The Stand, Volume 5: No Man's Land

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Stephen King Mike Perkins

The Stand, Volume 5: No Man's Land

The Stand, Volume 5: No Man's Land

  • Title: The Stand, Volume 5: No Man's Land
  • Author: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Stephen King Mike Perkins
  • ISBN: 9780785135258
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback

Signs of life are returning to Boulder Power generators are humming, and the lights are coming back on People are taking to the city s green spaces, smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts Those who chose to follow Mother Abagail have made a new home tucked inside the Rocky Mountains But Larry Underwood and Fran Goldsmith don t feel so optimistic A dark vibratiSigns of life are returning to Boulder Power generators are humming, and the lights are coming back on People are taking to the city s green spaces, smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts Those who chose to follow Mother Abagail have made a new home tucked inside the Rocky Mountains But Larry Underwood and Fran Goldsmith don t feel so optimistic A dark vibration is shaking Boulder s foundation, Harold Lauder s secrets have come out into the open, and Nadine Goldsmith begins to display ever bizarre behavior Is this the influence of the Dark Man of their dreams The pull of Randall Flagg will prove irresistible as Harold and Nadine begin their trip west But when they make their move, will they leave Boulder a smoldering ruin behind them Marvel s adaptation of celebrated author Stephen King s popular apocalyptic novel continues COLLECTING The Stand No Man s Land 1 5

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3.5 stars. No Man's Land takes us five issues closer to the finale, being the fifth volume in this apocalyptic six volume series.No Man's Land focuses on the grouping of the society. True colors are coming to the surface, plans are made, mistakes suffered and there is a lot of death within, drumming the coming conclusion.The intensity is at its highest peak, often too at that as it falls to the typical horror trap where things happen because of neglect, stupidity or fear of speaking your mind. I [...]

In No Man's Land, Harold's turn to the dark man has come full circle as his plan comes to fruition. With Nadine by his side, Harold enlists the power of explosives to attempt to bring about the demise of the Free Zone Committee. Meanwhile, the search for Mother Abigail continues as her mysterious disappearance causes several of the townsfolk to worry about her ability to survive the elements.This is a pretty important volume. So much happens within these 136 pages and surprisingly, it moves alon [...]

This is the penultimate volume of this story. There is one left. In the book there is a lot about what is going on in Las Vegas and it is left out of this story. The focus is totally on Bolder in this story. It seems just when they have built their new city, it starts to fall apart. The new committee is losing member left and right. Harold has shown his hand and chosen his side. Nadine has chosen to be the wife to a demon.This sets up the end and I'm excited to read it. I feel the art in this vo [...]

I first read The Stand when book makers were unable to print a paperback of this immensity. As a result it was heavily abridged. This was probably a good thing as, while the first half was good, the second a little tedious. I would, however, freely recommend this to watch King approaching the zenith of his skills and originality

This is one of King's best novels, IMO. The end of the world as we know it, the back to basics for the survivors and the good vs. evil choices they all must make are nothing new for plot lines. But King weaves his magic, as usual, making this a scary horror story, a love story, a story of friendships as well as one of hope for mankind, all wrapped into one only King can do.I also enjoyed The Stand movie. It followed the book pretty well. Not something you see too often.

This was the first Stephen King book I read (i even like the cheesy mini series) and I have re read it many times. I prefer Mr King writing non horror book. Another recommendation is The Long Walk under the name as Bachman.

This is the penultimate volume of the graphic novel series based on Stephen King's The Stand. It has to pack a lot of information into this volume, but I think it has done it really well. There were some statements made from some characters that I don't remember being so obviously stated in the book, but I feel like they were done here to move the story along. I felt like it worked, even though various themes were a bit subtler in the book. No time is spent with Flagg, even though his influence [...]

I bought this book at the end of June and put it in my vehicle, but with summer semester as hectic as it was, I'm just now getting around to it. I had a break between my culinary classes yesterday & instead of reading something else on my friend's Comixology account, I started on this.Nothing has changed writing or art wise since volume 4. This is based off of one of my favorite Stephen King books so the story is great. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is continuing to translate the original story to [...]

Fantastic! This is the penultimate volume and everything sets the stage for the finale. A couple of wonderful major characters die. The committee sends three people off to Las Vegas to spy then come back and report. One of these is Tom Cullen, M-O-O-N spells spy. Mother Abigail returns and sends 4 of the men off to confront and challenge the dark man. The volume ends with them on the road. Cannot wait to read the last book which is here in my greedy hands.

So much happened in this volume! We've slowly formed this community and begun to really feel for these people and now the shit has really hit the fan. I can't say much without spoiling, but near the end there were a few images that just broke my heart. Maybe more so than when I originally read those "scenes" in the novel.There is certainly something to be said for the visual medium.

King knows how to make a character so repulsive he's almost fascinating. Almost. Again, not for me, but pushing through to the end.

Una excelente adaptación de una de las mas ambiciosas novelas de Stephen King (The Stand). Leí The Stand hace décadas, antes que hubiera ningún lugar como este para reseñarla y guardarla en la memoria. Igual mi recuerdo era que me había encantado. Así que cuando exploraba Issuee (un verdadero tesoro para BDs/Comics) y me topé con esta adaptación gráfica, era inevitable probarla. Y el resultado es excelente. El ambiente, la historia, los personajes, reflejan espectacularmente la novela [...]

I'm not so big on the religious content, but the story is still a wild ride that keeps you guessing.

6th book read in 2013. Number 93 out of 298 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=olWG_-

Este volumen es el mejor de todos, simplemente excelenteAhora a esperar el desenlace con el hombre oscuro y con los 4 miembros de boulder que se dirigen a la batalla*SPOILER*La muerte de Nick me pareció injustificada.Madre Abigail si debía morir para avanzar la historiaMe gustan las referencias biblicas me da una incertidumbre de que será lo que sucederá en el ultimo enfrentamiento

While there wasn’t much action in the traditional sense, the penultimate book in this series really gets real and does a great job setting up the final showdown. Up until now I’ve felt this series was merely average , and as a whole I stand by it. But I really enjoyed the story arc in No Man’s Land. Good job.

Uno de los eventos más trágicos de la novela sin duda ocurre en este ejemplar, y debo decir que la manera en que fue llevado a cabo me agradó bastante.


took me long enough.

Este es el volumen donde Harold y Nadine (view spoiler)[ se unen y atacan al consejo antes de dirigirse a Vegas para unirse con Flagg (hide spoiler)]Grandes cambios acercándose al final de la historia.

Reprints The Stand: No Man’s Land #1-5 (April 2011-August 2011). As the Free Zone works to establish itself in Boulder, the need for government arrises. Nadine Cross falls further under the control of the Man in Black and brings Harold Lauder deeper into his plans. With the realization that Randall Flagg’s plans are continuing to develop in Las Vegas, the Free Zone realizes they must act. A tragic turn of events reminds the members of the Free Zone that it isn't just a battle for survival, b [...]

What a great series!! The fun continues here. Everything's in there: sex, violence, intrigue, good versus evil, all that good stuff. And the illustrations are so evocative without being garish, gaudy or gratuitous. Harold was really brought out so well in this book. I hate him so bad, but I also want to believe he will have a little allegiance to these people who actually love him and saved his life. I also love what happens to Nadine. Wow, just great story-telling. It's mythic and powerful stuf [...]

A pretty good interpretation of Stephen King's "The Stand" in graphic novel form I enjoyed the moniseries/movie, but as much as that differed from the book, so too does this differ from the movie and book both. I'm really enjoying going through the series (it is contained in several different volumes) and seeing what the artists have done with the characters. How they see them, in thier mind's eye. What part of the book they found more important to showcase vs the miniseries/movie it's good read [...]

It seems like forever ago that I started this series, but sadly, it has not been nearly as long as I thought. Only about a year and a half from the time that I read " The Stand Captain Trips" til I turned the final page of this graphic. I can't lie and say that everything that has happened so far actually remained with me but I wasn't completely lost when starting this volume 4. Again, to go into a detailed review of this book would be to repeat everything that I said about the previous three in [...]

More than the adaptation its the artist, Perkins, who manages to reduce pages of narration to a panel. King shifts between various perspectives while exploring the aftermath of explosion. Its difficult thing to achieve in less than one hundred and fifty pages yet with help of Perkins, Sacasa manage to deliver it.The loss in content isn't entirely missed with the way the story gets told. This volume is more of exploration of humanity, the choices they make, the things they do within their moral b [...]

This is a vast improvement over the previous volume, which mainly featured a lot of stage-setting and talking heads (not the fault of Aguirre-Sacasa and Perkins, they'd simply run into a stretch of King's novel that didn't translate well to the visual medium). There's a palpable sense of building dread in this penultimate chapter as the last carefully-placed dominos are finally turned over, heading into the final act. Perkins' art is top-notch, creepy yet pastoral, and his characters' faces are [...]

I love Stephen King. He's one of those quintessential who not only has penned some truly beautiful creative ideas (like the "word pool" or "myth pool" - a literal thing in Boo'ya Moon, #Lisey's Story) but has also shown that often the true horror isn't in the supernatural or 'other' (that's just the causative trigger to look at our reflections in the mirror), it's in the people all around us. He also shows that often heroes are flawed, struggling, or scared, but they find the courage to persever [...]

Let me be completely honest. As a writer (King not me), I'm really not that big of a fan of Stephen King novels. I'm just not that big a fan of his prose although I admit, that the guy does have some great ideas.However, this story makes for a great graphic novel adaptation. I remember seeing the TV mini-series of this and thinking it was pretty good (I usually DO like Stephen King story movies) and would also make a good GN.Aguirre-Sacasa does not dissapoint, his artwork takes the story to a wh [...]

This picks up in awesome right where Soul Survivors left off (even though sequentially it is after Hardcases). The Boulder story moves along, and you can see right where the story arch is headed in the last volume. As with all of these comics, the art is great. The writing continues to be solid. Each of the last two collections suffers a bit from not flashing back and forth between the two camps of survivors. The Harold story continues to pick up steam and becomes front and center in No Man's La [...]

This is probably the most plot-heavy installment of the collection, with the betrayal of Harold and Nadia playing out slowly while Boulder starts to rebuild itself. Major deaths start occurring, and the final showdown starts to take place. Other than Harold and Nadia (and The Man In Black in various forms), the Vegas contingent don't even appear here; all of the focus is on the growth and betrayals in Boulder. It's important, but it's a bit slower than most of the other volumes. Still good, but [...]

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