Love in Plain Sight

Susan Laine

Love in Plain Sight

Love in Plain Sight

  • Title: Love in Plain Sight
  • Author: Susan Laine
  • ISBN: 9781613727423
  • Page: 418
  • Format: ebook

A Senses and Sensations StoryWhat does love look like If you see it, will you give it the attention it deserves Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but he s strong and capable He s been involved with Detective Jordan Waters for a year now Their relationship hasn t been smooth sailing, but their love is on solid ground Too bad their work lives are on shakierA Senses and Sensations StoryWhat does love look like If you see it, will you give it the attention it deserves Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but he s strong and capable He s been involved with Detective Jordan Waters for a year now Their relationship hasn t been smooth sailing, but their love is on solid ground Too bad their work lives are on shakier soil Jordan s is, anyway, as he sets out with his partner to investigate Aldous Henley, a shady art dealer suspected of forgery and smuggling But proving these crimes and bringing the man to justice is challenging than Jordan expected.Before long, Henley isn t just a work problem The case consumes Jordan s attention, and he s struggling to balance his busy professional life and his equally important private life especially with a significant anniversary approaching Love may be in plain sight, but that doesn t mean it should be taken for granted.

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3.5 stars.I liked this follow up story more than the previous book it was more appealing to me for some reason. Sebastian is still the same lovable smart ass, and his attempts to encourage Jordan to be a morning person are cute and sneaky. A bit more plot this time around too, Jordan is on the hunt to catch a thief specialising in art forgeries, Sebastian helps him solve the case and has an important role in saving the day which boosts his confidence even though it was a bit stressful. Bro is st [...]

In one word: amazingly excellent. Ok so that's two words. Shudup!

I started reading the series from this second book by mistake, but it almost felt better that way! Wonderful story and I just love strong and committed established relationship, and here it was :) Jordan's great and Sebastian's an ideal guy for him - great couple!

REALLY fucking loved it! This is the sequel to Sounds of Love which was told from MC Jordan's POV. Love in Plain Sight is told from MC Sebastian's POV. I liked both books A LOT but this one wins. So romantic. So incredibly HOT. I love these boys. The ending was WAY over the top, in the best possible way.Now I'm off to read book number three, A Luminous Touch about Jordan's brother Jack. I sure hope Susan Laine plans to continue with this group of boys! I am absolutely hooked.

It’s no secret that I love Susan Laine’s books. Not only does she write memorable characters, I love the way they relate to each other, love each other and fit each other into their lives. In Love in Plain Sight, Ms. Laine continues the story of Jordan and Sebastian’s story.The blurb does an excellent job at describing what the novel is about. It’s been almost a year since Jordan and Sebastian have been together and even though things haven’t always been roses and sunshine for the coup [...]

The sequel to Sounds of Love. This story finds the MC's a year later and settled into their relationship. Overall, I thought this was a sweet story and a nice catch up with characters I really enjoyed from the first book. With that being said, the main focus was on the case from the previous book. This was pretty short at just around 1K locs but, it didn't feel unfinished. More like a slice of life. I hope this author decides to keep going with this series, I would love to see what happens to Br [...]

This book was told from Sebastian's POV instead of Jordan like the first one. I loved this book as much as the first one. Although my favourite scene was in this when (view spoiler)[ Jordan, proposed to Sebastian. The engagement ring was sweet. And the inscription "Today, Tomorrow and Always" "From J. to S. With Love" was just so romantic. (view spoiler)[. I really hope Susan Laine writes a third book, I would love to read more from this couple. :) (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

Nope, still not over Jordan and Sebastian. They are so darn cute. Now for Kevin and Jack, and Bro and Laceyoh the possibilities. I cannot wait!

4.5starsHuge improvement with the cover, lovely indeed!! What a great sequel,this story has one of most beautiful endings I have ever read.

manohmanreviews/20Reviewed by Stacey Jo: This is the sequel to Sounds of Love. Where the first story is told from Jordan’s point of view, this one is told from Sebastian’s and starts out almost a year after the end of the first story. Jordan and Sebastian are established and very comfortable with each other. They are very much in love. We get to see Bro, who is just as lovable as ever. Bro has a love interest, which adds a very interesting twist to the story line. Jordan and Kevin are workin [...]

Sebastian, Sebastian Sebastian!!! Oh, and of course, Jordan was there also! *grin* These two are just the cutest couple and Sebastian would be a great jumpstart to any man's day! I loved that this book was from Sebastian's POV it gave us an insight that we longed for but didn't quite get from the first book! Jordan is perfect in his rough and tumble way although the cover still is not right for the picture in my head Jordan is a platinum blond, not a dirty blond I notice that the rest of the cov [...]

bianchianita1971/2È come al solito un piacere ritrovare dei personaggi che avevo amato nei romanzi precedenti, e Sebastian e Jordan sono una coppia solida e meravigliosa. Hanno dovuto lottare per il loro amore ma ora sono assieme e sono felici, e i sentimenti di Sebastian per il suo ruvido poliziotto trapelano da ogni parola e da ogni gesto (il libro è narrato in prima persona proprio da lui). È passato quasi un anno e la vita scorre tranquilla, se non fosse per un fastidioso mercante d'arte [...]

I truly enjoyed this follow up sequel to the Sounds of Love story. I love that I got to revisit Jordan and Sebastian a year later and see how things are working out for them.The story is just shy of what I think of as novella length and is told from Sebastian's perspective. The plot is simple and the pace gentle. Sebastian and Jordan are coming up on an important milestone in their life even while Jordan and Kevin struggle trying to crack a frustrating case at work. Danger threatens and Jordan a [...]

This book ready made me squishy inside. I love romance books like this. It even inspired me to learn ASL though I'm not deaf. And I really liked the part when (view spoiler)[HAHAHA! GOTCHA! :P You like reading spoilers don't ya? I won't be giving any :P Just read the book and enjoy, i definitely recommend it :)(hide spoiler)]. This book was way better than the previous book though, and please, i don't know what's up with this but (view spoiler)[THIS IS A REAL SPOILER: WHY IS EVERYBODY IN THIS BO [...]

This is a sequel to Sounds of Love featuring the same couple, Jordan and Sebastian. Only this one was told from Sebastian’s POV whereas the first book was told from Jordan’s POV.I liked this one, but didn’t love it like the first one. This novella contains a short story about Jordan and Sebastian trying to solve a case.Not that special, still entertaining.

Short and sweet and oh so fantastic. I fell in love with all of the characters in the first book so I was thrilled to see everyone back for this one. I wish LiPS was a bit longer but it's only because I enjoy the MC's relationship and friendships so much. Thanks for a fab book, Susan! Looking forward to the next.

I don't know what it is about Sebastian but I just love him. I really enjoyed this next snippet of his journey with Jordan.

If i had known it was this great i would have read it sooner!!! I totally lurrrrrrve it!!!

I love these guys, and this book was great too. I'd welcome even more!

"And it was that our love was larger than life and more powerful than death."Giggle snort. Just okay. Enjoyed this book about as much as Sounds of Love.

I love these two. They mesh so beautifully. It was a pleasure to read the sequel to their story.

Excellent! Loved that the narrator was Sebastian. Loved it!

Puoi trovare questa recensione anche sul mio blog, La siepe di moreMi è difficile scrivere qualcosa di inedito e originale su questo romanzo: non perché abbia esaurito le idee per scrivere recensioni (spero) interessanti, ma perché L’aspetto dell’amore ha in sostanza la stessa trama de Il suono dell’amore, il primo volume della serie. L’unica differenza è il numero di pagine, visto che L’aspetto dell’amore è una storia breve.È stata una delusione con carico da undici se ci aggi [...]

Recensione: "L’ASPETTO DELL’AMORE" di Susan Laine Dreamspinner Press in ItalianoinsaziabililettureUna delle prime recensioni che scrissi, quando cominciai a collaborare con il blog di Insaziabili Letture, riguardò proprio il primo libro di questa serie. Vi sarà facile intuire quanto io sia legata a questi personaggi.Il primo libro mi era piaciuto molto e questo racconto, purtroppo sono solo una settantina di pagine, ha seguito la stessa sorte: l'ho amato!Avevamo lasciato Sebastian e Jordan [...]

Tornano Sebastian e Jordan de "Il suono dell’amore" e lo fanno con tutta la passione e la dolcezza che li avevano caratterizzati nel primo romanzo a loro dedicato. È trascorso un anno e la convivenza non ha intaccato minimamente la loro relazione, bensì ha rafforzato i sentimenti che li uniscono e la passione che li ha spinti l’uno verso l’altro quando si sono conosciuti. Insieme a loro vivono Jack, il fratello di Jordan che fa il paramedico e vive una relazione discontinua con Kevin, il [...]

Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsNonostante si tratti di una novella di circa settanta pagine, l’autrice è riuscita a ritrasportarci nell'universo di Jordan e Sebastian, creato nel libro precedente. Questa volta il pov è completamente di Sebastian, il che ci permette di approfondire ulteriormente la sua conoscenza, senza togliere comunque nulla alla forte personalità di Jordan che continua ad emergere.I fatti narrati si svolgono un anno dopo quelli di “Il suono dell’amore” ed [...]

3.5/5Better than the first one but the imagery was still too much for me. I don't want a sex scene 3 pages long constantly telling me about the perfection of a guy's lips or cock. I get it, they love each other, the sex is good, now I'm ready to move on with the story. Am I the only one who gets irritated by that??The story itself was pretty good. I did like the art thief case Jordan was trying to solve. I felt like I got to know Sebastian and Jordan better with this book. It was also nice to se [...]

Sequel to. Jordan and Sebastian have been together almost 1 year. They are living in a loft with Jack (Jordan's brother) and Bro (Sebastian's brother). Wish there had been more to this very short story the blurb is very misleading, it set such high expectationsI hope there is a third full length book about Bro and his boy/girlfriend.

I own the 1st 2 books in the series. 5 are out now and there is supposed to be a 6th book. I loved, loved, loved these 2 books. However, books 3 & 4 don't look as appealing - I'll wait and see what book 6 looks like.

3.5 stars. I enjoyed this one more than the first.

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