pretty unlikeable. The story revolves around the relationship between two young girls in Iran. In order to forestall the marriage of one, the other proposes a sex change (apparently legal, even encouraged, in Iran) so that they can be together. No problem so far.Except our heroine spends half the book thinking this is some minor operation that can happ [...]

If You Could Be Mine is one of those books that I'm glad I read. It tackles and interesting topic, two girls who are in love with each other in Iran where they have to hide their affection or risk death. What makes this book interesting is the sliver of Middle Eastern culture that it shows, especially regarding transexuals. Apparently in Iran being born in the wrong body is considered a disease, not a sin, and you can change sexes with government aid. Whereas homosexuals might be killed, transex [...]

I read this YA novel for the #ReadProud challenge Week 3.I had mixed feelings about it It was short and a quick read, with some interesting and sharp-tongued characterization - but not all the character portrayals worked for me. If You Could Be Mine was a novel about forbidden love between girls, but the actual love was somehow missing - the protagonist and point-of-view character seemed constantly annoyed with her love interest, and the two of them barely talked, even about life-changing decisi [...]

There was so much potential here, but it never quite came together. This was rushed, unpolished, and with a few more rounds of revision, it could have gone into something really great. Sahar has always loved her best friend Nasrin. But their love is beyond that of best friends -- it's romantic. But this is Iran and their relationship is not just illegal, but it's one that could get them severely punished. When Nasrin's offer her hand to an older man in marriage, Sahar's world falls apart. She's [...]

This was a different kinda read for me.Since they were young Sahar knew she loved and wanted to marry her best friend Nasrin. Unfortunately same sex marriage is illegal in Iran except if you get a sex change. Will she do whatever she needs to, to be with the woman she loves?I loved the insight into living in Iran. Quite an eye opener. Well written informative read.

Sara Farizan managed to balanced making me laugh for the first half and making me sob like a toddler on the last one.

If You Could Be Mine falls into two much-needed categories of YA: GLBT and non-white. As such, I really wanted to read it, and I'm glad I did. Farizan's debut has a fresh narrative voice, one that has a very non-western feel, while still being open and clear. Set in Iran, Farizan tackles first love, being different, friendship, and homosexuality with honesty and heart.The plot of If You Could Be Mine, while not melodramatic or action-packed, is enthralling. I, for one, love being able to take a [...]

“Everyone in my family always spares one another's feelings. It leaves little room for honesty.” I'm so sad I didn't like this book that much because in the great scheme of things I found it extremely interesting and I learned so many things about Iranian culture, laws and society but I wasn't happy with the main story, I wasn't invested in it at all and the main character and her love interest were so flat and annoying, especially her love interest. I just didn't find it realistic that Saha [...]

2.8 - I have to warn everybody that there seem to be patterns in my reviews: I usually write rant reviews. Oh well.So, this book. This is about an Iranian girl and everything she does to be with her best friend/lover, Nasrin. Unfortunately, throughout the book, I kept waiting for Sahad to ditch the selfish brat that is Nasrin, but as you may imagine by my rating, she didn't.The thing is, the plot was really interesting. A lesbian living in Iran? Sign me up. But unfortunately, Sahad started doing [...]

There is nothing more hurtful than loving someone who can't love you back.In Sahar's case, it's more complicated than that. Nasrin and her have been lovers since their lifelong friendship turned into something more. But life in Tehran impedes them from expressing their love publicly. Now that Nasrin is about to be married, Sahar grows frenzied, and the only solution she can find to saving their love is a sex reassignment surgery.Farizan turned a forbidden love story into a debate about how far w [...]

3.75**Wow. Just wow. (view spoiler)[ I expected a happy ending when starting this book, but halfway there I knew it wouldn't happen. (view spoiler)[ I don't know much about Iran, and quite frankly only picked this book up because 1. I wanted to read more LGBT books and 2. To finish a challenge for this years BTAT. At the beginning of the book I just disliked Nasrin, but as the story progressed her acting made sense, and towards the end I grew to love her. Really enjoyed reading this, and I'm hop [...]

3.5 StarsWhile I hoped that this would be a story of defiance in the name of true love, what I got was a more complacent look at the status of the gay community in Iran. This does not mean that this was a bad story by any means. In fact, I learned about the status of transsexuals in Iran which gave me a serious, "wrinkle in the brain" moment. Let's get down to plot. Sahar is a lesbian. Living close by, her childhood friend Nasrin has also been her secret girlfriend for years. Nasrin claimed Saha [...]

While reading this book one thought kept coming back to me time and again; that while things aren't perfect here in the U.S. for LGBTQ individuals, we still are extremely lucky to live in a country that gives us the freedom to live the life we choose to live openly. Not so for those who live in countries like Iran where this story takes place. Seventeen year old Sahar and Nasrin have known each other all their lives and have been in love with each other since they were six. Behind closed doors i [...]

I'm having many conflicted feelings about this book. I disliked Nasrin, and the entire time even from Sahar's POV I thought she was constantly annoyed with her, and Nasrin didn't even have any redeemable qualities significant enough for me to support Sahar's love for her. (view spoiler)[The internalized homophobia I understood, but I don't know how I feel about how the conflict between trans folk being more accepted than a non-hetero sexual orientation, even if being trans is considered an illne [...]

ZE coup de coeur auquel je ne m'attendais pas ! Qu'une histoire me fasse pleurer, c'est déjà difficile, mais alors qu'une histoire d'amour le fasse, c'est encore plus rare.Et pourtant, j'ai totalement craqué pour ce roman (dans le TGV en plus La classe :D ) J'ai été un peu déconcertée par le style de narration, au début, très direct, très "matter of fact". Mais ensuite, il m'a totalement happé dans ses rets. Sahar et Nasrin sont amies depuis leur plus tendre enfance.Elles sont aussi a [...]

16/20Sara Farizan décrit avec justesse le statut des personnes homosexuelles en Iran, dans une société où aucun droit ne leur est reconnu. C’est un livre engagé qui marque car il permet d’ouvrir les yeux sur un fait de société terrifiant et sur un Etat qui préfère encourager les changements de sexe plutôt que de reconnaître l’orientation sexuelle de chacun.Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

It got me, right at the end, and I finished this in tears.

3.5/5 stars. I thought this book was somewhere between okay and really like it. I lobed how diverse it was. I loved how we were able to see what it is like to live in Iran. I wasn't a fan of Narin, she annoyed me and acted like a spoiled brat. I didn't like that Sahar was will became a man for Nasrin even though she never feels like a man. all she ever feels is that she is a woman who happens to like other women.

I was pleased when I found this one from the shelves of my local library, because not only was it a book I had wanted to read for a while, it also fit quite well with my current mood for reading books that deal with themes of postcolonialism, feminism, religion, race, etc. If You Could Be Mine is a fairly short book targeted mainly for young readers, with it being a young adult release, but it certainly includes a lot of food for thought within it 240-something pages. Sahar is 17 year old Irania [...]

I found the narrator of this book exceedingly irritating most of the book. But I loved her cousin. And her dad. And I liked the narrator at end. The story became more and more engrossing as it evolved. I did want to know HOW it all ended even though I knew the ENDING. And it was more complex and touching than I expected. I loved the end.

I wasn't really interested in reading this book until I heard Sara Farizan speak at a BEA panel. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I almost never read contemporary that is set outside of the US. I enjoyed getting a look at life inside Iran. While I was interested in the plot enough to finish the book, I had a few major issues with it that prevented me from enjoying it.First, the romance. Sahar loves Nasrin so much that she is willing to go through a painful and complicated su [...]

Sara Farizan's "If You Could Be Mine" is both an illuminating and frustrating read, if I'm reflecting upon the experience. No doubt in my mind it's a beautifully told story, and I found myself immersed in the brief read. But I'll admit my frustration came with the naivete of the characters and some dimensions of the emotional conviction rather than the outcome of the story. The story revolves around the forbidden lesbian romance between Nasrin and Sahar as they reside in Iran. Things become comp [...]

I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. An interesting, and well developed story. I found myself able to connect to Sahar her understand fears, and her hopes, and dreams. Sometimes I found myself a bit frustrated with her judgmental attitude especially towards her cousin, but differences in age, culture, and the fear she had for his safety, which I think her attitude was covering, helped me understand her aa bit better. I was pleased with her growth ove [...]

There's not a lot of racial diversity in YA, and certainly not a lot of books set in foreign countries with characters who are residents of said country, *and* not a lot of f/f books out there. So a book that's all three? Definitely a top-of-TBR jumper, and a book I love to buy just to make clear that THERE ARE READERS WHO WANT EACH OF THOSE THREE THINGS VERY BADLY. This was a really lovely, painful story, and a fascinating examination of sexual policy and modern Iran, as it's pretty intensely f [...]

This should be required reading for everyone. This is the kind of thing my teachers should have given the class back in high school rather than Lord of the Flies or The Great Gatsby, and other male dominated books that I found did not relate to my life in any way, nor give me any insight into what real life was for others. The depth of this book comes from a soul who lives in a country ruled by misogynistic males, who prize their women for what a woman can do for them. Those who follow a religio [...]

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