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  • Title: Grim
  • Author: Joseph Spencer
  • ISBN: 9781615727520
  • Page: 108
  • Format: ebook

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Grim is a complex, gritty, and often gory tale which follows a series of grisly murders in Prairieville The blood trail leads to a reclusive millionaire Heath Grim, who wears a mask to hide his war scars from the world, but he harbors a darker secret on the inside Virtuous detective Adam White almost always gets his man, but he s haunted by the one case he s never closedGrim is a complex, gritty, and often gory tale which follows a series of grisly murders in Prairieville The blood trail leads to a reclusive millionaire Heath Grim, who wears a mask to hide his war scars from the world, but he harbors a darker secret on the inside Virtuous detective Adam White almost always gets his man, but he s haunted by the one case he s never closed his wife s murder When White is pushed to the limits of his sanity from a rising body count and a criminal kingpin who has turned crooked cops and corrupt politicians against him, will he be able to collar the killer Or will a plot to tarnish his image and the killer s information on a common enemy turn White into the type of man he s hunted throughout his law enforcement career

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Overview: Grim is a story about bad guys fighting bad guys. There’s a couple of innocents who either get corrupted or killed or [can't sayspoiler], but the majority of the story is about the bad guys. The deaths are very descriptive and this is not a book I would suggest to someone with a week stomach. At times, the descriptions seem to be so extreme in the gore and horror that I found it humorous. This happened more in the beginning of the book as I was still trying to gain emotional attachme [...]

Heath Grim was by all means a beast. A war veteran with scars on his face, he was rarely seen by any without his mask. His best friend, Craig, had been dead two years, but they continued to have conversations in Heath’s head.Detective Adam White, the White Knight, was the savior come to town, arresting those criminals and making the city streets safer for all. Unfortunately, Cyrus Black was not a fan of the detective, most of the city was on his payroll or under his rule in some form or anothe [...]

Grim by Joseph Spencer is a crime novel filled with everything from murders to organized mobsters to a tormented war veteran to a hero detective. Mix them together and you get a gory, gritty and captivating story. This book isn't for the feint of heart though. The gore factor is quite high! If you are looking for a simple crime story, you won't get it with this book. It's a complex story with complex and intriguing characters. One you start reading, you won't be able to stop.FTC Disclosure: The [...]

Original review here: offbeatvagabond/2013/06/grim-blog-tour-review-2-25-starbucks-gcmlGoodness gracious, I enjoyed the hell out of this. I am such a fan of Joseph Spencer. I am so glad I stumbled onto this tour. I love how this book flows from one character to the other. Spencer has introduced us to a lot of them. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it all goes together beautifully. Our main character, one of them anyway, is Heath Grim. He is quite the character to say the least. He is [...]

Honestly, even after reading the book, I am not entirely clear what it was really and truly about. What I know is that a series of murders are happening that appear to be in the style of an old mob killer. However, according to all reports, the hitman is dead. The police department’s poster boy, Adam White, is on the case. His investigation leads him to Heath Grim, the masked and disfigured owner of the apartments across from the crime scene. This tangled mess of a story involves two warring m [...]

I finished this book and then went and immediately looked up Joseph Spencer. I am now a huge fan!! I mean, I had doubts about reading this, not because he’s a debut author and this is his first book, not because the face on the book kind of threw me off (although I totally love it after reading!) but because I’m not into the whole mystery/crime genre. It’s just not my thing. But this book, oh man! This book was fantastic!There’s a lot of back and forth between the main characters so you [...]

Heath Grim is a man of mystery, always careful to hide his disfigured face behind a black mask which he has worn since his return home from Iraq two years before. As the son of Armand Reapentier - the Enforcer for the Marino Family, known only as 'The Reaper' - Heath has sought vengeance against his father's killers for the past two years with no sign of success.Detective Adam White is a man known to follow his own strict moral code, incorruptible and a seeker of justice. Known by the press as t [...]

Heath Grim is a war hero who has no control of himself whenever the "beast" comes. He must do whatever the beast tells him too, even when he wakes up covered in blood. His only friends are the spirits of those who have died around him. The only thing he's looking for is revenge on the people who killed the woman he loved.Adam "White Knight" White is a hero police detective who seems to solve every crime he comes across.except for the 10 year old murder of his wife. While investigating a series o [...]

GRIM by Joseph Spencer is a gory paranormal crime thriller. Debut author novel. If you don't enjoy gory,gritty,thrillers read no further. If you do than "Grim"is the story for you,for it is not only gory,but gritty,and very complex. Filled with bad guys,corruption,death,secrets,a series of gory murders,justice,and a very dark thriller with a few twists and turns. The list of characters reads like a who's who of badness, including Heath Grim,war hero with scars inside and out,Adam White,police of [...]

Not knowing what to expect as this is Joseph’s debut novel, I can tell you that I loved it.The story moves back and forth between the characters, and it works well as it helps you get to know them and connect.Most of the characters aren’t nice, in fact, they’re pretty bad. In a western movie, they’d all being wearing black. They have their reasons for being the way they are and I was torn between supporting them and shuddering at the lengths they go to.The beginning was a bit confusing u [...]

The Adventures Within RABT HostGrim blew me away, the whole entire time I was reading it I thought I was watching a movie. Especially with all the thriller and suspense parts, It was an easy read but it does feel like its a long book only because Mr. Spencer added so much detail and depth into the characters and pretty much everything else that would get your imagination going. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, Once you get about 15 pages into the book you sort of get glued to it or [...]

Joseph pens "Grim" in an original complex plot with plenty of twists and turns. With his good cast of characters mixed in with terror, suspense and the dark story line, it will keep you turning the pages. In my opinion, this is not a book for readers under 18 with all the gore and darkness, but I would recommend it to adult readers who love the suspense and gore.This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.

This is a very suspenseful and well-plotted book with paranormal elements. It kept me turning the pages. Characters are well-developed!

Great book, very interesting, and yeah, I really enjoyed it!

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