Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind

Kitty Ferguson

Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind

Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind

  • Title: Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind
  • Author: Kitty Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780230341999
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

Stephen Hawking is one of the most remarkable figures of our age bestselling author of A Brief History of Time, celebrated theoretical physicist, and an inspiration as he exhibits grace, dignity, and courage while coping with devastating disability With race access to Hawking, including childhood photos and in depth research, award winning author Kitty Ferguson has creatStephen Hawking is one of the most remarkable figures of our age bestselling author of A Brief History of Time, celebrated theoretical physicist, and an inspiration as he exhibits grace, dignity, and courage while coping with devastating disability With race access to Hawking, including childhood photos and in depth research, award winning author Kitty Ferguson has created a rich and comprehensive picture of Hawking s life his childhood the heartbreaking ALS diagnosis when he was a first year graduate student his long personal battle for survival in pursuit of a scientific understanding of the universe and his rise to international fame Ferguson uses her gift for translating the language of theoretical physics into the language of the rest of us to make Hawking s scientific work accessible Stephen Hawking is an insightful, absorbing, and definitive account of an extraordinary life and a brilliant mind.

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It's apt that I'm writing this review on the train to Cambridge, Stephen Hawking's home turf. A good few years ago we were taking a young German on a tour of Cambridge. He had no interest in science, but when we saw Hawking trundling along King's Parade in his powered wheelchair our visitor instantly knew who he was. If you ask a person in the street to name the two most important physicists of the last 100 years they would probably name Einstein, then Hawking. Which is odd, because I wouldn't p [...]

I literally bought this book without reading any of Stephen's book especially the well renown A Brief History of Time, I bought this book simply out of curiosity what made this dude so famous (sorry for being such a shallow asian lol).Anyway in general Kitty Ferguson balanced this book on Stephens personal life, findings, theories, and explanation of cosmology and science quite well. I did get lost in some of her explanations on the theories and science but I suppose that was because of my lack [...]

I thought there was a really good balance between Hawking's personal life and the theories that he's come up with throughout it. Until reading this, I had very little knowledge of Hawking in general, but I feel like I have a better understanding of him now. The book doesn't just focus on him - it focuses on his wife, as well, and I thought it to be very honest overall. Hawking wasn't portrayed in an over-the-top manner, but very dignified and appropriately so.Everything was explained in an easy- [...]

Stephen Hawking is one of the brightest minds in terms of space science in our world today. He has motor neuron disease, which leaves him stuck in a wheelchair, barely able to move. But it didn't start that way. He was an capable young man, who liked to mess around. He was often quite lazy, though. He had joined a rowing team as the caller when he started to notice that he was frequently having accidents, like falling on stairs. Stephen was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, which is digressiv [...]

In my humble opinion, the best part in the book is undisputedly the mention of the Grandfather Paradox. And trust me, it is penned by Kitty Ferguson in as humble a manner, as my opinion turns out to be about it. Kitty Ferguson gives clarity in her intentions of being an out and out, avid follower of Scientific advancements since the early days of Stephen Hawking's lifetime. Her keen interests in the endeavors of Hawking, allows her to emancipate from the normal social norms and conventions that [...]

From very long time I want to read about Stephen Hawking. Its an inspiration for not just me but for everyone. I have just watched "The Theory of Everything" before reading that book. The author of the book quite well balanced between the life of Stephen and his work. Chapters about life is totally well written. But When It comes to scientific work of Stephen, the author tried its best to make it simple, and she succeeded in that. But the issue is that a normal person does want to read a lot of [...]

I saw "The Theory of Everything," enjoyed it a great deal, and took up again Stephen Hawking's "The Illustrated A Brief History of Time." I'd started it 5 years ago. This time I worked my way through it. getting a lot of what he was saying -- not at a deep level but as a general reader. The particles chapter, sure, I should go over it again, but I got the idea. It seemed he was writing for the ordinary person, and he really cared about people such as me grasping the big picture; not a hint of co [...]

Kitty Ferguson takes this biography to the final frontier in a captivating history of one of the great visionary minds of our day. Not only does she reveal intimate details of the iconic physicist who has lived half a century past a death sentence from incurable muscle degeneration, but she explains in layman’s language the fascinating development of his theories on cosmology and his indefatigable pursuit of a complete understanding of why everything exists, the grand unification of quantum me [...]

Stephen Hawking is fun to read about, he's an interesting fellow.Though this book is brief on science, it does a good job at covering the broad range of his work.Don't expect to get a deep understanding of the physics.For that, read:The Black Hole WarBlack Holes and Time WarpsBlack Holes and Baby UniversesThe Grand DesignI have to rant about one thing:Kitty Ferguson repeats a sickening myth that the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was "deadly".The TSUNAMI was deadly, killing tens of thousands!The rea [...]

An interesting foray in to the life of a "Genius".Kitty Ferguson has done a great job in balancing the Science and the Human in this well written biography.She has taken great measures to explain Mr.Hawking's theories in a simple yet effective manner. However most of the time my brain was in a 'Blackhole' mode when reading all the scientific explanations. Therefore I will not be able to recall any of it.Would recommend to all hardcore Sci Fi readers and Stephen Hawking enthusiasts.This book is a [...]

On the whole a fun and well-written book, giving us the insights into the man's personal life which we crave so much, without crossing into gutter journalism territory. As often with such books a lot of time is wasted on questions in the 'who gives a fuck' category, such as 'is there a place for god in current science'. As for the 'scientific' explanations - don't believe any of them :) Reading this book you will come away with a lot of wrong notions: that antimatter anti-gravitates, that the gr [...]

Stephen Hawking's life is an excellent example of mind over matter. He is a unique person in not letting his limitations limit his ability to think, do his work, and interact with others. Ferguson has presented us with a well-balanced view of Hawking's personal and professional life, including an understanding of his scientific discoveries that have advanced theoretical physics. It's a good read but not an easy one. It takes some engagement by the reader to understand some of the science that is [...]

The book was very interesting, both for the story of the person Stephen Hawking as for the scientific contents. I think Kitty Fergusan has done a great job in explaining the theory to a level that is just understandable for a large public. The only thing that I think is strange are the vague references to 'abuse' (of mr. Hawking?). Maybe deliberately vague but it leaves only question marks. Nothwithstanding, a book worth reading.

Very good book. It took a little thinking to get around the astrophysics that were explained in the book. The explanations were very good and the pics helped a lot. If you are interested in how the universe and all began and how an unusual mind works I would highly recommend this book as well as the other books about Hawkings.

I was interested in Stephen Hawking biography. I was amaze by how genius he is. In this book we can read about his life. How his love for science and the way he studied just make me envy. Although I don’t really like to read about his work because I don’t quite understand. But overall, the book is very good to learn something from his life.

OK audio book. Really interesting to hear the life of Stephen Hawking and I got a lot of inspiration from his courage and his intellect.The book was difficult at times to follow while driving on my daily commute back and forth to work but I got the gist of some of the technical stuff.

This was a very good balance of Hawking's personal life and his theories and discoveries. Much of the physics was much too difficult for me, but gave me a good introduction to the many ideas which still need to be proved.

An accessible and fascinating biography of the worlds most famous living physicist. Combines charming and tragic anecdotes of his life with lucid and coherent explanations of his work, second perhaps only to his own descriptions. Here's to Hawking's 70th birthday, and beyond.

I always liked Physics, but knew I didn't have the right kind of mind to do theoretical physics. This book was a good update on current theories on the beginnings of the universe and a good overview of Hawking's life. A remarkable man and a remarkable family.

This was an insightful, readable book addressing Hawking from both a personal and professional perspective. The explanation of his theories and work was especially readable and understandable. Recommended.

Works fairly good as a biography, but gets a bit confusing in the scientific chapters. They are overlong and interrupt the flowing of the biographical narrative. Ironically, someone who comes looking for science might feel the same thing, but in reverse.

If this book had been published before I took my high school physics course, and I had read it, I likely would have been more interested in the class and applied myself more despite the mathematics.This was a free first reads book.

A lot of this is about physics, and I skimmed or skipped those parts. I'd read about Stephen Hawking before, but this had a lot that I didn't know. The author made the point that in spite of his disablility, Hawking can be called healthy. He has managed to live a very full life.

Un muy buen libro aunque habría intentado explicar las teorías con manzanitas

Received as a GoodReads giveaway. I admit I'm more interested in the person than the science, so I skimmed through many of the physics passages, but they were readable for a layperson like myself.

Dropped half way trough. Really hard to understand if you are not into physics. way too many technical explanatios as the book moves forward, as oposed to easy to understand statements.

Kitty Fergusen did an excellent job explaining Stephen Hawkings theories in ways I could understand. I wish Higgs particle was discovered before she finished. Excellent read !!

The science is still incomprehensible to me, but I like trying. Now I want to read Jane Hawking's story.

Didn't finish

it was a good book

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