Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories

Agatha Christie

Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories

Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories

  • Title: Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback

Problem at Pollensa Bay Parker PyneThe Second Gong PoirotYellow Iris PoirotThe Harlequin Tea Set Harley Quin The Regatta Mystery Parker Pyne The Love Detectives Harley Quin Next To A Dog RomanceMagnolia Blossom Romance

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Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories (Hercule Poirot #43), Agatha Christieroblem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories is a short story collection by Agatha Christie published in the UK only in November 1991 by HarperCollins. List of stories: Problem at Pollensa Bay; The Second Gong; Yellow Iris; The Harlequin Tea Set; The Regatta Mystery; The Love Detectives; Next To A Dog; Magnolia Blossom. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: دهم ماه دسامبر سال 2013 میلادیا. شربیان [...]

Did anyone else notice the sexual tension between Mr Satterthwaite and Harley Quinn?

I initially picked this up because of the two Poirot stories included in this collection, but was then introduced to Mr Satterthwaite and his acquaintance Mr Harley Quin. What a discovery! A great duo, with a combination of crime and the supernatural. Looking forward to reading The Mysterious Mr Quin now.

Agatas Kristi detektīvromānos galvenais personāžs ir Herkuls Puaro. Tieši šajā viņas grāmatā ar nosaukumu „Problēma Polensas līcī” ir ne tikai stāstīts par šo problēmu, bet arī par vairākiem citiem notikumiem. Gandrīz visos stāstos Herkulu Puaro atrisināt visas mīklas pamudina viņa ziņkārība. Tā kā viņš dzīvo Francijā, tad arī visi notikumi risinās tur. Kā jau minēju, šajā stāstu grāmatā ir dažādi stāsti ar dažādiem notikumiem, taču tiem ir k [...]

Kumpulan cerita pendek Agatha Christie yang terdiri dari 8 cerita.Problem at Pollensa Bay/Masalah di Teluk Pollensa: 3 starsParker Pyne menyelesaikan masalah cinta seorang pemuda dengan seorang gadis yang tidak direstui oleh ibu dari pemuda tersebut. Second Gong/Gong Kedua: 3 starsHercule Poirot menyelesaikan kasus pembunuhan seorang lelaki eksentrik yang dianggap bunuh diri. Yellow Iris/Bunga Iris Kuning: 4 starsHercule Poirot menggagalkan percobaan pembunuhan terhadap seorang gadis dalam sebua [...]

This is a collection of short stories including some featuring Hercule Poirot, a Parker Pyne story and some Mr Satterthwaite and Harley Quinn stories as well as a couple which don’t feature any of the author’s regular detectives. I particularly enjoyed the Harley Quinn stories as they always have that extra dimension as well as being mysteries. I particularly enjoyed the last story in the collection ‘Magnolia Blossom’ which caused me to reach for the tissues. It certainly shows human nat [...]

A set of short but riveting reads from Agatha Christie. I had read this collection before but accidentally bought it because I wanted to have something to read during a train journey. Didn't matter because as it turned out I had forgotten the ending in most of the stories. Enjoyed all of them though the last two are way off AC's usual style and the Harley Quinn ones are also somewhat surprising. Solved my purpose. I had something gripping to read while the train click-clocked. Next on my pile is [...]

This is a book of short stories.Problem at Pollensa BayIf you have read her Parker Pyne stories before you will guess what's going to happen. The Second GongToo short to develop any interest in the plot or characters.Yellow IrisAgain too short to be interesting, but I see that she expanded this to a full-length story called Sparkling Cyanide. This was one of the first AC books I ever read, so I'm glad she wrote this story if it led to that book and to my enduring enjoyment of her writing!The Har [...]

Nice wee intro to Agatha for me :) I liked the short stories for reading on holiday.

A book of short stories by AC. I much prefer the novels

Son iki öyküyü saymazsak çok beğendiğim hikayeler okudum. Parker Pyne ve Gizemli Harley Quin tanışmakta geç kaldığım iki karaktermiş gördüm. İki de Poirot hikayesi vardı ki sanki ikisini de daha önce okudum gibi geldi. Gerçekten güzel zaman geçirten bir kitaptı. Eksikleri tamamlamaya devam.

Buku ini berisi cerita-cerita pendek. Cerita pertama yang berjudul Masalah di Teluk Pollensa dibuka oleh Mr. Parker Pyne, spesialis ketidak-bahagiaan. Ketika sedang berlibur di Teluk Pollensa, seorang ibu-ibu datang padanya dan meminta agar Mr. Parker Pyne menyelamatkan anaknya. Mr. Parker Pyne muncul lagi di cerita Misteri Regatta. Sebetulnya Mr. Parker Pyne bukan karakter favoritku, tapi cerita Misteri Regatta lumayan bagus. Mr. Parker Pyne juga sedang berlibur di cerita ini ketika didatangi s [...]

It's a collection of Agatha Christie's mini stories. It contained even love story, something I rarely seen on her work. But the love story was not that kind of love story where people got to live happily ever after. Like her other works, she emphasized in emotion and human darkest mind in her love story. I don't even think everyone will agree to categorize it as love story. I enjoy reading this, but there was no moment of sudden gasp when the culprit was found, like what I felt whenever I read h [...]

Suka kumpulan cerita ini *smooch* Alasan utamanya karena seTUMBEN-TUMBENnya bisa nebak skenario Tuan Pyne di Pollensa dan bisa teriak di waktu yang hampir bersamaan dengan Tuan Satterthwaite untuk mencegah si anak yang mau diracun ibu tirinya. Yeah!Dan tokoh wanita di dua cerita terakhir itu, terutama Next to a Dog, greget banget. Amat menimbulkan simpati. Girl power, Joyce!!mungkin dog power juga? HahahaThanks to Kakak Guguk yang sampai melungsurkan kolprinya untukku <~ ini ngga bikin greget [...]

Upgrading this rating to 2.5 stars after rereading it in 2015.I found this collection of short stories to be a bit of a grab bag. On the whole, it was a pleasant way to spend some time however, I find several of these stories not really to my taste. In particular, I am not a fan of the hint of supernatural found in the Mr. Satterthwaite stories. I did like the two Parker Pyne stories "The Problem at Pollensa Bay" and "The Regatta Mystery" and the non-mystery story "Next to a Dog" was very touchi [...]

El primer libro entero que leí en mi vida (a los diez años, y sin contar los cuentos para niños y los libros de la serie Escalofríos de R.L. STINE XD).Miren, intacto! (Pero, adentro, lleno de arena de playa de hace casi quince años)Parker Pyne era mi detective favorito.

This was a bit of a mixed bag. There were eight short stories, some better than others. I was disappointed that they were not all Poirot, some of Christie's other detective characters just don't measure up to him.

Rather a mish-mash of eight short stories which don't really have much to do with each other. Two Poirots, two "Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite", two Parker Pyne and two short stories with no main detective. I think I enjoyed "The Harlequin tea set" the most

Agatha Christie's short fiction is very different to her novels. I'm not sure if she was just experimenting, but some of these stories are very weird. The book is worth a read because, as the stories span decades of her career, they provide an interesting overview of her changing style.

My first meeting with Mr Satterwaite and Harley Quin. I must say it was quite a supernatural and weird meeting.

Agatha Christie doesn't disappoint. I love her novels so it was interesting to read some of her short stories. I am quite fond of Mr Parker Pyne and his cleverness. Also Mr Satterthwaite and especially his partnership with the mysterious Harley Quinn (now I know where the creators of Batman found a little of their inspiration!) Just the right mix of intrigue, suspense, and creepiness. Particularly liked The Yellow Iris, The Regatta Mystery, and the Harlequin Tea Set. Elaborate puzzles with excit [...]

Eight short stories, two featuring Mr Parker Pyne, two featuring Mr Satterthwaite and Mr Harley Quin, two featuring Hercule Poirot, and two with no detective, but with strong moral women in difficult situations. I enjoyed reading all of the stories, but it was particularly interesting reading Yellow Iris and The Second Gong, which have both been made into Poirot episodes, and seeing how those episodes built on these slight stories.

This is a collection which was published in the UK only some years after Christie's death. There is one story in the collection that did not appear in book form anywhere else, and so was new to me: "The Harlequin Tea Set." It's a Satterthwaite story, and it's pretty good, but not one of the best. The solution hangs on something that seemed to me utterly unnecessary for the murderer to do.

It was okay, I enjoyed reading Harley Quin,Mr Satterthwaite and, of course, Poirot but the last two stories were quite dull. I think a new Agatha Christie reader is likely to like this book, As for me, I much prefer her novels.

These are some of the more boring Agatha Christie stories. Some of them seemed familiar, as though I had read them before, and all were quite underwhelming. It is a good filler book I suppose in between Christie's other work.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. You don’t always want a big beefy novel and you don’t always want Poirot. These short stories are classic Agatha but not all detectives. Lovely!

A nice set of stories by Agatha Christie. A mix of some of her most interesting characters and stories. A few non-mysteries were in here as well and worth the read.

Magnolia Bolossom the only really good story about a wife who runs away from husband but comes back when she learns he is in trouble. Does not do them any good.

classic Christie with Parker Payne

The collection is a mix of detective and romantic stories. Notable ones are The Second Gong, Yellow Iris and The Love Detectives.

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