Innocence Lost


Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

  • Title: Innocence Lost
  • Author: HelenJohnston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Get sucked into the Journey that is Innocence Lost Impossibilities, heartaches and wonder if love prevails all Join us as we follow the story of Siobhan and Blake as they battle through the trials and tribulations of two very different worlds.Blake is an Elder Vampire, over four hundred years old, dark, mysterious, bold, tall, and extremely gorgeous, as only a vampire suGet sucked into the Journey that is Innocence Lost Impossibilities, heartaches and wonder if love prevails all Join us as we follow the story of Siobhan and Blake as they battle through the trials and tribulations of two very different worlds.Blake is an Elder Vampire, over four hundred years old, dark, mysterious, bold, tall, and extremely gorgeous, as only a vampire such as he can be Centuries of feeling incomplete knowing there s a part of him that is missing, part he yearns to be complete Never knowing he would find that in the oddest way A meeting with a gypsy fortune teller has him intrigued when she foretold of when and where he could find his Queen.But he was warned there would be many brutal, obstacles to be overcome before any kind of happy ever after couldbe accomplished, before his Queen and the missing link to his soul, the woman whom would complete him would be safe in his arms.Siobhan, pronounced Ser bi on is a beautiful young woman, an innocent, on holiday with her friends when she unexpectedly meets atall charismatic man who completely and utterly sweeps her off her feet, she is drawn to him like amoth to a flame He s so sexually dominant, taking his time to initiate her, step by slow step, patiently and completely to the carnal pleasures, her body could feel What only he could make her feelBut unbeknown to either of them, adark and evil presence from Blake s past has been observing them, planning to shred their worlds apart, and sooner rather than later Siobhan is cruelly ripped from his embrace and is thrust into a world beyond anything she has ever dreamt of or could ever have imagined existed.Follow us as Blake has abattle with forces he s not sure he can defeat, all to bring home the one and only woman he would ever have, love and desire with all that he is.Welcome to Innocence Lost

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4 is certainly not one for the faint hearted, I am not faint hearted so I freaking had a ball!!! First, it is erotica. It doesn't start off as such, you get warmed up nicely, with some girls celebrating graduation and meeting some fabulously decadent, rich, handsome Vampires although the girls all don't know they are Vampires!Siobhan is the object of Blake's desire, having been told by a gypsy he would meet.e has no clue what he is. Their path to romance is cut short the first time, [...]

I loved this book, warning though, it is very explicit, hot, sexy and passionate!!!Siobhan has just finished her exams and goes on a break with friends. She meets the mysterious sexy, hot Blake and falls fast for him, but one day he's gone, vanished into thin air leaving her broken. Ten years pass and they meet again at a club. Blake reveals he is a vampire, a powerful Elder and he wants Siobhan to be at his side as his queen. She tries to fight it but her feelings for him are strong, she can't [...]

I was given a copy of Innocence Lost in exchange for an honest review. This is one series that I plan to follow. The first few chapters started out a little slow. They tell the back story of how Blake and Siobhan 'Si' meet and initially fall in love. I felt like the beginning could have been a little more detailed, however, when Blake and Siobhan run into each other ten years later, sparks fly.Their reunion ignites a fire in both of them and results in some oh so steamy and well written sexy sce [...]

I was gifted this book by the author to give an honest review, so I didn't bother reading the description and just dived right in. I am so glad I did as this book blew my socks off as I was expecting your usual vampire romance novel. This book is so different to anything I have read before, it was really explicit and maybe a little excessive with the sex scenes towards the end but this book definitely stands out and keeps you gripped right until the end.Not for the faint hearted or Twilight fans [...]

Brilliant , i couldnt put this down , a powerful love story and so much more but ckiff hanger ending ,,, when do i get to finish thus series?? Release date please ?

So the story starts with Blake going to see a fortune teller, she tells him of his future and he’s queen. “Finding her will be easy. Holding onto her will prove to be your worst nightmare.”He meets Siobhan in the south of France, while she is on holiday with her 3 friends. They chat, get to know each other and things soon progress. “You Si, were made for my touch, my kiss. Your body is made for pleasure. What your body felt was completely natural. And this is only the start of our story. [...]

Trying to tow the line because this book was so HOT YOU NEED SUNSCREEN TO READ IT!!! I mean I literally had to avoid reading during work hours. Blake is so delicious and perfect for Siobhan and everything she dreamed of until he makes a decision to vanish that leaves Siobhan hurt deeply. She faces the facts Blake's gone starts picking up the pieces of her life and moving on. Then 10 years later in barges Blake and his super hot friends who left her and her friends broken without a backward glanc [...]

I rated this 4.5 stars overall!!Helen creates a world of fantasy where very powerful vampires roam the world. This is the first book in a 3 part series. Blake is an elder vampire and he falls for Siohban immediately while she is vacationing in the Southern France. Blake slips away from her in order to protect the love of his life, but he has never forgotten her and a chance meeting brings them back together. Once everything is perfect, Siohban is kidnaped and used as a sex slave. I don't want to [...]

Innocence LostBy Helen Johnston Enter the world of Siobhan. At 18 Siobhan meets the handsome Blake and for a few glorious weeks she falls in love with him only to be sent away and not see him again until she is ten years older. He has a club in the town where she opens her veterinary practice. Seeing him again leaves her a bit unsure of how she still feels and once she realizes she still loves him he tells her he is a vampire. It takes her time to figure out if she wants to be in his paranormal [...]

Innocence Lost is a highly erotic, mysterious and exciting paranormal read that many fans of the genre will enjoy. Especially those that are fans of dark and dominant vampires ;)Siobhan meets the love of her life at the age of 19 only to have him leave her without so much as a word *POOF!*Her love for him still continues to linger without even a slight dwindle. Siobhan knows it's a love that'll forever be there and only for himTwists, turns, shocks, surprises and a cliffhanger ending is only a s [...]

This book takes you on a journey of a young woman, Siobhan who meets this mysterious man, Blake and it is love at first sight. As the love affair unfolds Siobhan comes to realize this is more than affair, it is everlasting. Blake finally reveals to Siobhan secrets of his kind. After much convincing, Siobhan accepts Blake for who and what he is. Then all hell breaks loose and Siobhan is taken by some of his people. When she thought all hope was lost and she was going to be killed, well it isn’t [...]

It's very sex-oriented or at least the majority of the book is! I actually enjoyed the story part of it, and seeing how the girls fell in love with guys in the beginning! The second part just kinda made me uncomfortable in the end! Cause she was basically being raped repeatedly day in & day out! I mean she was against it at first but then it was like she almost craved it in the end! Even when she wasn't drugged she craved it!I didn't get the whole Blake just sending her and her friends down [...]

Innocence lost is a paranormal fantasy story with a little bit of everything. A sexy Alpha Vampire and a lonely women.Truly erotic sex scenes , with plenty of twists and turns. This is part one of a series i can't wait for part two. Siobhan and Blakes story is a real roller coaster ride of emotions. One minute everything is great the next everything is going wrong. Just when you think Love can overcome anything. Siobhan is kidnapped and forced to become a sex slave because of who Blake is . But [...]

This paranormal fantasy has a little bit of everything. Lonely woman, a sexy alpha Vampire, HOT erotic sex scenes, twists and turns and oh so much more. This is book one of a 3 part series. Siobhan and Blake's story will take you on a roller coaster ride. One minute everything is happy the next everything is going bad. Just when you think love can overcome everything Siobhan is kidnapped because of who Blake is, causing her to become a sex slave. But what happens next???? Guess you'll have to re [...]

Definitely a MUST READ!!! It's hot, it's dark, it's erotic and definitely not for the light-hearted readers. I never had a thing for paranormal or vampire stories. But I was persuaded to give it a god what should I say??? I'm addicted to this story!It captured me right away. The easy beginning of their meeting, their unexpected split and then the reunion. And then things start to spiral down for Blake and Shioban and you just hold your breath, sometimes you're gasping and need a cold shower, som [...]

Just finished reading innocence lost and I have to say wow!!! I love it! this book is the next 50 shades of grey to me! I laughed, cried, yelled, and even screamed and almost threw my reader a few times while reading the bookIt was absolutely magnificent! A definite must read for vampire lovers! cannot wait to read the next book! This author and her book are definately in a wonderful class of their own!

I loved this book so much I read it twice! This is a beautifully written story. The authors imagination has no bounds as she sucks us into her world of sex and vampires. There are plenty of vampire novels out there but this one is genuinely a breathe of fresh air. It has a completely new twist on not only the world of vampires, but also of erotic fiction. Loved every minute of this

Omg I so loved this book, what more could a girl want vampires and hot sex, I am now on book 2 I stayed up till 5am as I couldn't put my kindle down, awesome job

OMG - I downloaded the sample on my kindle because it had glowing reviews. I've never been more dissapointed. I couldn't even finish the sample so I'm not rating this book but for all interested readersThe book is written a lot in passive first no-go ever for a book. Then the whole set up - cheesyrry, cheesy and cliché. Yawn, oh, how nice, the pretty girls get dresses from the handsome vampires, matching the cummerbund of their tuxesd then they were driven in a limo. OhI'm very impressed. Sorry [...]

100% Deliciously NaughtyThis book is 100% Deliciously Naughty!!! Whoa What do you get when a 500 year old vampire thinks your his Queen? A touching first meeting and then you will be thrown into a world you have only heard of,. Blake and Siobhan's story will have you blushing, longing, and downright flustered, but what a beautiful time of innocence lost and found. Gripping and tense scenes will play out, lust will take hold alongside pain both physical and emotional, what will become of Siobhan [...]

I had some pretty mixed feelings throughout this book and decided on 'intrigued' by the end of it. I actually won an ecopy of this book from the author and was pretty excited to start another pnr series. In the first few chapters, when we hear the back story and history of Blake and Si I thought it moved too fast and wanted more depth-- I'm a sucker for first loves, soul mates and those passionate and frienzied "first time" parts of romance/erotica books -- but as the story progressed, it did ge [...]

It was too raunchy for me.

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