Golden Malicious

Sheila Connolly

Golden Malicious

Golden Malicious

  • Title: Golden Malicious
  • Author: Sheila Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780425257104
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

BEETLE MANIA While orchard owner Meg Corey dreads the labor of manual irrigation to stave off a drought, her boyfriend, Seth, couldn t be excited about doing historic renovation on one of Granford s oldest houses Tagging along as he picks up supplies is supposed to give Meg a much needed break, but the trip turns rotten when she almost trips over a dead body at anBEETLE MANIA While orchard owner Meg Corey dreads the labor of manual irrigation to stave off a drought, her boyfriend, Seth, couldn t be excited about doing historic renovation on one of Granford s oldest houses Tagging along as he picks up supplies is supposed to give Meg a much needed break, but the trip turns rotten when she almost trips over a dead body at an old saw mill s forest reserve But the body isn t the only frightening discovery she makes A mysterious insect infestation seems to have migrated to the area one that could bring serious harm to local woodlands And it s up to Meg to find out what s behind this sudden swarm of trouble Includes Delicious RecipesA New York Times bestseller

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Another winner from the Orchard series. I am so enjoying this story line and would recommend it to all cozy lovers, but as with most seriesad it from the beginning.

This was one of the better entries in the series or maybe I'm just partial to what was going on in the characters personal lives in this one. The mystery was interesting. I did get kind of tired about hearing about how they had to go water the trees since there was a drought going on. That's the hard part about writing a book I'm sure, combing all the day to day boring parts of life with the stuff that people actually want to read about. Looking forward to the next entry.

Amazing, simply amazing. I absolutely loved this book, and will eagerly read the next one! (Which has been sitting on my pile for awhile!) The only problem was I guessed the perpetrator about half way through, but it worked well in the end and Ms. Connolly went a completely different way than I expected.

I started reading Sheila Connolly's orchard mysteries last summer when I 1st started reading cozy mysteries. I immediately liked Meg, Seth and the rest of the characters (except Bree) in the town of Granford, MA. Meg is an incredibly likable character who after getting laid off from her finance job in Boston (another cozy cliche) decides to take over her aunts' old house and revive the apple orchard business on it. The 1st 6 books were good. I like the character development and Meg and Seth's gr [...]

Remember last summer when the country went through such a terrible drought. Well Granford, Massachusetts suffers through one just like that in this installment of the Apply Orchard Mysteries. To add insult to injury a mysterious beetle has appeared in the wooded areas around town and that could mean a lot of trees coming down.Meg learns a lot more about her Granford when she tags along with her boyfriend Seth. He is doing some repairs to an historic home and he needs some supplies he can’t jus [...]

Golden Delicious is the seventh book in An Orchard Mystery series.I really love all of Sheila Connolly's books, but this series in particular. I like the way Connolly weaves a bit of interesting information to give the reader something to ponder, in addition to solving the murder. Two points of interest that Connolly delves into and ties into the story are home restoration and the use of period type material. I particularly enjoy this as I have visited the Studebaker family mansion and am always [...]

I have never read a book in which I want the main character to die. However while reading this book, I was okay with that happening. Everything in this booke mystery and the characters have gotten to be dull. It only took 7 books for Meg and Seth to realize their feelings for one another. And that was only after Seth's mom paid meg a visit to inform her Seth wants kids. Really? How many grown men have their mommies come talk to their girlfriend about babies and the future. Once I got done rollin [...]

The mystery is more low-key, less emphasized, than in the other books in this series.In some ways I enjoyed Golden Malicious more than the others, I think the mystery is actually better integrated into the other events of the novel.I'm not very impressed with Connolly's character development. Considering Golden Malicious is the 7th book in the series the characters should be more rounded, more fleshed out than they are. But I'm still reading the series so I guess Connolly is doing something righ [...]

I love this series. I live in western Ma so I recognize all the areas. I love all the characters in this book.

It's summer time in the orchard and a heat wave has hit. Meg is worried about her trees surviving all the warm weather. She goes with Seth to check out the local mill and of course she finds another dead body along with a rare beetle that will now prove to be problematic for the town.I really enjoyed this book. It was nice to see Seth and Meg's relationship continue to grow through this book. The mystery was really good. I figured this one out quick but it was nice to see how Meg processed every [...]

What if he feels threatened again and does something similar? Next time a bug could escape and could wipe out an entire species of tree in an area. Something similar happened in real life during the 20th century in New England where almost all of the Elm Trees were wiped out.

Meg and Seth are again mixed in with murder - maybe - along with beetles, no rain and fires. There were some slow spots in this storyline.

This book moved along slowly for me. Not sure why because I love this author. I don;t think the mystery really held my attention. It was easy to put it down and not pick it up for a while.

Really this is 3.5 stars. The mystery basically took a backseat to farming and Community concerns, but the characters and the setting are so charming I almost didn't notice.

Meg is in the wrong place at the wrong time again. She and Seth are involved in a strange murder with a unique twist. loved it!

addicted to this series!

Review to come

I continue to enjoy this series very much, I love how the author brings more to the book then just the up front mystery, we learn a lot about issues facing farmers, renovations of old houses, how farmers deal with things like drought, all very relevant topics woven into a good mystery that usually has a surprise but plausible conclusion. I also enjoy the continuing relationship development between Meg and Seth and also between Meg and Bree. I can't wait to read the next volume in the series!!!!

Because I am the curious sort, when Meg mentioned planting in the spring, I had to check on the best times to plant fruit trees. Being from the South, we always planted in the fall. It turns out that for a northeastern area, spring is best. However, at another stage the main character, Meg, goes into a new environment and is handed a Tyvek (page 110), which she does not fully explain. Although to be fair the author did make a reference to it when the main character was told she would have to ‘ [...]

Meg Corey owns an apple orchard in Massachusetts. She is working hard right now to save the orchard from a drought. She and her assistant Bree are watering and watching to make sure the trees do not become too stressed.Seth Chapin is Meg's significant other. He is a skilled craftsman who restores historical buildings when he gets the chance. He is working hard on a home that was hit by a speeding car. The damage to the home was significant.In the midst of all this, there are two awful events.Fir [...]

I've enjoyed all of the books in this series. I have to agree with other reviewers about some parts of this book though. The author apparently did a lot of research on the beetle and included it in the storyline. Since it wasn't catching my interest at the time, I set it aside for a few weeks & started over when I did finally read it. I would've enjoyed it more if she'd spent more time on the relationship between Seth & Meg. Also, while all deaths in mysteries aren't necessarily murders, [...]

If you're a fan of this incredibly well-written mystery series based around an apple orchard in New England, you're in for a treat with this latest addition. As usual, Sheila Connolly spins a terrific tale and her writing is crisp and tight. The plot and handful of new characters are all enjoyable, and there's an element of suspense in this offering that really had me on the edge of my chair. I enjoyed intriguing side trips into construction of colonial houses and even into a lab where dangerous [...]

In this installment of the Orchard series, Meg Corey is coping with a drought, which means she and her assistant, Bree, are hand watering the orchard. They drag up a container of water for the trees, refill it from the spring, and water some more. While visiting a tree lot nearby, Meg discovers a dead body, but even worse a strange insect. This turns out to be the Asian long horned beetle, an invasive species that is a serious threat to area forests. We continue to learn a lot about running an a [...]

Fabulous author. Excellent, smart writing skills and tells a story you don't want to put down. I've enjoyed the entire series. Love the historic feel, the small town and the orchard! Of course since she details the work of an orchard I now know I don't want to own one. Just live near one where I can enjoy the trees. Sheila's books are like finding a comfortable flannel shirt in the closet you forgot you loved. An old friend you know will make your day more enjoyable, comfortable and fun while yo [...]

I have been a fan of this series for a while. The small-town feel and excitement of the main character owning and running an apple farm has always been a big draw. This particular book in the series did not seem to have a good flow. Meg and Seth are dealing with a romantic block and the death that they are investigating seemed to take a back seat. All the truly fun characters - the chief of police and local investigators do not play a big role in the story and there is less to think about. A rom [...]

Orchard owner Meg Corey left her high pressure job behind, but tending to acres of apple trees isn't a life of leisure. There's been no rain for weeks and Meg and her orchard manager Bree are hauling water hoping to save this year's crop.Meg's boyfriend Seth has been hired to do repairs on a historic house that was damaged by a reckless teenager in a fast car. When Meg accompanies Seth to a local sawmill, she discovers a body in the woods. Foul play, or just an accident?Connolly mixes mystery wi [...]

I liked this book, but not as much as some of the others in the series. Mainly because it had what I consider an unsatisfying ending for "bad guy" though it was a good ending for Meg and Seth. I do look forward to where the next book will take their relationship, as well as whatever murder mystery will turn up to be solved by the whole cast of characters. And they are great supporting characters--I love Bree and Michael, Lydia, Rachel and Noah, Christopher, and Art, and all the other peripheral [...]

This is 7th in the orchard mysteries and a great series. Meg Corey owns an apple orchard and is fighting a drought spending hours hauling water to her trees. Her boyfriend is restoring an old house and she tags along finding a dead body and an insect that will cause serious problems for the whole area. Meg has to find out who the killer is and who brought the insect into the area. This has interesting information about apple orchards, trees and the work that goes into them without it being too m [...]

It's about that time where I have to stop reading a series that I've read from the beginning. The last book was so boring and this one was no better. The premise focused around bugs. Bugs, really? It started off well until it turned into solving a mystery about a bug. I understand that it's a series about orchards but I need a little more than a boring plot, a boring relationship, a boring killer, and a, well boring everything.

Author spends way too much time in "teaching mode"--what is an ALB (the bug the star of this book)? How bad does ecology suffer? What is it like to irrigate by hand?Seth came off as way too "old-fashioned" with his obsession with having children.While the mystery might have been good, it was pretty obvious using the what-new-character-is-just-in-this-book-enough-to-have-done-it theory. Even figured out the reason.I'll give the series one more book before deciding whether to quit.

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