Hairy Harry's Car Seat


Hairy Harry's Car Seat

Hairy Harry's Car Seat

  • Title: Hairy Harry's Car Seat
  • Author: SueBrown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: ebook

Peter Mitchell walked away from his marriage with two things a suitcase and Hairy Harry, the family pet.When Harry becomes ill, Peter is faced with one of the hardest decisions he s ever had to make saying goodbye to his best friend.Evan Wells is the local vet who attends to Harry and Peter is surprised at how quickly they become friends Peter finds himself looking foPeter Mitchell walked away from his marriage with two things a suitcase and Hairy Harry, the family pet.When Harry becomes ill, Peter is faced with one of the hardest decisions he s ever had to make saying goodbye to his best friend.Evan Wells is the local vet who attends to Harry and Peter is surprised at how quickly they become friends Peter finds himself looking forward to Evan s phone calls and the meals they share together He knows Evan is gay but it doesn t bother him until Evan confesses his attraction to him Peter has to admit to himself that he s not as adverse to the possibility as he thought he would be, and that does bother him.32,000 words

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Written May 18, 20153.2 Stars - Woof cuteWoof, woof!!Sincerely sweet, maybe too sweet, but good for your heart. Hairy Harry's Car Seat isn't so much about dog Harry as about the straight owner and a gay vet. *********************************************A lovely slow phased and realistic "guy for you" story. The forty years old divorced dad of two, Peter meet a nice veterinarian, Evan when his old dog Harry gets very sick (and too old). # Vet Evan is new in town with a heart wrenching bad relatio [...]

I really enjoyed this book and read it in one go. It may be one of the more realistic 'gay for you' stories I've read.Peter meets Evan, a young vet, when his dog Harry needs to be put down. I can tell you, I cried through those first 20 or so pages. I have 3 dogs myself and the very idea! So verklempt. But it was a good set-up for the relationship as Even befriends Peter and keeps calling and stopping by.Evan is openly gay. Peter is a straight divorced man. Yet Peter is lonely. He really enjoys [...]

Harry has been Peter's best friend and companion for years, seen him through his divorce and his loneliness, listened to him complain about his new boss and given him a reason to get out of the house a few times a day, a companion in his bed and always rides shotgun in his car, but now Harry is so old and so ill that he isn't going to be there with Peter anymore. They have to say goodby * cue me needing tissues*.Evan the vet's cousin is helping out in his vet clinic and during the difficult time [...]

This didn't work for me. I found the GFY aspect of it tremendously awkward and really had trouble believing the outcome. I did find myself liking the characters independent of their story line so that was a plus and helped me to reach the end of the read. Pet lovers beware though: (view spoiler)[Harry doesn't make it and that's a heartbreaker. (hide spoiler)]

Sweet, touching GFY read about two lonely men who make a connection over a dying old, beloved pet dog. Recommended if you can handle pet death sadness, loads of sexual tension, light M/M sex, but loving passion.Free for Kindle users!

This was an okay read, but I didn't connect with either of the characters very well. My only emotional response here was from the death of the dog Harry. And, as the owner of a ten year old lab with arthritis, I think most of that was projection. I actually liked the ex-wife character. She redeemed herself from the classic evil-bitch-syndrome that so many women in m/m fiction suffer from, which made a nice change.

One to get cosy with , settle down with a beverage of choice , relax and just read about these two really endearing guys who meet because of poor old Harry and find love through him. What a lovely legacy from a poignant moment. I really loved this. It was just a charming, easy story with a little bit of angst and a well handled friends/ lovers and GFY plot. I agree it leaves you with the warm and fuzzies. Very nice.

Warm-fuzzy treat. Except for the part where I cried through the first 20% of the book. (Doesn't that usually happen more toward the end?) I just couldn't help it. Nice, easy read-when you are in the mood for one, give it a shot. :)

Pretty good read. I will continue with the series.

3.5I read this story a while back and never rated it because by the time I finished I was still sobbing. Here I am tearing-up again, trying to put the darn stars and now I'm sobbing again. I shouldn't have even liked this book. It has kids. It has a GFY hero, and for goodness sakes, it has a dog! All of those should have hit my tolerance level into a DNF, and yet it didn't because the lost love and sadness didn't come from the death of a marriage, it came from the loss of the most loyal friend. [...]

This was a wonderful read, I thoroughly enjoyed this and immediately got caught up in the story.

Beautifully written, touching, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Shows you how unexpected love can be and how love can come from loss, highly recommended.

**** This is a charming British story ! **** Peter's beloved dog is 14, and it's time. He takes him to the vet to get an opinion and meets the new Veterinarian, Evan, tall, handsome and 38. After his kids visit to see Harry, Evan, pops by to see how it's going. He sits with Peter, 40, while Peter tells stories of Harry. Evan and Peter We learn a lot about Peter's family and work, and Evan's boyfriend and Mum. This is a super slow burn, a case of friendship that progresses. The people feel so rea [...]

So far, I have to say this is my favorite of Sue Brown's books. I've liked everything I've read of hers, but this one really caught me up. Although the beginning is so heart-wrenching I brooded for two days over the memories it stirred up about my own personal pet tragedy. The romance between Peter (who has been totally straight until now) and Evan, the vet who looks after Harry in the beginning, is about as realistic as GFY romances can be, and very sweet. There were a couple moments where I di [...]

Wow, this was a great book! I loved the intelligent writing in this book. I loved Peter's thought process regarding his attraction to a man. When Evan was hurt I was so happy it wasn't the typical gay bashing. Harry. I had to think about my own dog's mortality. She's a miniature schnauzer and will be ten this year. The opening scenes were hard for a dog lover like myself. But Harry is in heaven chasing squirrels. I like books with kids, pets, and now I realize, cooking too. I was so inspired by [...]

4.5/5 I love me a bit of Sue Brown Perfect short story with a dog, a GFY storyline, and some nicely drawn kids

Free on ARe until 1/12/14allromanceebooks/prodYay!

Sweet little read yes sadness the 1st 18% but not horrible then it just got sweet

This was a short quick read that I wished I liked better. Peter Mitchell walked away from his marriage with his suitcase and his cat I hated the cats name. When the cat gets sick he has to put him down and being a pet owner myself I know how hard it was for him to do. Evan Wells is the local vet that help's Peter with Harry. The two become friends when Evan confesses his attraction to him he doesn't know what to think but he is not against the idea of hooking up with him. This was a short quick [...]

What a great sweet story from Sue Brown. Forty year old Peter takes his dog Harry to the vet since the dog is not doing well. It is the end of the road for Harry but the beginning for Peter and Evan the vet.Peter has two kids and has been divorced for some time after his wife cheated on him. Evan is in a relationship with another guy. But can it be called a relationship when he barely ever sees the guy? They are both lonely guys who fall into an easy friendship. But Evan is attracted to Peter an [...]

I loved this story. It is sweet, sad, happy, and has a wonderful ending. The main characters are three dimensional, well developed, and show strength, weaknesses and growth of character. The secondary players, mostly Peter’s family and ex-wife, are as you might expect them to be but better. The kids couldn’t care less if Daddy has a boyfriend and his ex-wife, coming across initially as a shrew, morphs into a person who is able to encourage Peter to pursue an affair with Evan. HAIRY HARRY’S [...]

*Really 3 1/2 Stars*I liked it, but there were some issues. I think many of those could have been dealt with if there were more length to flesh out the characters and the story. Still I thought Peter was sweet and I liked him a lot. Evan could have been, but sometimes he was a little pushy and a little moody. (view spoiler)[And I didn't like him much until he broke up with his boyfriend and that didn't happen until nearly the end. (hide spoiler)] Wouldn't mind trying more by the author.

I found this realistic and very sweet.I bawled for the first 20%. (not saying why, but it's pretty obvious), then I awwed for the next 40% while the boys flirted with friendship, then I tried to hustle Pete along while he dithered and dallied.Slow slow build up to the smexy. I was interested that we pretty much knew nothing about Pete's job until the last third when it came into play. Very unusual structure. Enjoyed this book a lot.

I definitely got the friend vibe from these two, but I wasn't feeling any chemistry. Maybe if it'd been longer, so the friendship could have developed into more?! But I didn't buy Peter deciding he's bi so easily and I didn't get Evan trying to force the issue either with that kiss. I felt like everything resolved too quickly and perfectly (Peter deciding he was bi and Evan's thing with Joey) so that the book could end. And OMG did I cry poor Harry!

I haven't had good experiences with this author'a writing in the past and with the big error in the very first sentence of the blurb I know this one isn't for me. Also I find the title and "hairy Harry" stupid so. "Peter Mitchell walked away with from his marriage with two things: a suitcase and Hairy Harry, the family pet."

I thought this was a cute story. I did find Evan a bit pushy (sometimes whiny) at times, but thought it was spot on for a GFY you story. I wanted inside of Evan's head though. Especially when dealing with Joey. I wanted to know that side of things.

3.5 stars - This was short and sweet story. It made me smile but also brought tears to my eyes in a couple of places. The romance and the characters were great, I just wish that it had been longer.

Though I enjoyed reading this story originally, the narration didn't quite live up to the story to me. Narration enjoyment is very subjective, so give this a try.

The whole series are FREE on All Romance for a month, so of course I grabbed this!! ;-)

See full review at The Armchair ReaderThis site is down. Here is the review.Warning! The story starts off with a very sad episode and any pet owner will most likely need a box of tissues handy. I saw the blurb for this one and knew I wanted to read it right away. I got it pretty close to release day, but alas the annoying job got in the way of reading it. When I finally was able to sit down and read, I flew through this book in one sitting. When Peter has to take his dog in to the vet’s office [...]

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