The Signature of Jesus: The Call to a Life Marked by Holy Passion and Relentless Faith

Brennan Manning

The Signature of Jesus: The Call to a Life Marked by Holy Passion and Relentless Faith

The Signature of Jesus: The Call to a Life Marked by Holy Passion and Relentless Faith

  • Title: The Signature of Jesus: The Call to a Life Marked by Holy Passion and Relentless Faith
  • Author: Brennan Manning
  • ISBN: 9781590523506
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback

The Signature of Jesus challenges the gospel of cheap grace and calls the church to radical discipleship With passion and boldness, author Brennan Manning invites readers to risk living life a

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After the first few chapters, I wasn't enjoying this book at all. I didn't like the authors writing style and flow. I also found myself not really being thrilled about the message he was sending. However, as I continued reading, I started to realize that despite not always agreeing with what he was trying to say that the overall message, while being hard to hear, was something that I needed to hear. His message of being a true follower of Christ was a hard pill to swallow, but it's the type of m [...]

Una vez más Brennan Manning nos presenta la fe apuntando al amor extraordinario de Dios y las demandas del Evangelio teniendo muy presente la realidad de nuestra naturaleza.Un libro que nos llena de esperanza y nos desafía a caminar con Dios sin esconder nuestras debilidades.

The greatest need for our time is for the church to become what it has seldom been: the body of Christ with its face to the world, loving others regardless of religion or culture, pouring out in a life of service. offering hope to a frightened world, and presenting itself as a real alternative to the existing environmentwnward mobility:path of power vs. path of powerlessnessroad to success vs. road to servanthoodboard road of praise/popularity vs. narrow road of ridicule/rejectionGod utters me l [...]

Thought-provoking, challenging, and honest are some words that can be used to describe The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning. In it, the reader is forced to strip away religion and encouraged to pursue the love of Jesus. Through beautiful writing, Manning shares with us his life with the Risen Christ and how He has redeemed his life from self-justification. At the same time, Manning in every chapter teaches us how to have the mind of Christ, how to be a radical disciple of Christ, and how to [...]

This was a very thought-provoking book on not so much Christian living as Christian being. The big question is, "is my life marked with the signature of Jesus?". It's not about living in such as way as to try to gain the "approval" of Jesus, but living in such as way as we would if we really understood that we already DO have His approval. So many churches and Christian leaders and pastors try to teach us to be better Christians; be more like Christ. And so often, that is supposed to be done by [...]

I really enjoyed much of this book. Manning is widely known as the "grace guy." I started reading, intrigued by the implication of Manning's claim that "radical grace requires a response of radical discipleship."There were several chapters and sections that I just couldn't zip through. They were so good and thoughtful that I had to pause and sit with the contents for a bit.However, I struggled throughout the book to see where it was heading. There wasn't a coherent narrative or movement (not tha [...]

I didn't have high expectations when I began this book. However, it didn't take long for me to gain a huge respect for the author and the book itself. The Signature of Jesus addresses many parts of the Christian life, and challenges readers to want and pursue more out of their relationship with Christ. Brennan Manning offers insights on prayer, discipleship, service, the darkness of the Christian walk, and many more aspects of our walk with Christ that we will all have to face. It is highly conv [...]

Just when I thought it was weird to always give good ratings to books I read this one. I didn't agree with most of the theology in this book. I think there is a problem today with so much being talked about Jesus the Son of God and not enough talk about what his message actually was. There was a small part in the middle of this book that I did really like. It touched on an idea that I often wondered about as a child. If Jesus wanted us to be kind to the poor and giving of ourselves and helping o [...]

I read this book after reading a Dallas Willard book and so this book doesn't seem as rich and full as I normally find Manning. But, Manning always makes me cry, and this book made me stop and pause a few times, and think about the implications of what he was saying. As always, Manning's books make me uncomfortable. He is so emotional and raw, and he challenges me to rethink many of my assumptions. I have highlighted many other books from his reference list and will continue to use the "personal [...]

I love Manning. His pure understanding of the Gospel of Christ is so refreshing. The way this book points out the love of God sending us the ultimate portrait of how He desires us to live in and through His very own Son, is amazing. Manning never disappoints to portray the heart of God in his writing. And the best part is that unlike many other Christian (i use this term loosely) authors, Mr. Manning writes with only one agenda, Gods love, not personal gain or promotion. He never misses a chance [...]

A book that touched my life on contemplative prayer. I have been blessed by following the silent prayer and the prayer where I would listen to Christ's voice. Towards the end of his book, Manning brought me to believe that the many experiences of people I had thrashed in the past as mere imaginations and dreams, to be real when the relationship with Christ deepens! I really loved this book. I'd recommend this to all of those who are beginning to follow Christ, and to those who want to be radical [...]

Very good insight into discipleship. I had started to read The Ragamuffin Gospel at one point but had trouble getting into it. This book however was more challenging as far as life and thought patterns go, so that was an enticement to dig in. His insights are golden and he is incredibly articulate. He tells some great stories and really models what living out that discipleship looks like. Definitely a good read for people that are looking to go deeper with the Lord. I think that Manning himself [...]

Nada é tão desconcertante — e, ao mesmo tempo, mais cativante — quanto a mensagem da cruz. É no caminho do Calvário que o poder da vida, traduzida na simplicidade do coração humilde e compassivo, se manifesta de forma eloqüente. É o segredo que levou o próprio Rei Jesus a optar pela coroa de espinhos, ainda que toda a ostentação dos reinos do mundo lhe fosse oferecida. Qual a explicação para essa escolha radical? Contradição? Não. Apenas graça.

I have read this book over and over and over again. Every time there is something else that is life changing.Brennan's, what can only be described as emerging, views on the church are not only poignant but filled with the grace and love of Christ. He is an author that cuts straight to the nitty gritty, leaving all traces of jargon and over spirituality on the wayside.I would hit the five stars a million times for this book.

Absolutely loved this book. A most refreshing and challenging read about living out our Christian life within the shadow of the cross. Understanding and valuing that great sacrifice should change our attitudes, action and interactions. But as we all know, we are human and frailties beset us- just another reminder of why the cross is important. A must-read for anyone interested in growing their spiritual lives.

I read this when I was 15 or 16. It was my first encounter with Brennan Manning- a man who I had heard many wonderful things about from people I admired. After finishing it, I remember thinking "THAT was "THE Brennan Manning?!". It wasn't bad, by any meansbut I don't remember finding anything overly profound, or anything that would make him worthy of the hype surrounding his stuff.Decent book, but a bit underwhelming after hearing how incredible his stuff is.

No matter what Brennan Manning book I pick up my spiritual life is impacted. This book was no different. Almost every page has been highlighted, underlined or contains a note. The personal stories he shares helps you to relate it to your own life. The quotes from others add immensely to the content of this book. It is a must read and one to go back to again and again.

A really good summary of the journey from knowledge to experience. My favorite part was the chapter on contemplative prayer as a way beyond mere devotional spirituality, the latter of which which tends to lead toward a new way of doing but not necessarily of seeing. "I spent so much time doing the things that would please God that I had no time left just to be with God."

I took quite a bit away from this book. The author's style is a bit formal. I doubt anyone will breeze through without a dictionary, but it's worth the effort. My 2 favorite themes: centering down in contemplate prayer & moving from intellectual belief to faith in action. This is a good companion to Chan's Crazy Love.

While I enjoyed some of what Brennan had to say, most of it seemed like random thoughts thrown together into a book. I could not pick out a running theme through his writing and I finished the book and immediately began to wonder, "What have I just read? What was it about? Can I even take anything from this?"

A call to radical, passionate discipleship! Loved it. Christians really do need to turn up the heat on their love of Jesus. We need a real relationship with Him if we are to be changed and if we are to help change our world. As a sign in front of one of my local churches said, " Lose your religion, follow Jesus." Amen and happy reading!

this book was excellent. if you've never read anything by manning, i highly suggest picking up one of his books. not only insightful, but well-written and enjoyable to read. this book takes a hard look at what it means to find purpose, or rather leave ideas of purpose behind, in light of God's insurmountable love.

Manning is a good write with a passion for Jesus and he conveys this very well. I like his focus on experiencing Jesus and not just believing in him. This is my second book by Brennan and I'd like to read another. Some good stuff too on contemplative prayer. I heard Brennan years ago when a pastor in North Vancouver and he was a very good communicator.

Through this book, God challenged me to draw closer to Him (even when I don't feel like it). As a Christ-follower, I believe (and have experienced) that when you make efforts to draw closer to God, He will indeed draw closer to you. Must read for anyone who is desiring a deeper walk with Christ. Manning is a normal dude that goes through the struggles that are common to us all.

I finished reading this book last month and have gone back several times to reread certain chapters. The author discusses (and regrets) the common ills of the westernized church and leads the reader to a fuller understanding of the true Christian experience that goes beyond church participation, rehearsed lingo and empty motions.

Deeply MovingI am not capable of describing this book or the impact it can have on the reader. If you have read any of Brennan Manning's books you already know what a powerful writer he was, and you will not be disappointed in this book.

Do not read this book unless you are ready to put surface Christianity away and wrestle with what a deep, authentic relationship with Jesus really looks like, and how far you might be from experiencing it.

An excerpt: "Not everyone is called to radical discipleship. Some are so traumatized by life, that simple survival is their sole concernothers so soiled and scarred that they can barely look beyond their own needs."

Definately my no. one favorite spiritual book. And learned so much.Brenan has a beautiful sincere and deep relationship with our Creator and he has spent a lot of time in solitude with Him which I admire. His thoughts matched up with feelings that I didnt know how to express into words

Brennan Manning has reminded me that being a Christian is more than saying I believe. He challenges me through his own experience and those of others to submit fully to Christ's transforming power and love. Definitely a call to radical living, a message I want to keep heeding.

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