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Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

  • Title: Exit Strategy
  • Author: London Lampy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Online Fiction

When Exit is sent on his first mission he doesn t expect to be kidnapped by pirates, or made to become the captain s pet But as time passes he finds his loyalties torn, just where does he belong 122,000 words

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"Vio's right, I am a slut. I should be glad my captor isn't trying to have sex with me, but I'm just annoyed he's not.Rollocking pirate m/m and m/m/m with a very willing captive. Fabulous, with a bittersweet ending.

First things first!The MC's female colleague, Vio, not only loves to woo the ladies, she has these very light blue eyes that make you feel like she knows what you're thinking when she locks them onto you, close cropped white blond hair and the sort of face and attitude that commands respect, or fear, or a little of both.So I gotta askTabatha, you bad ass, that you?Exit himself, the MC of Exit Strategy, is an echoback boy. He looks like a human boy from a distance, but when you get closer you'll [...]

Straight 5 stars! Awesome world-building, amazing characterization and a mighty good plot.I have just finished it and am still reeling from the emotional turbulence. Felt like I have been emotionally keel-hauled for good. The author is real good at prodding you at all the right places producing the all the right responses he/she wanted. At one time, I actually felt like I have a dick! Cos that blowjob was just out-of-this-world for me. Yes, the sex and 3some was good.It's kinda weird that I coul [...]

4 stars plus 1. This was so much fun! A great story, fantastic world building, and actual real character growth. I was very surprised by the ending as well. Usually when the hot boy gets abducted by the manly pirate, there is some smoking sex (which this also has in spades), a battle at sea, and a HEA for the pirate and his boy. Here, it's different. It leaves the way open for a sequel, which I will totally read, but it's not exactly a cliffhanger. Things are resolved, as well as they can be for [...]

**3.75 stars**Huh That is my impression after finishing this looong book. On one hand it has many many elements that I love. I adore M/M sci-fi/fantasy books, and I love a good fluffy, fun, sex-filled alien story (What?! You know you love them too!). This book was these elements to a T. On top of that, the author did a great job of creating unique characters and an interesting world. What's my problem then? Aside from the editing issues that I often see in free online books, there is the little [...]

Exit captured me from the first word and kept me enthralled to the last.This endearing, slightly naughty, young man is an Echoback. The only one of his kind in the city. One year out of the orphanage where he was brought up, recruited to be a spy of sorts because of his special attributes and subsequent abilities, he's quite content with his life.Being kidnapped on his first real mission was not something he was prepared for, but Exit simply rolls with the punches! Hey, he's a young horny guy, h [...]

Solid 4.5 stars. There were some pesky editing errors throughout this that kept distracting me, but what a fabulous story. It took me a few chapters to become a part of this world, but once I did, I was hooked.Exit is an Echoback, which is sort of like a monkey, but not a monkey. Sort of a cat, but not a cat. I'm not totally sure what exactly he is, and I found myself trying to figure out his physical appearance pretty much every scene where it came into play. He has a tail, which is the biggest [...]

It is pretty rare that an author sees his imaginary world and his characters so clearly that it seems he describes a parallel universe that could really exist. What is even rarer is when he managed to sustain our attention with an interesting plot and to make his characters so endearing that we want to know them more. Even Topher is the kind we like to hate. ;)This is the case with this book. It was long since I had brought my Kindle with me to the toilet room to continue to read there. XDSo eve [...]

Pirates, adventure, and social commentary--WINNER! Bewarert one of three and the ending is more of a hook than an end. Sail on-->Part 2Favorite quote:"I'd have to do a lot worse than that to shock the locals. If you came down here at night you'd see things going on in public that aren't even legal in private in other places.”

A fun kidnapped-by-pirates tale that felt light-hearted when I was reading it but on reflection had a surprising depth. The writing is excellent and the characters are sexy, especially Exit who has simian qualities like a prehensile tail. This is a little nitpicky of me because the story had a lot of action, but it did drag a little for me in the middle. Not for long though - it picked right up again soon(view spoiler)[once Exit becomes aware of the impending rescue attempt/ambush (hide spoiler) [...]

3.5 starsYar. What better book to read for ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’?Exit is so sweet. He’s young, he’s cute, he just kinda goes along with whatever. Climb up a building to break and enter and steal company secrets? What? He can do it. His tail helps him balance, after all.His TAIL???!!! Say what?And you know how much I LOVE extra appendages!!!It’s a tale about a tail. Exit is an echoback, he looks human except for his eyes and his lovely prehensile tail. So handy. um. Especially when h [...]

4.5 starsThis story is a tale of adventure on the high seas. Exit is an echoback (humanoid with a tail), the only one of his kind, after being raised in an orphanage is Parnell. He works as a junior investigator for the Municipal Works, as his ability to climb anything and see in the dark give him a distinct aptitude to espionage. When he turns over vague evidence to show that a foreign country is paying pirates to hijack their shipments of coal, Exit, along with his senior partner Vio, are told [...]

This was not a romance in the strictest sense, and the end was bittersweet. Exit, our main character, is interesting and I loved his adventure even if it didn't end the way he wanted it to. I am looking forward to see what happens in the next installment.There was a lot of thought put in and parallels that could be drawn to our own world with regards to slavery and society.The sex was hot and though the feelings seemed to be forming well. You need to read the book!

This free-online story gets 5 stars for awesome-weirdness and 1 star for grammar/editing. I was re-writing entire sentences in my head as I was reading. But I REALLY loved the pirates-in-an-alternate-world-and-slutty-boys-with-tails strangeness.

There was so much potential here. All of it wasted.The tail and its many uses. Wasted. I enjoyed it wasn't forgotten when putting on or taking off clothes or for hanging on to things. It was even occasionally used in sex scenes but it could have had so many more applications. I can understand Exit had been raised more as a human than Echoback but he hardly used his tail.The kidnapping. What a disappointment. I was expecting reluctance and dubious consent. Instead Exit couldn't wait to get a pers [...]

Dnf not in a mood to continue.Sorry:(

amazing story for an unpublished online novelexcept for the bittersweet ending :(

Okay, so this story was simply awful. I know this is a free online fic, so I don't expect it to be completely free of typos and the like. But the least you can do is run spell check, it's free and doesn't take long. The author clearly couldn't be bothered to, making this very hard to read at times.I can't stand Exit. He's incredibly stupid and behaves like a thirteen year old. I think his horniness destroyed his brain or something. I mean, he gets kidnapped and has to face a life as a sex slave. [...]

This is more of an adventure/pirate story than a romance. The world is very interesting - there are at least 2 other types of humanoids besides humans, the society is pretty modern (has electicity, trams, cabs and rich cities have indoor plumbing) with the major corporations using all available means to undermine each other, including having a division of spies. The main character is not human and his special talents make him one of the people sent to investigate the actions of a rival organisat [...]

Unusal, and like many free online fictions, as well written as many paid books. Unique main character is a beautiful humanoid youth called Exit. He's one of the echoback race, and human men find him attractive and desirable. Echobacks have tails, and are very strong, small and agile. Exit is the only one in the city of Parnell (think London, ca. 1900s). His skill with climbing has landed him a job as an investigator for the Municipal Works. Despite his youth, and rather indiscriminate libido, Ex [...]

Fantastic world building and wounderful array of characters. Too many love interests introduced though. I'm a romantic at heart and do love a happy ever after for all parties involved. It doesn't happen in this first part and I'm not sure if it will by the end. Of course I don't know what the future holds. I love a free read and gobbled this one up. I'm off to read the next part.

This is one of the best books I've ever read. I had a hard time putting it down.

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