Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

Oliver Bowden Andrew Holmes

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

  • Title: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
  • Author: Oliver Bowden Andrew Holmes
  • ISBN: 9780425262962
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

It s the Golden Age of Piracy a time when greed, ambition, and corruption overcome all loyalties and a brash young captain, Edward Kenway, is making his name known for being one of the greatest pirates of his time.In the brilliant new novel, Assassin s Creed Black Flag, discover the story of how Edward, a young privateer, became one of the world s most deadly piratesIt s the Golden Age of Piracy a time when greed, ambition, and corruption overcome all loyalties and a brash young captain, Edward Kenway, is making his name known for being one of the greatest pirates of his time.In the brilliant new novel, Assassin s Creed Black Flag, discover the story of how Edward, a young privateer, became one of the world s most deadly pirates and was drawn into the centuries old battle between the Templars and the Assassins.

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Really great book, I've always been cautious with 'video game book's but this was surprisingly good too read. It sticks very closely to the game, even more so in its dialogue. Conversations are literally taken right out the game, which is great. Although I would say it does hop through the story quite quickly, but I like that it doesn't linger or drag out too long. I guess playing the game is going to seem a longer story than reading the book. I see people mentioning that it only mentions him as [...]

The book was a serviceable adventure but it left a lot to be desired. In many places the judicial application of dilligent editing was required but failed to appear. Sentences--nearly identical ones--appeared just a paragraph or two below their doppelgangers. Also, the latter portion of the story skips by so fast that all of the character growth is force-fed rather than natural. And, because this is a video game franchise tie-in, the author had to deal with somethings that don't translate well ( [...]

When it comes to books that are based on video games, I am reluctant and overly cautious. Let’s face it, Paul W.S. Anderson didn’t exactly stick to the game’s plot with the Resident Evil franchise, but at least it’s better than Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which failed miserably in my opinion. Of course, those are movies based on games, but you get the idea, right? In the past, I’ve read quite a few books that were based on video games though (mostly the Magic: The Gathering bo [...]

Ugh to think I'd be giving something related to Assassin's Creed only two stars. That book was written terribly - the writing style in general was pretty weak, not to mention that the book was filled with errors and inconsistencies. Certain changes, understandably, had to be made from the game in order for this to work as a book, but this was done poorly and disrupted the flow of the story. It was also much too fast paced for my liking, again probably an issue with the translation from game to b [...]

Loved it. Honestly, it was better than the game. All the books are. Oliver Bowden converts the admittedly enjoyable yet occasionally dull or repetitive games into a truly fantastic story. While some people love Assassin's Creed for the gameplay and stunning visuals and mechanics, I personally love it for the story it tells. In fact, I would be fine if there were no games and it was just the book series only.Black Flag tells the story of Edward Kenway, a brash, arrogant merchant's son from Bristo [...]

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag (Assassin's Creed, #6), Oliver Bowdenعنوان: فرقه اسسین ها: کتاب ششم - پرچم سیاه، مترجم: محمدرضا قاسمی؛ تهران، آذرباد، 1395؛ 9786006225609؛ کتاب نخست: رنسانس؛ کتاب دوم: پیمان برادری، مترجمین امیر قربان‌، فرزین لازمی‌زاده، کیانا حاج‌دولت، خشایار خلیلیان؛ کتاب سوم: نهضت مخفی، ترجمه بهن [...]

These just seem to be getting worse as time goes on. We're definitely a long way from Renaissance which I thought was extremely enjoyable. I very much like Black Flag as a video game but this book was barely readable. The writing was amateur and the plot was boring. Stealth missions from the game felt awkward and clumsy in writing. Edward Kenway was not a likeable character. The whole thing fell flat. I've definitely read worse books than this, hence the two star rating but I didn't really enjoy [...]

A nice novel to read after finishing the game as some story and characters get filled in and explained.

In a world without gold, we might have been heroes! "Blackbeard"For years I've been rushing around, taking whatever I fancied, not giving a tinker's curse for those I hurt. Yet here I am with riches and reputation, feeling no wiser than when I left home. Yet when I turn around, and look at the course I've run there's not a man or woman that I love left standing beside me.تلك هي كلمات كابتن ادوارد كينواي القرصان الخاص في حقبة العصر الذهبي ل [...]

Barring a few respectable bright spots, this is one of the poorest works of fiction I've ever read, especially given the aimless-feeling execution of a simple premise. The main character resorts to piracy in order to provide for his new wife. Fine. It's a morally questionable decision, of course, but there's room for fun in it given an escapist approach to the subject matter from the reader and the author. I generally enjoy and look forward to action scenes in stories, but my problem with the co [...]

I recently read (and reviewed) Asassin's Creed: Forsaken and enjoyed the novel tremendously. While I was hoping for a review of Connor Kenway's adventures, what I got was even better with the complete history of Assassin-child turned Templar Haytham Kenway. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is my favorite of the Assassin's Creed games and it was my hope that its novelization would expand upon Edward Kenway's life in the same way Forsaken expanded on his son's. Sadly, this is not the case. I wouldn't [...]

The beginning was really strong I loved how it explains how Caroline and Edward met and it sheds some light on Edward's backstory. At parts it captured Edward's humour perfectly and it made me really like Caroline Scott as a character. However I feel like Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet were overlooked and some sections felt a little rushed since there was a certain scene I was looking forward to but it never turned up and that was Blackbeard's intimidation speech: youtube/watch?v=lsAqMI also feel a [...]

Ho finito, ahimè, con fatica questo libro, ma odio lasciare le cose a metà, e a meno che non mi provochino proprio disgusto cerco sempre di finire i libri che inizio. Credo che ormai ci sia molto poco della storia iniziale: in questo libro incontriamo un personaggio, Edward Kenway, che per ridare un pò di onore al suo nome decide di diventare pirata, redimendosi poi alla fine diventando un semi-Assassino. Dico "semi" perchè in realtà non viene mai accolto ufficialmente nella setta, e l'unic [...]

A painful book to read. Even the audiobook was painful, although the narrator at least tried to make it interesting.Edward is an extremely unlikeable character. When he's not getting drunk/actually drunk/passed out, he's perving on women, being a total hypocrite, or 'engaging his blade' to stab people. The writing itself was kind of sloppy, and there were many spelling and grammar mistakes. What I assume are boss battles in the game were poorly and briefly described action scenes in the book. Fo [...]

This book provided a much desired backstory to the character that broke my heart, aka Haytham. As always, there were grammatical errors and choppy sentences that should've been caught by the editor that weren't, but these errors have lessened and become less distracting with each book. The storyline of this novel is interesting, though it is not as detailed in some parts, so some things seem to spring on the reader unexpectedly--and not in the good plot twist kind of way, the "wait how is this e [...]

The world is of 25% land and 75% water. So when you run out of land, you should jump right into the oceans and discover the depths. I, myself, am rather amazed at the idea of being out on a ship and int the ocean discovery. Oliver Bowden once again brings the Henway back into the silent wars of Templars and Creed. This time however, started with being a normal lad of constant life cycle passed down from generations to generations and stopped by Edward Henway to bring the good old days of searchi [...]

This specific game out of the Assassin's Creed video game series, is my favorite. So I decided to read the book and thought that maybe it would offer some more insight into Edward's world. The book followed the game very well. I was pleased with that. It did cover some events that I don't remember playing out in my game, but that's alright.(Yes, I held this book to the standard that I hold the game. Deal with it.)So if you like the game, and wish to just continue in the world of Mr. Kenway, read [...]

I could have just played the game if I wanted to. The book follows the game very closely, minus the beginning and the end. I definitely appreciated the bits that weren't in the game but they were few and far between. If you're expecting to learn a little bit more about Edward, reading the first few chapters seems enough. And if you have no problem doing so, you can skim through the book if you want to.

This book felt like a chore to read. I enjoyed the parts that didn't overlap with the game. Overall it felt rushed. I also don't generally enjoy this authors writing style. I tried reading some of the previous books, but couldn't get through them. The only one I enjoyed was Forsaken, and I have a feeling that was because it focused on Haytham and wasn't just a rehashing of the game. Not sure I will read another Assassins Creed book from this author.

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*Read with Cautiousness*The book generally is really good as a story , but until part four (4) it feels like it's a story of pirate society and only the story of Edward as a pirate.The Assassin part of him becomes noted at the end of book with a really good plot. The whole last part makes the ending perfect for what the story has offered the reader at the 3 first parts.

I really liked the story, but I found this book so difficult to read.The sentence structure was terrible, and the whole book was full of errors (repeated sentences; spelling mistakes; grammatical errors etc.), it's almost as if there was never any input from an editor.It is safe to say that I will never read another book by Oliver Bowden/Anton Gill, based on the woeful writing of this novel.

I never thought that the book would overgrow the video game. Well, I was wrong. It's a different platform, but a really great experience ☺"a little girl, a beautiful little girl, who shone brighter than hope, just nine years old. And I thought you looked the spitting image of your mother."

We all know how much I love assassins :3This one was too sad but it was really good :3

So much potential, but unfortunately not carried through. Certainly not worth reading over 400 pages of, but I don't like leaving books unfinished. Kenway just wasn't a character I could get behind. And the ending retribution was too rushed to leave any sense of satisfaction.

Some fan fiction. I would only read this if you are a fan of the games which I am. Very easy to read and the story was in keeping with the games.

Ha yeah not sure how I ended up reading the 6th in a series of books based on a video game I've never played. Randomness.


This book serves as a prequel to Forsaken. The book tells the story of Haytham's father, Edward Kenway who becomes an assassin, well a pirate assassin. The story of his life that resulted the birth of Jennifer, Haytham's half sister and his eventual residence in London after hanging his robes are told here.Set during the great maritime expedition of the East India Company, Edward becomes an assassin not by some brutal killing of his family by templars but by his will of earning some bucks as pri [...]

Assassins creed: black flag is about an ale loving deranged pirate named Edward Kenway. It is telling his tales in the year 1715. I recommend this book to all lovers of gaming or if you just want to read something action packed.Half way through the book Edward Kenway became an assassin and he did that by killing another assassin. He has changed from a pirate to an assassin, and he now lives by the creed of the assassins:"Nothing is true; everything is permitted.""Three fourths through the book E [...]

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