The Dead Heart

Douglas Kennedy

The Dead Heart

The Dead Heart

  • Title: The Dead Heart
  • Author: Douglas Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780349106458
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback

That dumbshit map I d been seduced by it Seduced by its possibilities That map had brought me here That map had been a serious mistake The map in question is of Australia, stumbled across in a second hand bookshop by American journalist Nick Hawthorne, en route to another dead end hack job in Akron, Ohio Seduced by all that wilderness, all that NOTHING, Nick decideThat dumbshit map I d been seduced by it Seduced by its possibilities That map had brought me here That map had been a serious mistake The map in question is of Australia, stumbled across in a second hand bookshop by American journalist Nick Hawthorne, en route to another dead end hack job in Akron, Ohio Seduced by all that wilderness, all that NOTHING, Nick decides to put his midlife crisis on hold and light out to the ultimate nowheresville where a chance encounter throws him into a sun baked orgy of surf, sex and swill, and a nightmare from which there is no escape Douglas Kennedy might never be allowed into Australia again This is a crazy, compulsive ultimately serious thriller and a bravura fictional debut from one of our best travel writers Philip Kerr

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This is one of my favourite books. It has the perfect balance of drama and deliciously dark humour which at times is shocking but made me laugh out loud, nonetheless. you will not be able to put it down, I couldn't. If you haven't read this book, do. You won’t be disappointed.

Coup de cœur ! Un roman glaçant et haletant !!!

Horriblement angoissant, un peu comme tout ce qu'on nous donne en France de l'Australie, cela n'en ai pas moins un excellent polar Le tout est excellement cohérent, la fin arrive inéluctablement. L'histoire est simple, un mec un peu paumé un peu cynique, de ces anti héros solitaires qu'on aime, va se retrouver dans une communauté de cinglés sans avoir aucun échappatoire. Impasse au milieu du désert australien

Каквото сам си причиниш, никой друг не може да ти причини.Господи, какво прочетох, господи, с какво си напълних и без това пълната с глупости глава!?След прочета на "Мираж" на Дъглас Кенеди, по която бях УАААУ исках да изчета всичко негово - още тогава ми беше ясно, че става дума [...]

As an Australian reading this book I have to warn you that not all Australians or the country are like this, this is the outback, where it can be a world it its own. This is another great book by Kennedy, this time demonstrating the physical entrapment of a middle aged journalist caught in a rut trying to escape life actually being caught in something far far worse. Enjoy!

We first meet Nick Hawthorne in a Darwin bar. As a stripper offers contorted perspectives on what Australia has to offer, our hero from Maine meets a fellow countryman from Detroit intent on doing to Asia what America does to most places. (Personal opinions, eh?) Nick has some of those. He has a personal approach to life, but feels he gets little out of it, despite having achieved the status of being the first person principal character of Douglas Kennedy’s novel The Dead Heart.Nick is a journ [...]

2 étoiles 1/2Si je devais utiliser un seul mot pour résumer Piège Nuptial, je choisirais sans aucun doute "glauque" tout le début (et par début, j'entends les 2/3 du roman) m'a mise mal à l'aise, m'a fait me sentir comme dans un cauchemar informe, et me demander où Douglas Kennedy m'emmenait.J'ai trouvé ce roman très différent des autres que j'ai lus (et beaucoup aimés) du même auteur, à part peut-être La Femme du Vème qui partageait cette atmosphère onirique, tout en étant, à [...]

On dit qu'il ne faut pas juger un livre à sa couverture et c'est malheureusement ce que j'ai fait. La couverture de ce roman m'a tout de suite fait de l’œil et m'a donné envie de le lire. Je m'y suis alors mise, mais très vite, j'ai été sceptique quant à l'intrigue et au style de l'auteur. C'était le premier roman que je lisais de Douglas Kennedy, et même si j'ai entendu plein de choses positives à son sujet, je n'ai pas été pleinement convaincue par ma lecture. Il a fallu que j'at [...]

Loved it! It was a brilliant read; written superbly and carrying a fantastic storyline that included just enough humour to balance out the quite terrifying side of the book. Some parts were really rather gruesome but it added so much to the storyline and made the ending quite a fast paced, page turning frantic read to find out what was going to happen. I thought it was great and would definitely recommend it. I'll also be keeping my eyes peeled for other Douglas Kennedy novels.

A brilliant (yet quick) read! This was genuinely really exciting and I am *ALWAYS* impressed with the way Douglas Kennedy writes - this was no exception. I would have loved for this whole story to have been double the length as I really enjoyed the plot and would have been interested to hear more about life in the 'commune'. Brilliant, Brilliant! Genuine tension and suspense at the end and an ending that left you relieved but still letting those goosebumps creep in!

I'm a great fan of Douglas Kennedy and this certainly didn't disappoint. A fast moving story - brilliant.

I think I picked this book up something like 20 years ago based on my enjoyment of the author's travel writing -- it's sat on my shelves unread until two days ago. Although now an established and successful novelist, this was his debut -- and it's a crisply effective fast-paced story that, had it been written in a different era, might have been classified as pulp fiction. Forty-something hack journalist Neil has a mid-life crisis while en route to a new job, and impulsively decides to flee Ameri [...]

Comme toujours entre Douglas Kennedy et moi c'est une affaire qui marche. Piège Nuptial est tellement angoissant qu'il est impossible de lâcher une minute ce livre ! L'auteur arrive à faire monter la tension au point qu'on a l'impression que c'est à nous que toute cette situation de dingue arrive ! Chapeau l'artiste !

Didn't actually read past the first couple of chapters too much swearing unusual novel from Douglas Kennedy not to my liking.

un coup de cœur pour certains de mes collègues qui me' l'on chaudement recommandé.Je n'ai pas du tout accroché à ce personnage imbu de lui-même et à côté de la plaque.

Really interesting book. I was hooked.

This story had a creative plot combined with witty humor . A great combination that keeps you reading!

A superb tale set in the back of beyond in Australia. The start of the book is pretty weak but stick with it.

At 199 pages this was a short, quick little read and as a big fan of Douglas Kennedy I wondered if it could match up to his other novels being so thin and coming across as more of a 'short story' initially. However, it was actually the perfect length for the story Kennedy wanted to tell here and absolutely as gripping and as cleverly written as his other books. I very much enjoyed reading about the often tense and sometimes quite horrifying struggles of Nick's time (or nightmare) in the Australi [...]

Not the quality Kennedy usually produces. This one was really out there. I gave it three stars because it was entertaining.

I have read a few Douglas Kennedy books now and I have really enjoyed them and this one is no different. It is a very short book - less than 200 pages - and the plot is crazy but it is a fun read, both suspenseful and funny. The book is about a journalist called Nick who has decided to do some travelling around Australia. He meets a girl called Angie and he has what he thinks will be a brief fling with her. However, when he tries to dump her, she drugs him, kidnaps him and takes him to a hick Au [...]

N'est ce pas le fantasme de tout jeune homme dans la force de l'âge de rencontrer une belle et jeune auto-stoppeuse et de se faire kidnapper par elle pour une orgie sexuelle ? C'est ce que nous propose, ici, Douglas Kennedy, au cœur du bush australien. Des villes éloignées les unes des autres de centaines et de centaines de kilomètres et entre : rien. Mais rien du tout. Du sable rouge, des kangourous, des pierrailles, alors oui, quand on décide de se faire un road-trip tout seul dans l'imm [...]

J'ai découvert l'existence de ce roman à l'occasion d'un festival de bande-dessinée dans lequel se trouvait son adaptation : Piège nuptial, de Christian de Metter. J'ai bien aimé cette dernière et c'est ce qui m'a donné envie de lire le livre. Cela tombait bien, une de mes collègues l'avait dans sa bibliothèque, et me l'a gentiment prêté. Cul-de-sac est le premier roman de Douglas Kennedy, un auteur dont je n'avais jamais rien lu, jusqu'ici. C'est l'histoire de Nick, un journaliste ap [...]

This novelette length story is Douglas Kennedy’s debut. Just as in The Big Picture, the protagonist is a middle aged man stuck in a rut. However, this character is very different from succesful family man Ben Bradford in The Big Picture. Instead, he is a commitment phobic journalist who drifts through life, never holding down a job for more than a few years, never “doing” anything. One day, midlife crisis strikes hard and he flies to Australia. But not Sydney or Melbourne. Darwin. His plan [...]

Piège nuptial était pour moi la relecture d’un livre dont je gardais un plutôt bon souvenir.Et en effet, le moins qu’on puisse dire c’est que la virée de Nick en Australie va lui laisser des souvenirs.A peine débarqué dans ce pays, le voilà qui prend en stop Angie, une autochtone jeune et bronzée qui a su le séduire.Pas de chance pour lui, celle-ci a une notion de l’engagement très particulière et voilà désormais dans une communauté assez spéciale qui vit en autarcie au mi [...]

Цинична , шантава и даже брутална на места, написана с чувство за хумор, различна от всичко останало, което прочетох от автора. Този роман превръща Дъглас Кенеди за един ден, още с появата си, в едно от най-големите имена в пренаселения жанр на „черния роман“. Във всяка негов [...]

" Remarquable ! " ; " Dr��le et terrifiant " ; " Impeccablement construit, j'ai ador��. " Autant de propos de lecteurs entendus apr��s la d��couverte de ce premier roman ou comment r��ussir du premier coup un v��ritable exploit et devenir du jour au lendemain le cr��ateur de l'un des meilleurs romans noirs de l'histoire du genre. Ni plus, ni moins. Ce r��cit d'un voyage au paradis des grands espaces australiens qui vire au cauchemar ��veill�� est un petit [...]

I never wrote a bookcrossing journal for this one as a work colleague lent me the book. So I have nothing of my thoughts from 2010 on this one. What I do remember is that I read this book really quickly, as it was such an addictive thriller. Great stuff. The lead character, whatever his name was, is from the US, but due to life not working out, has gone on a long, long road trip and is driving around in Australia in a camper van. He meets up with this amazing young Amazionian style woman, bit na [...]

Nick voulait briser la monotonie de sa vie d'américain moyen sans attache et sans véritable but. Il choisit un billet aller-retour pour l'Australie sur un coup de tête pour son premier voyage d'exploration du monde en dehors de son Amérique natale. Il voulait un peu de changement, il en aura pour son compte largement!!!Je ne connaissais pas Douglas Kennedy mais j'ai été intriguée par tout le bruit qu'il fait en France. J'ai lu un article sur lui dans Psychologies magazine le citant comme [...]

A book I enjoyed. Although the story is set in an area of Australia I haven't visited, I could relate very much to the Australian slang and habits depicted in it. An additional dimension is present because of my situation, where I'm about to leave this beautiful country after two years of daily enchantments and disenchantments. So many elements in this book will entangle the thoughts of the aware reader having lived in Australian cities. A strong fiction, with vivid language and stereotypical ch [...]

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