Trinity Rising

Elspeth Cooper

Trinity Rising

Trinity Rising

  • Title: Trinity Rising
  • Author: Elspeth Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780765331663
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover

This sequel to Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper continues the story of a young man who has been sentenced to death, and then exiled, for his magical abilities.In Trinity Rising, As Gair struggles with grief over the loss of the only home he had known, and his beloved, he is walking into a conflict that s greater and deadly than he or his mentor ever anticipated AThis sequel to Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper continues the story of a young man who has been sentenced to death, and then exiled, for his magical abilities.In Trinity Rising, As Gair struggles with grief over the loss of the only home he had known, and his beloved, he is walking into a conflict that s greater and deadly than he or his mentor ever anticipated A storm of unrest is spreading across the land and they are going to be caught up in it at a moment when Gair s hold on his magic, his greatest defense and most valuable tool, is starting to slip.

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Elspeth Cooper's debut novel Songs of the Earth, grabbed the top spot on my Books of 2011 list. The book had many very familiar tropes and hearkened back to the old-school fantasies of my youth. Reading it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings and just made me plain happy, so I forgave the flaws I did notice. Its basic elements may not have been cutting edge, Cooper wielded them with skill and managed to give them enough of a twist so that I really enjoyed the book. Needless to say, I've been excited [...]

I liked the first book of this series quite a lot. Didn't love it, but then it was not the type of book that I would normally slip in to the LOVE category. (I tend to LOVE only seriously dark, funny, epic, raw, original, well written fantasy - and that's a big ask) All of that said. I liked it enough to want to read the next. So, book two, Trinity Rising.It took me a bit to get into this one, mainly because we don't see the main protagonist of the first book (Gair) for a fair while. I found that [...]

A little over a year ago, Elspeth Cooper’s Songs of the Earth completely blew me away with its elegant simplicity and neoclassical approach to a very familiar fantasy story; that of a young man with abilities beyond his control, and a story woven around him that will change his life and shape the world, which hangs in the balance.I’m a big fan of neoclassical. I love it, in fact, and whenever I get the chance to, I talk to writers about it. I did with Cooper and after the interview with her [...]

Much like the previous title on the Wildhunt Trilogy, Trinity Rising is a well written fantasy story. Nothing more. ***You might want to read my review on Songs of the Earth***The main problem with this book -the past entry suffered from it in a minor scale- is the structure. The first third of the book we encounter a new protagonist Teia with her own story -the best story up to now in the series- and Savin's -the villain from the first book- point of view of the former title. More or less about [...]

Enjoyed this more than Songs of The Earth, which is still a great story. I don't know if that was for the fact that this was an audio rather than ebook, or that it is simply a better book. Not an easy feat for a mid series novel. Apologies therefore for any errors in spelling :)Any assertions of YA have been left behind, featuring explicit, and often very abusive sexual scenes. This story is grown up in a lot of other ways too - the secondary character of Tanith is being explored and developed, [...]

It was OK, as the two star rating says.I absolutely fell in love with the first book, it's actually in my top 3 probably.[SPOILER ALERT]I actually really liked the story of Teia. It was very different than Gair's and really added to how the Song could be very different with different people. Plus I was actually kind of waiting for a first person perspective of someone else who heard the Song.Though Gair's story kind of dissapointed me. I was waiting for more assest to characters he interacted wi [...]

This is one of those mid series books where we follow some plotlines a bit further but nothing much happens. To be fair, a new character is introduced and we get a bit of her story, but it would be nice to have something to knit the characters together in each of the books A desperate defence at the end of the first book (which we got), perhaps a building of an alliance in the second (which was only hinted) and the final tirumph in the third. The author did write a note about how hard she found [...]

I really enjoyed the first book and felt this one was worth reading. the book didn't quite do it for me though the new character point of views were well done, but the story was slow and at the end I felt that there was little plot or character development. Othee than have a new main character introduced I felt a little disappointment

Despite the reviews, the song of earth (trinity rising) is not in the same style as wise men fear. The language is simpler and an easier read. Overall it still capture my imagination and I quite like it. I am half way to to the third book.

I really enjoyed this book - I loved the new characters and their points of view, and the ways the different peoples used the Song. I can't wait to see how all these threads are tied together.

Read my review here.

This review was written by Nalini Haynes for Dark Matter Zine. This and more reviews, interviews etc are on Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine. darkmatterzine. Trinity Rising is the second book in a quartet by Elspeth Cooper that began with Songs of the Earth. Songs of the Earth was nominated for a Morningstar Award, which “celebrate[s] the newcomers to the fantasy genre, whose first book published in English.” I reviewed Songs of the Earth; if you haven’t read Songs I recommend reading [...]

This Book series is started so good with the first book been excellent. But the second one hit the bottoms. If I wanted to read stuff about young girls being raped repeatedly and sadist killing people freely i'd find something else. This book was just downright sick. The only thing I can hope is that to the main character is actually dead at the end of this book. You can bet I'm not reading anymore of this series and I'm going to take a careful look at anything else this author writes before rea [...]

Second book down. I enjoyed this one as much as the first, maybe a bit more just because her character development has improved, along with the conversations. We'll see what book three has in store.

Nota Geral: 2.8/5Escrita: 3Cenário: 3Originalidade: 3Personagens: 3Suspense: 2Humor: 2Romance: 2Capa: 5Aditivo: 3Previsível: 2

I did enjoy the first book in this series, though there were a couple of major things that bothered me (particularly what happened to Aysha). I went into this one with high hopes and, well…the ending wasn’t too bad. It’s just a shame it took so long to get there. In Songs of the Earth, we met Gair after he’d been tortured. We knew he’d been physically and mentally scarred, but by the time we got there, he was about to move on to his new life. We didn’t have to watch the torture and w [...]

You can read the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2013/11/Shadowhawk reviews the second novel in the Wild Hunt series, published by Gollancz.“An interesting novel that takes a greater look at the setting and introduces several interesting characters, but fails to excite and entertain as much as the first novel in the series.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding FieldsSequels, as I’ve mentioned before, are tricky to get right. There needs to be a clear progression of almost e [...]

First, I must preface my comments about Trinity Rising by saying Cooper sure can write -- her prose is, in fact, so eloquent, it is bordering on cumbersome (with the screeds of service paid to names for people and places in quick succession, in particular). For the most part, however, it is rich, oftimes reminiscent of Rothfuss. Furthermore, Songs of the Earth bears plenty of semblance to The Name of the Wind; it is a heroic fantasy with a young male protagonist with tortuous memories fuelling h [...]

Not completely a sequel to the first book because the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the book actually re-tells events from the first book, but from a different perspective. There are things from Savin's perspective, so we learn much more about him and what his plans are (instead of the generic "he's evil/bad" that we had in book #1).Tanith is a much more important character. I think her conflict with Ailrec is interesting -- she's sexually attracted to him still, but recognizes that she doesn't like who h [...]

The change of perspective from book 1 made it hard to read at first. I got through it because of my attachment to book 1. Once you understand who the new characters are it picks up.

3.5 or so Say that you found a really cool trail you enjoyed hiking on a year ago and you get the chance to revisit that trail and go further this time. Well, as soon as you reach that point you left off, suddenly the path becomes completely different - extreme, like the difference between forest and desert - and you're second guessing whether or not this was really the path you had started on in the first place (as, unfortunately, this "second" path doesn't enlighten you at all as to what had o [...]

All in all I liked this book although if I'm being totally honest the beginning of the book was quite long and drawn out and although it was fun to get to know Teia as a new character all I really wanted to know when I opened the book up to its first wonderful page was, what was happening to Gair. It took almost half the book though before we even really got to see his name in print and then we were still dealing with things that had already happened in the first book that we now had to read abo [...]

I saw Elspeth Cooper in action at Fantasycon, where her sharp wit and even sharper intelligence were evident in the panels she took part in. So I was delighted when I saw this offering on the shelves and immediately scooped it up, despite the fact that it was the second in the series.The future holds nothing but blood and death and Teia fears there is nothing she can do about it. Her clan is riding to war, but her secret, untrained gift of foretelling has shown her they are riding to their doom. [...]

The Wild Hunt: Trinity Rising is the second novel in The Wild Hunt series. I like how the first part of the book tells us what happened in the last book, but through the eyes of Savin and Tanith rather than Gair's. Gair doesn't play as big of a role in this second book as he did in the first, but there's enough of Gair and Alderan to go around. Rather this book is more about Teia. Teia is introduced to us in this book and she's basically amazing. While Gair is the standard "why me?" character of [...]

Elspeth Cooper in is book two of her series, The Wild Hunt, and “Trinity Rising” (Tor, $25.99, 488 pages), and not surprisingly, there’s no synopsis, and even worse, no map. Cooper constantly refers to geography, and her characters are wildly scattered on a pre-industrial world with magic, but the effort to sort out who is where and how close they are to someone else is not only frustrating, but unnecessary.And Cooper is a relative newcomer to the writing biz, so she doesn’t quite have t [...]

Savin has continued to attack Gair and Alderan and has implanted a demon into Gair. Gair and Alderan struggle to find the means to fight Savin by using the books from the convent to protect the Veil from Savin. Teia, left bereft by the death of the chief of the Crainnh, Drw, has been selected by Drw's son, Drwyn, a much more base and cruel man, as his new lover at the encouragement of Ytha, the tribe Speaker. The Clans are assembling to decide if the time is right to join together in the Wild Hu [...]

Disclaimer: received through giveaway.Trinity Rising returns with many of the characters from songs of the earth and leads us further into the veil and the world beyond it. We get to see more from Savin's side and his drive, go off on another adventure with Gair and Alderin, pick up from the end of the songs of the earth and follow Tannith back to her people and court and are introduced to another character Teia and her clan.I enjoyed the jumping around between characters and places as it gave [...]

I found this book a tad slow at the beginning. The protagonist of the first book doesn't show up until halfway through the story. I was impatient to hear more about him ,but when they finally switched from Teia to Gair I was surprised how much I cared about her story and wanted to keep reading it. I think that if it had started out with Gair's story I might not have given Tia's a chance. I would not have realized how much I cared about what happened to her and in turn would have enjoyed this boo [...]

3.5 starsInitially bewildering due to the introduction of new characters and geographies, this second book really surprised. The development of Teia was a pleasure to read; the attention paid to her character as she gradually engages with her power truly draws the reader in.There was a bit of discordance as the story moved between place and time - btw why isn't there a map? It would help in constructing an understanding of distance and areas covered rather than just names of places flung about. [...]

The first book was an introduction and now the stakes have risen very high. Gair is no longer a slightly naive boy but a grieving man. He knows loss now and is shown to have fire in him. He is too rash sometimes but he is strong and he will need that strength as events have shows. While people are busy with politics and day to day life a war is brewing in the desert and religions keep clashing(which echo's real life at the moment). But this is nothing in comparison to the wild hunt coming as one [...]

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