Always & Forever

Chantel Rhondeau

Always & Forever

Always & Forever

  • Title: Always & Forever
  • Author: Chantel Rhondeau
  • ISBN: 9781478288671
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback

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A suspected murderess flees her former life in search of tranquility, but the past refuses to die, threatening to destroy her new found happiness.Lilly Price is an abused woman on the run, but she can t hide forever Desperate to escape public scrutiny following accusations that she hired a hit man to kill her fianc , Lilly hopes to rebuild her life in a new town.Widowed ZA suspected murderess flees her former life in search of tranquility, but the past refuses to die, threatening to destroy her new found happiness.Lilly Price is an abused woman on the run, but she can t hide forever Desperate to escape public scrutiny following accusations that she hired a hit man to kill her fianc , Lilly hopes to rebuild her life in a new town.Widowed Zach Woodbridge is in no hurry to find another bride He longs for a peaceful summer, writing at his lakeside cottage Things change after an introduction to his grandmother s intriguing new assistant, Lilly.When Lilly s secrets are revealed, can their fragile relationship weather the storm And when a man from her past wishes to reclaim Lilly, using any force necessary, can she and Zach protect the people they love CONTENT WARNING Violence, mild language, sizzling love scenes.

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A Hearts On Fire Review"Always & Forever" seems to promise suspenseful romance between an abused, disabled woman on the run with a criminal past and a disenchanted wealthy widower. The story started with elements of some great romantic suspenseful stories starts with and thene characters were not as promising as the story progressed. Then the story became disjointed, the dialogue weird. It's billed as a contemporary but the characters sometimes sounded right off the page of a so-so regency.B [...]

My first question is, why isn't this book more popular? It was fantastic! This book has it allspense, mystery and romance. I loved the heroine, Lily, she was so easy to love and I was her biggest cheerleader. She is dealing with a horrible past and trying to start a new life when she meets Zach. Zach is totally swoon worthy! (New fictional boyfriend to add to my list) There were times when I wanted to scream at Lily, but I did enjoy watching her grow more confident. My other favorite character w [...]

Always and Forever was a book I won on from new author Chantel Rhondeau. I was pleasantly surpised with how it turned out. Abuse is a topic that is often uncomfortable to talk about and the author does an excellent job of taking the heroine through the aftermath of getting out of an abusive relationship. The hero in the book, Zach was also emotionally wounded and struggled to connect and work through his past relationship failures throughout the book. At times I thought that both characters sho [...]

Rhondeau has an exquisite talent for creating compelling characters that readers can genuinely care about. Add that to the impeccable pacing, and what you get is a book that will pull you in from the first page and hold you until the end. This story has just enough romance to inspire readers to create a bond with Lily and Zach, and just enough suspense to compel readers to keep turning the pages. I meant to read a chapter or two and save the rest for later, but once I started reading, . Always a [...]

3.4 StarsI was a little on the edge with this book. The ending made me want to give it 4 stars, but the beginning was more like 2, so I'd say that my entertainment leveled at around 3.4 which still leads to a 3 star. Bottom line, I liked it.Now let's get into more details.Character:Lilly - I rolled my eyes at her so many times, I think I got a permanent cramp. Fortunately, as the book progressed, it got better. I get that she's abused and everything but she was just SO insecure. Which is justifi [...]

My Review:I love the resurgence in the romantic suspense genre so it was fun to get to read and review another new author to the genre, Chantel Rhondeau. Her first book, ALWAYS & FOREVER, features two characters that have been burned by love.Zach married someone whom he thought he loved, but he had no idea who his first wife really was. She lied to him continually throughout their five year marriage to the point that he didn't mourn her when she died. By that point, their's was a marriage in [...]

If you like romance and suspense, you will get a whole lot of both in this novel by Chantel Rhondeau!Lilly Price has had a hard life. Not only did she live through an abusive relationship, but her past fiancé had been killed and Lilly was the prime suspect. In order to try to live a normal life, Lilly moves across the country to the small community of Serenity. There she meets Zach Woodbridge, the attractive, rich and friendly grandson of Margaret, the woman Lilly works for. Lilly and Zach’s [...]

With compelling characters that are bound to worm their way into your heart, Chantal Rhondeau has created a story that will have you outraged and thrilled, anxious and satisfied, with just enough frustration at the situations to keep you turning pages until the end. With an abused woman who needs to learn to trust, a man who has his own issues to deal with, and a slew of miscommunications and insecurities that alternate between incredibly frustrating and wholly understandable, readers will find [...]

Lily is a heroine you'll love to cheer for. An abused woman, she runs from an unjust accusation to start a new life as a companion to a wealthy matriarch, one who just happens to have an unhappy hunk of a grandson.Their love story begins with deception and through many trials, excitement and danger, ends with trust. Zach is a hero any woman would want to take home. Several times when I was reading the book, I screamed at Lily. "If you don't want him, send him to me!" He was considerate and carin [...]

I really enjoyed this book. It's not often I fall for a heroine with a game leg, but there was something about Lilly. She grew on me as she got more confident through the book. Escaping a gruesome past left her a little unsure of herself, but it was refreshing to watch her blossom as the book progressed.Zach was an unlikely playboy. He was often unsure of himself, but this offered a refreshing hero who wasn't 100% bust their heads open, spitting blood alpha male. He had gentler qualities which i [...]

A&F is suspense and romance at its best, but the author looks deep beneath the surface action. She ultimately tells the tale of the emotional journeys of two people. The reader feels like he has a personal stake in the outcome as Zach and Lilly navigate the maze created by his insecurities, her fears, and evil directed toward them. Zach was betrayed by love. Lilly suffered abuse at the hands of people who should have protected her. Their mutual inability to trust others or themselves create [...]

I met this author when we became critique partners and I began reading the early chapters of this book. I should preface by saying that romance is not a genre I usually read. Despite this, I was very quickly drawn into this book. Always & Forever has strong writing, exciting plot twists, and a steamy romance between the protagonists, Lily and Zach. I like that the novel switched between the two characters’ points of view and I enjoyed the chance to learn them more seeing events through the [...]

A hot romance between two unsuspecting adults set up secretively. The main character, Lilly, has a complicated past that follows her to her new life. The prospective love, Zach, finds himself battling for a forever love with Lilly. If he loses, it could take his life. If he wins, it could give him the happily ever after that he deserves. I recommend this book for anyone who loves a hot romance that makes you fall in love with the main characters and hate all those who stand in the way of their h [...]

I liked this book. I never guessed who the bad guy was. I suspected, but the author wrote it so I was on the fence about his character. My favorite theme is the abused/fragile heroine. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good romantic suspense novel.

Loved it Had me glued from the onset and hope author considers a sequel.

This is my first read by Chantel Rhondeau, but not my last. Loved the story line and the characters. Can't wait to read more!

Endearing romantic suspense.

AwesomeLilly changed her name to her middle name and moved across the country yo start anew after being accused of murdering her fiancé. She goes to work for a older rich lady as her assistant. She understood the rich growing up that way. Zach is Mrs. Woodworth grandson and she believes they belong together. She knows about Lilly's past, but Lilly doesn't know she foes. It gets worse when Lilly get a stalker. There are s lot of twist a and turns but a lovely story.

I absolutely loved this book. You can really feel the passion in the book. All the dangers Lilly went through just so she can be with her true love is absolutely amazing and beautiful at the same time. Very well written. I can't believe that this is Chantel's first book just by reading it you couldn't tell; it seems like she has been writing forever. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Lilly Price has just moved to Serenity, Oregon, trying to escape her past on the East Coast. She has just gotten out of prison and is looking for a fresh start but it's hard when you don't want to provide any links to your past. Lilly is hired to be a personal assistant to Margaret Woodbridge, a wealthy widow.Zach Woodbridge is Margaret's grandson with his own secrets in his past. Living in the memory of his "perfect" deceased wife he is not interested in a relationship, but that's not what his [...]

Seattle, WA. Woodbridge Manor. Margaret Woodbridge (elderly wealthy aristocrat), was interviewing Lilly Price (27) an assistant position.She had an accident & for now was in a wheel chair. Zach Woodbridge came to visit. Margaret introduced Lily to him.The 1 didn’t exactly see eye/eye. Charles Danner (sold newspapers, murdered) & Lily had bought a house together. Lily slowly met the rest of the Woodbridge family members.Will Zach & Lily fall in love? Officer McMann Was helping look [...]

Contemporary romance with a physically maimed heroine who was raised soft and rich, but Lily Price is a tough survivor with a mysterious past and looking for a new start in a small town on the other side of the world. So she has a good job working as an assistant for an old smart lady who is matchmaking with her favorite grandson, Zach. Zach is a widower to a terrible wife, Victoria married him for money and prestige of a wealthy powerful family, but everyone thinks that it was a love match, exc [...]

I love non-alpha guys and Zach fits into that category. But he is charming and loving to a girl who has had a raw deal in life. Her past comes back to haunt her and Zach is there as her knight in shining armor -- chinks and all. A great love story.

Started good but seemed to drag a bit. To be honest, I got sick of the h being abused and how she would keep silent even if that was an understandable reaction. I liked the H until he started to cry as much as she did.

This romantic suspense novel is a story of abuse, crazy obsession and greed, lies, and, as consequences, mistrust and cover ups. Two main characters will have to overcome a lot, survive some horrible moments, and learn to trust each other to find their happiness.

I relly love books that is like this book. It's a fantsy like book or it's a fantsy. But I really like books that have something happens and destroy after and have it again.

Very good. Romance and mystery and several love scenes.

wow that was an intense book. poor Lilly seemed to have a sign across her head saying she was a punching bag. I'm glad she got a hea though.

DNF stopped at 43%

Standard story of abuse and overcoming mistrust to love again. Still a good book.

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