You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

Tom Gauld

You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

  • Title: You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack
  • Author: Tom Gauld
  • ISBN: 9781770461048
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover

Precise and wryly hilariousGauld s both a literature nerd and a science fiction nerd whose deadpan mashups belong on the same shelf as R Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, and Kate Beaton NPR, Best Books of 2013A new collection from the Guardian and New York Times Magazine cartoonistThe New York Times Magazine cartoonist Tom Gauld follows up his widely praised graphic nov Precise and wryly hilariousGauld s both a literature nerd and a science fiction nerd whose deadpan mashups belong on the same shelf as R Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, and Kate Beaton NPR, Best Books of 2013A new collection from the Guardian and New York Times Magazine cartoonistThe New York Times Magazine cartoonist Tom Gauld follows up his widely praised graphic novel Goliath with You re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack, a collection of cartoons made for The Guardian Over the past eight years, Gauld has produced a weekly cartoon for the Saturday Review section of Britain s best regarded newspaper Only a handful of comics from this huge and hilarious body of work have ever been printed in North America and these have been available exclusively within the pages of the prestigious Believer magazine You re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack distills perfectly Gauld s dark humor, impeccable timing, and distinctive style Arrests by the fiction police and imaginary towns designed by Tom Waits intermingle hilariously with piercing observations about human behavior and whimsical imaginings of the future Again and again, Gauld reaffirms his position as a first rank cartoonist, creating work infused with a deep understanding of both literary and cartoon history.

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i freaking love tom gauld. this is a collection of illustrations he did which ran in the guardian, and they make me want to move to england just to read the newspaper. but i will probably just wait for his next collection to come out.obviously the ones i like best are the ones which focus on littry matters, a few of which i will share here. from the cute:to the wry:to the sad-but-true:to the "when can we have this?"(i would totally read reviews of my dreams, however scathing) "i know, right??"to [...]

Rating: 5* of fiveTom Gauld, he of The Guardian's pages, brought out this collection in 2012. He is a Serious Intellectual with an Impish Streak, as his 2015 photo attests:Easy on the eyes, funny to the bone, smart and wry and a lot of fun and game-changingly talented:Before Gauld, very little humor and even less comic ink was spilled in such a way about books as cultural objects and not items of celebrity or nonce-memes. If these images did not make you laugh out loud in real time, you should n [...]

The brilliantly titled “You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack” is a collection of Tom Gauld’s strips for The Guardian newspaper most of which are humourous takes on literary topics. The title itself is an observation that literary books tend to look down upon genre novels, especially sci-fi, even though they can be as important, and more often than not more imaginative, than general fiction. The book has a strip per page and the excellent strips far outweigh the lesser ones. “Mister Vi [...]

This is a collection of Tom Gauld’s comic strips for The Guardian, which are humourous takes on literary and/or science fiction topics mostly. I think this is the first time many have been published in the U.S. Some are quite funny, and I am sure some were over my head. I especially liked the one about the psychiatrist's chair and lounge having a late night discussion, and the horror story punchline about British food. 3.75 stars.

This is an altogether adorable collection of comics from The Guardian. I think that Karen's review sums up the book far better than any review I write could. I mean, it has pictures.I picked this book up at The Book Thing thinking it looked charming and entertaining, and was pleasantly surprised by how poignant some of the comics were. Most were literary, some were an entertaining commentary on how sci-fi is viewed in most critic circles, some were just downright fun.All I truly know if that I w [...]

Yes, I am jealous of your jetpack! And of your wit, and your talent, and your intelligence! These are cartoons that originally appeared in the Guardian and they had me snorting and laughing. I wouldn't put the book down. I made everyone around me sit and listen to my favorite ones. If you are a reader or a librarian, you will feel that Gauld has created these just for you. Bliss. One to purchase for the home collection and return to again and again.

Gauld does strips for The Guardian, and this book is a collection of that stuff. Great title. Lots of fun, clever stuff. The title comes from one great one about how traditional lit might be jealous of sci fi. . . :) Gauld also did the amazing graphic novel Goliath. His style is sharp and simple and distinctively clever.

A delightful collection of one page comic strips by the brilliant Tom Gauld. Mostly literary-themed, with some geeky jokes and existential humor thrown in for good measure. Great read!

Le vignette e le strip di Tom Gauld cortocircuitano idee sulla letteratura, spicciole filosofie esistenziali, arte, in una sinfonia di contemporaneità/modernità/classicità/futuribilità che sintetizza bene l'odierna cultura occidentale. Molto divertente in virtù di una comicità surreale e di una stilizzazione efficace (per quanto qualche pagina sia più da risata a denti stretti). In pratica uno strano ibrido tra Edward Gorey e Gary Larson, ma ossessionato dal romanzo vittoriano e dalla fan [...]

Mostly amusing, erudite, very literary. I must admit a lot of the cartoons went over my head. I think I am moderately well read, but not an ivory-tower-die-hard-literature-fanatic. I think to fully appreciate this book, one should be 1. British, 2. an English literature professor and/or fanatic, 3. a fiction writer.

28 May, 2013Combines the sensibilities of Edward Gorey and Kate Beaton, so you can well imagine how much I enjoyed this. Lots of Shakespeare jokes. Also the use of "wibbly wobbly" although without "timey whimey".Library copy.

for a taste, visit: myjetpack.tumblr/

Eh. Can't say that I am, book. Can't say that I am.

A brilliant collection of literature/writing-inspired comics. Authors, English majors, writers, and readers will get a kick out of these!

I bought this for my dad's birthday (21st of Feb) but I read it before he had a chance (I'm an awful person) and I laughed the whole time. It combines a sort of surreal, absurd, random and dumb sense of humour with the most literate, smart and obscure references. What is not to love?

Muy divertido.

Mostly charming, often erudite, occasionally obscure. Also cartoons.

Great collection of Gauld's quirky, ingenious Guardian cartoons.

A hilarious collections of cartoons sending up literature, history, and more; I thought the whole thing was great, but I will love Gauld forever for his Thoreau cartoon alone:

The wit lost its charm after the first five or six pages.

Enjoyed these comics. They were especially appreciated while not sleeping at night. Made me laugh.

Short comic strips. Funny and enjoyable short read.

'You're all just jealous of my jetpack' es una compilación de tiras cómicas publicadas en The Guardian. Como tal, no siguen un argumento ni tienen continuidad alguna. Sin embargo, tienen una temática general común: la literatura.El humor de Tom Gauld tiene un toque muy especial y sus punchlines son a menudo resultado de un aumento de lo absurdo de sus viñetas. La mayor parte de ellas tienen un título que presenta lo que esperas encontrar en la historieta, pero Tom Gauld juega con tus espet [...]

Tom Gauld è uno che fa vignette per il Guardian e il NY Times quindi non proprio l’ultimo degli stronzi. A parte il titolo meraviglioso della raccolta in questione, il libro in sè è qualcosa di veramente unico, una serie di vignette citazioniste su piano scientifico letterario artistico, con una facilità di linguaggio impressionante e una capacità di trascinamento nella risata fino alle lacrime invidiabile (per dire la vignetta di Tom Waits va presa incorniciata ed attaccata in salotto). [...]

Me encanta el trabajo de Tom Gauld, creo que tiene un gran incisivo e inteligente sentido del humor, por eso me duelen bastantes las dos estrellas que le doy a esta recopilación.La razón es que lo punzante de sus tiras, leídas por separado, se pierde cuando se agrupan una tras otra. Tras leer varias se pierde la sorpresa y empiezan a tener un aire a ya visto. Si además unimos un nivel irregular en las tiras obtenemos una recopilación que en conjunto está bastante por debajo de sus partes p [...]

He's not Kate Beaton, but who is?

I borrowed this from the library, and I only got half through it. I couldn't go on. It's not particularly funny, the only thing I really liked was the font/handwriting of the author. That's it, and I guess it was not enough for me.

Historietas de una sola página que combinan lo excéntrico, lo absurdo y lo literario con robots, damas victorianas y viajeros por el tiempo. Arranca con la misma facilidad carcajadas que un rictus, y lo hace con un dibujo minimalista, pero sumamente expresivo. Todo un descubrimiento.

Originally published in The Guardian, the cartoons and short strips collected here range from brilliant to meh. I generally like Gauld's deadpan humour a lot, but it occasionally gets a bit too dry for my taste here.

Guardian comic strips, many referencing literature and culture. Extremely referential, so I'm sure most English majors and anglophiles will enjoy this. I found it mildly amusing, but never laughed out loud.

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