ニセコイ 4 [Fake Love 4]

Naoshi Komi

ニセコイ 4 [Fake Love 4]

ニセコイ 4 [Fake Love 4]

  • Title: ニセコイ 4 [Fake Love 4]
  • Author: Naoshi Komi
  • ISBN: 9784088705385
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback


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The more I think about this series, the more it annoys me. I know, I know. It's shounen, so what was I expecting? The gags, the humor, it's all well and fine. But, there is zero progression. Zero. At least in a shoujo romance, you get somewhere. The tsundere character comes around, whatever, but here, it's like a reset button is pressed at every chapter.That said, it's still a fun read. I just can't expect too much as far as any actual plot progression.

Who does this bitch think she is?!

Even for a series of this type, this series moves at a g l a c i a l pace. I really should drop it, but I won't, because I don't make good decisions

~4/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!](Contains a minor spoiler.)If you’re looking for a legitimately good harem series, this is a good one to try. The characters themselves are worth it, which is just so nice.The lock and key situation is actually heating up, surprisingly enough. There’s a confrontation of sorts between Ichijo and Onodera, and then between Ichijo and Chitoge which actually ends with a broken key. And then, with neither of them realizing that the other girl might be the [...]

So full of:Exciting, hilarious, shocking and great.

What!! Another girl! He's up to four now! But, his responses always seem so genuine. And the "blonde gorilla" birthday was a priceless comedic choice. I really like the growing chain of observers that contribute to every date, I wonder, how far the author will be able to push this theme as the dates continue though out the series.

This series is pretty silly/cliche/fan-service-y, but I enjoy it a lot. Particularly the occasional ugly face close-ups.

What the hell is happening??? This is getting crazy!

How many can there be?! LOL

Keys keys keys keys! And too many promises. Oooh, this is getting kind of twisty. And another surprise ending - NOT what you expect. I'm starting to see how this storyline carries out through so many volumes!

Raaahhh cette série est tellement bien !! J'adore tous les personnages et tout particulièrement Raku qui est vraiment extra, quelqu'un de très gentil. Le mystère autour de la promesse continue de s'épaissir J'ai hâte de lire la suite !

Tsugumi 😆😆 And every girl head over heels to Raku Ichijou here 😂😂😂

Holy heckI've lost track of how many love interests there are for the main dude now.Like seriously. I lost count. At least they're all drawn differently though.

Love is thick in the air. Tsugumi has gotten a love letter from a classmate, and all the talk and preparation for Chitoge's birthday has been allowing a little more time for Onodera and Raku to get a little closer, especially when instead of asking when Onodera's birthday is, he asks her if she was the girl he made a promise with ten years ago! But when she answers "yes, I am" it leaves a looming anticipation over their heads. Could Onodera be the girl? Could Raku be the boy? What better for bot [...]

Ini memang harem manga sih tapi tetap saja Ceweknya makin banyak dan bikin hidup si Raku jadi makin complicated >.<

untuk buku yang gue kejar2 gegara gak beli waktu terbit buku ini biasa aja sebenernya hahaha

The volume starts off nicely, with some very cute moments with Tsugumi, as well as between Raku and Kosaki (best girl). There's also some possible development in the relationship between Raku and Chitoge. There's some tension, as Raku continues his search for the girl he made a promise with ten years ago--either Chitoge or Kosaki, he believes.(view spoiler)[His confusion is only made worse by Chitoge's father revealing he knew BOTH girls when they were 5, and all played together 10 years ago--th [...]

With this volume, Nisekoi is getting way out of hand. I'm not necessarily opposed to Tachibana, the new girl that they dragged into the story in this volume, bringing the Ayeka to the Tenchi Muyo smackdown. Her prissy, manipulative behavior adds something to the group dynamic that none of the other characters are currently representing. What I do have a problem with, however, is that the world this manga is set in must have been afflicted by Big O style amnesia ten years prior to the story if no [...]

Se hace todo un drama, Onodera le dice a Raku que ella puede ser la chica de la promesa, después Chitoge le dice que encontró una llave en un viejo diario y que podría ser ella la niña de la promesa, al tratar de abrir el pendiente con su llave, se rompe su llave y no averiguan la verdad. Raku se entera que conoció a Onodera y Chitoge al mismo tiempo que la promesa, al final su papá le dice que hay una foto de la niña de l a promesa, al encontrarla , ve que es alguien másquien al final c [...]

Raku tells Onodera about the promise but doesnt try the locket, Chitoge tells him about her key and try, but the key breaks. Chitoge's dad confirm both Chitoge and Onodera met Raku as kids, but Roku finds a photo of a girl is not any of the two. And quite inmediately the mistery girls of the photo appears(so no msitery there) and says she is thepromise girl and is to marry Roku, so some fun moments, but looks like the author doesn't know how to keep a mistery going over a couple of pages.3stars

Marika appears the best character ever she is so in love with Raku also again she is like the girl in the picture of the Raku's past and then again the possibility of her to be the promise girl is high. Chitoge it falling in love with Raku but he still in love with Onodera of course she loves him but doesn't anything to date him.

Can't NOT continue making Rumiko Takahashi comparisons except in THIS series it's not a water-based curse everyone has, but a long-ago marriage promise in form of a silly keyotherwise yeah all these tropes continue to be done better elsewhere, with better plotlines holding the random scenes together

Another awesome and hilarious volume of Nisekoi!All of the characters are developing nicely, with the steady introduction of new characters to add to the fray and flesh out it's tons of fun. Damn good stuff!

This is an interesting series with common stereotypical manga events. I will admit the author catches me off guard with the approach.I am a little over everyone fawning over him; however, this is a harem manga so I should have been expecting as much.

Another good volume.

Lots of fun and ridiculous antics!

Well Tachibana is the most annoying character in existence.

This is love mayhem, Ranma 1/2 style! lol

Oh my! The plot thickens! Now there is a third girl vying for Raku. Can't wait to see what happens

And another fantastic addition to the series! We have our usual hilarious laughs, quite a bit of very serious drama, and a couple of new characters introduced. Definitely just as good on the re-read!

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