Peter Raven Under Fire

Michael Molloy

Peter Raven Under Fire

Peter Raven Under Fire

  • Title: Peter Raven Under Fire
  • Author: Michael Molloy
  • ISBN: 9780439724548
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

A rich, riveting, historical adventure with pirates, spies, and high seas intrigue Think MASTER AND COMMANDER meets PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN.It is the time of the Napoleonic Wars Peter Raven is a bright, young midshipman in the Royal Navy of Great Britain Raven, along with the swashbuckling secret agent Commodore Beaumont, uncovers a reckless scheme devised by none otheA rich, riveting, historical adventure with pirates, spies, and high seas intrigue Think MASTER AND COMMANDER meets PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN.It is the time of the Napoleonic Wars Peter Raven is a bright, young midshipman in the Royal Navy of Great Britain Raven, along with the swashbuckling secret agent Commodore Beaumont, uncovers a reckless scheme devised by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte Eager to add America to his empire, Napoleon has made a wicked pact with a murderous pirate known as Count Vallon In exchange for the pirate s gold, Napoleon will name Vallon King of America Raven, Beaumont, and a beautiful young American heiress, Lucy, must do whatever it takes to put a stop to one of history s most audacious plots

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I remember really loving this book as a kid. It probably wouldn't live up to my memories if I reread it, but I believe my child self's opinion holds more weight when judging a children's book than my current self's.

A story of a boy adventurer at sea in the Napoleonic period. The writer has a brilliant way of making the reader feel as if they aren't even reading "a history book". There are good points and bad points to this book though. I enjoyed the plot and the storyline greatly. It was a thrilling tale that I was half through in one day's good reading. As a historical book, I'm not quite certain it's 100% accurate, and I think the author took some creative license with it perhaps a bit (I don't know, I'v [...]

The book Peter Raven Under Fire by Michael Molloy is about this kid named Peter Raven. He joined the Navy at a young age. He got the title Midshipman. He got the privilege to join the ship the Torren which is uncle was the captain. He was with the ship for little under 5 months when it was attacked by this mad man named Count Vallon. Only 5 people survived the attack, one of them was Peter. Also some of his friends from the Torren survived their names are Beaumont, Connors, Batt, and Matthew. Pe [...]

Peter Raven Under Fire is an epic historical fiction story that is full of adventure and gruesome battles. Peter Raven is a thirteen-year-old boy who joins the Royal British Navy during the war with Napoleon Bonaparte. While working on his assigned ship the HMS Torren, Peter becomes friends with an African Clerk named Matthew Book. The ship is soon taken over by the horrible pirate Count Vallon and everyone on board but Peter and Matthew are killed. Peter decides to seek revenge on Count Vallon [...]

Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooThirteen-year-old midshipman Peter Raven is assigned to active duty aboard the HMS Torren. Boys became men early in England in 1800, and Great Britain is in her seventh year of struggle with France. The French Revolution is over, and Napoleon Bonaparte is in power. He needs money to defeat the English and exploit the Louisiana territory where he plans to install a "King of New Orleans" under French rule, and has chosen one of the privateers that are active [...]

First a disclaimer: I actually found this in the children's dept. at the library, but it feels more teen book to me.Some parts of this book were so great. I have an intense love for stories of the British navy thanks to Horatio Hornblower, and the 1st half of this book delivers a lot of awesome seafaring adventure. The second half introduces some truly bloodthirsty pirates, which I also enjoy, while at the same time being totally squicked out by. I liked the history too, although I don't know en [...]

School Library Journal (October 1, 2005)Gr 5-8-This is a thoroughly researched and exciting tale of war, piracy, and intrigue. In 1800, continuous war has depleted France's treasury, but Napoleon still wants to expand his empire. To this end, he needs money to defeat the superior British Navy and to exploit Louisiana for the greatest gain. In England, midshipman Peter Raven, 13, is assigned to HMS Torren. When powerful, sadistic pirates murder everyone on the ship except Peter and jack-of-all-tr [...]

I about choked on dinner when I read, "Peter boards the HMS Dolphin" Jacky Faber is on the HMS Dolphin! Bloody Jack! What! But Peter is only on the beloved Dolphin for 3 days until he is picked up at sea by the British man-o'-war, the Torren. This book has all the adventure you could want with spies, nobility, pirates, sailing the high seas. The only problem I had was the main charater didn't have a personality. Half way through the 500 page book Peter starts to pick up one, or maybe I just gave [...]

I really enjoyed the plot. High seas adventures set in the 1800s are some of my favorite stories. Had I been a young adult reading this book, I would have completely enjoyed it. However, being a more mature reader now, I unfortunately found some things that really bothered me. Peter, the main character, really had no personality. He was brave and loyal and true but almost too perfect. The romantic story was tucked in at the end and was not satisfying at all. And there were many details that seem [...]

A fun story. Worth mentioning if only because I found this it in the 25 cent overstock bin at the NY library, source of a bunch of cool books over the past few years. Any writer or publisher with a new book sends them a bunch of copies, more than they can keep. Historical fiction, a naval adventure that I came to realize was written not for kids exactly, but "young adults." 1800 or so, the world's powers are fighting and scheming over who will get the Louisiana Territory, but doing so from every [...]

A great historical fiction book, (Napoleonic era), supposedly written for children, but I would say that I would qualify that before I'd let anyone below a 6th grade level read it. Some rather shocking violence at times. Very well written, though. Enjoyed it, but had to hurry through the ending to return it to the library! Would consider another title by this author in the future.I will want to do some research to see how close to reality it actually was.

I got this book when I was only 8and enjoyed it (even though it took about a year). Now I've read it again and now noticed historical and nautical mistakes in it, who really cares though? But overall it's still a great book about piracy, friendship, espionage and the sea. I recommend it to all, but especially to the fans of Treasure Island.

My sister read this book first and fortunately warned me that it wasn't that great. She was right. The story follows three characters (one of which seemingly randomly until a long way though), all of whom were excruciatingly flat. If you want to read Naval fiction for teens, try theBloody Jack Adventures by L.A. Meyer, they're a lot more exciting.

I thought this was a really fun book. I would have given it five stars if there were two things different: I don't want swearing, and I don't want head jumping. DOn't let the head jumping bother you, its my mom's fault that I find it bothersome. The swearing, unfortunately, is to be expected since this is about seafaring. I thought it was exciting and I never got bored.

I read it a while ago, and remembered thinking it held great promise, but was disappointed by heavy-handed historical details that bogged down the plot. I just remember being kind of bored.

Slow at the beginning, and the end was disappointing. Other than that, the plot of this book was okay.

adventure, history

swashbuckling epic! anyone who loves historical adventure you must read.

This book is a little young, but it was my favorite book in Middle School and is still high on the list. I love historical fiction, and this one is a good example.

Suspenseful and amazing

Swashbuckling pirate fun! Who can beat that?

Patrick O'Brien read-a-like for the 12 and under set. Engrossing and Enjoyable.

author uses words not invented at the time of story. nuff said.

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