The Ruin of a Rogue

Miranda Neville

The Ruin of a Rogue

The Ruin of a Rogue

  • Title: The Ruin of a Rogue
  • Author: Miranda Neville
  • ISBN: 9780062199522
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook

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Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue It s been years since Marcus set foot in England why toy with the ton when he can fleece wealthy fools in Paris and Rome Yet everything changes when he inherits a ramshackle estate Marcus s first aCharm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue It s been years since Marcus set foot in England why toy with the ton when he can fleece wealthy fools in Paris and Rome Yet everything changes when he inherits a ramshackle estate Marcus s first and only chance at a respectable life needs funding the kind Anne Brotherton can provide Such a wallflower should be ripe for the picking So why does Marcus feel like he s the one hanging by a thread Anne Brotherton is sick and tired of being an heiress She cannot bring herself to marry a fortune hunter Why can t men like her for her sharp mind and kind hearts rather than her impressive dowry She nearly falls for Marcus s smooth seduction But when Anne realized she s being strung along, a lust for payback empowers her like never before Two can play the game of deception The game of love, however, has its own rules.

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Anne Brotherton is hella rich. Marcus Lithgow is supposed to be a con man. He tries to woo her; she overhears his scheming and starts her own scheme; he departs for his newly inherited estate; she follows. Power trips, Roman artifacts, and some awkward sex later, the feelings show up. 1. I hadn't read the blurb as thoroughly as I should have before I checked this out (while attempting to troubleshoot an OverDrive issue), but I read the first chapter and was CONVINCED this would be the Con-Man/St [...]

***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Ruin of a Rogue by Miranda NevilleBook Two of the Wild Quartet seriesPublisher: AvonPublication Date: August 27, 2013Rating: 2 starsSource: eARC from Edelweiss***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Summary (from ):Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent. But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue It's been years since Marcus [...]

It's an heiress/fortune hunter and a bluestocking/rake story, and though it could have been tedious and trope-y, both the hero and the heroine were smart and likable and defied genre expectations. About halfway through, after they've played their prescribed roles to perfection, Anne the bluestocking heiress and Marcus the penniless rake find themselves in a place where they both can put their pasts in the past and become who they really are. Anne becomes more than the nerdy girl with a fondness [...]

Some titles seem to have little to do with the contents of the book, but in the case of Miranda Neville’s The Ruin of a Rogue, the title not only engages in clever word play but also announces the journey that lies at the heart of this story. “Ruin,” says the OED is generally a transitive verb meaning “to inflict great and irretrievable damage, loss, or disaster upon (a person or community).” Even a casual reader of historical romance can list novels in which a male, sometimes the vill [...]

Beautifully written, but I couldn't like the heroine so much.

this review was originally published at All About RomanceGertrude Stein famously wrote "a rose is a rose is a rose." The plot in Ms. Neville's latest in her The Wild Quartet series, The Ruin of a Rogue, may be summed up as: A rogue is kinda a rogue is a non-rogue. I've never been wowed by the poetry of Ms. Stein and I'm wasn't wowed by The Ruin of a Rogue.Marcus Lithgow is known as a knavish rogue who makes and loses his living gambling. He's currently alarmingly broke and in need of funds. [...]

Yesterday I reviewed the first book in Miranda Neville’s WILD QUARTET series, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED(TIoBW), and I used almost the same icons at the top of the page. Women’s issues are still important; The themes are the same, but the characters introduced as secondary in the first novel.I did not know that Marcus would be the main love interest herein; I couldn’t imagine him as a rehabilitated character since he is actually presented as nearly criminal in TIoBW. I could see Anne a [...]

Timing - timing - timing! Timing is paramount!Last week I read two books in a row which had similar themes. In each book we have a deceptive hero who is desperate to trick our heroine into marriage. Authors, think about timing. It is the timing of the, "I know what you are up to, you cad!" moment - the moment the heroine discovers the hero's chicanery that makes all the difference in these two books. Because of the timing/placement of the "OMG" moment I liked one book a lot and was very irritate [...]

I first read this book as a stand-alone and liked it. Then I read the first book in the series and re-read this. There's a number of elements to this book that are intriguing as a stand-alone but have significant emotional impact if you've read the first book and gotten to know characters that appear as secondary characters here.You can read the summary up at the top so I'm not going to bother recounting it here. I will say that both Marcus and Anne are complex characters with great depth who gr [...]

Listened for Review (Tantor)Overall Rating: 3.50Story Rating: 3.75Character Rating: 3.25Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: Despite the rather uneven beginning, The Ruin of a Rogue by Miranda Neville ended up having an entertaining last half!Overall Thoughts: I both loved and disliked Marcus and Anne at different points during the story which is probably why this wasn't an "out of the ballpark" read for me. Marcus was hard to love in the beginning and [...]

I enjoyed the two previous books in The Wild Quartet series; The Second Seduction of a Lady and The Importance of Being Wicked and looked forward to The Ruin of a Rogue. I mean who doesn’t like to see a good Rogue ruinedLOL! Marcus Lithow is a gambler, a thief and quite possible a cheat. He has returned to London after gambling abroad and has decided to marry. He needs a woman of quality to improve his reputation and coffers. He decides on Anne Brotherton, heiress of Camber. From outward appea [...]

This will just be a shorter review. Normally I love Miranda Neville, but after almost a week of trying to get into this story, I decided to give up on it. I only got halfway through though. I was really disappointed though. In the past, I have enjoyed Neville's stories. However this one just didn't grab at my like it normally does. I really had hopes for this one. I don't know if it was me or what, but I was having such a difficulty reading The Ruin of a Rogue. The basis of the story was descent [...]

Neville is a little hit-and-miss for me. This was all right, but not super compelling. I found myself reflecting more than once (when I was not reading it) how tiresomely implausible all these heroines who are so quick to throw away (or put in serious peril) their good standing with society are. At the very least, it's not very mature behaviour. This heroine is in that category, so I didn't really find her all that interesting, despite her reported scholarly interests. These scholarly interests [...]

La verdad es que esta novela resulto tanto ligera como humorística en ciertas partes. Si bien no se profundiza demasiado en los personajes principales, se los describe en su forma de pensar y actuar de forma que una simpatice con ambos y hasta les tenga un poco de cariño.Para aquellas que gusten de las enaguas coquetas y descaradas, esto les va sentar muy bien. No está de mas decir que las escenas de sexo son generosas pero no tan descriptivas como las dos ultimas novelas eróticas que tengo [...]

3.5 starsMiss Anne Brotherton, supporting character of The Importance of Being Wicked and jilted once the Duke initially courting her fell head over heels for her widowed cousin instead, now has to fend off eager suitors everywhere she turns in London. Every man becomes a fortune hunter when faced with the ridiculous amounts of money, land holdings and estates that Anne, sole heir to the Earl of Camber brings to the marriage. Of course, while Anne is by no means poor, she doesn't actually have a [...]

Good book but rushed ending with loose ends left untied.

4.5 stars! Loved Marcus' character so much! He overcame a scoundrel's childhood in order to be who he became. Loved how he grew into his own mind throughout this book. Anne was good but something was a little off for me. I liked her independence and fascination with archeology and how she got back at Marcus for his behavior. Something about her just didn't make me love her as I loved Caro's character in Importance of Being a Wicked. Their story kept me hooked to the very end though. Great read a [...]

This is my second favorite of the books in this series, after Duke of Dark Desires. Let me just say again that I love Miranda Neville's writing and I seriously cannot comprehend how the books in this series aren't rated higher. The writing quality is great, the characters are three dimensional, the romances are a steady slow build, the plots while tenuous at times are still interesting and entertaining.The only possible explanation that I can see for these books having low ratings is that the he [...]

Miranda Neville is an author whom I’ve had recommended to me by a couple of reviewers, so when I saw her latest, The Ruin of a Rogue, I asked my blogmate to request the book. I haven’t had very much luck in the way of historical romances this year, so I approached with book with a fair amount of trepidation.While I ended up enjoying The Ruin of a Rogue more than I had anticipated, the novel gets off to an abysmally slow start. Anne Brotherton is an heiress to an exceptionally large fortune a [...]

Eh. This one didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It was ok, but it didn’t really inspire any deep feeling. The book wasn’t exactly boring, but it teetered on the edge.The story centers on two characters featured heavily in The Importance of Being Wicked: Caro’s cousin Anne and her unscrupulous friend Marcus. As the story begins, Anne is being plagued by fortune hunters. She can’t seem to find a man who wants her for who she is, until she meets Marcus. Of course, he wants her money every [...]

Anne Brotherton is tired of all the fortune hunters after her. They really don't want to get to know her or care about her just her money. Marcus Lithgow is is a rogue that is somewhat like his wastrel father. He has returned to England with a title and not much else. He loves to gamble and he sees his chance to better his life by marring Anne. Anne figures if she gets close to Marcus the scandal will chase other fortune hunters away. She knows he is not to be trusted and tries to keep her heart [...]

The Ruin of a Rogue starters a little slow but picked up momentum the further into the book I read. It's an historical romance about a man who has made his living as a card shark. He has done things he's not proud of but this is further explained as the story goes on. He sets out to marry or at least compromise (& hopefully get paid off) an heiress. Anne is the richest young woman around, maybe ever. So wealthy that her potential groom's mother (aunt?) tells her it doesn't matter if she is r [...]

Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent. But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue . . .Anne Brotherton is sick and tired of being an heiress. She cannot bring herself to marry a fortune hunter. Why can't men like her for her sharp mind and kind heart rather than her impressive dowry? Just when she is about to bow to her fate as a confirmed spinster, she meets the handsome and charming Marcus Lithgow.It's b [...]

At first, I had trouble shaking the feeling that I had read this book before, which, logically, I know, was impossible. But within the first two chapters I realized that the characters were like old friends; Caro, Denton, "Castleton, the Stuffy Duke," Robert Townsend, even our female protagonist, heiress Anne Brotherton, were all characters that I already liked and knew well from Miranda Neville's previous effort in this series. It was like returning to catch up with old, well-loved friends.The [...]

Loved this book! Everything about it was wonderful: the romance, the plot for revenge, the mystery of the hidden valuables. The Ruin of a Rogue was brilliant, a top notch historical romance.I loved that this book was as original as you can get in historical romance. It had a different take of the shy wallflower/reformed rogue thing. And the story line had a few surprises in store, especially the shocking twist towards the end. Again, brilliant!Anne was a great heroine. She starts off as a soft-s [...]

The second in the series, Ruin of a Rogue focuses on Marcus, now Viscount Lithgow: gambler, cheat and possible thief, in need of a proper marriage with a woman of quality to enhance the coffers. He sets his eye on Anne Brotherton, heiress of Camber and well-placed young lady in society. Marcus is very much the charmer, and quite smooth and debonair for a man of his time, even considered a bit of a rogue, mostly for the time spent losing in the gaming hells. Although from the beginning of the sto [...]

From : Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent. But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogueIt's been years since Marcus set foot in England—why toy with the ton when he can fleece wealthy fools in Paris and Rome? Yet everything changes when he inherits a ramshackle estate. Marcus's first and only chance at a respectable life needs funding . . . the kind Anne Brotherton can provide. Such a wallflower should [...]

This is my first title from Miranda Neville. I am a big fan of historical romances but am always a little reluctant to try someone new. I am excited I got a chance to try a title from Ms. Neville because she is someone I’ve been curious about for a while. Even though this is book two in The Wild Quartet series I felt that The Ruin of a Rogue read easily as a standalone. Marcus has spent years away from England but when he inherits a title he’s ready to come back and see if he can make a resp [...]

Miranda Neville’s books are always full of unusual heroes, and Marcus was no different. He lives by his wit and charm, and he can use both to snare heiress Anne. Anne (bluestocking) is flattered by Marcus’ seemingly genuine attentions, and begins to fall for his smooth ways. But when she realizes she has been duped by his flattery, she hopes to get revenge. A surprise inheritance takes Marcus away from London, but it also pulls Anne along. Now their relationship is less about revenge, and mo [...]

I have been waiting for this book to come out. It is the second, after “The Importance of Being Wicked”, in the series. We met both, Anne and Marcus, in the other book. It was nice that they got their own story.I felt badly for Anne, being an heiress, she was never sure who was interested in her for her or her money. Anne is witty, smart, and strong and does not suffer fools! She meets Marcus and is ready to give her heart to him, then she finds out he is not what she thought. So she takes h [...]

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