The Officer's Code


The Officer's Code

The Officer's Code

  • Title: The Officer's Code
  • Author: LynAlexander
  • ISBN: 9780984725489
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback

In 1912, failing at Cambridge pre law, Eric Foster rebels against his father s rigid plans for his future as a barrister in the family s London law firm Transferring to Heidelberg University, he is the Engl nder to the other students In his search to control his own destiny he falls in love with the daughter of a German baron and retired cavalry colonel To prove his wIn 1912, failing at Cambridge pre law, Eric Foster rebels against his father s rigid plans for his future as a barrister in the family s London law firm Transferring to Heidelberg University, he is the Engl nder to the other students In his search to control his own destiny he falls in love with the daughter of a German baron and retired cavalry colonel To prove his worth to Brigitte s aristocratic family, Eric uses his German mother s old Prussian connections and takes her family name As Erich von Schellendorf he is able to buy a commission in an elite German cavalry regiment By penetrating the most respected, most powerful social class of Imperial Germany of that day, he opens the way to marry his beloved only months before the outbreak of World War One, the war to end all wars Fighting in the army opposing his homeland, can Eric stay true to the powerful German Officers Code of Honour And if he does, can he ever go home again

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The characters in this powerful novel of cavalry operations in WW I are intricately drawn and spring to life off the page. They appeal, as much for their flaws as for their virtues, and are driven by a range of human emotions. They face crises, internal as well as external, and each person reacts in much the same way as a real life counterpart.Historical novels frequently bog down in too much detail. There is a lot of detail in The Officer's Code, but the reader is never tempted to skip. Alexand [...]

Thanks to and the publisher for my copy of this book.I loved, loved, LOVED this book! Wow. When I first read the plot description of a German/English protagonist in World War I, I knew I would probably like it, but I thought it was absolutely fantastic.The combination of the romance with the brutal war action really brought to life the complete horror of the war and its utter pointlessness. Usually, we read war stories from the British or American point of view. It was refreshing to read one fr [...]

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. R.A. Alexander, writing as Lyn Alexander, on the editing of her outstanding novel THE OFFICER'S CODE. As a lover of historical fiction, I found Ms. Alexander's novel quite unique and spellbinding. I never knew much about World War I, but after reading THE OFFICER'S CODE I feel that I have learned a lot from Ms. Alexander's meticulous research and her vivid storytelling. Told from what would normally be the opposing point of view, the protagonist in thi [...]

Not being a fan of historical fiction, but working on the premise to never "judge a book by its cover" I picked this up and my first reaction was pleasant surprise at how well it was written, and then delight as not only did it hold my attention in a genre not usually to my taste, but drew me into the story with every turn of the page. The moral dilemmas facing the main protagonist of firstly challenging his own family and then deciding to fight against his own country are complex and inspiring [...]

At a time when Eric's biggest concern was meeting his father's high expectations, fitting into his new German life and finding a way to win over the father of the woman he loves are paramount. To accomplish his goal of marrying Brigitte, Eric embraces his German heritage and secures a spot in the prestigious German cavalry. This seems like a sure path to impressing Brigitte's father until rumors of war begin to spread. The idea of this book, that a young man joins the German military to win over [...]

*** An epic series that spans two world wars and two great loves ***When completed, Lyn Alexander's story of Eric Foster, aka Erich von Schellendorf, will comprise four books:1. The Officer's Code2. The Versailles Legacy3. The English General4. A Good SoldierThe author took the unconventional approach of writing the series out of chronological order: 3, 4, 1, 2 (#2 is a work in progress), which is the order that I read the books in. As unconventional as that sounds, it worked, and now I'm lookin [...]

Military history is one of my favorite reading subjects, but it's difficult to find good fiction about World War I. Alexander not only presents good fiction, she presents stellar fiction. So what's so great about this book?1. The Perspective. This isn't the same ol' thing we see in every other WWI story. To begin with, it presents the German side of the story. More than that, it presents the German side from the perspective of a young English man who turns his back on his own country in order to [...]

Eric doesn’t want to be a lawyer, but according to his father there is no other acceptable career choice for his son in 1912. As punishment for a misunderstanding Eric is sent to Germany to attend school in his mother’s homeland. While trying to keep his nose clean Eric meets Gerdt, a high society boy who takes him under his wing. Gerdt introduces Eric to his family and to Brigitte, the woman that will alter his entire life. In an effort to win her hand Eric starts to make changes in his lif [...]

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Officer’s Code. Although I do like historical fiction, I’m not a fan of stories centered around war. But I became attached to the main character almost immediately because of the challenge he faced before the war became an issue. Other authors have presented The Great War from the German perspective, but Lyn did so in a particularly sensitive way that kept me engaged even through the difficult parts. I’m interested enough in the characte [...]

I was captured by the officer’s code. I rarely read this genre, but I was pulled along by the protagonist as he escaped his English father’s control, and secured his true love by enlisting in the German cavalry. This author writes a compelling adventure story of war, love, loss and survival in an age of chivalry and tradition, using her own personal soldiering background to set the tone and tempo of the book.

I thought this was a really good read. I usually don't read War novels, have a mild interest in history. But this book was something I was pleasantly surprised that it interested me. I guess because it had romance in it too and just the right amount of history as not to weigh the book down but to provide the appropriate setting for all the conflicts that was taking place in the novel.

This was one of those books that I fell in love with as soon as I opened the front cover and read page one. As I read through more of the story I kept praying would never end. I deliberately read this book incredibly slowly just so I could truly enjoy and saver each moment. Now that I have finished it the only thing I want to do is open it and read it all over again.The characters are superb. I loved and became so attached to them all but especially our protaganist Eric Foster / Erich Von Schell [...]

History, combat, romance, conflict, February 4, 2016Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Officer's Code (The Schellendorf Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)An interesting historical novel of WW1 told from the German perspective which is quite different from what is usually available in English. The main character is English with a German mother. His father insists that he study law even though he has no interest in the subject. He is finally sent to University in Heidelberg, Ge [...]

Historical fiction is my favorite genre- there is nothing better than a story that has the power to take me to another time and place, and The Officer's Code did just that. The premise of the story - a young Englishman, desperate to find his place in the world and deeply in love with a German girl, makes the decision to join the German Army in the days before the Great War - is both original and intriguing. The main character, Erich, is compelling in that he manages to be both a romantic hero in [...]

Driven from his country by an overbearing father, an English schoolboy falls in love with the willful daughter of a Prussian Baron. To ingratiate himself with the Baron, Eric renounces his name in favor of his German mother's maiden name and enlists in the cavalry expecting a five-year hitch. Unfortunately for Erich, his five years started in 1913."The Officer's Code" may be the most intimate account of the Great War since "All Quiet on the Western Front". Lyn Alexander's depth of research and i [...]

Normally I am wary of self-published books. There are some gems out there such as the Wool series. But a lot of self-published books are by authors who have been rejected by publishers because they're work is not ready for publication.So when K.M. Weiland, an author and coach for writers recommended this author, I was a little unsure since it is self-published. However, I really enjoyed it. Her main character is a British-born German officer during the first and second World Wars. I know what yo [...]

The Officer’s Code by Lyn Alexander is an excellent historical novel full of action, adventure and romance. The further I got into the book the harder it was to put it down. The author did a great job of developing a story that was easy to follow and real to life. I really like her writing style. It is so important, in this time of story, for the emotions to convey by the words to the reader and Lyn Alexander wrote just such a book.The book was full of action and intrigue but the characters is [...]

I couldn't wait to get through my daily round to get to reading time to reach for this book. I loved it! Which is amazing since I don't care to read historical fiction or war books. I bought the book to support the author and my plan was to read the beginning, part of the middle and the ending. Well, with page one, that plan dissolved. That's just how quickly the author trapped me in this story. Not only is she a great writer but a superb storyteller. The main character is a hero to root for and [...]

This is the tale of a young man desperate not to walk in his father's shadow. The Englander's rebellion finds him in college in Germany, where he meets his best friend, and the girl he wants to marry. In order to win the young woman's hand, Eric dons German citizenship, and buys his way into the German Calvary as a junior officer. Because of his love, and commitments, he suffers through the dregs of war only to find himself at a crossroad. Choose England, and the father that spurned him, or Germ [...]

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