Ombligo sin fondo

Dash Shaw Elizabeth Massana

Ombligo sin fondo

Ombligo sin fondo

  • Title: Ombligo sin fondo
  • Author: Dash Shaw Elizabeth Massana
  • ISBN: 9789872457860
  • Page: 332
  • Format: None

El libro aborda un tema complejo, el de las familias desestructuradas por el divorcio Los protagonistas son los miembros de la familia Loony, integrada por el matrimonio, ya en su vejez, de Paul y Maggie, y sus tres hijos, Dennis, Claire y Peter.La noticia del divorcio no es bien recibida, especialmente por Dennis, el hijo mayor, que buscar encontrar las razones que llevEl libro aborda un tema complejo, el de las familias desestructuradas por el divorcio Los protagonistas son los miembros de la familia Loony, integrada por el matrimonio, ya en su vejez, de Paul y Maggie, y sus tres hijos, Dennis, Claire y Peter.La noticia del divorcio no es bien recibida, especialmente por Dennis, el hijo mayor, que buscar encontrar las razones que llevaron a la pareja tomar tal decisi n Por otra parte, el resto de la familia asimila la noticia con indiferencia debido a que se encuentran sumergidos en sus propios problemas.El espacio donde se cuenta la noticia que dispara el relato es en una casa de playa donde la arena resulta simb licamente molesta Los temas por los que transcurre la novela son los propios del ciclo de la vida ni ez, adolescencia, madurez y vejez Tambi n hace hincapi en las relaciones interpersonales.

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Is it possible to write a review for a story about a family of eccentric personalities and the comedy and tragedy that results from the comingling of their individual personal dysfunctions without mentioning The Royal Tenenbaums? Apparently not. Now, with that out of the way: Bottomless Belly Button is a story about a family of eccentric personalities and the comedy and tragedy that results from the comingling of their individual personal dysfunctions –but it's also a bravura performance at co [...]

This review is kind of like an "it's not you, it's me" break-up, because I should really acknowledge that Dash Shaw's The Bottomless Bellybutton represents a certain side of art-house indie cartooning that just doesn't resonate with me. There is a scene late in the comic when the grandmother is at the grocery store, and the man in line in front of her gives her an angry look for not putting a divider between their items. It seemed like an outrageous response to a fairly common situation, and I r [...]

Let's seedysfunctional white family; goofy low self esteemed guy who can't make it with chicks but has a quirky chick quick to go for his sausage conveniently pop up solely for the purpose of going for his sausage; did we mention unsympathetic bored whiney dysfunctional white familyThis is the kind of stuff Daniel Clowes and Jeffrey Brown make sing. This does not sing. This is like Parker Lewis Can't Lose compared to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If Zach Braff were a graphic novelist this would be h [...]

Far and away Dash Shaw's best work yet; the story is a little more straightforward/less surreal than some of Dash's other books, except for a character who appears as a frog, but he continues to play with the comics form, and without doing it in such a way that it distracts from the narrative. A huge thick book that maybe reads quicker than it looks it will, but undoubtedly will reward repeat readings

The things that Shaw does with light, with water, with sand will confound your eyes and uproot your mind. There is detail here. Shaw has paid attention to it and so should you. Note the coming of dusk. Note the one "true" glimpse of Peter. Note how the "x" marks the "spot." Sound is not usually something you think of when you think of comics. Shaw offers up a cacophony. A melodic cacophony. His is a noisy book.Floor plans. Portraits. Cinematic scenes. I felt like I was watching a movie directed [...]

a massive brick of cartooning, shattering the staid glass window panes of other so-called graphic novels with its "exhuberance" & its visual swagger -- using maps, rebuses & secret codes to detail the tale of a family, where no one resembles another*, impacted by the divorce of the parents after forty years of marriage.It's almost overwhelming, but I totally ignored one of the caveats of this graphic novel and read all three parts all 700 odd pages straight through early Friday morning. [...]

The Bottomless Bellybutton is an absorbing mammoth graphic novel for a rainy day or two. There are some great "comic-matic" moments without dialogue and a great use of cartoon space, and a clever use of the lack of color and a fancy use of diagrams and letters and zany gimmicky stuff like that I usually really enjoy. Ultimately, though, there's not much substance to this big thing, a case of style trumping sensation in the end (and by style I mean more book design than the actual art, which is f [...]

Surely the fastest 720-page read in the bookstore. The faster I moved through it, the closer reading came to watching a film, sort of like a flip book. Maybe reminds me of a sad quirky not-so-funny indie comedy crossed, at its best, with some Ozu-y sweetness? By which I mean it's totally in favor of affectationlessly portraying minor life moments until they seem to achieve "poignancy" and therefore deserve an elevated term like "quotidian" instead of common/dull? The drawings aren't close qualit [...]

A friend had recommended I read everything Dash Shaw had ever done. I started on his bewildering earlier books THE MOTHER'S MOUTH and GODDESS HEAD, but I put them both aside when I learned BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON had arrived. This is by far the best graphic novel I've read in several years, impressionistic, textured, synechdotal (?). Whatever. It's incredible. I've been putting this book, at once cosmic and deeply personal, in the hands of everyone I know who likes graphic novels. (and also, Das [...]

uma hq ótima que mostra os problemas de uma família normal sobre diversos pontos de vista. me fez rir e me fez pensar. adorei essa leitura!

BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON by Dash Shaw is like the indie cinema of comics. It’s a quirky story of parents, married for over 40 years, who decide to divorce. That elicits different reactions from the couple’s three children: a single mom and her daughter, a neurotic son his wife and baby, and an immature son who is depicted almost exclusively as frog. Each sibling has their own narrative, and Shaw has a crude but effective way with line and storytelling that is always unexpected and fun to read [...]

We follow a dysfunctional family in great detail as each member goes about his and her daily routine.Nothing interesting, really. This person masturbates. That person has sex. At a point, it gets very repetitive. For some reason, we had to see every single character take a shower. WTH?! No wonder this crap is 700++ pages long.

Dash Shaw, Bottomless Belly Button (Fantagraphics, 2008)I feel torn about Bottomless Belly Button, Dash Shaw's monstrous (720 pp.) magnum opus. On the one hand, it's one of those graphic novels that isn't actually “about” anything. The characters, in general, don't change, just kind of butt up against one another like buoys tied to a pier in rough water, and the situation flows around them. Think of it as a mumblecore graphic novel, you know? And those tend to drive me bats. (God save me fro [...]

I adore graphic novels. I really do. I’ve always held a sort of awesome appreciation for them. Novels describe things in detail, but part of being a reader is you inadvertently decide what someone, someplace or even what sometime looks like the second you read about it, regardless of what the actual description is. This is how I came to believe for a long time that Dean Thomas from Harry Potter was a white dude. Of course I didn’t particularly care one way or another what ethnicity this fict [...]

I just finished this huge graphic novel, and I’m still processing. In fact, I think I need to read it again, soon. This vast and vastly original graphic novel is not so much about navel-gazing (as the title might suggest) as it is about er, life. And family and intimacy and the stories we construct around our lives and our unpredictable emotional weather and well, I probably should have stopped at ‘life.’ Siblings Dennis, Claire and Peter are called together to a family reunion that kicks [...]

I've been having extraordinary luck hitting on extraordinary examples of graphic novels recently. Here's another one. The semi-primitive drawing and confessional tone put me in mind of David Heatley's 'My Brain is Hanging Upside Down,' although this is a full-blown, even epic narrative (if a week with a dysfunctional family reuniting to inaugurate the parents' divorce can be epic in scope). The weightiness reminded me of Yoshihiro Tatsumi's 'A Drifting Life'--some 700 plus pages--a format that i [...]

Dash Shaw's visual style, technique, and storytelling is innovative and gripping. His use of text-as-art reminds me of Hope Larson's (much prettier) work. He has the guts (or patience or balls) to leave blank space halfway through 9 or 16 panel grids. He wastes pages, either with half panels or full page, full impact splashes like no one since Craig Thompson. Every single prominent review mentions that one panel where you see Peter's face. (It's pretty great.)This book is long. Shaw's art made m [...]

This is alt-comics by the numbers. The obsessive attention to mundane details, the diagrams, the quirky page designs, the daddy issues, the sarcastic and confused teen girls, the general patheticness of the majority of the cast: all these elements come straight from previous books by Chris Ware and/or Daniel Clowes. Fortunately, Dash Shaw knows how to entertain. The dialogue is uniformly sharp, and a few bits are even laugh-out-loud funny. Some favorites of mine include Chill Jill meeting "the n [...]

I did not heed the advice of the author but read this straight through in one sitting, taking no breaks between each part. The result was simply enjoyment and the somehow animated quality the characters have taken in my memory.The style is cartoonish but the content is not. Truth be told I was not sure if I would enjoy the book as I started to read but, I was sucked into a fairly realistic plot. It chronicles the development of a family, building the characters somewhat loosely but in a way that [...]

Muy humano y con capacidad de movilizar. Es altamente cinematográfico, un placer de leer y dejarse contar la historia.

i found this lengthy graphic novel very intriguing, but once i came to the end i felt like i had missed some important information while reading. i did read it over the span of several weeks, so i figured it was me and started over. got halfway through again and decided it wasn't me, it was dash shaw. the style is interesting. shaw is clearly a talented artist, but all of his characters are really unpleasant to look at. there's lots of shots of them being sad in the shower. some of them constant [...]

This was OK, the drawing is a bit meh, but the author overcomes that with an innovative storytelling. It feels like another attemp to write the "great american graphic novel". Sorry but, in my opinion, Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan is still in the lead. Worthwhile reading but couldn't but feel a bit disappointed, after all the hype, the two different covers Just another novel about a disfunctional family in crisis.

This is one of the weirdest things I have ever read in my life. I'm not usually a fan of graphic novels since the graphics usually distract me -- I know, don't ask. But I managed to get through this because the text and/or dialogues is minimal. I felt disturbed after finishing this. It is also slightly depressing

Porque algumas coisas precisam de explicação.Histórico de leitura1% (7 de 720)"Existem vários tipos de areia."

Genius east coast family drama. Comics wizardry.

A vida retratada em traços simples, marrons e sinceros. Um encaixe perfeito, porém não eterno.

"Bottomless Belly Button" is a beast of a graphic novel, emotionally, physically (it's a 720-page brick of a book), and creatively. Coming off like the scrappy and sloppy younger sibling of Alison Bechdel's acclaimed memoir "Fun Home," Dash Shaw's ambitious book seeks to define what it means to be a family, particularly when you don't like the people you're supposed to love. Equally tender and ruthless, "Bottomless Belly Button" is the kind of comic that makes you laugh to keep from crying, and [...]

A very detailed graphic novel. The details, including descriptions of movements and noises were at once enjoyable as well as annoying. Starting off with depictions of different kinds of sands - great, I thought, hoping everything would be as original as that. My initial enthusiasm faded as the story unfolded into following the members of the Looney family, a dysfunctional one (like everyone's?), during a one week reunion following their parents announcement of a divorce, for 700 pages! While it' [...]

After 40 years of marriage, the Looney's are calling it quits; they just don't love each other anymore. Their three kids, all adults, cope in their own way. Dennis is irate and demands answers. Claire takes it more in stride but uses the opportunity to reflect on her own life, her personal experience with divorce, and her daughter, Jill. Peter, the youngest, is hardly phased and instead finds himself struggling against his disconnect from the rest of the family and his own shortcomings in other [...]

I loved it. It's rough around the edges, but it's got a personal charm. More details than I expected. At 700+ pages, I thought it would take me longer, but it's actually a quick read. Each character, with the exception of Alex, has a very developed life, which, to me, represents what happens in so many of our own lives; we grow up and grow apart, but when we come together, the common thread of our previous family existence holds us in place in the world even amidst drastic changes such as divorc [...]

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