The Beginning of the End

Manel Loureiro

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

  • Title: The Beginning of the End
  • Author: Manel Loureiro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The dead riseA mysterious incident in Russia, a blip buried in the news it s the only warning humanity receives that civilization will soon be destroyed by a single, voracious virus that creates monsters of men.Humanity fallsA lawyer, still grieving over the death of his young wife, begins to write as a form of therapy Bur he never expected that his anonymous blog woulThe dead riseA mysterious incident in Russia, a blip buried in the news it s the only warning humanity receives that civilization will soon be destroyed by a single, voracious virus that creates monsters of men.Humanity fallsA lawyer, still grieving over the death of his young wife, begins to write as a form of therapy Bur he never expected that his anonymous blog would ultimately record humanity s last days.The end of the world has begunGovernments scramble to stop the zombie virus, people panic, so called Safe Havens are established, the world erupts into chaos soon it s every man, woman, and child for themselves Armed only with makeshift weapons and the will to live, a lone survivor will give mankind one last chance againstApocalypse Z

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blog entry 2/4/2014hi everyone. this is mark monday, wasting your time again with some insignificant random musings while the highly significant zombie apocalypse is happening to us all. Apocalypse Wow! well, we all have our own coping strategies and mine is staring at my navel and then reporting back my findings via this blog. I'm sure teh interwebs will go down soon enough and I will have to switch to my journal (who will ever read it??), but for now at least I am online and ready to ramble to [...]

I'm not sure how this book got such consistently high ratings. Perhaps I'm not familiar enough with standards in the Zombie Apocalypse genre. While this was entertaining enough to finish, I struggled with many of the details. I understand the necessity of suspension of disbelief, but a story must be internally consistent. The narrator's cat is some kind of superhero. I cannot, in any world, imagine sticking a cat in a barrel with holes in it and floating down a river and having that cat remain s [...]

I usually don't read books that have journal entry settings. Most times, I get bored within the first chapter or so, and drop the book completely. The only reason I decided to give it a try was because it was free to loan on my Kindle. But Apocalypse Z was completely different from other books--and I'm overjoyed that I was lucky enough to get my hands on this. There was no doubt that I was hooked within the first dozen chapters. The action (which is always a key element of my interest) is consta [...]

This book was really frustrating. The first 70% of the book was a 3 star book. Mildly interesting, good setting. Then it just got bad. The hero is TSTL. I mean really? You know "those things" are attracted by sound, by your own admission you're not a very good shot, and you have a relatively soundless speargun! And yet you use the glock?And ok I love my cat. But if during a zombie apocalypse she wonders off through an infested hospital I can't justify putting the guy I'm traveling with and mysel [...]

I do not generally read zombie novels, but with the inception of "free" books for my Kindle - every genre is now worth exploring. Once I started this book, I could not put it down. Apocalypse Z: The beginning of the End is so realistic, I had to stop reading on occasion just to make sure that I was reading a book and this wasn't really happening.A man and his best friend, an orange ball of fur cat, watch as the world crumbles around them. A deadly virus, unleashed from a secret location in Russ [...]

Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Aproveitando um pouco essa vibe "apocalipse zumbi" que eu estava passando algum tempo atrás, resolvi ir mais a fundo nisso e ler algo relacionado ao tema. Alguns me diziam para ler as obras inspiradas no seriado The Walking Dead, outros para ler Guerra Mundial Z, mas a série que realmente me chamou a atenção foi Apocalipse Z, do autor e advogado espanhol Manel Loureiro. Sorte minha que consegui a versão em inglês numa promoção da . Vamos ao qu [...]

There is nothing better than a good apocalyptic Zombie read. And this one just hit the spot for me! It had everything I seek in this sort of a book: gore, horror, suspense, and of course humor.This might sound weird but this book is sort of realistic, in a way Don't worry I know the book is about zombies. And zombies are not real, right?? But the novel reads real. First of all the main character is a simple sort of a guy. And he acts and reacts to things like a regular guy. Not some macho warier [...]

Debo decir que me aproximé a este libro con mucha prevención y escepticismo. No me gustan, en general, las historias de zombies, pero había oído hablar muy bien de ella, a gente cuya opinión me merecía mucha confianza, así que me decidí a abrirlo. Cuando vi que estaba escrito a modo de diario contado por el protagonista mi escepticismo creció aún más (no me gustan los diarios, ni siquiera he sido nunca capaz de escribir uno). A pesar de todo, decidí darle una oportunidad y empecé a [...]

This is terrible! Boring, poorly paced, nothing evocative . . . it brings zilch of interest to the zombielit genre. The author gives me no reason to care about the MC or anyone he encounters. The structure gave me hope this would be interesting. The story is a series of diary entries which the MC begins, on his psychologist's advice, in an effort to get over the death of his wife. His first efforts at writing coincide with the onset of the zombie outbreak. Loueriro has failed to take advantage o [...]

I'm kind of surprised by so many high ratings for this book. Okay, the concept is cool: a blogger giving a post by post history of the Zombie Apocalypse. But I've read a lot of blog posts by many different writers, and most are written with so much more creativity and detail. Loureiro's prose reads so basic, almost juvenile. I don't get a feel for the narrator as a character and the details come from the news have almost no punch. For these reasons, I didn't get much past the first 12-15 posts. [...]

I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I listened to this on audio and thought the narration was well done. It wasn’t until about halfway through that I realized one of my favorite narrators was performing this book, Nick Podehl! No wonder I enjoyed it!Although this was your typical zombie scenario, I felt like we got to experience the end of the world as we know it right along with the MC. This was told in a journal format and I liked it. The best part for me, and something I’ [...]

Review posted at: Read, Rinse, RepeatThe information emerging from Russia is full of contradictions. The government insists there is no problem, and yet health care workers from around the world have been summoned. Is it the West Nile virus? Ebola? Nearby countries are shutting their borders and ordering vaccinations. But against what? Nevertheless, the mysterious virus spreads throughout the world as official information slows to a trickle. Blogs report infected individuals exhibiting extreme a [...]

I struggled to make it past the 1/3 mark, I was so bored. I wanted to like this book. There was plenty to charm me: It was a unique premise for a zombie story. It was about a guy and his cat trying to survive, which definitely hit an emotional chord or three. It was more serious, rather than over-the-top.Although there never seemed to really be a climax, all of the people and situations the main character encounters are interesting. However, both the initial writing and the translation work seem [...]

EntretenidilloCreo que algunos usuarios son injustos con esta novela. El autor no pretende en ningún momento hacer una prosa elaborada. Está escrito en lenguaje de a pié como cualquier ciudadano normal haría, pero numerosas veces el autor se delata y se hace evidente que tiene los recursos y el potencial para hacer mejor prosa. Simplemente no quiere.El texto rezuma inteligencia. Es cierto que en ocasiones se puede hacer repetitivo pero eso va inherente a una historia de zombies donde constan [...]

3,5 SterneRezi: chrissies-kleine-welt/?p=1678Muss man bei Zombiebüchern etwas zum Inhalt sagen?Eine Seuche breitet sich von Russland über die Welt aus und verwandelt harmlose Menschen in grausame, menschenfressende Untote. Beschrieben wird dieser Ablauf von einem spanischen Blogger, dem sein Therapeut zum virtuellen Tagebuchschreiben geraten hat, damit er den Verlust seiner Liebe endlich verarbeiten kann.Gleich vorweg: Dieser Vorwand zum Blogschreiben des Protagonisten ist wirklich nur selbige [...]

Ever since I read World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, reading PA zombie fiction has become one of my guilty pleasures. Whenever I feel like I am having a "reader's block", I pick up a zombie book to get out of it, and so far it has worked!A couple of days back, I decided to venture into the zombie infested wastelands again as I was not in the mood to continue with my other books. And as soon as I knew that Manel Loureiro has written a zombie book which was set in a different country, [...]


¡Qué puedo decir! Se me ha visto el plumero desde que empecé la entrada, y es que me ha encantado. Si bien es cierto que es un género que o gusta o no, en cuanto que a mi me encanta la temática de zombies, este es un libro que evidentemente me tenía que encantar.No sólo por el hecho de que es de lectura fácil y que tras leer dos páginas ya te encuentras totalmente enganchado a la trama que el autor ha sabido ir introduciendo magistralmente, sino que además me sentí muy identificada al [...]

I have to say this is one of the best Zombie novels I have read, incredibly fast and full of constant suspense and action, it's one of those books you find hard to put down and when you do you find yourself thinking I want to find out what happens next!The author, Manel Loureiro is Spanish and this book begun as a popular blog in his home country of Spain and then it obviously transferred into a book format. It's been a best seller in Spain, Italy and Brazil and now for the first time translated [...]

I picked this up through the Kindle lending library to have as an emergency book, but once I started it I read it pretty much straight through.Yes, another zombie apocalypse, this time focusing on Spain, one man and his cat and a whole lot of "walking undead".I could tell that this was translated from another language, there were times when an adjective wasn't quite right, or a scene was just a bit off. Still, it was entertaining. Nice(ish) guy tries to make sure his family is okay, tries to hel [...]

I was planning on giving this book a solid 3 stars--a fun, quick read--until the last couple of chapters. I liked the story originally because the protagonist seemed like an ordinary dude who couldn't leave his cat behind to starve even as the apocalypse rolled through his town. I'd probably be stupid enough to do the same with my dogs, so I could empathize. Then the wish fulfillment started getting a biiiit too blatant. (view spoiler)[The protagonist meets a teenaged girl named Lucia in an aban [...]

Excellent Zombie Apocalypse novel! One of the best I've read. It is incredibly realistic (as realistic as one of these things can be) and the character, as an ordinary person, reacts in very human ways to what is going on around him. Additionally, interactions with the zombies feels more real than it does in other books and in film and television. For example, there is an extremely graphic scene in which they have to decapitate a zombie, and it isn't done in one clean swipe like you see in movie [...]

Un libro fácil de leer. Es mi primera inmersión en la narrativa Zombie y la verdad es que estoy encantado con el libro. Sin ser ningún maestro de la narración, , Loureiro te transporta perfectamente a la situación postapocaliptica que plantea. Un libro muy entretenido! Voy a esperar algún tiempo hasta leer la segunda parte, pero como primer libro de 2016 me ha dejado un buen sabor de boca.

Lohnt sich für mich nicht, es zu ende zu lesen.

3,75/5Lo mejor de esta novela es su ritmo trepidante y lo entretenida que es. Parece como una película ochentera de acción, un disfrute total, siempre claro que no tengas en cuenta sus fallos.Además de el ritmo, también me ha gustado la ambientación y el "realismo" que su autor le otorga a la trama. Vale, es una novela de zombis, pero estos son huesos duros de roer y el protagonista no es un asesino nato capaz de matar a cincuenta desde el primer momento.Lo que menos me ha gustado es el est [...]

I really enjoyed this. It was nice to read a zombie novel, I haven't read one in the longest time.

When I first heard of this book, I was unimpressed. I thought this was yet another feeble attempt for an author to cash in on the again resurgent zombie genre. Really, how many books have been written in this departement in the last 3 or 4 years? 100? 500? 1,000's? And even then, how many are original enough to be even considered worth reading?Apocalypse Z is not original. Nowhere within Loureiro's zombie novel do we find anything new in terms of a zombie apocalypse. The zombies are the same old [...]

Da fan sfegatato di storie di zombie finalmente ho trovato il romanzo giusto, quello che aspettavo da una vita, quello che ho sempre desiderato leggere e infine quello che avrei voluto scrivere io se fossi stato uno scrittore, ovviamente. La trama di "Apocalisse Z" obiettivamente non si discosta molto da tutto ciò che è stato scritto finora ma mai nessun romanziere ha illustrato con dovizia di particolari il prima, il durante e il poi di un'apocalisse di morti viventi. L'orrore descritto da Ma [...]

What I found most interesting with the book was that it took Place in Spain. The Zombie stuff I've come across thus far have only taken Place in the USA so it was fun to get to experience the zombie attack from a different country.I Think that the experiences, reactions and emotions of the survivors feel believable and realistic. How they Think and react, feel, say and do, which is Always nice. How the bigger Picture was treated was good as well, from the slow builtup with nations and goverments [...]

Un novello Matheson - Prendete "Io sono leggenda" di Matheson. Fatto? Spostate l'ambientazione dall'America degli anni 'anta alla Spagna del 2010. Fatto? Aggiungeteci un pizzico di ironia e un taglio della narrazione veloce, tipo telefilm per intenderci (e come nei telefilm non finisce con questo episodio!). Fatto? Sostituite le creature vampiriche con degli zombi vecchio stile (se non ne avete affrontati prima vi consiglio di farvi accompagnare da un adulto, non sono propriamente gradevoli, anz [...]

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