This Twentysomething Life: A sort-of prequel to This Thirtysomething Life

Jon Rance

This Twentysomething Life: A sort-of prequel to This Thirtysomething Life

This Twentysomething Life: A sort-of prequel to This Thirtysomething Life

  • Title: This Twentysomething Life: A sort-of prequel to This Thirtysomething Life
  • Author: Jon Rance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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I downloaded this book for free on . com. It is still free. I laughed a lot while reading this short story. The only thing that I didn’t like here is that it’s too short. Yes, I know it’s a prequel, but I wanted more. Seeing the relationship from a guy’s perspective was really cool. I really enjoyed while reading about Harry and Emily and their wedding. What a guy thinks the day before he marries, when he marries, and after he gets married, find out in this funny and entertaining short s [...]

This was a really short story, and as a prequel, it did exactly what it was supposed to do: make me want to read the next book. When I downloaded it, I did so because I thought the title was interesting. I don't remember reading the blurb because I had no idea what this was about. Turns out, it's about a guy in his mid-twenties who decides to start a diary two weeks before his wedding and records his feelings and activities leading up to the wedding. It was a good introduction of the characters [...]

I downloaded this short story from Google Play Books. It's way too short. I know why it's short, I wasn't expecting it to be this short. Anyhow, I laughed so hard and felt so much for Harry, it felt almost like the relationship I have with my bf, whom I love to death. His wife also seems to be such a nice and cute gal!I have never read a book from a man's perspective, at least not when it comes to relationships and such and I thought at first I wasn't going to like it (since I am a lass) but I d [...]

This is a prequel to the book,This Thirtysomething Life.This prequel, again, showed me a glimpse of what goes on inside men's heads. English men, that is. This is still funny, especially when I remember how Harry Spencer, the protaganist in both books, "adores" the weatherman, and his elderly neighbor, and his father-in-law. It's a short story, after all, but it's still worth the time I allowed it to have. Haha!

Very, very, very short prequel to This Thirtysomething life but I loved it! Recommended if you liked Jon Rance's debut work. Only thing I noticed was that there were at least 6 typos/editing errors in such a short story, which isn't usual for a big publishing house (Hodder and Stoughton). Weird but thought I'd note it as indie writers get so much stick for one or two errors in works three times the length. Just goes to show were not all perfect. Other than that great read!

Pretty good, but incredibly short - which I was aware of. It just didn't give me a good sense of who people are, though Harry does seem like he'll be a good narrator. This short didn't put me off of reading thirty something, but it was good enough to push it to the front of my queue either.

Can't wait to read thirtysomethingLaughing in bed. Not a bedtime story as it's not lulling me to sleep. I love this couple already. I am so ready for the next. I would recommend. Gbash

Dull and in desperate need of a good editor.

Interesting, honest and funny. I enjoyed discovering this fresh new voice. And I look forward to reading more of his work.

um, okay. this was over before i thought it would be because half of it is an 'excerpt' from the sequel. skip.

Very short story

This is a prequel so very shortgood job really as not my cup of tea!

chopped like the diary writing moron fiance's thoughts, imo

Super short, cute, but not enough to convince me to read the actual book. Worked as a short story though!

plot was light and interestinge wife was kind of crazy. to be honest, so was he.writing style felt rushed.dialogue didn't flow, wasnt realistic enough and sounded too planned out.

This book is unnecessary, although there's nothing particularly wrong with it.

I knew this was a short story but my nook told me it was 92 pages, so I thought it would be longer. its really only about half of that - the rest is a preview of another book

Very short read but i love this authors style of writting Very amusing

A very short advert for the other book.

This was a book that I downloaded because it was free. It was a great read that made me laugh a lot. This book was a quick read that everyone should read especially if you need a great laugh.

Cute fun and refreshing diary of a guy who gets cold feet the days leading to his wedding day.

Complete crap!!

Quick ReadAlthough this is a short "prequel" to "This Thirtysomething Life" it is packed with uplifting glimpses that leaves you nodding your head and grinning.

Cute but short, although I can't complain too much considering it was free from

Really funny, Now moving on to this thirty something life

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