The Cellist of Sarajevo: Level 3

Annette Keen

The Cellist of Sarajevo: Level 3

The Cellist of Sarajevo: Level 3

  • Title: The Cellist of Sarajevo: Level 3
  • Author: Annette Keen
  • ISBN: 9781408291375
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

Penguin Readers are simplified texts which provide a step by step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure Sarajevo is under siege There is little food or water and the city is attacked, every day, from the hills Ordinary people try to live their lives, but they are losing hope for the future Then, one day, some decide to wait in a line for bread

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This is such a great little book! Set in Sarajevo, obviously, it is the story of one man's efforts to deal with grief, to mourn people he knows only in an abstract way, people killed by a war outside of their control. People just waiting in line to buy bread. People who never made it home to their families.While the cellist's story unravels, we get to learn about some of the other people in Sarajevo suffering from the effects of war. One man's story is about trying to get water every day for his [...]

1: 5/17=140 minutes2:Sarajevo, war, explosion, cellist, soldier, sniper, rifle3: (a) Very interesting. I like to read funny stories. So I chose funny books before I read this book. I rate five stars on this book but this story is not funny. This is very tragic story. This story describes how war tragic was. Snipers killed many people in Sarajevo so they must escape from snipers. If they are found by snipers, they will be killed. They were frightened to live in Sarajevo. They lost hope and became [...]

1. 5/2=30m, 5/3=30m, 5/9=75m ⇒125mlevel3, Steven Galloway2. celloSarajevosnipergunstreetlivehope3. a) Very interesting4. b) Better than usual5. This story has a lot of people who were shot, so I felt sad and frightening to read this story. After that I had aterrifying dream which I was in same situation as this story, so I was irresolute to stop reading it. However I tought I have to know the fact of Sarajevo, so I could finish reading. After that I felt sad and happy because many people were [...]

1:Penguin readers Lv32:6/10=80min3:Sarajevo,under siege,hurt,cellist,Italian musician,losing hope,death4:a:"My name is Alisa." b:It's last words in this book.5:It was sad story. I feel down when I read this book.

Music in a besieged city.

It's an exciting, dramatic story with well drawn characters.

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