Insula iubirilor nesfârşite

Daína Chaviano Ana Maria Tamaş

Insula iubirilor nesfârşite

Insula iubirilor nesfârşite

  • Title: Insula iubirilor nesfârşite
  • Author: Daína Chaviano Ana Maria Tamaş
  • ISBN: 9789736893551
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback

Cel mai tradus roman din istoria literaturii cubaneze, Insula iubirilor nesf r ite a fost desemnat n 2007 cea mai bun carte de limb spaniol n cadrul Florida Book Awards.Cecilia este o t n r ziarist cubanez emigrat n Statele Unite i stabilit n Miami Dureros ap sat de singur tate, departe de ara natal , pe care se preface din r sputeri c a dat o uit rii, o Cel mai tradus roman din istoria literaturii cubaneze, Insula iubirilor nesf r ite a fost desemnat n 2007 cea mai bun carte de limb spaniol n cadrul Florida Book Awards.Cecilia este o t n r ziarist cubanez emigrat n Statele Unite i stabilit n Miami Dureros ap sat de singur tate, departe de ara natal , pe care se preface din r sputeri c a dat o uit rii, o nt lne te ntr o sear , ntr un b rule din cartierul Mica Havan , pe Amalia, o b tr n misterioas ce ncepe s i spun o poveste Este, de fapt, istoria familiei Amaliei, n ale c rei vine curge s ngele a trei etnii diferite, nse i etniile din care s a n scut poporul cubanez chinezii, care au str b tut Pacificul la nceputul secolului XX, i sclavii negri i coloni tii spanioli, ce au traversat Atlanticul, pentru a ajunge la limanul binecuv ntat al insulei nsorite Sear de sear , Cecilia se ntoarce n barul unde Amalia i poveste te nt mpl rile i iubirile care au f cut ca drumurile celor trei familii s se intersecteze i s se uneasc , iar t n ra va descoperi, n es tura complicat a acestei saga exotice, ritmate de acordurile celebre ale son urilor cubaneze, desenul propriului destin i drumul c tre sufletul pereche.

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Precioso libro. Me emocionó muchísimo, realismo mágico del bueno. Cargadísimo de nostalgia. Amé como las historias se entretejen, está muy bien trabajado, hasta la historia más chiquita y secundaria tiene relación con el hilo central. Bello.

Uno de esos libros que uno se zampa casi atragantándose. O así lo terminé yo, al menos. Tengo debilidad por estas novelas que nos transportan a saltos del presente al pasado y del pasado al presente, de una punta del mundo a otra, y nos recuerdan lo parecidos que al final somos todos, a pesar de los tiempos y de las culturas. Siempre me intrigan las historias de los que liándose la manta a la cabeza, pensándolo mucho o poco, se ponen el mundo por montera. Y, al final, sin importar dónde es [...]

A very original novel. I liked it because it does not appeal to that everyday violence that I find in almost every contemporary book I read. It builds a love story with a lot of imagination, fantasy and unexpected twists. It's a novel for readers with intelligence and sensitivity.

This is an eminently forgettable story of Cuba's past and of modern-day Cuban immigrants in Miami. Not terrible, but everything here has been done before, and better, by other authors.This is one of those books that alternates every chapter between present-day and historical storylines, in which the modern-day character learns the story of the historical ones. The modern chapters feature Cecilia, an angsty young Cuban reporter living in Miami. Cecilia meets an old woman in a Cuban bar who begins [...]

Since this is a Spanish novel, i'm posting my humble review in both English and Spanish, just in case any English speaking reader cares for the past (and present) of a broken country, the sadness of those you lost their home and the beauty of 4 different love stories. I have to admit have mixed feelings with this novel. The story Cuba is, (as heartbreaking as it is for me to say it) resonating too much with my own country for me not to feel closely the anger, the fear and the sadness of the char [...]

An interesting piece. I read it in the English translation and could not help but imagine the wording that the author might have used in the original Spanish. This didn't detract from the pleaure of the reading but I would like to get a Spanish language copy to savor some of the typical Cubanspeak which came through fairly well in the English language version.

**REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**This book was okay. I loved the elements of lore and various cultures. The whole story relied on the various fairy tales and legends of the three cultures being handed down through each generation, when the book ITSELF was just one of the same: a fairy tale that Cecelia and Miguel would also (one day) tell.The author gave readers three different origins that eventually all grew together into one happy ending. A lot of the prose was captivating and beautifully writt [...]

Latin American literature is famous for the genre of magical realism, but this was really only "magical" (and how I wish I meant that as a euphemism for "good"). It blends myths and concepts of magic from the Spanish, African and Chinese cultures that contributed to making Cuba, placing this hybridised concept of magic even in present-day Miami, which could potentially be interesting, but in this book it's not.To be honest, most of this book is not interesting. As the blurb will tell you, the no [...]

The Island of Eternal Love by Daina Chaviano centers on Cecilia, a Miami journalist, who after having migrated during the 1994 Cuban exodus is experiencing bouts of homesickness and depression. At the insistence of friends, she is reluctantly dragged along for a night out and meets an old woman in the back of the club who commences to tell her life story to Cecilia. Finding more interest in the old woman's story than the club scene, Cecilia anxiously returns on a regular basis to hear the next e [...]

This is a pretty good read despite some minor flaws. It goes back and forth between modern day Miami and historical Cuba. Cecilia left Cuba and is currently living in Miami, but her past haunts her. She misses Cuba but also hates Cuba, or what Cuba has become. She meets an old lady in a bar who begins to tell her a tale of three separate families, all having made Cuba their home. There is a Chinese family that fled war torn China in hopes of finding refuge in the tropics, a family descendend fro [...]

Having no prior knowledge of Cuba, this book was an educational read in terms of the country’s heritage and history. However, while the story radiates a mysterious atmosphere by melding Chinese, Spanish and African mythology/folklore which I loved, it lacked in skill. Many scenes felt superficially told and unexplored. When it came to it, gauging the depth of the emotions portrayed by the characters was a challenge and little imagery could be summoned. I also had a problem with the shifting ti [...]

Descripción:Tres familias de orígenes y culturas dispares protagonizan esta apasionante saga de emigrantes que recalan en Cuba y cuyos destinos a lo largo de más de 150 años correrán parejos con los de la bella isla. Desde el Miami actual, la historia retrocede hasta 1856, cuando entran en contacto los personajes, procedentes de China, España y África, y surge el amor, que hallará una mágina continuidad un siglo más tarde. Una hermosa historia de esperanzas y sueños rotos, de nostalgi [...]

Увлекателна творба, преплитаща четири истории. Три от тях проследяват живота на няколко поколения представители на различни етноси, влизащи в състава на кубинската нация, представител на която е главният герой от четвъртата история.Истории за Любов и духове, неподвалстни [...]

I'm currently reading this book and enjoying it so far. One reason why I like the book is that the main character is called Cecilia, like me. Will be back with a proper review soon. :)

Había leído una sola reseña de éste libro, pero me bastó para saber que quería leerlo y que lo iba a disfrutar. No era muy dada al realismo mágico, como denominan a éste libro. Para ser honesta solo había intentado leer un libro de éste género en mi vida, El siglo de las luces de Alejo Carpentier, y desistí en la quinta página. La isla de los amores infinitos me ha fascinado y me ha dejado con ganas de más. De entrada aclaro que no es un libro para todo el mundo. Al principio puede [...]

I think I remember reading a review somewhere that compared Daína Chaviano to Isabel Allende. That was definitely a stretch. The novel was okay, very slow in parts and I personally kept wanting to skip any chapters with Cecilia and catch up on Pablo and Amalia whom I found much more interesting. The novel wasn't all bad though. The historical aspect was very intriguing as I was unaware of the Chinese influence in Cuba so that was nice to learn a bit about. The themes of longing, nostalgia and t [...]

Comecei a ler este livro sem grandes expectativas, pois não sabia muito sobre ele. Fiquei bastante agradada com a história que se me deparou pela frente à medida que lia este livro. Ao princípio não fiquei logo agarrada, mas a partir do encontro entre Cecilia e a anciã Amalia, fiquei muito curiosa. A história começou a adensar-se, as personagens a crescer, a multiplicarem-se e a expandirem as suas raízes e o tempo foi passando. Passaram-se muitos anos para as personagens, as famílias f [...]

Miami 1994. una giovane giornalista cubana rifugiata in America incontra in un locale una vecchia che inizia a raccontarle la sua storia, che è quella di tre famiglie appartenenti alle tre etnie che compongono il popolo cubano: cinese, africana e spagnola. Due livelli di narrazione: la Miami del presente e Cuba a partire dal 1350.Fascino, mistero e tradizioni cubane

O carte captivantă, despre o țară bogată din punct de vedere cultural, despre dragostea unei fete față de Cuba. Despre legături cu pământul unde te-ai născut și despre iubiri care nu se sfârșesc.

Loved the stories of the different families.Not a fan of the paranormal aspect of the book.

3,5 ⭐️

I have just finished a journey through the ethnic history of a people - my people - in a land of love and blood, as well as magically captivating landscapes in which sun and moon dance to the intoxicating rhythms of a gently rolling sea. I have found myself in these pages. Chaviano's enthralling story has wrapped me in a nostalgic dream, one that had, inexplicably enough, dwelt in my subconscious mind for years. It was the dream of a beautiful island paradise, one where love is indeed eternal, w [...]

This was an interesting book. The relatively short chapters that were grouped into six parts made the book quick to read. There were many characters in this book, and sometimes it was hard to keep them all straight. The author did provide genealogical charts of a couple of prominent families from the book, and that was very helpful in sorting out characters and relationships. The book took the three main ethnicities that make up Cuba and told stories about families from each. Eventually, there a [...]

A sprawling saga that blends fantastic and gothic imagery while traces the ethnic origins of Cuban people. Young and depressed Cecilia is a Cuban journalist writing a piece on a mysterious house that appears and disappears around Miami. She finds solace in Amalia, a shady old woman she meets in a bar every night to hear a long family story. Upon that framework we meet the three families (Chinese, Spanish and African) that will eventually collide in Cuba. The author creatively casts quite a bunch [...]

Insula iubirilor nesfârșite se citește cu muzica celor de la Buena Vista Social Club în surdină. Numeroasele referințe muzicale ce răzbat din paginile romanului te poartă pe ritmurile cubaneze ale Omarei Portuando, Beny Moré, Celia Cruz, Ibrahim Ferrer, La Lupe, etc. Eu nu am rezistat tentației și am căutat fiecare melodie în parte pentru că am vrut să fiu mai aproape de trăirile personajelor care se contopesc cu muzica, iar cel mai mult m-a emoționat duetul Silencio al lui Ibra [...]

Adorei este livro :)Tem uma boa dose de romantismo, mistério, magia e pessoas especiais (com dons sobrenaturais).As personalidades das personagens estão muito bem construídas e delineadas. O enredo está muito bem desenvolvido com pertinentes analepses e prolepses.Deixo-vos com uma dica: como vocês sabem meus amigos e amigas, para mim dar uma opinião, é dizer o que me cativou no livro e não propriamente fazer um resumo, para isso têm a sinopse.Sinopse:"Comparada a Laura Esquivel, Isabel [...]

"The Island of Eternal Love" successfully fulfilled my craving for a magic realist novel, and it taught me a great deal about the richness of Cuban culture (with roots in China, Spain, and Africa), but it was not a page turner. However, some of the characters were flat or inconsistent, especially the protagonist reporter, Cecilia, whose actions don't always make sense. For example, she briefly dates a superficial dud named Roberto (who she herself admits is a dud), then there is so much heartbre [...]

3,8*Confesso que em algumas partes me custou um pouco ler, especialmente porque á semelhança de Allende a escritora mistura um pouco (muito, vá) de misticismo e nem sempre tenho a mente virada para esse tipo de leituras. Mas gostei bastante da história geracional e do enredo criado. Talvez apreciasse mais o desenvolvimento do livro se a escritora se tivesse debruçado mais em cada geração familiar que foi aparecendo,talvez ficasse mais rico e de leitura mais fluida, porque as passagens de [...]

This is a family saga that takes place along two parallel timelines. The modern story revolves around the paranormal investigations of Cecilia, a young journalist researching a phantom house that appears and disappears in different parts of Miami. The other one - which begins in the 19th century in China, Africa and Spain - is told by an old woman whom Cecilia meets in a bar. Different magical or supernatural events conspire to make these three stories from the past begin to mix. If you like fam [...]

Cecelia is an exile from Cuba, but feels isolated and detached from her new home in Miami. She meets an older woman in a Cuban-style bar, and becomes fascinated with Amalia's tales of three families in Cuba: one of Spanish descent, one of African, and one of Chinese. Cecelia comes back time and again to hear their stories and find out how they are connected to Amalia. One family even has an unusual curse that plagues generations. In the meantime, Cecelia is researching a story of a phantom house [...]

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