Hiram's Red Shirt (A Little Golden Book)

Mabel Watts Aurelius Battaglia

Hiram's Red Shirt (A Little Golden Book)

Hiram's Red Shirt (A Little Golden Book)

  • Title: Hiram's Red Shirt (A Little Golden Book)
  • Author: Mabel Watts Aurelius Battaglia
  • ISBN: 9780307020765
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover

A farmer named Hiram finds that unfortunately his favorite shirt won t last forever.

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Hiram's Red Shirt by author,Mabel Watts, is a goofy, goofy story sure to tickle the funny-bone of little people. Hiram is a farmer with a small problem that turns into a much bigger one; one morning, when Hiram was feeling fine and spry, he flipped his pancake tremendously high. The next thing Hiram hears is a "Riiiiip" in his favorite red flannel shirt. The story takes a ridiculous turn as Hiram seeks to solve the problem of the ripped shirt, taking a little from here to make a little for there [...]

Hiram is a farmer who loves his red shirt. In fact, he wears it every day and washes it every Monday and Thursday. One day, while he is flipping pancakes, the elbows of his shirt rip open. He decides to patch his favorite shirt using the shirt's cuffs. As he is mending, he says, " A little from here, makes a little for there" Hiram soon learns that in order to make up for the cuffs missing from his shirt, he needs to cut the shirt tails off, again saying the same phrase. He does this over and ov [...]

I don't think it would have ever been possible for me to remember this book even existed until the moment I saw the cover while scrolling through all these old, classic children's books. The moment I saw this image, I just got a flood of memories of reading this book with my grandparents. I may or may not be a little misty eyed right now.

Hyrum and his Red shirt. What a good guy. I loved this book when I was little. I would make mom read it every night and she hated the book. She would skip parts and make the book go by much faster. I always caught her. I have tried to find the book but haven't. If you guys happen to find it let me know cause I want a copy of it.

A story from my own youth! Love this predictable story as Hiram takes "a little from here" to make "a little for there" and finally has to replace his old shirt. My mom used to read it to her pre-school students and it was always loved. Wish i knew what happened to it . . .

I actually read this book nearly 30 years ago but found it recently on a shelf at my mom's house and took it so I could read it to Gavin. It's basically a book about a man with no foresight who is terrible at sewing.

I read this book many times with my son and he loved it. I never quite understood the message but apparently my son did!

Silly book and a good story.

this book explains a whole lot about my family

Favorite book, EVER!!!

I loved this book as a child. I like how Hiram tries hard to make it work, but is flexible enough to switch gears and go buy a new shirt. I read it to my kids now.

This is my favorite Golden Book of all time. Sewing, red shirts, a sneeze attack what more could you want?

This was okay.

This one is a very cute book. You have to laugh.

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