Charlie Goes to School

Ree Drummond Diane deGroat

Charlie Goes to School

Charlie Goes to School

  • Title: Charlie Goes to School
  • Author: Ree Drummond Diane deGroat
  • ISBN: 9780062254092
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Audiobook

Charlie is a genius napper, an expert cattle wrangler, and the best bacon eater around His skills are top notch, and he s ready to share what he knows with his ranch friends.Mama and the kids are busy with their lessons, so Charlie helps out by creating a school of his own Suzie, Kitty, and Walter have a LOT to learn, and there s no one better to instruct them than the KCharlie is a genius napper, an expert cattle wrangler, and the best bacon eater around His skills are top notch, and he s ready to share what he knows with his ranch friends.Mama and the kids are busy with their lessons, so Charlie helps out by creating a school of his own Suzie, Kitty, and Walter have a LOT to learn, and there s no one better to instruct them than the King of the Ranch Class is in session, but Charlie s students are acting like a animals Will Charlie be able to teach his friends anything You soul will rejoice over Charlie the Ranch Dog s latest adventure Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman herself, offers another hilarious story starring her lovable lazy basset hound.

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Personal Response: My sister, Sydney, thoughtCharlie Goes To Schoolwas funny, and she said it was one of the best books she has ever read. She thought the book was good, because it had great illustrations. I thought the book was good, because it showed the importance of school. I also thought the book was really inspirational, because the author wrote about her own life of her dog and her.Plot: The book that I read was about a mom that had kids and a dog that was interested in school. The dog a [...]

i didnt' like that charlie made a mess trying to do school and then went to sleep without helping clean up.

As a homeschool teacher in my first years, knowing Ree is a homeschool teacher I found myself very curious about how school will go for Charlie. It's awesome! Anyone can enjoy it, but homeschool mamas will love it as they can relate. Oh and in the Pioneer Woman style there is a snack recipe perfect for school days at the end of the book. Thanks to HC.

mehThe first book was so cute. It is just a rehash of the same thing. It gets an extra star for having a basset hound though.

Though I can appreciate Charley's folly and hypocrisy, there is something unsettling about this wholesome homeschool homestead business.

Homeschool propaganda.

I checked this book out from the library to read with Kira! I watch Ree on the cooking channel on tv. She is a city girl gone ranch wife. I enjoy her recipes but more than that I enjoy her lifestyle. She has four kids and is married to a cattlemen. They live on a ranch in Oklahoma and Charlie the ranch dog often makes appearances on the show. This is a lighthearted and fun read! Charlie lives to nap and eat, but he also believes the ranch would not run smoothly without him there! He notices mama [...]

3 1/2 stars. I love Charlie!

A good book about a dog's desire to have a school of his own. He gathers the animals on the farm he resides and expects them to act as human children while he "homeschools" them. Quick read. Cute.

Charlie watches his owners have school and wants to be just like them, so he makes his own school. The humorous tale will make any young learner smile with joy while still learning new words and experiences. I enjoyed how they showed this family as a home school family because it shows that everyone is different in their way of learning. I love dogs, so this book has a special place in my heart.I would definitely read this book during a time we are talking about where everyone lives or something [...]

This book is a picture book intended for children ages 4-8. this book is about a dog named Charlie who lives on a ranch. The children on the ranch are home schooled and Charlie watches what a day of school is like at home for the children. Charlie than decides he wants to make his own school with the barn animals but it doesn't go as planned. I rated this book with 5 stars. I did this firstly because the illustrations and plot of the book were amazing they went together so well with each other. [...]

Charlie the Ranch Dog books are usually really good; but this one wasn't up to par like the others. Although who can't love Charlie the adorable Ranch Dog? I think that was why my 3 year old granddaughter and I still enjoyed at least the illustrations of this book even if the story wasn't up to the other Charlie books. If you are a collector of Charlie books then I would by all means buy it but if not then just every now and then check it out of the library. Of course if this is your first Charl [...]

This book sheds a positive light on homeschooling, but the reason for the homeschooling is not distinct. One could guess that the remoteness of the ranch is a possible reason as the illustrations portray the vastness of the land around the ranch. The first person narrative by Charlie invites the reader to explore not only schooling but some facets of life on a ranch, such as shoeing a horse. Humor is woven in, such as when Charlie teaches the cat that "Dog Food" reads "This food is only for Char [...]

Charlie Goes to School is another book in the Charlie the Ranch Dog picture book series with adorable illustrations and characters. After another hard morning of chores on the ranch Charlie notices the kids and their mother busy with school. Charlie is inspired by their homeschooling and decides he wants to set up his own school for some of the farm animals. Charlie is as enthusiastic of a teacher as he is a farm worker, if you don't believe me just ask him.Since we are a homeschooling family we [...]

I love this book! It is charming and that Charlie is quite a rascal!Charlie tries to teach Suzie, her letters, so that she will learn to read about food.Kitty Kitty needs to learn his math because numbers are very important when counting food.The horses need to learn more about history by reading the books and not eating them.Anyone, sensing a theme about food, here in Charlie's world?He can come teach my little ones any time.

My students and I love the Charlie books, and they were very excited to see this one at their school book fair and begged me to get it. Of course I did. In this one, Charlie sees his owner's children go to school, and he decides to set up his own school for the animals on the farm. Of course do they listen? Charlie ends up napping and eating, his favorite activities. Very cute story. And of course a great recipe at the end for adults.

Charlie the ranch dog wants to show us some of the ways he helps around the ranch. He helps with shoeing horses. Hmmm, looks like he is sleeping. He even helps with home school from subtraction to snack time. When Charlie tries to start his own school with the animals things go awry. Poor Charlie gets worn out. There is humor in Charlie's helping out and attempt to school the other animals. For the Eye Spy enthusiast look for the cute chipmunk who hangs out with Charlie.

Charlie is a ranch dog that lives with The Pioneer Woman. He's discovered that school has begun on the ranch. He decides to start his own animal school!Charlie's tale is a clever idea to share with readers. He's funny and adorable with a little chipmunk sidekick (that is there, but never interacts). The highlight of home schooling is great, because there are few stories that share a look into that form of schooling. Overall, it's all right.Reviewed from a library copy.

Charlie the Ranch Dog is back. This time he introduces us to his family which goes to school at home. He explains that there is a time for everything when you go to school at home, just like if you went away to school. For example, there's math time, reading time, recess and lunch time.When Charlie tries to teach some of the ranch animals a few things it doesn't go so well. He decides a nap is better.

This is a like book and pictures are adorable. The is also a home school book. It seems like an increasingly popular trend. So Charlie needs to do home school with his barn yard friends. This is my first Charlie book so I would guess the other ones would be the same or better. I liked it, wouldn't give it a really like or it was amazing! I am a tough critic

Charlie the Ranch Dog is back. Everyone on the Ranch is busy and Charlie looks for ways to helpwith typical Charlie results. The book ends with, of course, a nap. The illustrations are colorful and sweet, the text is filled with Charlie's dry humor and dog wit. My storytime audience laughed in all the right places.

I love Ree Drummond, and I am an avid reader of her blog every day. Charlie though, is something special. This book is perfect for those that are getting ready to go back to school, especially for those that homeschool.

Since we also do school at home it is nice to have a book mentioning school that doesn't involve going away to a school building. Bonus for my girls that it is a Charlie book because they like any books with dogs in them and especially love books about Charlie the Ranch Dog.

Great drawings. Having two bassets of my own, I know how hard it is to draw them. Story's a little thin, but it's a kid's book after all. I just wish someone would make me the oatmeal bar recipe on the back page!

Homeschooling families will definitely enjoy this one.And so will dog lovers. Cause Charlie is so cute. As are some of the other animals in the story.But this one feels a bit forced. Like if the author wasn't already well known would this book have been published? I'm not convinced.

Charlie Goes to School – By Ree Drummond and Diane deGroat - Here’s a book which introduces homeschooling, fabulous! This was needed. There’s many who don’t understand what homeschooling is all about! Mmm, delicious recipe at the end of the book!

Very cute book explaining to kids that some kids do school at home. Although it did not help me convince Ivy that homeschooling would be fun.

The Charlie books are stupidly adorable.

Homeschoolers and Charlie fans will like this.

Another adorable Charlie book, and this one features homeschoolers, so it's sure to be a hit at my library. :)

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