Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress

Brian Beker

Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress

Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress

  • Title: Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress
  • Author: Brian Beker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A panicked puppy in a Los Angeles shelter deemed too terrified for adoption is scheduled to be killed When a rescue volunteer frees her at the last minute, the little girl is 15 pounds underweight and covered with open sores, swollen ticks and thousands of fleas Her ears are stuffed with blood and wax, her paws filled with concrete The victim of severe neglect and confiA panicked puppy in a Los Angeles shelter deemed too terrified for adoption is scheduled to be killed When a rescue volunteer frees her at the last minute, the little girl is 15 pounds underweight and covered with open sores, swollen ticks and thousands of fleas Her ears are stuffed with blood and wax, her paws filled with concrete The victim of severe neglect and confinement, her muscles are atrophied even her tongue lolls in her mouth It hurts her to walk than a few feet, and she limps She has chewed and licked through the skin on her limbs Physical ailments can heal, but the greatest challenge will be to overcome what life has taught her about humans that they are to be feared Named Roo, the puppy is randomly assigned to a volunteer foster parent with neither special skills nor experience with fearful dogs He writes that he is, just as scared as she is Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress is the emotional and inspiring true story of Roo s journey and the powerful bond formed as she and her foster dad develop the trust and understanding to address her fears and problems one at a time It s the story of an attempt to redeem an unredeemable dog.This series originally appeared online, where it received nearly 20,000 likes, shares and comments, making it the most popular dog series of 2012 It is accompanied by 20 images and links to numerous videos and online resources.

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This is a must read for anyone even thinking about owning a pet, whether it be a dog or cat. This story is exquisitely told, although difficult to read at times. I can't wait to find out what happens to Roo next, and all I can say is bless the author for fostering this precious dog. The conditions that were initially described, and continued, reminded me of what I went through with Lucky (physical) and later Cleo (emotional -- much more damaging). People, please be responsible with your pets, in [...]

We adopted a rescue dog 2.5 years ago, and I wish this book had existed then. My first months with Jetta would have gone much more smoothly if I had. So, reading this book through the lens of having a rescue dog in the family, the author really captures the learning curve that both human and canine have. I love Beker's writing and just wanted the book to be longer. Fortunately, I can get my fix by following his blog, where he writes insightfully and honestly about how Roo the dog is coming into [...]

This is an extraordinary story of love and second chances, for both the author and his rescued Golden, Roo, whose transformation from cowering, abused pup to a shining ball of fur and wicked fun will have you laughing and crying sometimes all at once.Please consider purchasing this small book as a gift, for yourself or a friend. The author is an accomplished writer, and his love and compassion for the beautiful, deeply scarred dog he rescued from certain destruction is a joy to uncover as you tu [...]

I'm not sure who has more heart in this small, true story - the sorely damaged Golden Retriever puppy, Roo, who must trust her rescuer to survive, or the sorely compassionate rescuer, Brian, who must trust himself to save her.Either way, it’s a wonderful little book worth reading and passing on.For more about Roo and Brian, their blog is thedogintheclouds/

Beautifully written. Very moving. A story still on-going of a broken man and a broken dog supporting each other intuitively on their travels together.

Want *the* perfect gift for a Christmas stocking stuffer? Have dog lovers in your life? Get them his book! Seriously. The story of Roo, the abused Golden Retriever, who slowly transforms from a terrified dog, thought to be around 2 years old, to the beautiful pup she is meant to be. Her story, told by her foster turned adopted dad, Brain Beker, will have you crying, cheering, and loving this Golden and her dad. Brian relates the story so well you feel Roo's fear, share her triumphs and fall in l [...]

I found the story of Roo, the unwanted and mistreated Golden Retriever through the Golden Retriever Forum some time ago and was hooked. Brian Beker writes with so much passion about his dog, you feel like you are there with him. I follow his blog and Facebook page faithfully, because I can't wait what kind of things they (him and Rookie) have gotten into. Mr. Beker has a wonderful way with words, entertaining me with every new tale (or tail) of Roo.I only wish he would write more and faster. Tha [...]

I am a golden retriever foster and I too have seen dogs go through this situation. I love the way the authors describes all the wonderful things they do to get Roo acclimated to life in general. My foster was Winnie and he was from a puppy mill. He was afraid of everythingors, ceiling fans, shadows. He is now with a wonderful family with two other golden rescues and is now the Alfa of the pack. He is now a confident loving companion and that is why I do rescue.

A heart wrenching account of a rescuer who goes above and beyond to bring a frightened puppy back to herself. Roo's story is an inspiration and tribute to all those who cannot speak for themselves. Brian is an everyday hero whose love for Roo shines through in each line.

Beautiful book and a wonderful read. This book is for anyone who has or doesn't have a pet. Brian details his amazing journey with his soul companion.This is the type of book you talk to others about and recommend.Thanks Brian for writing such a wonderful adventure.

What a great story. This book will be a real heart warmer for anyone who loves dogs. I would recommend for all ages. AWESOME true story

i loved following this saga. i can't wait to see what else Brian does with his Roo stories!

I only gave this book three stars because it was only 40 pages long. I feel cheated because I NEED to know so much more about Roo. I love animals. After my retirement from teaching, I hope to dedicate my time to helping animals. This book just showed again that no matter how abused the animal was there seems to be a loving creature in his or her soul waiting to be set free.

When I first started reading Roo & Brian's story, I wondered if I would be able to follow their journey together. By the end of the first 'chapter', I was 'hooked'. Brian had convinced me there was hope & he was right about that. This was just the beginning.

Excellent story about a severely mistreated dog left to die in a high kill shelter in Los Angles that is rescued in the nick of time. Although the book is short, anyone can continue to follow the progress of the dog named Roo through author, Brian Bekers blog thedogintheclouds.

Great book for all pet lovers. Read the book over a year ago and still following the blog! Heartwarming and concise. Follows the story of one pup who is rescued at the very last minute through his "cleaning up" and ongoing rehabilitation. A GREAT READ.

lovlovlovlov this!!! a must read!!


For all dog lovers to read. Well written and will surely touch your heart.

This is a sweet story about the rescue of a Golden Retriever named Roo. Though it is a sad story in the beginning, you begin to feel so much hope for Roo as the story goes on. I love sweet little Roo and look forward hearing how her story unfolds through Brian's blog and Facebook site.

compassion and caring for a damage dogde miracles:-)

Well, that didn't take long.I feel misled by the description of the book and all of the rave reviews. Maybe it's my fault, because I'm not in the habit of checking a book's page count before purchasing. I expected a full narrative, not a pamphlet about a couple of weeks in the life of a foster dog.Beker has talent as a writer. On page 30 (more than halfway through the entire work), he delivers an evocative description: "The first week with Roo was like a time-lapse film of a flower blossoming. H [...]

This was a quick and easy read. It was a short book and it was about a subject close to my heart. I enjoy reading about dogs being rescued and rehabilitated. The only thing I thought was strange was that he was noted as being a writer and the book was not well written. It felt like it was a young writer or first time writer not an author of other books. He constantly repeated himself throughout the book which was annoying but it was a good read about him helping this dog out.

Roo's StoryThis was a Great Story! The writer was very descriptive making you feel you were there with them in every situation! My niece has a Lab that looks almost identical to Roo, which got my attention initially. If you are a dog lover you should read this touching and heartwarming book. It is not lengthy but a relaxing read.

Excellent storyr all dog loversIf you are considering a rescue dog, this book will show you the pro and con of this kind of dog. I have a rescue dog myself, a 5 year Chihuahua name Kimmi, the joy she brings to my life is beyond my dreams. Rescue dogs or cats are not for everyone, but the rewards are great. Do your homework about the breed you like.

Heartwarming story of a wonderfully compassionate man and the dog who desperately needed to be saved. I love the way he tells the story of Roo. Such suffering she had gone through before she found her forever home. Well worth reading if you like a good dog tale.

a short but interesting story of what it's like to rescue a large, neglected and unsure dog by an author who is inexperienced at dog rescue but learns by doing it because he is the only one this dog has.

Very touchingThis is a great book about fostering the abused dog. It shows the patience and love needed for these special dogs. I recommend this book for anyone considering becoming a foster.

Actually a short story, but non-fiction account of the first phase of a dog rescue/rehabilitation of a dog named Roo. A little too anthropomorphic, but shows the challenges of helping a damaged dog to heal; including set-backs and successes. Wish the story was longer and told more.

VERY TOUCHINGA story of companionship and mutual redemption. Brings tears of sadness and shame for what humans can do to the creatures who most love and trust us, along with joy for the overcoming and the forgiving nature all dogs possess.

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