Made to Last

Melissa Tagg

Made to Last

Made to Last

  • Title: Made to Last
  • Author: Melissa Tagg
  • ISBN: 9780764211324
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

Spunky Contemporary Romance from a Sparkling New Talent Miranda Woodruff, star of the homebuilding show From the Ground Up, will do anything to keep the job she loves Due to a painful broken engagement and a faith she s mostly forgotten, she s let her entire identity become wrapped up in the Miranda everyone sees onscreen So when she receives news that the network mighSpunky Contemporary Romance from a Sparkling New Talent Miranda Woodruff, star of the homebuilding show From the Ground Up, will do anything to keep the job she loves Due to a painful broken engagement and a faith she s mostly forgotten, she s let her entire identity become wrapped up in the Miranda everyone sees onscreen So when she receives news that the network might cancel her program, she must do the very thing she fears most let the spotlight shine on her closely guarded personal life The only problem She s been living a lie letting viewers believe she s married and now she s called upon to play wife to a sweet, if a bit goofy, pretend husband to boost ratings Desperate to help his family and prove he s not a total failure, reporter Matthew Knox is looking for a breakout story When he s offered the opportunity to do an online serial feature on Miranda Woodruff, he jumps at the chance, even if celebrity reporting isn t really his thing But as soon as he meets Miranda, he knows she s keeping secrets When Miranda s former fiance suddenly appears on the scene again, she doubts her life could get complicated Juggling three guys, an on the rocks television show, and the potential exposure of her deception is way than she bargained for Can the woman who makes things look so good onscreen admit it s time to tell the truth about who she is And if she does, will the life Miranda s built come crashing down just as she s finally found a love to last

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Miranda Woodruff is the star of a television program, “From the Ground Up”. Apparently, she has everything: a happy, successful life, a loving husband and a brilliant future ahead of her. But all that glitters is not gold. Three years ago her fiancé left her with a simple note and, despite her career, since that moment Miranda’s life has been empty and sad because she has not been able to move on after a bitter disappointment like that. Now, she must be strong because her show needs to be [...]

WARNING-I'm about to gush! First off let me say that this book had some very high expectations to meet! It started with finding the author's blog and loving her style and humor, then came the cover and book synopsis which looked and sounded so good, followed by reading an excerpt that I loved, and finally just as I was about to start reading I noticed that my favorite author has written a rave endorsement. So with expectations unrealistically high I dove in, and fell in love. Honestly I don't th [...]

A must for fans of contemporary romantic comedy! Made to Last stars Randi, the tomboy host of a home renovation TV show, who's trying her best to save her show while keeping a big (and ever growing) secret from America. Enter a good-hearted reporter, a funny fake husband, and an ex-fiance who all make the show saving and the secret keeping trickier. I so enjoyed living vicariously through Randi as she juggled three eligible bachelors throughout this lighthearted romance. I smiled all the way thr [...]

Well between feeling sick on the first week of Autumn, plus waiting for another book in the mail this novel came in with perfect timing!LOVED the flawed characters. Thoroughly enjoyed Melissa's humorous writing which was perfectly laced with love, regret, faults, God's grace, and serious risk!Here, Randi--or Miranda, battles her true identity and gets sucked into to living a complete lie all for the sack of her fame. But when more lies sneak up on her and her heart gets in the way, can she give [...]

I was expecting a light, kinda dumb read. Now I am sitting here in shock and wish I could give Melissa Tagg a hug. How did she turn a worn out plot (girl trying to save carrier by pretending to be married) into a story that felt fresh and was so rich with lessons and meaning.So many people, girls especially, need to read this book, because while they are being entertained with a wonderfully written story, they will also be soaking up a message (even though they won't realize it at first) that th [...]

Review on : amazon/review/R2AM8S9ZReview on my blog (to be posted 10/9): christianbookshelfreviewsLet me start by saying that contemporary romance is not one of my favorite genres, but after reading a few good ones this year, I've wanted to branch out and read more of the genre. I'm so glad I did as Made To Last is another winner and I absolutely loved it!There's just so much about Made To Last I loved. The characters were fantastic! Not only did I love the main two (Miranda & Matthew), but [...]

Okay, I'll admit it I'm impressed. When I got this book, I was actually pretty doubtful that I would enjoy it. My primary thought was that this book would help me complete my New Authors challenge. That was pretty much all I really hoped for. But I ended up really truly enjoying this story and the way the author told it. Every time I had to put the book down, I couldn't wait to pick it up again! I'm happy that (thanks to my friends) I disovered this author!Now I can't wait to read more about Bl [...]

Can one pull off pretending to be married? Because that’s what Miranda “Randi” did in “Made to Last”…and you’re going to have to read the novel to see how it worked out for her. *wink*Sprinkled with LOL moments and serious, come-to-Jesus meetings, “Made to Last” will definitely do just that on my keeper shelf. Can I just make a confession? Blaze was my favorite character. I know, I know, why love the fake husband, right?? Read far enough into the book and I bet you’ll agree w [...]

Miranda who is on a hugely popular home improvement show (the kind of show I would watch in real life) and for the past three years she has been lying to her viewers. Now that the show might be cancelled she and her handlers hire a man to pretend to be her loving husband. What makes this even more difficult is she also has a reporter shadowing her every move. She has to watch what she says and does all the while fighting the unexpected attraction she has for him. I so much wanted to love this bo [...]

Cute contemporary romance novel. I enjoyed the humor throughout. The main characters, Miranda and Matthew, are very likable.I recommend this novel for fans of Becky Wade.

My CommentsThis book is easy to love right from the start….’s a sensational debut that immediately pulls the reader in and promises both entertainment as well as depth throughout. I laughed, I was touched, I was surprised, but mostly I enjoyed Miranda’s journey as if I was a friend cheering her on. From the moment I found out about this book I knew I would love it, but I had no idea I would connect with it the way I did.“What was it Grandma Woodruff used to say? ‘Best way to make God l [...]

I have to admit – I was totally surprised by Made to Last, a debut novel for Melissa Tagg. First off, reading the synopsis left me wondering how I could like Randi, a woman that is hiding so many things and lying to the very people that help her keep her livelihood going. Secondly, I thought this would be extremely light-hearted (and by that I mean “cheesy”), and while there are many light-hearted moments, there were some weighty themes touched on in this novel.Randi’s world revolves aro [...]

When her homebuilding show is on the brink of being shut down, Miranda “Randi” Woodruff rents a husband to jazz up viewer ratings. What she didn’t count on was a handsome reporter snooping around, trying to dig up her secrets. Little does she know, reporter Matthew Knox has some buried secrets of his own. Will Miranda evade Matthew’s journalistic curiosity long enough to save her television show? Or will she cave under the pressure? Will Matthew’s secrets push him past the point of no [...]

Miranda Woodruff will do anything to keep her home-building show, From the Ground Up, on the air. Even introduce her husband to her viewers. There's just one problem. The "husband" she's supposed to be married to doesn't exist. When her producers come up with the idea to hire a man to play the part of her husband. So now Miranda's closely guarded private life is about to become very public. Reporter Matthew Knox is desperate for a breakout story that will save his career. When he's offered the c [...]

Have you ever assumed something and it ends up being a lie? That's what happened to Miranda when she assumes she'll be marrying her fiance and uses that knowledge to land herself a job on a homebuilding TV show. Who would've guessed that he would run and leave her days before the wedding? But her mystery husband is very popular with the viewers and when the show finds itself in trouble, the producers decided to find a "husband" for her to drum up some publicity. Add a good-looking, if nosy, repo [...]

While historical romance may be the subgenre I gravitate toward within Christian romance, every now and then a contemporary romance will come along and impress me. Made to Last is full of great plot twists, wonderful characterization, and sweet and funny moments. While it may not be set in the past, the "foreign" and "formal" situations (the world of TV stars and big-name reporters) still swept me away to another place, and I enjoyed the excursion very much.One big conflict propels the story alo [...]

This was just ok for me(probably between a 2.5-3 star rating) which bums me out, because I had pretty high expectations coming into the book, due to recommendations as well as the ratings. I just never hit an "I can't put this book down!!" moment (which is probably why it took me longer than normal to finish itd that's with skimming). I think the romance aspect was lacking (but there were a few good lovey moments/kisses)d I think it was because 2/3 of the book, Matthew thinks Miranda is married. [...]

3.75The writing style was mostly flawless and flowed well. There were a couple spots where I had to go back an reread to understand what happened, such as the scene about Robbie and her mom, but I enjoyed the author's voice and storytelling ability.It would be a full four stars except for my personal preference of historicals for reading materialbut I'll likely be reading more of hers, especially the sequel of Blaze's story.

Miranda Woodruff – known as “Randi” to friends, has just taken “complicated” to whole new level. Three years ago, she began her own homebuilding show with more than ratings on the line, she also had the love of a good man named Robbie and her love for him bubbled over into her early first season tapings when she claimed him as her husband rather than labeling him as the fiancé he was. After things fell apart, including a wedding that never came to be, fledging ratings are plaguing the [...]

Title: Made to LastAuthor: Melissa TaggPages: 368Year: 2013Publisher: BethanyMiranda is a character in the story who loves working with her hands building with wood, painting, anything that makes a home pretty. In the novel she is the star of her show From the Ground Up which teaches the viewers how to fix or build anything in a home. Yet, for all her hard work and knowledge Miranda felt trapped along with fear when anyone got too close to her.Matthew would do anything for a headline story since [...]

Melissa Tagg's debut novel is a romantic comedy with a sweet resolution. She brings us lovable characters combined with witty dialogue that any reader can identify with. A terrific read. Miranda Woodruff is a troubled young woman who should have it all. She was born to missionaries in Brazil, but when she was 7 her parents sent her back to the states to live with her grandparents. She returns to Brazil as an adult and volunteers to help build houses. There she meets and falls in love with Robbie [...]

Made to Last is one of the best contemporary Christian romance book I have read so far this year. It was spunky, humorous, full of emotions that will ache your heart, and written with characters you won't want to say goodbye too.I would recommend this book to my friends, because it's really relate-able. Whether you've disappointed family, someone dear to you or even yourself this novel uses those issues and paints an endearing image on how these characters deal with the secrets we never want to [...]

synopsis:Miranda Woodruff, star of the homebuilding show "From the Ground Up," will do anything to keep the job she loves. Due to a painful broken engagement and a faith she's mostly forgotten, she's let her entire identity become wrapped up in the Miranda everyone sees onscreen. So when she receives news that the network might cancel her program, she must do the very thing she fears most: let the spotlight shine on her closely guarded personal life. The only problem? She's been living a lie--le [...]

I am so delighted to have discovered a new fave author….Melissa Tagg!!!I first “got to know” Melissa through her YouTube videos “Welcome Mat Wednesday”… she just has a bubbly personality and when I heard that she was releasing a book I knew I had to check it out! And let me just say…Melissa’s book has far exceeded all my expectations!Let me tell ya what I love…#1 MIRANDA WOODRUFF- I love her tough exterior but inner softness…she is very guarded after being burned by love. Tho [...]

Melissa Tagg has his the nail on the head with her debut novel, Made to Last. It has the perfect blend of romance and conflict that will keep you turning pages until the final happily ever after. No, I don't feel that I am spoiling things by saying that this is a happily ever after story. It's Christian romantic fiction! I would be very unhappy if there wasn't that sweet resolution that left me smiling at the end of the book. What is most exciting about this story is that it is the first publish [...]

I really liked this book. It was such a cute story.What I liked:* Matthew and Miranda's relationship even though it was a bit too fast for my taste but they were really good together* the plot where the main character is a woman who builds homes and have her own show on TV. She is pressured by circumstances to appear with her husband she's always talking about on her show. But the dilemma is that she has no husband or let's say it's more complicated than that intriguing!* Matthew's character is [...]

I've been hearing about Melissa Tagg's books for a long time now, and I finally read her first. I enjoyed it. It's a sweet story with well-developed characters who are likeable even though they make stupid decisions. I like the author's writing voice. She's got a fresh style--just a great way with words, especially the similes.Looking forward to reading another by her soon.

Review to come.

If you love vintage romantic comedies, you’ll love Melissa Tagg’s Made to Last. Melissa is a classic movie buff, and her story was actually inspired by Christmas in Connecticut, a great film where Barbara Stanwyck juggles a houseful of men—some, love interests and some, simply there for comic relief. The same sort of plot happens often in old films. A beautiful debutante has too many suitors, gets in a pickle, her creative solution blows up in her face, and delightful romantic antics ensue [...]

This is one of those stories that needs to be picked up by the Hallmark Channel and preserved in all it's adorable originality! (and btw Hallmark, might I suggest Drew Fuller for the role of Matthew Knox?) This was my first book by Melissa Tagg, and it certainly won't be my last. She had me from the first page, with her delightful and charming style, sprinkled with relatable humor. I loved the application of Grace, I loved the characters and their interaction (even if they didn't listen to my ad [...]

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