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  • Title: Tuesday
  • Author: David Wiesner
  • ISBN: 9780395551134
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover

The unpredictable events of a particular Tuesday unroll before the reader with the precision and clarity of a silent movie A Caldecott Medal book.

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To see this week's Wordless Picture Books, please visit readrantrockandroll by clicking HEREDavid Wiesner is a favorite as you know from some of my previous reviews. He never ceases to amaze me and this book is such a beautiful and magical addition to our collection.The story begins in the early evening on a Tuesday and all is quiet at the pond. All of a sudden, the frogs begin to levitate on their lily pads and travel into a nearby town. They visit a woman watching TV, a man having a snack, and [...]

Such a delightfully enchanting picture book! We read a LOT of picture books when my kids were younger, but this one about frogs magically flying around town on their lily pads one fateful night was a favorite. I'm pretty certain we checked it out of the library multiple times.Flying frogs FTW! All the stars!!

“Tuesday” is a Caldecott Award winning book from the creative mind of David Wiesner and is about how some seemingly ordinary frogs from a pond go on a magical adventure throughout the city. David Wiesner’s story of a magic along with his beautiful illustrations makes “Tuesday” a mesmerizing book for children. David Wiesner has done it again with creating a wordless book that tells its story through his illustrations. David Wiesner’s story is interesting as the only words that he uses [...]

There are no words in this picture book; only gorgeous whimsical illustrations of flying frogs!!It is no wonder that this book is a Caldecott Medal winner. This is another outstanding children's book by the incredibly talented David Wiesner. I want to read all of his work!!

Fun, mysterious, and with lovely expressively gorgeous illustrations presenting a lush greenish/blue colour scheme that is just to die for (and more than well deserving of its Caldecott Medal award), David Wiesner's Tuesday actually has made me laugh out loud more than a few times (I just LOVE the scene with the white laundry sheets and that the rambunctious dog so bent on chasing the poor flying frogs so completely has the tables tuned on it). And although my logical, analytical self would perh [...]

I guess I’m pretty much alone here: The artwork, as usual, is wonderful, but I found this story slightly creepy. Am I missing something special that I simply didn’t get? I wonder.I adored Flotsam and I really enjoyed Free Fall, but this one didn’t wow me. However, I’ll happily read all his current and any future books because I do think he’s really talented and I predict that I’ll enjoy most of his books.

A great deal of fun and so creative! I loved the humor and the adventures the frogs got into. The expressions (on frogs and people) are so spot-on and made me giggle. A very fun adventure. Wish there was a sequel giving us the adventure hinted at on the last page! :-)

Wiesner explores just how powerful storytelling can be without using any words at all. This unique and eccentric story allows for perfect opportunities for prediction and speculation during discussion. The illustrations themselves are extremely entertaining and could fit tremendously well into a classroom environment either to explore as a class or individually. I believe this is a fantastic book to just have around the classroom allowing children to become familiar and engaged with wordless pic [...]

Another brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious wordless picturebook from David Wiesner with a perfect blurb on the front flap of the cover: "The eventsrecordedhereare verifiedby an undisclosed sourceto have happenedsomewhere, U.S.Aon Tuesday.All those in doubtare remindedthat there is alwaysanotherTUESDAY." And I love the author's self-reference :)

Gorgeously surreal.

If your'e curious to know what this wordless picture book is about, just think, "flying frogs on lilly pads and loving their night out away from the pond."

Title: TuesdayAuthor: David WiesnerPublisher: Clarion Books, 32 pp, 1991Format: Picture Book (wordless story)Intended Audience: Children, ages 4 to 8Description: Tuesday is a wordless picture book that vividly depicts strange events that happened at various times of the day on Tuesday. Personal Review: For a picture book that has relatively few or no words at all, the illustrations are the only thing that drives the story. Tuesday has illustrations that are lively and vivid. With nothing really [...]

Synopsis: The events recorded here are verified by an undisclosed source to have happened somewhere, U.S.A on Tuesday. All those in doubt are reminded that there is always another Tuesday.Review: This is a book that truly illustrates how a pictures can be worth a thousand words. The beauty of these illustrations, paired with the fun and humor of frogs flying through the night on magical lily pads is just a gift from Mr. Weisner that everyone who is lucky enough to pick up this book will undoubte [...]

This book has fantastic illustrations, but an odd "story". My kids liked it a lot and I liked the surrealism. We will certainly look for more books by this author. This book was selected as one of the books for the July 2016- Quarterly Caldecott discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

We read this sometime last year and enjoyed it but did not fall in love with it. Really, we had sort of forgotten about it, which turned out to be quite wonderful, as I would probably not have picked up Flotsam otherwise. Tuesday is odd, certainly a compliment, but my kids did not warm to it as much as I had hoped for a wordless picture book full of original and interesting pictures.

Strange and surreal, with a little humor and a bit of eerieness as well--quite intriguing!

A very peculiar book. What attracted me to this book was the cover; it's beautiful, one of the best I've seen, but the story was a bit strange. I prefer more words I guess.

من أوائل الكتب المصنفة (ككتب بلا كلمات) التي اطلعت عليها وشغفتني بفكرتها.من أحب الأعمال التي مرت علي، وارتقت بعمليتي التفكير والخيال عندي!

best kids book ever.

What did I just read/look at? Flying frogs on lily pads and flying pigs. Illustrator was a genius.

A very strang book.

Tuesday by David Wiesner takes place on (you guessed it) a Tuesday; to be more exact, on a Tuesday evening around eight. At around that time, an unknown force rises all the frogs on lily pads, from a swamp, into the air and takes them around a nearby town for a joy ride. Their adventure, through the town’s suburban neighborhoods, lasts all Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.The first thing that caught my eyes were the very detailed illustrations in the book. No illustration left a lack [...]

'Tuesday' is a bizarre story and is the kind of picture book in which you don't need many words to tell the story, the pictures are enough. The artwork itself is very striking and I was very intrigued by the front cover. The theme of time is obviously very significant as the clock which takes up most of the page demonstrates, but at the same time the cover does not give too much away. This idea of time is again reinforced on the first page where it says 'TUESDAY EVENING, AROUND EIGHT.' There is [...]

Um. Can I just say that this book is a Big Mood?? What a great X-Files, frog-themed book this is. Honestly, if I had the money, I’d probably get one of those frogs tattooed on my somewhere. That’s how awesome this book is.Wordless and weird would be the two words I’d use to describe this. Filled only with images from Wiesner’s imagination as something strange happens on Tuesday, this is truly an artful, fun and adventurous romp. And speaking of artful–the originals for this picturebook [...]

A beautifully illustrated book with few words, but the happenings and events have happened on a Tuesday somewhere and if not, there is always another Tuesday.Fun picture book. Realistic, colorful pictures.

This blew my mind! With very little words in the book it allows children to interpret the book how they like. A great way to start children enjoying books and making it accessible to all.

Winner of the Caldecott Medal, "Tuesday" is a whimsical picture book for children ages 4-7. This landscape format, illustration-focused story follows a certain large group of bullfrogs that magically lift off from their pond one Tuesday evening, and float on lily pads through the night sky, causing all kinds of mischief and upheaval along the way. As is the case with wordless books, the reader is expected to tell the story in his or her own words. However, parents and educators may find that chi [...]

Lucas loves this book. So creative and beautiful illustrations.

I chose this story for one of the illustrator project books. This story takes place on Tuesday night when frogs fly on lily pads throughout the town. They make all sorts of messes all over the town and then the next morning they hop back into the pond and leave the police and investigators to make heads or tails of what happened the night before. Then the next Tuesday, there will be pigs flying through the sky. I love the creativity in this story. David Wiesner's favorite thought while creating [...]

One of my favorite parts about this book is the interaction between the frogs and the other animals. A few pages in, we see the contrast of the birds sitting stationary on the telephone wires, while the frogs fly about on their lilypads. At the far right of the page, we see a frog excitedly chasing a bird, who looks very frightened by the frog clapping his hands behind him. At the old lady's house, we can see a white cat timidly peering our from behind a door and the frogs who have taken over th [...]

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